I’m going to let you in on a bit of my life … 

I think I’m beautiful because although I’m so young and probably still have a lot to learn I’ve been through a lot of stuff.Ever since I was born I have been the one that stands out [ In a bad way] ; When I was a toddler my cousins all had softer hair than me , and as child everyone else was skinnier than me . Then I moved to england and everyone was white so i live for 8 being racialy abused by people whom I hadn’t done anything to. Years went by I grew up and girls started to get boyfriends and stuff but no one wanted to date me cuz I was black no one wanted to be seen with me . Eventually I met some black friends but they just got me into trouble and eventually turned against me for the stupidest of reasons . 

I’ve tried and done nearly everything there is to do in life , I’ve cut my self , tried suicide , tried starving my self , cried myself to sleep every night for 6 and half months . 

My life has been hectic so far and i don’t consider myself as a victim and I don’t seek attention or sympathy just understanding and to belong to something . 

When I’m older I plan on going to university and getting a degree in forensic science firstly because it’s a well paid job and I can re-pay my mum for all those cartons of milk I waste on cornflakes ;) and secondly because I want to make my mum the proudest woman alive . 

My advice to anybody who doesn’t like how they look or is being bullied because of it , You shouldn’t let people make you want to change who you are or what you appear to be . If you ever feel like you want starve yourself or do something and unnecessary as that then just think about it first think about what makes you beautiful . Take a look in the mirror and forget what you’ve been told because I’m sure there has to be something beautiful about you . 

Embrace your beauty to the best of your ability and don’t be afraid to talk to people about your feelings it always helps trust me. xoxo 

Beautiful Soul Model from HolyShitBeautifuladies