callingcurtis asked:

Be as nosey and personal as you like! please!1. had sex?2. bought condoms?3. gotten pregnant?4. failed a class?5. kissed a boy?6. kissed a girl?7. used a little paper bag for lunch?8. had a job?9. slipped on ice?10. missed the school bus?11. left the house without my wallet?12. bullied someone on the internet?13. sexted?14. had sex in public?15. played on a sports team?16. smoked weed?17. smoked cigarettes?18. smoked a cigar?19. drank alcohol? .20. watched “The Breakfast Club”?

Curtis, I will murder you. 1. No 2. Yes 3. No 4. No 5. Yes 6. Yes 7. Yes 8. No 9. Yes 10. No 11. Yes 12. Yes 13. Yes 14. No 15. No 16. No 17. Yes 18. No 19. Yes 20. Yes