curtis household

things people forget about the outsiders

{synopsis} these are some pretty important things i think people should know bc it could help them w/ their character development or story in general. enjoy!

{warnings} the truth

{pairing} none

{bullet count} 11

• sodapop would’ve joined dally in dirty talking cherry and marcia. and if they were greaser girls, ponyboy would’ve joined in as well.


• johnny is really good at hiding his emotions. he’s also a brave little shit who can get real sassy sometimes. yes, he is meek and shy, but when he feels the need he can be tough.

• steve is still in school. repeat after me, stEVE IS STILL IN SCHOOL AND ONLY WORKS PART TIME.

• the guys only watch their swearing and behavior around cousin-type girls. if your character is a new friend of pony’s who’s coming over for the first time, the gang isn’t gonna be super-duper nice to her and accept her 100%. they will probabaly be jerk-faces for a lil while, then chill out after she proves herself.

• two-bit wanted to drive to texas to look for ponyboy and johnny.

• darry goes skiing with his friends sometimes and was voted boy of the year. he was a popular, fun guy before he became the dad figure in the curtis household. yeah, he’s hella mature and dad-like now, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to have fun.

• johnny was a good man in a rumble. i repeat : JOHNNY WAS A GOOD MAN IN A RUMBLE. HE COULD KICK ASS, OKAY.

• in the book, ponyboy kicked soc ass during the rumble. he is young and emotional, but he isn’t helpless. i personally hated the way the movie depicted him during the rumble; just letting the socs beat him up and crying out for darry the minute it begins. if you read the rumble excerpt, he obviously isn’t the best fighter but he can defend himself pretty well and can take a punch.

• johnny can take a whipping with a 2 by 4 without letting out a whimper. he isn’t gonna be on the floor unconscious after a punch to the gut, please and thank you.

• cherry is afraid of dissapointing her parents if they see her hanging with pony. i personally believe that cherry overcomes that fear and apologizes to ponyboy after ignoring him at school, and they become good friends. but the only true reason she doesn’t want to be seen with ponyboy is because of her parents. we see she clearly doesn’t really care about half of her “friends” or what she’s supposed to do as a soc (beer blasts and river bottom parties), so why would she care if her other friends saw her with pony?

the gang on a cruise - hcs

requested by anon - these take place in a modern au!!

  • who comes up with this wild idea???? 
    • “so…….guys…. we got u all together here today because” (soda looks at two)
    • “how bout we go….”
    • “on A CRUISE”
    • two and soda said that and nearly everyone erupted in a collective “NOOOOOOOO”
    • steve and johnny were the only two to say “yEAH”
    • lil steve has never been more excited for anything in his damn LIFE 
  • the curtis household is an actual MESS between booking it, packing and just the whole thing in general
    • there’s literally never a dull/quiet moment (as always) (but now it’s 10x worse)
  • they literally dont pack until last minute
    • like it’s 5 hours before they’re supposed to be leaving 
    • and nO ONE
    • NO ONE
    • bc we know darry probably drilled down on pony to make sure he was packed on time
    • darry is losing his fuckin mind when everyone is at the Curtis house asking for shit
  • they have to catch a flight to miami bc their cruise is to the bahamas
    • darry saw the groupon and he hasn’t looked back since
    • darry is def on the plane asking if someone has aspirin or excedrin
      • “sometHING I NEED SOMETHING” 
      • dar thought he was getting a vacation asap but this whole process of preparing and getting there has never made the times so stressful
  • steve keeps asking for food??
    • yknow how they give out pretzels or peanuts?
  • johnny is softly sleepin
  • dally is kicking the chair of the lady in front of him
  • and two is snoring at mAX volume
  • before they board the ship
    • they have all their luggages and shit and their hair is all messy and fucked up w/out grease!! (but in a sloppy-cute way)
    • but darry turns around and he’s like
    • “when we’re here, i don’t know any of you. i don’t know your names, u don’t know mine. if you bother me or make trouble, i swear on our parents that i WILL RING YOUR DAMN NECKS”
  • steve ends up yelling
    • “AWWWW FUCK”
  • soda’s all
    • “can we drink it”
    • “it’s water isn’t it?” (steve)
    • “ITS BLUE WATER” (soda)
    • and then u can hear darry speedwalk w his squeaking flipflops 
    • “god, you guys r just embaras-”
    • *already drinking it*
    • “you guys it’s saLTWATer”
    • *already spitting it out*
  • dally’s reaction to the water is ike
    • guys it’s just water
    • it’s just saltwater
  • stevepop takes another swing at drinkin the water to see maybe if it tastes different a second time (spoiler alert….it doesn’t)
  • but pony and johnny r still so struck by it
    • “wow. it’s just so beautiful. you see how the sun glistens off the water johnny? it’s awfully gorgeous”
    • and johnny’s like
    • “i aint never seen somethin so big in my life. well, except for the sky of course. it just looks neverendin”
    • steve overhears and says passingly
    • “calm down u two, the water aint nothing special it just tastes like ass”
  • two foR once in his LIFE
    • isn’t putting his two-bit into somethin
    • he’s actually speechless about the water
  • on the cruise itself tho,
    • darry is deadass in the saunas
      • he’s gettin massages and facials and shit
    • steve and soda are chasing each other around one of the decks
    • pony is getting seasick as FUCK
    • johnny is eating icecream
    • dally is smoking his life away
      • and getting yelled at by staff for it
      • and then continuing to do so anyways
    • two is having margaritas and sangrias at 3 in the afternoon bc he promised not to drink heavy
      • even tho by like midnight
      • he drinks a six pack of beer and he’s havin a grand ol time
  • steve and soda are horseplaying
    • on the deck
    • in the saunas
    • in the pool
    • in the meditation room
    • all im picturing is that in each room darry is somewhere w a grump face
    • while steve and soda are messin around with the playfighting and chasing and backflips??
    • LMFaO just change the backdrop of the location and stevepop are still fuckin around while darry is just “omgfdsfkh”
  • im tellin u rn that the playfighting becomes real after some time
    • like someone’s startin a fight
    • steve gets his tooth knocked out again
    • “cmon soda really??? the doc just replaced it”
    • “don’t be stupid it’s the tooth doctor u fuckin airhead”
    • “it’s the deNTIST U DROPOUT”
  • dally & two are always checkin out girls w soda
    • but soda only comes along when steve sleeps in
    • bc he loves hangin w his bro :’))
    • “soda what are you doing”
    • “move, ya michelin man. ur blocking my sun”
    • “you’re sunbathing?”
    • “well darry whAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE”
    • “well u need sunscreen, that’s what it looks like”
    • “go and get a massage or somethin jeez”
  • pony is 1000% gonna yank johnny down where they can see the sky real well at 7:02pm exACTLY
    • in order to see the sunset and stargaze afterwards
    • johnny will probably appreciate it but knock the fuck out
  • dally is definitely burning holes in towels with his cigarettes on purpose after he gets yelled at for smoking
    • they have to drag two away from the mic
    • buT before he leaves, he gives the microphone a drunk peck of a kiss??
  • okay well johnny is just THE happiest lil boy
    • he’s just so happy to be there with everyone in a place so far away from home
    • he’s just chillin with that ice creams and makin sure pony isn’t dead
    • and fkjshfk he’s just a lil ball of sunshine on the cruise, this kid
Sodapop x Reader

Anonymous asked: “Please don’t leave me” with soda please:))

“Please, don’t leave me.”


He had called you in a hurry, slurring his words together and wheezing into the phone. You could barely understand him, for his voice was so hushed due to his younger brother sleeping in another room.

“Soda?” you asked into the phone.

The Greaser didn’t relent, but his mumbling turned into apologizing. “I’m sorry, God Y/N, I’m sorry. Please forget about this. I’m s-”

“Sodapop!” you snapped. “I’m coming over. I’ll be there as fast as I can.”

Your boyfriend had always apprised you that he might have spurts of anxiety like this, but up until now it had never happened. It scared you out of your skin. There was no sign of what he had gotten worked up over, or what he was going to do about it.

Darry was off at work and Ponyboy was sleeping, so you didn’t hesitate to grab your keys and get into your car, belting to the Curtis household.


Sodapop met you at the door. Tears stained his cheeks and his voice kept breaking. There was no vacillation in you as you wrapped your arms around him, combing your fingers through his hair and whispering to him that you were there now.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,“ he sobbed into your shoulder. His frame was trembling. You felt hot tears run down your neck as he moved to look down at you. “I shouldn’t have called you. I know I’m being bothersome.”

“No,” you said instantly. “You’re never a bother, Sodapop. I promise.”

His expression softened a bit.

“Don’t be sorry,” you reassured him. “What’s wrong?”

The Greaser seemed to shrink in your arms, quivering again. “I was thinking,” he started slowly, averting your gaze. “This, this will happen more,” he confessed, referring to the current situation. For a moment, his eyes bored into yours perilously. “I wouldn’t blame you if you left.”

You felt your breath hitch, and you could barely fathom your words. “No, Sodapop, no. I’m not going to leave you. I couldn’t. I promise.”

A whimper escaped from his throat as he nodded his head, squeezing his eyes shut. “Please don’t leave me,” he begged.

You pulled him into your embrace again. “I’m not going to leave you, I promise,” you vowed.

“Thank you,” the Greaser managed to choke out. You smiled softly, pecking a reassuring kiss to his cheek.

“No need to thank me, Soda. I’m always going to be here for you and I’m always going to love you.”

I Miss You | sodapop curtis imagine

Ship: sodapop curtis x reader
Word count: 1322
A/N: you know when you have 50 million ideas swimming around your head and you can’t pull one together? this is one of those nights for me, i hope you like this.

She smiled as she greeted the next customer, rolling there with ease on her skates, almost as if it was second nature which it was nearing to be, “Hey! You’re Sodapop’s girlfriend, right?” A blush tinged her cheeks and she nodded as the group of girls started asking about him, her replying as honestly as she could without letting anything slip. Of course, everywhere she went someone would recognise her as the girlfriend of Sodapop Curtis, the hottest actor right now. Not everyone she met was nice, but she ignored those people and carried light conversation with the people who were nice and she appreciated that.

Half the time if they caught her at her job they asked why she was working when she had a man to support her but she’d just shake her head and move on. Very much most of their relationship was very private, but people knew just enough about her for her to be comfortable. There was a lot the public eye didn’t know about her boyfriend, but she knew it all and liked to listen to see what people had to say when they thought no one was listening, but she was okay with the gossip for the most part.

Just not when the gossip involved his brothers.

When her shift ended she remembered she had no ride and instead of walking decided just to skate to the Curtis house, getting exercise and still be faster than walking - a bonus. She did that quite often when Soda wasn’t around, having to find her own means which she was okay with of course. She just missed the company. She was thankful it wasn’t raining because she didn’t want to have to call Darry to get him to come out just to pick her up, she always felt guilty when she did that even though now with Soda’s newest jobs they were just above financially stable, having the money to splash out on things from time to time, also meaning that Darry didn’t need to work such long hours which meant less stress.

Overall, with Soda’s new job things were good.

Apart from their relationship.

She opened the door to the Curtis household and greeted everyone inside, taking off her skates and collapsing beside Dallas, laying her head on his shoulder gently in case he decided to leave but he simply leaned down the slightest to offer better access and more comfort, “Thank you.” She sighed as she was left with her own thoughts, mainly revolving around how much she missed Soda and when the telephone rang everyone knew who it was. Steve was the one to answer this time, grinning as he talked to his old friend but instead of getting up to join, she just lay with her head on Dal’s shoulder soaking up the rest, “Y/N, Soda wants to talk to you.” She opened her eyes and sighed a little before staggering over to take the phone from Darry, “I miss you terribly.”

“You sound tired honey, I didn’t disturb you, did I?” Oh how she missed his voice, all she wanted to do right now was sleep but she wanted him to cuddle with, to inhale his scent and to fall asleep like she used to be able to anytime she wanted, “Please tell me you’re coming home soon.” Her voice broke at the end and everyone around her grew silent as Soda took a deep breath, “… I’m not sure baby…” This time it was her turn to sigh and she looked at the boys beside her before she whispered in a hush tone the words that everyone had been dreading, “… I’m not sure how much longer I can do this, Soda…”

“I promise you, it’ll be a matter of time before I’m home.”

“But for how long? Last time you were only home for two days and we all miss you so terribly, it’s not the same without you here.” Darry left the room as she said that, going out to the kitchen and leaning on the counter, looking out the window as he tried to stop whatever tears were about to come, the reality of her breaking was making them all break.

She was the strong one.

A week later and she was debating even going to the Curtis house or not, but she decided that she might as well go to check up on the guys for a moment before going to her own house where she had been hiding out. She decided on skating there again but went slower this time, in no rush at all. When she arrived she went to open the door but found it locked, furrowing her eyebrows she knocked rather loudly, “Darry? Pony? Steve? Anyone?” She heard movement and looked down at the ground where a white piece of paper slipped underneath the door. She rolled her eyes as she picked it up, “This better not be dumb, I’m really not in the mood for games.” She flipped the paper over and furrowed her eyebrows when she saw the familiar sloppy writing,

‘sorry for not being the best to you of late,

with every day i’m thankful to have you.

near or far,

i’m always yours,

and hopefully you’re always mine.’

Before she even knew it she had the biggest smile on her face and when she went to open the door again, it was unlocked. Smile still on her face she entered the house, seeing nothing changed but a pile of roses waiting for you, “Oh Soda, you big softie.” She rushed over and gave them a sniff before finding another note,

‘you’re a beauty that cannot be messed with,

though people may try to bring you down,

you stand tall.

these flowers may not be anywhere near your beauty,

but it’s a good place to start.’

Once again the smile couldn’t rid off her face, but this time a blush was had along side it and she let out a laugh as she clutched the bundle close to her heart, inhaling the scent once again before she saw someone move out from the kitchen and oh how her heart skipped a beat when she saw the love of her life looking so damn nice in a suit, another note in his hand and she put the flowers down gently, walking over him to calmly and taking the note from his hand, reading it out loud,

“Y/N, I’m so lucky to have a girl like you in my life,

through thick and thin already,

we’ve just begun.

Yet I couldn’t think of anyone more important to me,

you make me feel complete even when we’re apart… Wait, Soda, there’s a piece missing?”

She looked away from the paper confused and looked at her lover, who was now on one knee and a ring in his hand, looking at her so calmly as if he had been preparing for this for longer than he had even began to let on, “To make my heart feel more whole, and to help ease an aching heart, will you move with me on the road and live with me, and also accept my ring as a promise for the future and all the memories to come?”

No sound came from her open mouth, she wasn’t capable of making any noise with such a scene in front of her so she simply grinned and nodded, falling to her knees and kissing him over and over, still at a loss for words as he slipped the ring on her finger with ease and the other boys entered the room to congratulate the couple.

As she looked at the ring on her finger and back at the boy she could now call her fiance, she was totally unaware of the rest of the world, just happy to be surrounded by the boys she happily called her family.

  • <p> <b>Steve:</b> *calls Soda* Hello?<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> Hey, what's up?<p/><b>Steve:</b> *looks at mess he made in the Curtis' household* I need your help. Can you come here?<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> I can't. I'm buying clothes.<p/><b>Steve:</b> Alright, well hurry up and get over here.<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> I can't find them.<p/><b>Steve:</b> ... What do you mean you can't find them?<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> I can't find them, there's only soup.<p/><b>Steve:</b> ... What do you mean there's only soup?<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> It means there's only soup.<p/><b>Steve:</b> Well then get out of the soup aisle!<p/><b>Sodapop​:</b> Alright, you don't have to shout at me!<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> *leaves aisle*<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> There's more soup!<p/><b>Steve:</b> What do you mean there's more soup?!<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> There's just more soup!<p/><b>Steve:</b> Go into the next aisle!<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> There's still soup!<p/><b>Steve:</b> WHERE ARE YOU RIGHT NOW?!<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> I'M AT SOUP!<p/><b>Steve:</b> WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE "AT SOUP"?!<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> I MEAN I'M AT SOUP!<p/><b>Steve:</b> WHAT STORE ARE YOU IN?!<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> I'M AT THE SOUP STORE!<p/><b>Steve:</b> WHY ARE YOU BUYING CLOTHES AT THE SOUP STORE?!<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> FUCK YOU!<p/></p>
Tim, Curly and Angela Shepard + Shepard Gang Information

Information taken about the Shepard’s family and the Shepard’s gang, from ‘That Was Then, This Is Now’ and 'The Outsiders’ - Both by S E Hinton. (Includes quotes and facts from the books)

- The Shepard’s gang liked to hang out at “the alleys down by the tracks”

- A whistle that sounds “long and low, ending in a high note” is used by the Shepard gang for 'who’s there?’

- Regarding Tim and Curly’s punishments with the law; “they’ve had about everything done to them. And they can’t take anything away from them because they don’t have anything in the first place. So they cut their hair.”

- “Some of us never cry at all. Like Dally and Two-bit and Tim Shepard - they forgot how at an early age.”

- When Tim slept over at the Curtis’ household; “reading the newspaper in the armchair. He merely looked up, said "Hi,” and strolled out without staying for breakfast.“

- "It’s too bad you and Dally can’t be in it. It’s the first big rumble we’ve had - not countin’ the time we whipped Shepard’s outfit.”

- Tim came by the hospital to see Dally

- “Tim and Dally had always been buddies.”

- Dallas explains why Tim came by; “Said he saw my picture in the paper and couldn’t believe it didn’t have 'Wanted Dead or Alive’ written under it. He mostly came to rub it in about the rumble.”

- “Only last week Tim Shepard had cracked three of Dally’s ribs. But Dally and Tim Shepard had always been buddies; no matter how they fought, they were two of a kind, and they knew it.”

- “Curly, who was tough, cool, hard-as-nails Tim in miniature, and I had once played chicken by holding our cigarette ends against each other’s fingers. We had stood there, clenching our teeth and grimacing, with sweat pouring down our faces and the smell of burning flesh making us sick, each refusing to holler, until Tim happened to stroll by. When he saw that we were really burning holes in each other he cracked our heads together, swearing to kill us both if we ever pulled a stunt like that again.”

- “Curly was an average downtown hood, tough and not real bright” 'he could take anything.“

- Curly was often in the reformatory

- "Tim was a lean, catlike eighteen-year-old who looked like the model JD you see in movies and magazines. He had the right curly black hair, smoldering dark eyes, and a long scar from temple to chin where a tramp had belted him with a broken pop bottle. He had a tough hard look to him, and his nose had been broken twice. Like Dally’s his smile was grim and bitter. He was one of those who enjoy being a hood. The rest of his bunch were the same way.” “Young hoods - who would grow up to be old hoods.” “they’d just get worse as they got older, not better.”

- “Tim had a tense, hungry look of an alley cat - that’s what he reminded me of, an alley cat - and he was constantly restless.”

- Tim gave out strict discipline as a gang leader, his gang was used to it

- Pony said that the difference between his gang and the Shepard’s was that they had a leader and were organized.

- Tim congratulated Pony on killing Bob

- “'Curly’s in the reformatory for the next six months.’ Tim grinned ruefully, probably thinking of his roughneck, hard-headed brother. "He got caught breaking into a liquor store, that little…” He went on to call Curly every unprintable name under the sun - in Tim’s way of thinking, terms of affection.“

- Tim is three years older than Curly

- Most greasers don’t have tuff builds, usually they’re "lean and panther-looking in a slouchy way.”

- “Shepard’s gang were used to fighting with anything they could get their hands on - bicycle chains, blades, pop bottles, pieces of pipe, pool sticks, or even sometimes heaters. I mean guns.”

- Referring to eye colour; “maybe dark-blue, like the Shepard boys’.”

- “holding the bottle the way Tim Shepard holds a switch - out and away from myself, in a loose but firm hold.”

- “Curly was a little dumb - he belonged to a gang led by his brother Tim”

- “Tim was alright - at least he had a few brains - but I considered Curly a dumb hood.”

- Angela Shepard is Tim and Curly’s sister

- “At Angela’s house her mother and her stepfather were always fighting and screaming and throwing things, and sometimes her brothers Tim and Curly would get in on it, and I’d sort of duck flying objects until Angela came out of her room, cussing and throwing things along with the rest of them.”

- Angela was beautiful with long hair and later even beautiful with short hair. The thing that made people turn away was her personality, she may have been a girl but she was a Shepard for sure. Angela was tough and could be very mean.

- Referring to Tim; “He scared me. He was what I would call a rough guy. Curly was mostly mouth, but Tim backed up anything he said. He really was a hood.” “Tim really was.” (not like kids on the east side who were called hoods just 'cause they lived there)

- “Curly was keeping his mouth shut - even he was awed by his big brother. There was something about Tim Shepard - his scarred face, his fighter’s slouch, the flickering of his black eyes - that really let you know he meant business.”

advice | DALLY W.

sorry for the wait!


summary : dally hears girlfriend – reader – giving Johnny advice based on their similar home lives through the door.

Ever since Dallas arrived in Oklahoma, you’ve been hanging around the Curtises.

It isn’t to be classified as a gang in the means of violence and organized crime, but a gang as in a group of close-knit friends.

While Dally sparked and still sparks your interest, Johnny is the thin boy sporting often ragged clothes that you instantly connected with.

Naturally, you’ve got a real bad family — you wouldn’t live on this side of the city if you didn’t, right?

When asked you only blame your father, because in your opinion it’s only his fault what goes down on a fairly regular basis.

Perhaps there’s others guilty, but those others don’t lay a hand on you. In that way, they’re innocent.

About three months ago Dally asked you out. He’d always been very close with both you and Johnny, but it was becoming apparent that things were different between you two.

It was funny because you were afraid that you ruined your friendship doing something of which you did not recall.

The amount of relief and surprise that hit you the day he proposed the idea of your relationship was astonishing.

“Y/N,” Johnny brings you back to reality. Your thoughts had grown astray once more, lingering on your father for a moment.

“Sorry, Johnny.” He nods and you wet a cotton pad with alcohol to clean his wounds.

No one else is in the bedroom besides you pair, the rest of the gang in other various rooms of the Curtis household.

The wound didn’t penetrate through any layers of the skin, but you want to make sure the cut is sanitary before applying any creams or bandages.

He sits on Pony’s bed, holding his arm out awkwardly for you to continue. Your eyes meet and he looks away. “What do I do about all this, Y/N?”

“My father hasn’t laid a finger on me in months,” you say. “I just ignore him, I don’t speak and it shuts things down. If that doesn’t work, well, I’ve attacked him before. But you can only do that for so long before he fights back again. And worse.”

Johnny bits his cheek, eyes glistening. “I don’t even give him a reason. They got no reason to do this stuff to me. Makes me wish I never existed.”

“I used to feel like that,” you vent. Instinctively, you set the things down and embrace the boy in a large bear hug.

“Like I could just disappear,” you continued into Johnny’s shoulder. “You and Dally are the only things that stopped me, you know? You’ll get through it, Johnny.”

He sniffles in response.

“Just think of Dally and I, and if we’re not enough for you, think about graduating and going to college and leaving this place. And yes, Johnny, you’re doing all of those. Things will get better.”

Breaking the embrace now, you apply some cream to the bruises and prepare the bandages. “Have you ever thought of getting a job? You’d be home a lot less and you’d have some of your own money. Maybe even get a place…”

Johnny considers this. “Yeah, maybe I will. You can help me see what’s out there?”

“Of course.” He winces as you put on the bandages. “Don’t ever feel like you’re not worth it. He’s not worth it. It’s not your fault. None of it’s fair, but you just need to remember that it’s never your fault.”

Unbeknownst to you, Dallas Winston is standing outside the door. He’s close to the door but not against it, straining to hear.

“Don’t forget that we love you.” He nods, again. Although he’s relatively unresponsive, you know he’s understanding everything you’re saying and storing it for later. “Your family isn’t always the one assigned to you.”

He looks up from his torn shoes and smiles. “Thanks,” he mumbles. “I love you, too.”

“I admire you a lot, Johnny,” you smile back. “But don’t tell Dally,” you joke.

A genuine grin breaks out on Dally’s face behind the closed door. He already knows that your good girlfriend, but this just confirms it.

“Thanks for offerin’ to fix me up,” Johnny says as heading for the door. “I could have done it myself, you know. You just do a better job.”

Looking up from the supplies you’re putting back into the Curtis’s kit, you smile again. “I’ll see you out there, Johnny. Remember what I said.”

Johnny is already back in the living room with the boys by the time you’re evacuating Pony’s room.

On your way there, you don’t expect Dallas to impulsively grab you and kiss you intensely and with extreme passionately.

While you’re confused Dally is smiling about how great you are. The gang’s around, though. He won’t let you know why and how you’re so great until later.

“Y/N’s had a real busy day today, huh?”

“Two-Bit, go away!”

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Ponyboy x reader~Tattoos

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A/N: I don’t know how you might feel about this one. It’s got some fluff element, and I think it’s cute. Enjoy peeps!

Warnings: Older Ponyboy(not by much) otherwise none

Ponyboy has been my boyfriend for roughly five years. He’s been the best guy any girl could ask for. We go on dates all the time–even if it is just hanging around the Curtis household all day. His brother Sodapop is practically my best friend. 

I work at a diner down the road part time, Pony says I shouldn’t have to, but I have to help support my family because my dad won’t. 

Today, Ponyboy asked me to come over immediately after school since I didn’t have to work today.Today was our fifth anniversary. I walked out of school, and saw him patiently waiting for me, he graduated last year. “Hey, beautiful.” Pony greets, pecking me on the lips.

“Hey.” I replied. “So why was it so urgent I had to come over to your house? I mean I would have went anyways.” 

“No reason, I guess. Just wanted to walk with you.” he said slowly. He was hiding something from me, but I would press him about it later. “Let’s get going.” So he walks me to his house.

He opens and holds the gate open for me like a true gentleman. We stride into the house and plop down on the couch. “You want anything to eat?” he asks me. 

I nod as he gets up. “Yeah, if you’ve got any cake left, get me some please.”

“Okay got it.” He’s acting really nervous. Is something wrong? Is he okay? I decide to ask him when he comes back. He comes back with two plates, forks, and two almost equal slices of cake in each hand.

“Pony? You okay?” I ask trying to sound nonchalant. 

He nods anxiously. “Yeah, just fine.” 

“Alrighty then.” I say. I’m still not convinced he’s “just fine”. We watch a movie for the next forty-five minutes until Soda bursts through the door with Steve. “Hey you guys.” 

They greet me, then race to the kitchen. They are back a second later with chocolate cake. Soda asks, “So when’s Tim getting here?”

“Tim’s coming over?” I ask Ponyboy.

“Yeah, I don’t know when though he’ll show up on his own time. It’s not a big rush though.” His voice shakes a little.

“Pony, what’s not a big rush?” This time he ignores me when Steve says, “Aww nervous, aren’t you? That’s cute.”

I keep my mouth shut. If he’s going to not answer my questions, why bother wasting the breath to ask them? 

“Me, nervous? Nope. I just don’t want to rush it.” Tim comes into the house as he finishes the sentence. He is carrying a small bag with him.

“Hey, (Y/N), how you doin’ doll?” he questions.

“Fine, except for the fact that it seems everyone knows a secret I don’t.”

“You’ll find out it a bit.” he replies and leaves it at that. Pony strips himself of his shirt, and I look at his physique. “I know what you want, but I need to know where.” Tim says to Pony. 

“I was thinkin’ about here on my ribs.” he points to his right side on his rib cage.

Steve sucks in a breath harshly. “That’s gonna hurt.”

“Yeah, Pony,” Soda agrees. “Get it somewhere squishy. There’s no muscle or fat on your ribs.”

“No, I want it there no matter how much pain it causes me.” he says.

“Okie dokie.” Tim says, unzipping his bag and bringing out needles.

“Uhhh, Pony?”

“Surprise (Y/N).” I look at him suspiciously.


Soda answers for him. “He’s gettin’ a tattoo of your name.”

A tattoo. A tattoo?! “Pony! Tattoos are permanent. You can’t get my name on your body.”

He eyes me. “I’ll love you forever, and I want something to show it. I know we’ve only been together for five years, and you’re still in high school but I love you more than the stars love the night sky.”

I give him a look, and then smile. “That’s sweet of you, but I don’t want you to hurt yourself for me.”

“I’d rather hurt myself than hurt you.”

Tim sighs. “Now that the sappy moment’s over, can I get started?” 

Pony looks at me, asking permission. I nod in response. “Yup, go ahead.” Tim traces a design and places it on Pony’s skin like a temporary tattoo, but the real thing will be permanent. Forever on his body. Tim dips the needle in the ink and says he’s starting. As soon as the needle touches the skin, he hisses through clinched teeth. I reach out for his hand and he grabs it, and brings it to his lips to kiss.

I hold his hand the entire time, just in case. The end result is my name written in pretty, cursive writing. At the end, Tim drew a lotus flower.

“You like it, baby?” he asks me once Tim lets him take a look.

“It’s beautiful.”

He comes closer to me, bowing his head and kissing my lips slow and soft. “Just like you.”

anonymous asked:

I need an AU where the Curtis' adopted Johnny, and like, didn't die?

Aww this is such a pure and adorable idea!! <3

- Okay so Imma say this happens when Johnny’s like,,,, 14 or 15 instead of 16 as he is in the book
- Johnny already spent a LOT of time at the Curtis household because he’s gr8 friends with Pony but also his parents are the fucking sweetest people ever to him
- They’ve always treated him like their own son and he loves them so much
- One time he got beat up p bad by his parents
- The Curtis family was piiiiissed
- Curtis Mom called authorities and such and eventually was able to become at least a temporary legal guardian to Johnny, along with Curtis Dad
- At first Johnny doesn’t know what to think but he is rly rly thankful
- Soda lets Johnny share the bed with Pony because he knows they’re close
- Soda and Darry just find somewhere else, they can live
- They know Johnny’ll probably need to spend time with Pony to help adjust and such
- At first it’s a bit awkward for them but they quickly get used to it and Love platonic cuddling
- The rest of the family and gang find it adorable af tbh
- Johnny’s life greatly improves and his grades increase
- His health does, too
- He p much never sleeps in the lot, he gets hurt a lot less, he’s happier, he eats more, he’s sick less, he gets more help and people to talk to when he needs it, he feels really safe, his anxiety decreases, etc,
- After a while the Government™ thinks it’s p obvious that Johnny is much better off with the Curtis family and they officially adopt him
- The gang is so happy for them all!!
- They do everything in their power to make Johnny happy and welcome and know that they Love Him
- He gets nice birthday parties, lots of presents for Christmas, new clean clothes, lots of hugs, LOTS of candy at Halloween, stuff like that
- Even when the family is low on money, they do their best to at least get him something
- Sometimes Johnny and the Curtis fam even kind of forget they aren’t related
- When Pony and Johnny graduate high school, the fam is so happy and throws the biggest party for them with like every friend of theirs ever
- In general the entire family is super happy and pure and everyone loves Johnny and he loves everyone and GoD I LOVE THIS


Kid Sister- Whole Gang

A/n: Hey! So I mix two requests together because they were really similar. Hopefully you guys are ok with this. This imagine didn’t really turn out like I wish it would have but hopefully you enjoy! 

Requests are open :)

“Hello! I have a request :) (The Outsiders) Where y/n is on her way to hang out with the guys at the Curtis household and gets jumped by Soc’s on the way there.” 

“Hello! I have a request for The Outsiders, where y/n is like the gangs kid sister, where they all basically act like bodyguards to her, and she gets hassled by her ex, who is a soc. Y/N was heading to the Curtis’s place and her ex shows up with his friends shoving her around and stuff, and the gang comes to help her. :) <3″

 I stare into the tv and feel someone sit next to me and put her arm around me. I turn to see Dally with a smirk on his face. 

“Why the hell are you smirking?” I ask and wiggle his arm off of me. 

“Just hanging.” He tells me and I roll my eyes. 

“Come on Y/n.” I hear Soda yell then run up to me and pull my arm so hard I’m surprised he doesn’t rip it out. He lifts me away from Dallas and drags me to the kitchen.

“Geez Soda, do you want me or my arm?” He drops my arm and puts his hand on his chin like he is thinking about this.

“I guess you.” He tells me than picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. I let out a scream and we hear Darry yell at us from the dinning room table. He tells us something about Soda dropping me and having to take me to the hospital to get stiches.  

Once he puts me down I am right in front of Steve who has his arms crossed and a worried expression on his face. 

“Why you look so down?” I ask and grab his chin and shake it a little trying to get a smile on his face.

“We need your help to decide which is better.” I lift my eyebrows at him.

“Ok.” I say slowly.

Steve grabs my shoulder and spins me around so I am facing the counter that has different types of sticky foods on it but also with four very different looking cakes- or what I think is cake. I forgot all about the Soda and Steve’s bake offs, its been too long.

“You think you’re up to the challenge?” Soda asks. I run out of the kitchen and look around like a mad man.

“Not without my co host!” I shout and Two Bits head whips so fast to look at me I think we might have to take a trip to the hospital.

“Oh hell yeah!” Two bit jumps up from the floor and rushes to me. I run back into the kitchen, mentally preparing myself.

“Welcome back to the annual bake off!” Two bit puts on his best annocers voice and I start to laugh so hard I need to bend down to catch my breath, I couldn’t even catch my breath to tell him we haven’t done this for years. Two bit starts to say things that aren’t even true, just something he heard on tv.  After I have tasted every cake I feel like I’m going puke. I whisper to Johnny which one was better and he nods but doesn’t say anything. 

I stand up and yawn. “I better go home.” I tell the gang.

“Y/n why are you yawning?” Asks Ponyboy “It’s literally 3:30.”

I look on the clock that is on the oven and realize he’s right. “Well I’m tired.” I say “I had too much cake.” I walk past Johnny and a pat the top of his head,“I’ll see you guys later." Most of them smile at me but Dally just gives me a nod.

"Y/n, are you sure you don’t want anyone to walk you home?” I look back at Darry.

“No, it’s still light out so I’ll be fine.” I open the door not waiting for his response.

I turn down the street and a car that looks brand new with a nice blue paint job pulls up to me. “Hey, what’s a pretty girl like you walking down the street on her lonesome?” 

I ignore him and keep walking with my head held high, I didn’t even get a good look on him so I was just hopeful that he would leave me alone. Once again he pulls up next to me, “Hey I was talking to you.” He tells me. I hear him open his car door when I don’t answer him. I hear footsteps behind me so I start running, not really caring where I go. The footsteps get louder and soon I feel a hard tug on my wrist.

“Let go of me!” I yell and I get whipped around to face the tall man.

“Why the hell did you leave me?” I look at the man with wide eyes. It’s my ex boyfriend.

“Danny, you’re drunk.” I could spell the alcohol coming from his lips.

He pushes me to the ground, “Shut up you stupid son of a bit-" I close my eyes expecting him to touch me but instead I hear something fall to the ground. I open my eyes to see Dally, Two Bit, Soda, and Steve surrounding me. I stand up and look down at the ground to see Danny is knocked out cold. I turn back to look at my friends and I notice that Dally has blood on his fist.

"Y/n what were you doing with Danny?” Soda asks and wraps his arms around me.

“He just pulled up next to me and start chasing me.” I tell them and Two comes up to me and puts an arm around my neck.

“We heard you yelling so we came looking for you.” Steve says “Lucky you weren’t too far away.” I nod my head.

“Yeah, who knows what would have happened without you guys.” I smile at them. “So are you guys my new bodyguards.”

“For a while, yes.” Says Dally and I turn to look at him and he is dead serious.

“So Y/n, how are you going to handle all this muscle?” Two gives me a smirk.

anonymous asked:

If you ship Johnnyboy, can you maybe make some headcanons for them? You don't have to. Thank you!!

Not a problem kid!

- It’s the purest thing

- Them together. Not the things they do occasionally ;)

- LOTS of cuddling

- Hand holding 25/8

- Quick, sweet kisses

- But also passionate ones!!!

- Johnny tells Ponyboy that he actually digs his blond hair

- Therefore Pony re-dyes his hair to make him happier

- Johnny stays more often at the Curtis household and Sodapop often makes inappropriate jokes

- Forehead kisses

- Lots of dates at the drive in

- Johnny does the awkward yawn and stretch to wrap their arm around the other person

- “You don’t have to do that, you can just wrap your arm around me.”

- “Pfft, I knew that…”

Johnny x Reader Help

Request: could you do an imagine where the reader is helping johnny after he was jumped? the whole gang tries to help but the only one really getting through to him is the reader??

You were currently at the Curtis’ place hanging out with the gang. It wasn’t a school night so you could stay all night if you really wanted to, you weren’t going to though. The reason you were there was just to hang out with the gang for a little while longer, you always enjoyed their company and they enjoyed yours. Everyone was there other than Johnny; no one knew where he was but guessed he was at the lot like usual.

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*at the Curtis household*

(Y/N): Hey Darry?

Darry: Yeah?

(Y/N): Would you mind it if I put on a record?

Darry: (Y/N), I don’t care what you do.

(Y/N): Thanks!

While sitting on the floor beside the record player, you begin searching through the records Darry has.

Dally: Say hot stuff, whatcha gonna play?

(Y/N): I don’t k- whoa Darry! You have an Elvis Presley record?! Since when! you leap to your feet with the record in your hands

Ponyboy: Actually, it’s mine. Sodapop got it for me for my birthday.

Sodapop: He’s played that thing so many times, it’s bound break if you take it out of its holder; well actually, it’s usually Two-Bit who plays that thing nonstop.

Johnny: Every single time we’re here, he plays that same fucking record…

(Y/N): I don’t care, I’m putting it on.

You put on the record and it starts to play Elvis Presley’s song Trouble. You start to dance like a fool when you hear a voice louder than the music start to sing to the song. The voice gets closer with every line.

Two-Bit: “My Daddy was a green-eyed mountain jack! Because I’m evil, my middle name is misery. Well I’m evil, so don’t you mess around with me!

(Y/N): Two-Bit?! Is that you?

Two-Bit: Nah baby, it’s the king!

You whirl around to see that you are now face to face with Two-Bit. He grabs your hand and you two start to dance.

Steve: Well look what we have here… Elvis and his new Priscilla…

(Y/N): as you and Two-Bit are dancing… hey, you can shut your trap Randle because you’re just jealous.

Steve: Jealous?! Are you out of your mind? I’m not jealous!

(Y/N): Well, I can make ya jealous…

Steve: Oh yeah? How?

(Y/N): Like this…

You cup Two-Bit’s face in your hands and give him a long passionate kiss on his face which causes him to stop singing and kiss you back. You get into it and fall onto the couch where Ponyboy and Johnny beat it out of there.

Johnny: Now that’s just gross…

Darry: Get a room. I don’t care where you do it, just not on my couch!

You quit sucking each others faces off and continue to dance to Elvis all throughout the Curtis household while the other boys laughed and watched in amusement.

Two-Bit: I never knew you like The King…

(Y/N): I never knew you could kiss or sing like that.

Two-Bit: Well… ya wanna know another thing I like besides Elvis?

(Y/N): What?

Two-Bit: You.

(Y/N): Hmmm… I don’t know if I feel the same way.

Two-Bit: What?!

(Y/N): I don’t just like you Two-Bit, I love you.

Two-Bit: Ya know what? You’re right. You see… I don’t really know my adjective’s and verbs and all that fun stuff very well and the only good sentence I properly know how to say without any grammar mistakes is…

He twirls you around and dips you closely to the ground. He looks you straight in you (Y/E/C) and says to you with a slight grin.

Two-Bit: Will you be my girl?

(Y/N): Absolutely…


(Not My Gif)

“Hey Dally” you waved blushing slightly when he entered the Curtis household.

“Hey kiddo” Dallas said ruffling up your hair before going to high five Two-Bit. You frowned at this.

Why did he treat you like you were much younger then he was? It drive you crazy!
You’ve had a thing for Dally for such a long time but it seemed like he’d only ever see you as a kid, a little sister in fact.

The gang after Johnny and Dally’s death..

It was the fall of 1965, and in such a short amount of time so much had changed. It was a cold November day, the wind whipping through the crisp air. There were couples taking long walks through the park, children sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace, and a group of kids who had grown up way too fast…. attending a funeral- well, two funerals.

Darry was in charge of all the arrangements, both Johnny and Dally’s. He knew Johnny’s parents hadn’t cared about him, and had quite easily convinced him them to allow him to plan a nice service- one that they did not attend. Maybe it was their pride, or their regret, maybe they just didn’t care all together. He tried to get a hold of Dallas’ father, all that was received were three rings and a disconnect. Neither of their parents had shown up. It seemed fitting to have their burials on the same day, they would have wanted it that way.

There was by no means a large supply of money, it took everyone pitching in to even make one burial happen. Mrs. Mathews donated a big chunk to the cause, money that she could have used for her family. But it was her family, they were all a family. Cherry stuck an envelope with some money in the Curtis’ old rusted mail box. No one knows she did it, though it would only bring about more problems for her. Sylvia and Evie even pitched in some, along with Tim Shepard, Buck, and Jerry. Ponyboy pretended he didn’t remember Jerry, but everyone knew he did.

Two-Bit was always jokes and high energy, but no one will ever forget the day he came sobbing, stumbling into the Curtis’ household about how it was his fault Ponyboy was in bad shape. He had lost two friends, he clearly wasn’t ready to lose another. He had spiraled out of control with his drinking, except it was different than before. Instead of being a happy and harmless drunk, he began to have fits of rage. The laughter from silly jokes turned into offensive jokes towards the gang and he wasn’t afraid to get physical.

Steve nearly collapsed at the sight of his friend laying dead in the street. Johnny was dead too, but it was seeing it up close and personal that really killed him. Dallas was his buddy, all the fights that they had gotten into over the years was now a distant memory. He never really acted the same since, it just hurt too much.

Soda was so busy trying to keep everyone sane that he never had any time to grieve. Between losing his two friends, almost losing his two brothers, he couldn’t take it all. He had a massive breakdown that everyone had seen coming. He lost his charisma and flirtatious persona with girls, and found himself growing out of Steve. Without Soda, Steve realizes his passion for cars wasn’t as strong as he once thought it was, not without his best friend. Soda left his job, and Steve couldn’t find a reason to talk to him anymore. Sometimes- actually, rarely you can catch a glimpse of that movie star smile Soda once showed the world.

Ponyboy had a hard time coming to terms with what had happened up in Windrixville, and in the days following. There are still details etched into his mind that only he knows. That he can’t forget despite him constantly trying. Whenever Pony passes Two-Bit in the halls, they walk past each other like strangers. And after a while Two-Bit finds someone else’s house to crash at. Ponyboy’s grades began to plummet further, causing Darry to lay down the law even stricter. He stops having time with the gang, and takes up more hours in his work. They don’t argue as much but that’s because Pony never gets to see him anymore.

Darry was now sitting over the kitchen table one night, trying to figure out how the bills for the funeral were all going to pan out. He wondered if he would have to sell his truck. The one that he worked so hard to earn..

“You can use this, Darry. I promise I’ll work real hard and get a scholarship. I probably won’t even need it, honest…” Ponyboy exited Darry’s room carrying a water jug labeled Ponyboy’s College Savings. He must have found it in the back of Darry’s closet, because he had never told anyone about it. There was a decent amount of money in it, but it was for Ponyboy. He wanted so badly for his baby brother to have what he never got to have. Pony tried to forget the image of his brother sitting there with his head in his hands, sobbing. Running his hands through his hair, his whole body shaking from the tears. He had put so much into Ponyboy’s education already and he wasn’t going to give it up that easily.

It was an eerie sight to whoever may be visiting a loved one in the graveyard, or to someone who was passing by. A group of less than ten people, none exceeding the age of 20. They were not gathered around one casket, but two. Death was inevitable, something that happened so frequently too, but never amongst their own.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis’ funeral was something completely different. They were adults, they had jobs and families, they had been loved deeply by many, and they had lived. Johnny and Dallas had their whole lives ahead of them, they only had the gang and a select few others who were their family. No matter how you slice it, they were just kids.

If you looked closely you could probably see the cascading waterfall of tears rolling down Two-Bits cheeks as he peered into Johnny’s casket. There was nothing he could do for Dallas, he knew it, everyone knew it. He just wished more than anything that he had walked Johnny and Ponyboy home that night. Maybe he could have helped them.. Steve asked Evie to come, probably so he wouldn’t fall apart. She was a tough girl, but she had a big heart. But nobody could miss the quiet sniffles escaping from her. Steve just held her, and in a way, it was like she was holding him. Ponyboy stood in between his brothers, each of them almost shielding him. His eyes were constantly wet, for the loss of his best buddy and the towheaded kid who had secretly taken a liking to him. Sodapop just stood numb to it all, he had already been through so much these past few weeks. Darry- he was tired. That was the only way anyone could describe it. He had put so much into each one of these boys, and it seemed this was it. He could finally take a breath and say goodbye.

Most surprising to everyone was who else had shown up, Tim Shepard. No one in the gang had known Tim that well. They were all sort of indifferent to him. Dallas, however, had a twisted sort of friendship with him. They hated one another, and would do anything to get a rise out of the other. They were there when the chips were down, though. They often partied together at Buck’s, but no one knew much about their relationship. But he was there, gazing over Dallas’ casket, with a blank expression on his face.

It was just a matter of time before that certain someone. who they were all expecting showed up. She almost appeared out of nowhere, in a little black dress, something clutched tightly in her hand. Sylvia. Some of the boys didn’t know her too well, but Tim did. They sure heard a lot about her, though. Her usual bottle-blonde hair was gone, in its place were her natural brunette locks.

“Would you quit dying your hair so much? Pretty soon it’s going to all fall out and i’ll have nothin’ to pull on.” Dallas would smirk, grabbing a fistful of Sylvia’s hair.

“In your dreams, lover boy.” Sylvia would push him away, that teasing tone that always seemed to be in her voice. He always liked her brown hair, but she had grown so used to her light colored hair. He was always nagging on her to let her roots grow out, and she’d come close to it a few times. Maybe it was just the aspect of him not getting his way that kept her dying it. But in the end, Dallas Winston always got his way.

It sent a shiver down the boys’ spines as she walked over to them, hair brown. It really showed her undying love for Dally.. Even after all they’d been through. She would have done anything for him, even in his death.

It was a silent service, everyone was quietly reflecting on their memories with the two teenagers that were gone much too quickly. The quiet was often broken by silent sobs from anyone in the gang, but mostly Sylvia. Tim simply just threw an arm around her, a sign of affection he rarely showed. She loved Dallas, even if he hadn’t loved her. Johnny was the only thing Dally had ever truly loved, and he showed that with his death-by-cops ending.

Johnny looked up to Dally, the only person he really could look up to, considering his parents never really gave a second of their attention to him. Unless they were hollering at him for doing absolutely nothing, or beating him down with their very own hands. He spent most of his nights in the lot, dreaming about a better life. Staring at the stars, and attempting to admire some of the beautiful things in the world, like sunsets, or the way rain would fall upon his tanned skin, gently. Johnny fought a lot for a sixteen year old kid- but not the physical type of fighting, not skin to skin, throwing punches and kicks. He had his own mental battle, used to contemplate ending his own life. Though when he was truly dying, that same frightened expression blew up in his big dark eyes and he realized he hadn’t seen enough in sixteen years.

Ponyboy caught a glimpse of what Sylvia was holding in her hand. Dally’s ring… on that cheap chain he got her.

“That little broad wouldn’t shut up about my goddamn ring not fitting her, so i got her this.” Dallas showed the gang the chain, as he lifted it up, glinting hitting the rays of the sun.

A snort came from across the room. “That’s the ugliest thing I ever seen.” Everyone always wondered how Two-Bit could get away with some of the things he said to Dally. He ended up with a pillow in his face.

Pony tried to think back to the night Johnny killed Bob Sheldon, when they had gone to Dally for help. Or when Dallas had come up to Windrixville to check on him and Johnny. He couldn’t remember seeing the ring on his finger. Sure Dally always talked about taking Cherry Valance out, but that didn’t mean anything. Sylvia and Dallas were an off-and-on again couple, but they always ended up back together.

Everyone stared silently as Sylvia walked over to Dally’s casket with Tim, brushing his blonde locks out of his face. She was always bugging him to get a haircut. She released her grip on the chain, placing it in Dallas’ hand. Tim could just picture a smart-ass remark from Dally right now.

“What the hell am I going to do with that if i’m dead?” He’d say. It was true, Dally would have wanted Sylvia to have it.

Darry caught a glimpse of Tim whispering something into Sylvia’s ear. She nodded, taking the ring back with a high-pitched cry. She loved Dallas, god, did she ever love him.

Johnny was their fallen hero, a kid who got the short end of the stick. He was everyone’s kid brother and everyone cared about him. He was in the paper after he died, they made a point of mentioning him saving the kids from the burning church. He was remembered even in his death as the shy, big-black-eyed, tanned boy who everyone loved.

There was no mention of Dallas. He was just another hood on the streets, dead, like everybody knew he would be, sooner or later. Nobody knew why Johnny loved Dally so much, and now they never would. He would take his love for Dally to the grave, and Dally would be taken to the grave because of his love for Johnny.

The gang all liked Dallas, but they could never understand him. He was an enigma of his own. A mystery to everyone- his cold blue eyes let no one in. That no good hood held something that had drawn them to him over the years, and now they had to pick up the pieces.

Though it was too late, they had realized that Dally and Johnny were the glue that held them together. The gang wasn’t much of a gang anymore. Just strangers with memories. The worst change was that Darry started locking the door at night. Everything had changed, the walls put up in everyone’s little worlds had caved in and collapsed around them, there was no oxygen left to breathe in, just pure poison.

I apologize for any mistakes, i did not really look over it. This isn’t my best but i hope it was decent. Love you guys.

Sodapop x Reader Omelettes & Squirrels

Based off of the sentence prompt; “Don’t eat that omelet, it’s for the squirrels.”

You are walking over to Sodapop’s place. You had said that today you would hang out but neither of you specified when. You made sure it wasn’t too early or too late, It was noon, right in the middle.

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“I’m here for you. I’m right here. Always.”

“Could you possibly do something of Dally and the gang finding y/n getting jumped by socs and she’s Dallys girlfriend and she is completely innocent like wouldn’t hurt a fly type of girl and was screaming for dally or something like that? “

A/N: I’m sorry for the long wait, anon! To avoid extreme violence, I changed the plot to Dally and the gang saving you, sorry if that’s not ok….

Warnings: Cussing, physical/verbal harassment, violence. (if anything else was left out, let me know please!)

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anonymous asked:

Are you still taking head canon requests? can you do a HC about what happened to each member of the gang after the book ended? thanks!

~nobody sent me hc requests so I was never not taking them, i’m just awkward lol~ but sure!! 

Ponyboy: Got along with Darry better, started to mature, begun communicating his feelings better, was sad for a while shortly after Johnny and Dally’s death and in long periods of time after that as he recovered, very lonely without his best friend, grieved the most

Sodapop: Still upset about Sandy, isn’t faking happiness 100% of the time anymore, also communicates his feelings better and admits when he’s in a bad/low mood, works harder to help Darry and Pony solve their issues, tries to establish a “new” normal without Dallas and Johnny, tries to help Pony in anyway he can

Darry: Doesn’t push Pony as hard to focus, be better, etc., asks him about how he feels more, makes more homemade dinners, tries harder for the gang to spend more time together, pays more attention to who Pony surrounds himself with, gives Pony a curfew!!! ah shit (ily Darry) 

Two-Bit: Finishes high school!!! u go bby, spends more time with Ponyboy, is around the Curtis household a lot more, tries the hardest to make jokes to genuinely lighten the mood, is usually the one to initiate conversation about Johnny and Dallas/positive memories among the gang

Steve: More protective over Pony (not that much tho, let’s not get crazy here), feels the most guilty over not being able to prevent what happened with Dallas and Johnny, tries the hardest to make things more normal, doesn’t like talking about what happened, occasionally asks Soda if he ever thinks about it