curmor: What a ride… I wanna thank the cast and crew of #ShadowHunters and#FREEFORM for making dreams come true.  Little did I know it wasn’t just my dreams, but the dreams of all the fans of Cassandra Clare’s body of work,#TheMortalInstruments.

curmor#Blackwell and I wanted to thank all the #ShadowHuntersTV fans across the world for showing all the love you showed for the trailer for the show, so we got together and took this for you after getting some grub.

We both really appreciate you making us feel like family.

P.S.: I made Jordan promise to get on Twitter before the show airs. I’m working on it.#StayTuned #ABCFamily #TheCircle #RogueNation #Gratitude #Pangborn
Please, please, please help my friend!

This year, I met one of the most talented oboists my age. His name is Rex Yape. He has been playing on a borrowed instrument for years. He was accepted to study oboe at Curtis Institute in the fall. He has to pay Curtis $1300 by MAY FIRST. Not only that, but he needs to return his oboe at the end of this school year and buy a new one. If he can’t raise the money, he will have to give up music. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to read this article and watch the video. If you can’t donate, please spread the word! He is truly one of the most talented, kind, and funny kids you could ever meet. It would mean so much to give even a dollar. Tumblr, I know you can at least spread the word. I’ve seen it done before. Help Rex achieve his dream. It would be wasted talent if he can’t go to college.