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Hola! Tengo un trabajo de la facultad en la que tengo que analizar la casa curutchet de le corbusier, tengo que investigar todavía pero por esas casualidades de la vida vos tenes algún archivo importante o fotos fuera de lo normal o datos que normalmente no se encuentran para caritativamente donarme? Jajaj bueno muchas gracias de cualquiera manera, me encanta el laburo que haces con el blog! Súper informativo siempre

íGracias! No tengo mucha información del proyecto, ojalá tuviera algo que pudiera compartir contigo.


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Baby, you have no idea how gorgeous you are, even when you think your hair is messy, or your face looks awful because of the lack of sleep, or your tummy isn’t as thin as you want it to be, or when you get mad because I look at your pouring eyes.

The amount of words and descriptions that come to my mind in that short time are thousands, are infinite -but also won’t ever be able to describe everything I see on you- because I tend to get so anxious to let you know how perfect you are in every single second that you live, every little and imperceptible movement you do, every expression of your face, every sound or silence that you create…

All that my girl, all that is more than enough for me to realize and to keep remembering myself that you’re the most sweet and prettiest girl that this world could have, and the only one that I will always want to wake up with and next to.

—  C. Denisse Curutchet