curtis brothers are ma fave


Ponyboy: Where the hell you think you’re goin’?

Sodapop: I don’t know, man. It’s just like sometimes I have to get out. It’s like I’m a middle-man in a tug-a-war or somethin’ between you two guys. I don’t know, I can’t take sides. Ponyboy, Darry could have put you in a boy’s home…worked his way through college. I’m tellin’ you the truth, Pony. And you don’t want to be like me anyway, cause I’m happy working at a gas station…you wouldn’t be happy doin’ something like that. And Darry, you gotta stop yellin’ at him for every little thing that he does, man. I mean, he feels things differently than you. Bad enough, havin’ to listen to you..but when you start havin’ to get me to take sides…we’re all we got left, now. And If we don’t have end up like Dallas, and I don’t mean dead either, I mean how he was before. So please, don’t fight anymore.

Darry: Sure, sure little buddy, we ain’t gonna fight no more.