Sexy Lingerie for Women with Hips & Curves

Show off your figure in the best intimates for plus-size women

Celebrate your body and get ready for Valentine’s Day in the best lingerie for women with curves. When shopping for sheer and lacy plus-size intimates, there are a few requirements: they must be supportive, comfortable and most importantly, sexy. With a little help from our editors, we searched through your favorite stores and brands, finding the hottest and most flattering pieces. From retro-inspired underwire bras and panties to babydoll chamises and flirty slips, flaunt your killer curves and update your intimate drawer today!

Marie Meili Curves Fayne Lace Underwired Bra

Marie Meili Curves Fayne Lace Brief

‘Leopard Nouveau’ Camisole (Plus Size)

'Leopard Nouveau’ Retro Bikini Briefs (Plus Size)

Plus Size Signature Lace Bodysuit

Open Gusset Teddy (Plus Size)

Dita Von Teese Savoir Faire Fuller Figure Bra

Dita Von Teese Savoir Faire Fuller Figure Brief

Hanky Panky Plus Size Retro Thong 9K1926X

'Signature Lace’ Chemise (Plus Size)

Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire Bra

Wacoal Retro Chic Full-Figure Underwire Bra 855186

Jones New York Plus Size Bridal Chemise

Lace Trim Tulle Babydoll Chemise (Plus Size)

'Coquette’ Babydoll & G-String (Plus Size)

Elegant Underpinnings Corselet in Black

Top of the Longline Full Slip

ASOS CURVE Plain Stripe Suspender Tights.

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I’m gonna tell you a little story~

I absolutely hated my body, for a very long time. I loathed it. I wanted to crawl out of my own skin and be someone else. Someone that I saw as beautiful. Someone shorter and thinner and better. I struggled with the way I looked for years. People ask me, “why do you post so many selfies?” It’s because I’m recovering from years of hiding. Hiding a body and mind and soul that should be celebrated. One day, it just kind of hit me. My body is incredible. Not in the way it looks, but because of what it does. It keeps me alive, breathing, and even when I hated and it treated it badly, it still kept on. So I started to love it, and accept it.

Do not scrutinise me for taking pictures of myself.
Do not tell me I am conceited or vain.
I am recovering from years of hating my body.
And I am proud of who I am today;
Body, Mind, and Soul.

“You would be smoking hot if you just lost a little weight.”

Actually, if you put stock in evolutionary psychology, it’s more likely that you did not mean to say that. Instead, you meant to say, “You’re really attractive to me on a primal physical level. I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable social pressure over being with you if you lost weight, and that’s an attractive thought.”

The fact that I excite you enough for you to notice me and share with me that you think I just need to lose a few pounds means that something in you was drawn to me. And it’s not weird if you think about it. We’re all attracted to all sorts of types- it promotes the survival of our species by diversifying our genes.

So the problem is not my body. The problem is your marshmallow ego, molded to the media’s enthralling performance of what I “should” look like.

Tl;dr- your ego says I’m not your type. Before your ego chimed in, your penis held no such opinion. Btw, your ego is big media’s sad little bitch.



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