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Do you know what really pisses me off and makes me so fucking angry? The people that say stupid shit about scoliosis. The ones that say sitting straight will cure it, the ones that say heavy bags cause it and those people that say shit like fucking YOGA cure it. Like sure Suzan, it might take away some pain for certain people if their curve isn’t bad/they aren’t in heaps of pain, but it’s not going to make the curve magically disappear. It’s just infuriating that some people think that scoliosis is something that’s easy to control. Also, yes it is actually pretty common but severe pain and large curve(s) is not that common.
I’m sick and tired of people saying that ‘oh I have a sore back sometimes, I totally understand’, no no you don’t. No matter how much you think you know, you cannot imagine what it’s like. Before I had surgery I was in pain a lot and it was confusing and annoying. But it was nothing compared to those whose back hurts occasionally because this was everyday, just in varying severity. And you know what? Now after surgery (6 months) the pain is so much worse and it’s more draining than before. Before surgery I could sometimes forget my spine was deformed, now there isn’t an hour that goes by when I’m not in pain. Honestly it’s excruciating sometimes and I keep getting told I should be in less pain by now but they are so wrong. The only thing that’s changed is the type of pain I’m in. I now have heaps of muscle spasms and pain in my stomach, it now sometimes feels like crushing pain, it just all different types of pain in my back AND on top of all this shit, during surgery they kinda fucked my leg up a little bit. I have been told I’ll never get full function back in my leg, I can barely to my shopping without having a full on lip, around my knee goes numb all the time and I have to lift my left leg a lot, mostly when I’m getting into bed or getting into my car Added note: scoliosis isn’t cute, it can be extremely painful and distort your life. If I hadn’t of got my surgery, I would have died for this deformity, that’s how serious it can be. My spine would have crushed my heart and lungs, it had already started to

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I hate the double standard (*SOME*) plus girls have. I've always been skinny, never weighting more then 115. I'm 5'6 so what little weight I have stretches makes me look even skinnier. I always see memes about how "Men don't want to cuddle a skeleton" or "Real men like curves; dogs go for bones" & "Real woman have meat" etc. They can make/reblog/share/post shit like that~ but all hell would fucking break loose if I called one of them a fat cow. I NEVER would, I'm not a cunt. But still. :/

It’s true that people can be shitty to skinny people, I’ve seen them call skinny girls in my school anorexic, but rarely. And that’s harmful and upsetting, I get that.

This ask rubs me the wrong way. Why would you even want to call someone a fat cow? Like of course people would be angry and upset if you called them a fat cow wtf? That’s nasty and hurtful. This doesn’t make any sense.

Those things you see that say “real men like meat on their bones” are rooted in misogyny and also hurt fat girls, because it revolves around what men like and it also sexualizes fat girls as well, and enforces the idea that women’s appearances and weight only matter if men like them. Not to say it doesn’t hurt skinny girls as well, that kind of thing hurts all of us because of misogyny. You can’t say that fat people and skinny people deal with the same bullying because the truth is they don’t. Not even close. Fat people are jokes in TV shows and movies. Skinny people represent just about ever character, especially main characters.

I know some people can be made fun of for being skinny, usually when they’re really skinny. I get that. But you need to realize that society is fucking terrible to fat people. Maybe I read into this ask wrong, I just woke up and I’m still half asleep but it really did rub me the wrong way.

Shane Walsh X Sara Grimes
Setting: Season 1, episode 6 - At the CDC.
Word Count: 3.1k
Rating: E for explicit / Mature audiences only.
Notes: Because I loved Shane, everything he did was to survive. If he made it to season 7, everything he did for the group then would be reasonable now. (Except the whole Lori nonsense, tsk tsk Shane.)
Summary: Shane is drunk, he interrupts reader’s late night shower to help sober himself up, clearly needing a helping hand getting back to bed.
Song: Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

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Handling & Restraint: Cat

This is a basic resource with the bog standard preclinical skills we use when handling cats, as Glasgow Vet School would like me to learn them. If anyone spots any issues, or has any hints and tips for using these skills in the real world, please let me know, as I’m always looking for a better way to do things. Everything under the cut.

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BTS Reaction To Seeing Their Girlfriend In a Towel And Shampoo Still in Her Hair Trying To Get The Dog Out Of The House

I wasn’t sure where exactly they see her, so I assume it’s at the front door of the house getting the dog out
I’m sorry if I got it wrong!



Yeah that’s my favorite gif of Hobi


“AAH! You’ll get sick!”
*Leads you back inside like a sweetheart and asks you if he can help you wash your hair*


“Here we can see a very rare Towel Monster in its natural habitat”
Y/N: “Seokjin? What are you doing if I may ask?”
“A documentary on my relationship with you”


“Don’t walk around like this, our neighbours might see you”
*He smiles though… Because you’re naked… And he’s still an immature kid*

Rap Monster

“What did I miss? Why is our dog lead outside? Why are you in nothing but a towel? Am I still not too late to join you in the shower?”


“I… Prefer not to question that”


“How lewd!”
*Takes his coat off in a second and throws it at you
Probably takes a Bible out of a pocket and sticks it to the bathroom door waiting until you’re all nice and clothed*

Hope you liked it~

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please for the love of god do another doge!stiles story!! maybe one where stiles gets sick and derek has to take care of him with some chicken noodle soup and some nice hot tea??? please :) :)

ask and you shall receive, Nonnie! 

Stiles is many things, curious, adventurous, possibly a little shy due to his very unique speech pattern, an avid watcher of the food network channel. 

But the one thing he isn’t without a doubt, is a whiner. 

Stiles Stilinski does not like to complain or even remotely show any signs that he may be suffering in any way shape or form. But that doesn’t exactly mean he’s good at hiding that. His emotions are always on display like a wonderful book that everybody glances at but no one ever take the time to read. 

Derek though, he knows how to read the shifted beta all too well. 

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  • 1900s feminist: If you don't give us basic rights right now, we'll-
  • 1900s male: Stop washing the dishes? Cook our least favorite vegetable for dinner? HA!
  • 1900s feminist: Nay, your sons and daughters alike will pay for your transgressions!
  • 1900s male: Ooh, I'm so scared!
  • 1900s feminist: You'll see! You'll ALL see! In due time, WE WILL HAVE OUR REVENGE!
  • *time passes*
  • 2010s feminist: You're a male dressing as a female for comedic effect? THAT'S OFFENSIVE TO TRANSVESTITES
  • 1900s male: *starts shaking other 1900s male* WE COULD'VE PREVENTED THIS, HENRY! WHY DID WE LET THIS HAPPEN?!
Stand Together

Why does it seem that some people feel the need to put person down in order to bring themselves up?

Surely that isn’t how you do it, surely that isn’t how it’s done,

I’m sure as hell that this behaviour will make people run,

Yes they will run for cover, where they are certain they will be fine,

Because people do not want to hide and shrink away, just so you can shine,

Curves, because only dogs like skin and bone,

Curves, because no man likes to cuddle a stick,

Well I’m sorry, but quite frankly you sound to me like an utter dick,

Excuse my language, but hopefully you understand my frustration,

In the fact that so many people think it is okay to use humiliation,

To belittle others out of their desperation, to feel good about themselves.

Some people are naturally a bit more curvy,

Some people are more slight,

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and it’s no reason to bicker and fight,

In fact, to me, you are incredibly fragile and insecure,

If you get kicks out of making people feel small, just because they don’t have a figure like yours,

And what’s more,

Is I don’t think you have a right to say what any person’s preferences are,

I mean have you spoken to every person in this world, those who are near and those who are far?

Now that would be a pretty big statement to make,

And also untrue, so I reiterate, who are you to dictate,

What is ugly and what is beautiful?

Because surely that is different to us all,

And for me, an insight into an individual’s personality is when I make my call,

On whether that person is beautiful or ugly,

Because you see, not all people place so much importance on a person being pretty,

And I know that there are a lot of folk around like me,

Who see a person’s soul on the outside,
And if it’s dark and insidious, they will run and hide,

There is something especially repulsive,

About someone who has to be verbally abusive,

Someone who says cruel things and likes to namecall,

Have they never heard of the saying, ‘if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?’

I see girls, with eating disorders, I see women, some so insecure they don’t know how to be themselves anymore,

Many are so wrapped up in sadness, they can’t take it, they end it all,

And I think, is it any bloody wonder?

How can there be any element of surprise?

When their fellow women turn against them, and the media is packed full of lies,

Lies that are told so brazenly, so repetitively,

And they seem to make so many women act so competitively,

It breaks my heart that so many women I see seem to have unknowingly made their worlds so small,

I mean, I am no know-it-all but I’m pretty certain that we owe more to the world, and the world owes us more,

Than petty and pointless bitchiness, I mean is that really all you were put on this earth for?

For cold stares and nasty comments, and thinking every other woman is a whore,

Are you sure, that’s all you’re here for?

Is that not just a huge bore?

Well it definitely is to me,

And I hope that one day you will agree,

And I will continue with these rhythms and with these rhymes,

I will keep writing and I will keep speaking,

And I hope that one day in the future sometime,

You will understand and you will see,

Just how much of a stronger and a happier person you can be,

Simply by by being a supportive person, simply by being nice,

You could be the friend that people go to without thinking twice,

It will you dawn on you that, it is important to stick together, is important to unite,

As one we can win any battle, we can win any fight,

And can’t you see that it is what is right?

We are not supposed to go through this life,

Judging one another, despising one another,

And if you think otherwise, you need to rediscover,

What it is to care about the world and all the people living here,

And to turn a blind eye, or to contribute to another fellow soul’s suffering, oh that is weak of you and that is mere,

So I urge anyone who thinks it’s okay to bully or belittle another person in any way, shape or form,

To remind themselves that it feels really rubbish to be the cold person instead of the warm,

And that this world feel so much more rewarding, it is without doubt a better place,

When you ignore the need to blurt out a hurtful comment and instead you are the kind, smiling face,

Because we are all going through different dilemmas, we are all wandering and trying to find the light,

And we should all be helping one another with our own struggles, so together we can win our own fights.

written by @lostsoulx

Worth Something (Drabble)

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 239

Request from anon: “okay could you do where Dean overhears you either crying or yelling at yourself in the mirror about how skinny you are and the whole “men like curves dogs like bones” thing and how she’s more dark haired and Dean comforts her about it”

I know it’s short, but I realized with the help of @freewill-gray that the original post I wrote was wrong. So here is a drabble for the original request! :) Thank you, darling!

You sobbed, your shoulder shaking as you faced the mirror. “God, I’m so ugly,” you muttered, looking at you body. “Too skinny, too tall, just plain ugly.”

“Y/N, what the hell are you talking about?!”

You spun, shock running through your system as you saw Dean standing in the entrance of your room. “Dean, what-”

“No,” he interrupted, moving towards you. “What are you saying? About yourself?”

“That’s not your business,” you stated, trying to brush away the tear tracks on your cheeks.

“It is when I think that the woman saying them is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,” Dean replied.

“What?” you whispered, shock running through your system.

He nodded, raising his hand slowly to cup your cheek. “I’ve always thought you are beautiful; when you’re in sweats, when you’re in your swimsuit, when you’re dressed to the nines, when you’re covered in blood. Always.”

You felt the tears rise in your eyes again, and you looked into Dean’s bright eyes. “Really?”

Dean nodded again, resting his forehead against yours. “I love you, Y/N. I have for a long time.”

“I love you too,” you whispered.

He smiled widely, before leaning in to kiss you, softly, and full of love. As you kissed him back, you realized that for the first time in months, you felt beautiful, you felt worth something. And you knew with dean by your side, that would never change.

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I hate the fact that there is tons of fanfics out there promoting love of curvey girls. When there is none about girls feeling too skinny. Yes fat shaming is terrible, but so is skinny shaming. Have you seen some of the things on the internet like: Real men go for curves only dogs go for bones. No it makes me feel terrible that i Can see my ribs. Why is it ok for Them to love their curves, When i can't love my bones? I just once Want to read a fanfic like that. I have never seen one.


Look around you! Grab a magazine of a stand! Watch a movie or tv show! Talk to your friends/family! Fat shaming is literally EVERYWHERE and its also indicated indirectly by friends and family when the say stuff like “did you ever think about joining the gym?” or “doesn’t look like you worked out recently, huh?” like girls instantly get a more elevated status in our world if they’re skinny, like most models of any brand including once like burberry, chanel, vero moda, mango etc. pick they’re models based on their waist size/ wieght! Most movies also show skinny girls as if its easier to fall in love with them cause apparently being “skinny” makes you prettier? And most movies have the character go through an entire makeover by just having them workout and lose weight. Skinny girls get all the real credit in the real world, like just think about this. Which one of these seems more common to you. “Oh, maybe you should start working out.”  or “Dude eat more food like you need to gain weight”. Girls get fat shamed even as kids when adults say shit like “oh its probably just baby fat, she’ll lose it in a few years”. Girls are targeted since they’re KIDS and its INSANE. Why the hell are you so mad if curvy girls are getting some of the limelight they deserve? Chill.  Plus even a lot of fanfics promote skinny people by having the girl characterized as “timid, petite, or small” so if you’re just moaning about not finding those then you need to start looking cause they’re everwhere. 

Let’s be real about what it means to be “skinny." 

I’m 5'8” and 95lbs. I have a BMI of 14.4 which means I’m extremely underweight for my height. I am not anorexic. I am not bulimic. I have no eating disorders what so ever. I don’t exercise. My diet is pretty standard of the average American- not great but not not total shit either. What I do though is snack throughout the day and maybe have one small-to-medium sized meal a day rather than eat three massive meals. This makes my metabolism very fast. That compounded with the fact that my metabolism is pretty fast because of genetics means that food just goes right through me. I cannot gain weight without using unhealthy measures.

Those are the facts.

Now let’s talk about perception. If you talked to the average person, they would say that being skinny is something that is put on a pedestal. The media glorifies it and the “normal” person with a “normal” body is shamed because they can’t reach these unrealistic standards. They say only skinny people get to be models or “pretty” actresses (forget Tyra Banks, Queen Latifah, Whitney Thompson -a former America’s Next Top Model-, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson, the Kardashian sisters, Ashley Graham, I could go on). They say the world works against “normal” sized people and caters to “skinny” people and tells you that if you aren’t “skinny” no one will want you.

Now let’s talk about how it really is:

My entire life I’ve been asked if I was anorexic, even when I was as young as seven or eight. My entire life, people have told me “men like ‘real women’ with curves; only dogs go for bones,” that no one was ever going to want me because of my body. My entire life I’ve been threatened to be force-fed if I happened to not be hungry at any given time. My entire life I’ve been asked if I was okay, if I was eating right, if I wanted some of whoever’s food because I looked hungry. My entire life I’ve been looked down on and laughed at because of my body. People call me “stick” and “skeleton” thinking it doesn’t hurt me. People have told me I’m “so lucky” because I don’t gain weight and in the same breath tell me I need to put on twenty pounds or I was going to die. People have wrapped their hand around my wrist and neck saying “wow I could snap you like a twig” and thought I wouldn’t find that uncomfortable and threatening. People have thought I was helpless just because I’m smaller in size than them, then become surprised when I was strong enough to handle my own. I can’t find clothes that fit me anywhere because average clothes aren’t made with my body type in mind, and clothing stores don’t stock as much small and petite and size 0 and 1 clothes (if they stock them at all) as they do the larger sizes because people my size aren’t looked at as “normal” so they don’t expect people like us to walk into their store.

So don’t tell me there is a “skinny privilege.” That’s fucking bullshit.

My entire fucking life I’ve never been told I’m beautiful by anybody but my parents, my aunt, and my current boyfriend. I’ve never been seen as anything but an anorexic little nobody just because I’m smaller than the average person. So I’m the expected size of a model? So fucking what? In the real world, nobody gives a shit if you’re built like a fucking model. You’re just a sick freak who needs to eat a cheeseburger.

Let’s talk about how I hate how I look naked, how you can see my ribs and spine and how my hips look like they’re going to stab out of my skin and my collarbone juts out so I look like a skeleton and My knees and elbows are knobby and I DIDN’T CHOOSE ANY OF THIS. Let’s talk about how most normal stores don’t carry size 32B bras (and finding an A-cup when my breasts were still developing was FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE).

Lets talk about how I just broke down and CRIED yesterday because I can count one one hand the people who actually find me attractive and it’s the most horrible feeling in the world to know (to be reminded constantly) that no one will ever want me.

I’m really fucking lucky I found one man who loves me for who I am and loves my body the way it is. A lot of girls don’t find that much, not matter what their size is.

But there is so much propaganda these days (especially on sites like tumblr) that we need to be accepting of people of any size, as long as they are on the heavier side of the spectrum. Never once have I seen a blog on tumblr saying “we should stop judging girls on how small they are” unless it’s on this unpopular opinion blog. No, it’s “don’t fat shame” and “don’t look down on me because I’m curvy” and “check your skinny privilege.”


It’s earned me a lot of judgement and shame and disgusted comments and looks. It’s refused to do what I tell it, remaining just as flat and straight no matter how much I eat or work out to gain muscle and curves. It’s made total fucking strangers make assumptions about me and try to force their way into my business because they think they know what’s better for me than I do. So yeah, I feel so fucking privileged. I feel really fucking lucky, thanks.

If you want to comment on this blog about how much more shit plus sized people get: don’t. I don’t fucking care. I hear it every day of my life how worse plus sized people have it and I AM DONE. NOBODY HAS IT WORSE THAN ANYBODY ELSE SO FUCKING QUIT IT. HOW ABOUT INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING YOU HAVE THE SHORT END OF THE STICK BECAUSE “SKINNY PRIVILEGE”, YOU JUST BE ACCEPTING OF EVERYONE AND STOP THE JUDGEMENT.

You have beef? Send it straight to me: