My friend and I made a promise to one another that we will visit the Curtis house together and we won’t get go with anyone else. We made that promise and will fulfill it even if I live in the United States and she lives in Australia. We hope that we can meet the actors from the movie while we are there. We made a promise and we shall keep it.


You would have to fly in all the actors from all over America. I’m sure it’d be worth it though. You can fly in Tom Cruise from NYC and Rob from…California? Not sure where the rest live.

The Tears Beneath My Love (ch. 4)

When I wake up it’s dark in the room and there is a figure hovering over me. I instinctively gasp and start to scream. A hand goes over my mouth and it’s Steve. I calm down and look at him.

“Shhh! Shhh…hey, it’s Steve, shhh!”

“Golly, Steve. What time is it?”

“2am. Hey, how you doin’ Moe?”

He stepped back and sat on the edge of the bed, and I scooched up against the headboard.

“Well it’s 2am and I’m tired, that’s how I’m doin’” and we both chuckled. “Why are you here?”

“I wanted to check on you, you seemed like you were in pain earlier today and I don’t know, I just wanted to see if you were okay,” he looked down.

“Well that’s real sweet and all, but we haven’t really talked at all, and it’s 2am…how’d you get here? Don’t you have your own place?” I wasn’t sure why he was here, yeah to check on me, but really…

“Oh, Darry never locks the door, and besides, my old man doesn’t care where I am. He’s always drinking and givin’ me a rough time. Soda lets me sleep over sometimes, but I’m already here all day with the gang anyways…”

“Oh, I’m sorry. My dad is the same way…” He looked at me, “Can you keep a secret? I know it’s a stupid question ‘cause no matter what, you have to tell me yes,”we both softly laughed.

“Well, yeah-I guess so. What’s up?”

“The real reason I was out with my knapsack the other night was because my old man was drinkin’ and he hit me real hard…I took some stuff with me and ran to the DX. I was checkin’ it out when those no-good Socs jumped me. God, can’t they just leave Greasers alone?”

“You’re a greaser, Moe? You sure as hell don’t look like it…” He remarked.

“Well, not now…I left my house in sweats and my mom’s Elvis t-shirt. Those goddamn Socs ripped it and I got blood on it. It was her favorite shirt.”

He got the message that it ‘was’ her’s and said, “I’m sorry to hear about that…your mother-I mean. The shirt, too.”

It wasn’t until then that I realized I wasn’t wearing the Elvis shirt anymore, and that I was wearing a plaid button-up that fit me quite nicely. Who changed me out of my shirt? Which of these guys would? I wondered if there was another girl or woman around like Sodapop’s mom or something, but they seemed to just be a reckless gang of boys. I could only imagine who would be brave enough to take off my shirt and put this one on. After a second I remembered how tattered the Elvis shirt was and that there wasn’t much coverage left. The backside of the shirt was ripped from the seam that connected it to the thicker, stronger collar of the shirt. And when I fell I ripped up the front of it a little bit on the pavement. The boys had no choice but to put another shirt on me because I was already showing the back of my bra and the front was half ripped and showing part of the cup: That much I remembered from looking down at my shirt when Johnny was helping me up.

I decided not to ask now and just replied to Steve’s sympathy with, “It’s okay.”

He kept looking at me and I couldn’t help but think something was wrong.

“Is something wrong?” I asked him.

He looked as if he had shaken out of a trance, but it was only for a quick second.

“Oh, just your nose, it looks real swollen…I’ll go get ice. Be right back.” And he rushed out of the room not making eye contact with me.

I got up off the bed carefully, I guess ‘cause I was still afraid of fallin flat on my face again. I looked in the small mirror on the wall and inspected my nose. All I could think was, Thank GOD it’s not bad. It isn’t even that crooked! Just a littlebit, but when my nose heals it won’t be noticable.

Just then Steve came in with an ice bag and looked at me.

“It’s not bad at all, looks pretty normal. Just swollen…” He commented.

“Oh, thanks,” I shyly giggled. He handed me the ice bag and I walked over to the bed and so did he. We just sat there for a few seconds until he asked me how I’m doing here, in this room.

“Well, it’s getting kinda boring staring at the same walls for hours at a time, and these dirty sweatpants are getting uncomfortable…” And I gently applied  the ice to my nose.

“Really? I was wonderin’, Moe, if you wanted to go outside on the front porch and get some fresh air?” He looked at me waiting for an answer, and he looked real nervous, as if he regretted asking that the second it left his mouth.

“That’d be real nice, do you know where they put my bag and jacket?”

“Uhh, I think it’s over there on the floor against the-”

I started looking on the floor near the base of the bedside table.

“Yep, you got it.” He smiled as he said this.

“I’m going to change, then I’ll meet you outside on the porch, okay?” I blushed and couldn’t help but smile out of slight embarrassment.

“Sure! Yeah, take your time…uhh…yeah. Just come out when you’re ready.”

He left and I closed the door and locked it. I looked in my bag to find the jeans and jean shorts and my t-shirt, my hairbrush, my toothbrush, toothpaste, eyeliner, mascara, and some hearties. I had a mini heart attack when I couldn’t find my $20,  but sighed in relief when I found it inside the t-shirt’s sleeve, half-sticking out. I looked back at the ground and saw my Chucks, now mud/grass-stained, and my jacket.

I slipped off my dirty, grass-stained sweatpants and slid on my jeans. I thought the orange/red/yellow plaid button-up looked real cute on me, it was cut for a boy, but somehow it showed off my curves. It was too long for my torso, so I unbuttoned the bottom three buttons and tied the two lengths together, creating a cute little knot that showed off a sliver of my lower stomach. I wasn’t a hardcore Greaser girl, I thought the excessive makeup and slutty outfits to be quite disgusting; I only wore some eyeliner with mascara and occasionally showed some stomach and cleavage. I slipped on my sneakers and socks and looked back into the mirror.

I only put on mascara, since he wouldn’t be looking at me anyways and it was 2am. I opened the door, taking my toothbrush and wandered through the hall, trying to find a kitchen or bathroom. I turned left, and the first open room to my right was a small kitchen.

The walls were covered in wallpaper, and one was blank and unpainted. Knowing that my breath must’ve smelled like shit after two days of chocolate cake and water, I cautiously and timidly turned on the sink, wetting my toothbrush. I had already applied a squirt of toothpaste on it in the bedroom, because I didn’t want to carry the tube around. I begin scrubbing, facing the rest of the kitchen just in case someone entered. Terrified of having Ponyboy or Darry or Soda know I’m using their sink, I spit into the sink and finish brushing. I rinse off my brush and slip it in the back of my jeans, under the waistband. I lean over to rinse out my mouth, when I hear the front door creak open. I spit out the water and zip around,

Steve is in the door frame, looking at me.

He whispers, “Whatcha doin’?” and smirks.

“Just grabbin’ a drink on the way out,” I lied. It would be awkward as hell to have him know I was cleaning my teeth, that’s just weird. I wiped my mouth and walked softly to the front door.

That’s chapter 4! I love writing this and it makes me very happy to see that you guys have read it! If you’ve read this and have gotten to this part, please like or reblog this post to show your support and let me know you’re liking this story!


  • Darry:You're a little chicken wing.
  • Ponyboy:If I'm a chicken wing, then you're a can of chicken noodle soup.
  • Darry:*sighs* You have the brain of a paramecium.
  • Ponyboy:Maybe I have the brain of a paramecium, but you only have the brain of ONE mecium.
  • Darry:
  • Ponyboy:Ha ha ha! *smiles and walks away*
  • Darry:*to Soda* There really is no way to beat him, is there?
  • Soda:No, not really.
being the Curtis’ sister but dating Two-Bit would include

-Darry being concerned for your health at the start but them warming up to it after a week or so

-Soda loves it since him and Two always have a good time

-Ponyboy being a sceptic like Darry, but also liking it after a while

-hanging out at Two-Bit’s a lot since the Curtis house is often crowded

-Mickey marathons

-Two always stealing stuff for you as a ‘thoughtful gift’

-helping Two-Bit with his homework, since you’re the smarter one LMAO

-Having him over for dinner a lot

-looking after Pony when school’s out, and Darry and Soda have to work

-always cracking jokes

-late night walks !!

-going to parties together


that’s all i could really think of rn, hope you liked it :)

Anon Request

As payback Steve tells you about Ponyboy’s crush on you attempting to embarrass him, but it just backfires on Steve because you actually like Ponyboy too.

Thank you for your request!

Ponyboy Curtis had been crushing on you for God knows how long, but would he ever tell you? Nope. Not in a million years apparently. As it happened, you thought he might like you at least a little more than friends, because though he’d never tell you he liked you, he sure wasn’t subtle about it.

When you showed up that afternoon at the Curtis’ house, you had no clue that Ponyboy had been getting on Steve’s last nerve all day, and poor Steve was so close to cracking, and you found out just how close he was the moment you walked through the door.
   “Hey, Ponyboy,” Steve called out to the empty room when he saw you. Just by the smile on his face you knew he was up to something. “Your dream girl is here,” he said.
   A rather confused looking Ponyboy poked his head round from inside the kitchen, and the moment he saw you, the tips of his ears turned red. “Oh, uh, hey (Y/N),” he said nervously. 
   Before you could even think about replying to him, Steve spoke up once again. “ Say, Pony,” he began, “have you told (Y/N) here about your crush on her yet? Jeez, you’ve been sittin’ on that one for, what, must be a couple a’ years now, right?” 
   Ponyboy looked at you wide-eyed and completely embarrassed. “I, uh, he, um,” he stuttered, not knowing what to say.
   You smiled softly at him. “Gee, Ponyboy,” you said, “I sure wish you had told me sooner.”

Steve’s plan to embarrass Ponyboy had worked, but you quickly made it backfire, and Steve was left responsible for you and Ponyboy ending up in a relationship within the month.

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Ponyboy Curtis Imagine

Anon asked, “94 and Ponyboy Please”

A/N: Sure! Sorry if this sucks as usual!

94: “I’m cold. Come closer.”

(Not a specific gender btw!)


I was laying down in Pony’s bed reading a book. He was sitting down on the edge of the bed drawing. I don’t know what he was drawing, but I’m sure it would be great.

Not just saying because we’re together, but because he’s good at drawing.

It was fall now, almost winter, and I didn’t have much clothes for this weather because my parents threw them away… “It’s too old and dirty.” yeah but you don’t buy me new ones, okay.

The Curtis house was warmish, but it doesn’t help with a pair of shorts and a tank top you know.

I started shivering a little, but ignored it and kept reading. Pony was still drawing. Ugh, he was so far…

“Ponyboy?” I asked putting the book down on the nightstand. “Yeah, (Y/N)?” he said still drawing.

“I’m cold. Come closer.” I said. He looked up at me and smiled. He got up and put his drawing somewhere and layed next to me.

I smiled and he put his arm over me and held me close. “Is this better?” he mumbled aganist my neck.

I nodded and stroked his hair softly.

My body was warming up already and with Pony’s breath hitting my neck, my life felt a lot better.

upside-down | pony imagine.


summary: ponyboy and reader admit their feelings for each other at the park.

Illiminated by moonlight, my brother and I wait at the park for his friend. You couldn’t tell it, but the night has barely begun with a time of only nine.

Johnny, my brother’s friend, is sleeping over our place tonight, and we agreed to meet him here — half way — after he finished dinner at the Curtis house.

My brother would probably be at the Curtises, too. Except our mother made him stay home for punishment. He’s really pissed at her for that.

Maybe a few months ago, I’d also be dining with the Curtis gang.

“He brought Ponyboy,” I note aloud as Johnny’s figure comes into view with another.

“That a good thing or a bad thing?” I wish I knew, myself. Is it — a good or bad thing?

Johnny hands my brother a cigarette when he reaches him. I know it’s a pack that Dallas Winston gave to him. “Hey, man. You ready to go?”

He nods, “Come on.”

I want to tell them that they’re acting like this is some sort of drug deal, but I keep my mouth shut.

I mean, boys are weird. If it was my friend, we’d be laughing and hugging and skipping back to my house.

I keep my comments to myself only because I know my idiot of a brother will retort back with something Curtis-related.

Johnny throws the awkward Ponyboy a glance. “Pony?”

Ponyboy swallows and looks at me. Why is he looking at me? “I’ll catch up later, Johnny. You guys can go on. ‘Sides I’d only be walkin’ further back to my house.”

My annoying brother sends me a wink, and walks off with Johnny. They’re such… diseases.

“We need to talk,” Pony states as he begins to climb the monkey bars. His hair isn’t as greasy as usual. “I can walk you back to your house, don’t worry.”

“I’m not worrying.” That was kind of bitchy, wasn’t it? Oops.

Pony keeps climbing the monkey bars, positioning himself at the very top and middle. He looks down at me. He’s really up there.

He has to be, like, ten feet high.

I look away, because I’m nervous. My heart’s pounding. I like him a lot more than I’m willing to admit, I think.

His green-grey eyes meet his hands which he fiddles with. The air is tense, thick.

“I miss you.”

What the — That’s not what I was expecting him to say. I’m happy, but I don’t show it quite yet. I let him continue.

“Can you come up here?” I’m not sure if he’s looking at me, because I refuse to look at him. “With me?”

I hate eye contact.

“I don’t want to get blisters on my hand,” I laugh a little in the middle of my statement. It’s forced. “I always get ‘em on those things.”

He makes a noise, like he finds it funny or something. “Yeah, alright. You heard what I said, didn’t you? I wasn’t lyin’, Y/N.”

“How?” Where are Johnny and my brother right now — Are they halfway to my house? Did they stop; hearing the constant noise inside Curly Shepard’s broken-down house?

“How? That’s an awfully weird question,” Ponyboy starts moving on the monkey bars. He’s trying to hang upside-down, I think. He’s gonna bust his head. “How do I miss you?”

He’s hanging by his legs. How the fuck is he doing that? This boy will be the death of me.

“You’re all I have,” he says. He’s red, blood all in his face. I don’t mind staring at him now. He’s not as intimidating upside-down.

Somehow, he’s lower than eye-to-eye. His chin is at mine.

“I’m stupid. Darry’s right 'cause I don’t use my head. Not one bit. Look, I just wanna be your guy, again. See, I really think I’m gonna die right now, but I mean, this sort of disguises the red my face would get saying this to you otherwise —" 

“Kiss me.”

Pony blinks. Then, I realize he can’t. He can’t kiss me. He tries to stretch towards me, but it’s kind of impossible to do.

So, we laugh and I kiss him while he’s dangling upside-down. I put my hands on his cheeks to keep him where I want him, and I really kiss him.

He’s more than shocked. So, so shocked that he lets go of the bar he’s holding onto.

I’m fairly certain Pony is out for a few seconds. I rub my face in exhaustion and possibly amusement, and bend down.

“Squeeze my hand if you can hear me,” I tell him. I know he’s fine, but I can’t help but make sure. He’s such an idiot. But he’s my idiot.

“I. am. so. good.” Ponyboy manages with a goofy smile.

anonymous asked:


//alas, the rubber ducky is no more

/requested by anon

You sat on the couch at the Curtis’ house, while Mickey Mouse played faintly in the background. Shortly after the next episode started to play, Sodapop grabbed a seat next to you.

“What do ya wanna watch now, (Y/N)?” he asked, grabbing the remote.

“I dunno, what about Bonanza?” you suggested, shifting the table closer so you could rest your feet on it.

“Sure! I love that show.” Soda said, wrapping an arm around you.

You and Soda hadn’t been dating really long, but long enough to be comfortable around each other. The both of you hung out almost always after school, when you’d visit him at the DX, and even more during the summer.

“I gotta go to the washroom, be right back.” you said, getting up.

You walked in to see a rubber duck, sitting beside the bath tub. Once you were finished washing your hands you grabbed the duck, and brought it out to the living room.

“Who’s is this, Soda?” you asked, looking at it with a devious grin. You hadn’t even realized that the rest of the gang had walked in.

“Yeah, Soda? Who’s is that?” Steve smirked, nudging him in the arm.

Soda rolled his eyes, and grabbed the duck out of your hands, “So what? Baths are boring.” he laughed.

“Wow, Soda, real tuff.” Steve laughed.

“Whatever, Steve. Alas, the rubber ducky is no more.” Soda said, throwing the duck at Steve, leaving it to make the squeaking noise.

lmao hope you liked it

The Gang's Hogwarts Houses

[I’ve seen this so many times and I need to get my version out]

Ponyboy: Gryffindor

{He showed bravery when saving those little kids from the church and when he got confronted by those Socs at lunch}

Sodapop: Hufflepuff

{He is super kind, loyal, and everybody loves him}

Darry: Slytherin

{He is ambitious as fuck because he wants to give his brothers as much as he can}

Dallas: Hufflepuff

{Okay I know what you are thinking… What? Yeah listen I know like everyone puts Dallas as Slytherin, but honestly I don’t think he possesses any qualities of a Slytherin. What was he ambitious for? Picking on little kids. He is loyal and kind to the gang, when Johnny and Ponyboy went into that church he went in after because he is loyal. I think he’d make a much better Hufflepuff}

Johnny: Gryffindor

{Showed bravery when he stayed for the most part calm when Ponyboy and him were in a bad situation and when he saved the kids in the church}

Two-Bit: Ravenclaw

{Super clever and witty on the spot}

Steve: Slytherin
{Determined to make something of himself by going to school and working a part time job at the DX}

These are bad and rushed, but here. For the darling and dandy @tommyhowells

Randy and Ponyboy HCs

Two days before Ponyboy’s 18th birthday, Randy and Pony hopped on a Greyhound bus and took it all the way down to New York City. They didn’t tell anybody they were leaving. Pony was afraid Darry would’ve forbid him to go, so he and Randy kept the plan “under wraps”. They spent two weeks there—hitting up the all strip joints and clubs, and slumming it out in rundown motels because it was cheap. You know Pony dragged Randy to a bookstore on their last day, so he could buy and take home 200 books. :P

In Modern!Times, Randy goes over to the Curtis house to marathon American Horror Story with Ponyboy. Murder House is Pony’s favorite season, Randy’s is Coven. Like imagine these two dorks hogging the living room tv all day and night, munching on popcorn as they watch their creepy ass show.

Randy and Pony had makeout sessions at some point. I don’t think there was any romantic feelings bubbling underneath—it’s just that they were curious and probably did it for the heck of it. They usually made out in places like Pony’s bedroom, the Anderson’s garage, or some secluded area. (I have slight feeling they would go into a friends-with-benefits type relationship.)

Randy took Ponyboy to get his first tongue piercing. It was all Pony’s idea. He wanted to get one since Easter, but Darry was totally against it and refused to give parental consent. So, Randy took him to a place where he knew people did tattoos and piercings “underground”. The whole deal was pretty shady; the person who did it used unclean instruments, and Pony’s tongue got infected several hours later. He was rushed to the hospital and, luckily, the doctors were able to treat it before it got out of hand. Darry yelled at Pony and Randy afterwards, calling them both idiots and saying that they were lucky Ponyboy’s infection was cured in a nick of time.

Tell Dally

Chapter Three

Over the years, Dallas grew close to the six boys who hung around the Curtis’s house. He never let them in, though, and that often worried them. He’d always be there for them, but only to a certain extent. Never on an emotional level. He was cold, and seeing the nice relationship the Curtis boys had with their parents and Two-Bit had with his mother only deepened it. When Mrs. Curtis died Dally lost it. She was a mother to him, the type of friend-like mother. When he lost Mrs. Curtis it finally registered to him that he didn’t have a mother, that he didn’t have a family. It would make him even colder than he was before.

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