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Do you know what really pisses me off and makes me so fucking angry? The people that say stupid shit about scoliosis. The ones that say sitting straight will cure it, the ones that say heavy bags cause it and those people that say shit like fucking YOGA cure it. Like sure Suzan, it might take away some pain for certain people if their curve isn’t bad/they aren’t in heaps of pain, but it’s not going to make the curve magically disappear. It’s just infuriating that some people think that scoliosis is something that’s easy to control. Also, yes it is actually pretty common but severe pain and large curve(s) is not that common.
I’m sick and tired of people saying that ‘oh I have a sore back sometimes, I totally understand’, no no you don’t. No matter how much you think you know, you cannot imagine what it’s like. Before I had surgery I was in pain a lot and it was confusing and annoying. But it was nothing compared to those whose back hurts occasionally because this was everyday, just in varying severity. And you know what? Now after surgery (6 months) the pain is so much worse and it’s more draining than before. Before surgery I could sometimes forget my spine was deformed, now there isn’t an hour that goes by when I’m not in pain. Honestly it’s excruciating sometimes and I keep getting told I should be in less pain by now but they are so wrong. The only thing that’s changed is the type of pain I’m in. I now have heaps of muscle spasms and pain in my stomach, it now sometimes feels like crushing pain, it just all different types of pain in my back AND on top of all this shit, during surgery they kinda fucked my leg up a little bit. I have been told I’ll never get full function back in my leg, I can barely to my shopping without having a full on lip, around my knee goes numb all the time and I have to lift my left leg a lot, mostly when I’m getting into bed or getting into my car Added note: scoliosis isn’t cute, it can be extremely painful and distort your life. If I hadn’t of got my surgery, I would have died for this deformity, that’s how serious it can be. My spine would have crushed my heart and lungs, it had already started to

Walking Cycle
Dazai Osamu - Bungou Stray Dogs

Here’s an animation I did at college of my favorite character! ✧\(*^*)/

Shane Walsh X Sara Grimes
Setting: Season 1, episode 6 - At the CDC.
Word Count: 3.1k
Rating: E for explicit / Mature audiences only.
Notes: Because I loved Shane, everything he did was to survive. If he made it to season 7, everything he did for the group then would be reasonable now. (Except the whole Lori nonsense, tsk tsk Shane.)
Summary: Shane is drunk, he interrupts reader’s late night shower to help sober himself up, clearly needing a helping hand getting back to bed.
Song: Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

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If you say things like “skinny is ugly, real women have curves, only dogs want bones ect”….

  • You are not body positive 
  • You are not fat positive 
  • Your as bad as a fat shamer or a fatphobe.

Do not sink to the fat shamers level! 

Yes fat bodies are beautiful and this is a fat positive blog. But our community should not sink to the body shaming level!

We are better than that! 

anonymous asked:

I hate the double standard (*SOME*) plus girls have. I've always been skinny, never weighting more then 115. I'm 5'6 so what little weight I have stretches makes me look even skinnier. I always see memes about how "Men don't want to cuddle a skeleton" or "Real men like curves; dogs go for bones" & "Real woman have meat" etc. They can make/reblog/share/post shit like that~ but all hell would fucking break loose if I called one of them a fat cow. I NEVER would, I'm not a cunt. But still. :/

It’s true that people can be shitty to skinny people, I’ve seen them call skinny girls in my school anorexic, but rarely. And that’s harmful and upsetting, I get that.

This ask rubs me the wrong way. Why would you even want to call someone a fat cow? Like of course people would be angry and upset if you called them a fat cow wtf? That’s nasty and hurtful. This doesn’t make any sense.

Those things you see that say “real men like meat on their bones” are rooted in misogyny and also hurt fat girls, because it revolves around what men like and it also sexualizes fat girls as well, and enforces the idea that women’s appearances and weight only matter if men like them. Not to say it doesn’t hurt skinny girls as well, that kind of thing hurts all of us because of misogyny. You can’t say that fat people and skinny people deal with the same bullying because the truth is they don’t. Not even close. Fat people are jokes in TV shows and movies. Skinny people represent just about ever character, especially main characters.

I know some people can be made fun of for being skinny, usually when they’re really skinny. I get that. But you need to realize that society is fucking terrible to fat people. Maybe I read into this ask wrong, I just woke up and I’m still half asleep but it really did rub me the wrong way.


I take many picture while I was in vacations. today I’m gonna show you the picture of eth animals

1 chickens

we have chickens beside the chalet we get eggs every mornings. but they belong to the manager.

2 the feral black cat.

this little kitty visited us two time. my brother feed them with milk.  his tail is curve like husky dog it a deformation.

Aquarium of Quebec there a few animal fish and  wild animal. but there’s many but I choose so few of it.

3 Octopus.

4 fish. I forget the name

5 finding nemo and doris?

6 Can you see a sea horse?

7 Metroid?

8 Jellyfish

9 Seal

10 Artic Fox

photo take by me metakazkz

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