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Stranger things × The Outsiders

• Will byers is Johnny cade, smol bean, needs to be protected
• Dustin is literally Two Bit
• Mike is honestly Ponyboy
• Those mean bully kids(I so didn’t forget their names) are obviously socs
• Jonathan byers is Dally Winston because nobody fucks with Will or Johnny on their watch
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War (Sodapop Curtis/ Part 3)

She laid in her bed for most of the time with her lights off, unless she had to use the bathroom, she wanted to believe that he was alive but her mind kept telling her otherwise. It was only logical that he would be dead, it had been four months. The gang tried to cheer her up and get her out of the room but they all failed. They were worried about the baby and the girl who never moved and barely ate. She was small for 7 and a half months and all she did was cry. She was mad at herself for doing this, she was supposed to be the strong one but she couldn’t make herself get out of bed. The boys had mixed emotions, anger, worry, sadness and  so on. They could understand why she was so upset but they couldn’t understand how the emotionally and mentally strongest of the group could do that to themselves. Sometimes, it reminded them of Dally and how he died; he died in misery of every kind. She was miserable and it took them by surprise when 8 and a half months came because she was out of the room before the rest of them that morning. She had breakfast ready and it seemed that her stomach had grew two sizes since they last saw her in the light. She was glowing in her, used to be, oversized sweater and unbuttoned, jean cutoff shorts.

“Good morning boys,” she smiled lightly, handing out plates and drinks to each one. “I wondered what the house looked like, you guys have been fixing it up and such. I didn’t expect it to be that much though, you’ve got almost everything fixed.”

“We were working on it since we found out about the little guy in your tummy.” Steve replied as Ponyboy lightly trailed his fingers over the bump.

“He’s kicking, do you guys want to feel?” she smiled at Ponyboy, catching his wandering hand and putting it at the moving lump poking her insides. “I’ve decided on a name, I thought Soda would want it to be Dallas Jonathan Curtis. It’s not as smooth as I would like but I want it to be it. I saw Sodapop was added to-”

“The wall of the fallen?” Two-bit asked, stuffing his face with the eggs she made for him. He didn’t notice the others glaring at him or the frown and tears she had forming. “We thought it was time cause he ain’t coming home, we got the flag about a month ago but we didn’t want to bury an empty box yet-”

“Two-bit,” Darry said sternly as Ponyboy kicked his shin. Two-bit looked up, realizing what he said when he looked at the faces around him.

“I’m sorr-”

“No, it’s alright. I need to hear it. I wish I would have heard it sooner.” she tried to force a smile before making a beeline towards the door so she could go on a walk. The boys walked by Two-bit, hitting him in the back of the head as punishment. It wouldn’t be soon that she came back, she sat in the graveyard at Johnny and Dally’s headstones and the empty headstone that would soon hold Sodapop’s name. She felt a pain in her lower stomach and willed her to go home but it wouldn’t last long since as soon as she walked in, her water broke. “Guys,” she breathed, looking at the puddle as the boys dropped their tools.

“Get the stuff,” Darry shouted, grabbing the girl and helping her stand straight as she groaned in pain, holding her stomach.


8 fictional characters you would let spank you

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1. Steve Rogers

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2. Bucky Barnes

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3. Jason Todd/Red Hood

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4. Ivar the boneless

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5. Jon Constantine

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6. Shadow Moon

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7. Curtis

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8. Jonathan Pine

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Angel’s glow at the Battle of Shiloh,

One of the bloodiest battles of the early American Civil War, the Battle of Shiloh in April of 1862 left over 16,000 wounded men on the battlefield.  Due to the inadequacy of medical care, which was completely unprepared in handling mass casualties, many wounded men were left lying on the battlefield for hours, even days.  The area around Shiloh was a very wet, swampy area, and there was constant rain.  Many wounded men lied for hours in fetid mud swampy puddles.  When collecting the wounded, many at Shiloh on both sides noted that countless of the wounded had wounds that would glow a faint green.  In addition, medics and surgeons noted that those who had the glowing wounds tended to have a higher survival rate, tended to heal and recover faster, and tended to have less scarring after the wound had healed.  The mystery of the glowing wounds almost seemed paranormal, a miracle that could only be done by God.  Thus, many referred to the phenomenon that occurred that night as “angel’s glow”. The cause of angel’s glow remained a mystery.

Then in 2001 two teenagers named William Martin and Jonathan Curtis found an answer.  When the two students learned that their microbiologist mother was experimenting with a type of luminescent bacteria called Photorhabdus luminescens, they came up with a theory for their local high school science fair.  After researching P. luminescens and researching the conditions of the Shiloh battlefield, they found an amazing answer.

P. luminescens is a luminescent bacteria that glow faint green when exposed to light and oxygen.  It is commonly found in the gut of small worms called nematodes, which tend to live in wet and muddy areas.   Nematodes feed by burrowing into insects and secreting P. luminescens to kill them.  The nematode then feeds at will.  The wet and swampy conditions at Shiloh, combined with plenty of warm bodies with open wounds were perfect conditions for nematode propagation.  Eventually, wounded soldiers lying in the mud would have picked up theses nematodes and been infected with P. luminescens, causing glowing green wounds.  The cold conditions of Tennessee in the early spring have also helped P. luminescens to grow and propagate as they live better in cold conditions.  While generally, bacterial infections are generally bad for wounds, P. luminescens will fight off other invading bacteria to protect their nematode hosts.  Hence, those infected fared much better than other soldiers who were not. 

I love it when History and Science meld together for a good story.