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What people don’t understand is when the SPN fandom say we love the cast we don’t just mean Jensen, Jared and Misha - we mean ALL the cast. Even if they might’ve only been in an episode or two or more or whole seasons or more - we love them all. We take them all into our hearts.

Lookie Lookie What I Found!

So I was searching for pics for p7 and I found all of these. Thought I’d share, just in case anyone else hasn’t seem them. I believe they’re from the 200th episode celebration.

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20 Things I Learned at the San Francisco Supernatural Convention:

• Osric Chau is a precious baby and must be protected at all costs. To hate him is to hate friendship and happiness.

• Matt Cohen is at least 6x hotter in real life.

• Mark Sheppard has been lying to us this whole time. He isn’t an actor at all. He actually is Crowley.

• Misha Collins will show you his ass for a dollar.

• Sebastian Roche will show you his ass for free.

• Gil McKinney’s singing voice will make sweet, tender love to your eardrums should you ever be fortunate enough to hear it.

• Felicia Day needed a 6 hour panel all to herself.

• As if I wasn’t convinced before, Jared Padalecki confirmed his hair does have magical properties. He said it’s his superpower and referred to himself as Hair Man the entire duration of his panel.

• Friday night karaoke is as close to a religious experience as one may have at a Supernatural convention. Matt Cohen will not stop until hotel management makes him stop.

• Jensen’s electrician is Mel Gibson’s son.

• Louden Swain and Rob Benedict must be supernatural creatures themselves, because they created a running improv soundtrack to the whole weekend and it sounded damn good.

• Mark Pellegrino confirmed Lucifer is making his way around the Winchester family tree, having banged both Sam and Adam in the pit.

• In the event of a building fire, the hair products in Richard’s toupee would combust (killing him on sight) thus startling Rob severely enough to fall out a window and die. Matt would tragically lose his clothes to the flames, but would heroically save all the puppies from the burning building and emerge unscathed.

• If it can be humped, Sebastian will hump it.

• Osric and Gil make an adorable Ariel and Prince Eric. Their children will be beautiful.

• Misha doesn’t feel fulfilled as a man unless the pee stains on his bed belong to him.

• Mark Sheppard double knots his shoelaces.

• Curtis Armstrong is a lovely man who does not deserve any hate sent his way just because Metatron is an assnoodle. That being said, he loves that we hate him so much.

• Jensen Ackles is a Chevy Chase fan, but Chevy Chase is not a Jensen Ackles fan.

• Tahmoh Penikett’s jawline can cure cancer and he wants to be Felicia when he grows up. Don’t we all, Tahmoh. Don’t we all…


Basically it’s this:

Since I’m moving around the middle of July, I’ll make that the deadline. So by the 20th, anyone who sends an ask saying they’re in should have them done, sent in, or other depending on the situation.



1) If there’s anything horror-related, I can’t do details. It messes up my head. If it’s like “We watched Saw” or whatever, that’s fine, but not much else.

2) NO ABUSE, SUICIDE, SELF HARM, ETC. Not only could it trigger something for me, but it could trigger any of my followers. Please be considerate.

3) As a personal, I REALLY can’t stand love triangles. I’d rather not have those sent in.

4) I can’t do super hardcore stuff. Butt plugs, gags, nipple clamps… They aren’t for me. Neither is whipping and hard hard spanking (swatting is fine). So keep that in mind.

OTHERWISE, IT IS UP TO YOU. Whatever you think I’d like, fluff or smut, etc.

(And, you know, bonus points for tickles. I know many haven’t read tickle smut, so I don’t expect it, but I definitely won’t mind)

Adding my tag list, so please spread!

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