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Mine (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hi guys! This is for @reidoneshots and I hope it’s not too long and it’s good enough. Anyways sorry for taking forever to post, I’ve been writing my wattpad story and I haven’t had lots of time to write on here.
Warnings: smut, oral sex (fem!receiving), unprotected sex (USE PROTECTION PEEPS), slightly dom!Spencer
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: Spencer and the reader go undercover in a casino that takes place in the episode Snake Eyes and eventually leads to smut
Request: ❌
Upcoming Imagine: Reader admits her feelings to Spencer after a long time of friendship…
You and your boyfriend Spencer walked into the casino, the smell of cigarettes filling your nose.
You and Spencer were assigned to catch the UnSub; Spencer was going to try to play poker with him and you were the waitress.
Rossi made a point that by putting two FBI agents on the field we will have a better chance at catching him.
You wore a red dress that hugged your curves like many of the other women in the casino while Spencer wore his casual attire.
As you both walked through security check, they stopped Spencer and he pulled out the alarm detonator.
“Halitosis.” He said holding out the pen look a like.
You had one too, but it was disguised as a lipstick.
You both walked further into the casino.
“I’ll talk to the manager you go ahead and start playing sweetheart.” You whispered into Spencer’s ear before he nodded.
You both split paths and you went to one of the waitresses.
“Can you show me your manager please?” You said inconspicuously flashing your FBI credentials.
Once you met the manager, you reassured that you were going undercover as one of the waitresses and told them about Spencer as well.
Once the manager understood, you grabbed a tray along with a few drinks sitting on top as you scanned the casino for Spencer.
Once you found him, you walked past with a smile and he nodded, flashing a hand pointing to the south of the casino.
You walked toward the south with the tray, feeling many pairs of eyes on your body as you strutted around the room.
You turned around and saw Spencer notifying a waiter, telling him that he would like to move due to the lights.
The plan was working smoothly and then you spotted him.
Your UnSub, Curtis Banks.
You approached the table, asking if anyone wanted a drink.
After a few catcalls, you handed them out before eyeing Curtis and flashing a wink.
He smirked at you as you strutted away, towards Spencer.
As you passed him, you quickly said, “Baseball cap, blue flannel.”
Spencer sat at the table, 3 seats away from the UnSub.
You picked up another drink and walked back to the same table.
“Scotch for the lucky man today.” You said setting it down next to Curtis, making him look up at you and flash a demeaning smile.
“Thanks darlin’.” He said flipping his cards revealing a four of a kind as he laughed and took all of the chips to add to his pile.
Throughout the night, you followed him, developing an acquaintance with him.
You would bring him more drinks and when he was at the craps table, you would blow on his dice for good luck.
You eyed Spencer every once in awhile and under his poker face, you could see he was flustered by all the time you were spending with Curtis.
At the end of the day, he sat with Spencer for a round of poker with a few other men.
You stood in a corner a ways away, watching as Spencer stared at Curtis, hiding the fact that he knows exactly what cards are in Curtis’ hands.
“I’m all in.” Curtis said pushing all the chips in.
Everybody flipped their cards as Spencer revealed a royal flush.
Curtis scolded as Spencer took his chips.
I noticed how he stared at Spencer, with deep hatred and anger.
I started to get worried and then Spencer eyed the little 8 ball charm that was laying out on the table.
“Do you mind if I take a look at this?” Spencer said reaching for it and immediately being stopped by Curtis’ hand on his wrist.
An officer came by asking what the problem was and Curtis lied saying Spencer was reaching for his chips, making the officer start to escort Spencer out.
Spencer clicked the pen and you immediately walked towards Curtis.
“My name is Y/N L/N I’m with the FBI I need you to come with me.” You said showing your credentials.
His eyes went from the bill fold to you before he quickly stood up, but before he could get away, you grabbed his arm and smashed his face against the table before cuffing his hands behind his back.
Once he was long gone in a police car, the rest of the team went back to the hotel and let’s just get one thing straight; Spencer was jealous.
Once the team left, he never left your side, making sure you stayed with him the whole time.
He would occasionally lay his hand on the small of your back, leading the way with just his hand.
Once you got into the hotel room, he pushed you against the closed door, keeping his face inches away from yours.
“You know… it really bugged me tonight… watching you even near another man while looking like how you do.” He said moving all of your hair to one side.
You swallowed hard, taking interest in this new side of Spencer.
“He thought you were a stray… he thought it was okay to look at you the way I do.” He said his lips grazing your neck.
His tongue darted out quickly, taking a small taste of your skin.
“Who do you belong to?” He asked looking back into your eyes.
“You.” You whispered grazing your fingers across his lips.
“That’s right. All of this,” he said as his hands mapped over your body, “belongs to me.”
You shuddered under his touch, clenching your legs together as your center begged for friction.
“Baby do I need to take care of that?” He asked, noticing your moving legs.
“Mhm.” You whimpered. “I need you to show me I’m yours.” You said.
He smirked and placed his lips to yours, his tongue slipping into your mouth.
His hands found yours and pinned them above your head, making you groan into his mouth.
“You look so beautiful in this dress,” He said breaking away as he dropped to his knees, “but it has to go.” He said unzipping it, letting it pool at your feet.
He tapped the inside of your thighs, making you spread your legs out a little as you stood in your lingerie you decided to wear earlier.
“Mmm so wet already… I’ve barely touched you.” He said blowing on your clothed sex, making you cry out his name.
“Sensitive too?” He said proudly.
He slowly pulled your panties down and immediately started to lap at your aching core.
Your hands went to his hair and gripped tightly as his tongue worked at your folds.
“Sp-Spencer… your so good with your mouth.” You gasped.
He lifting one of your thighs over his shoulder as he pinned your hips to the door.
One of his hands came to play with your clit, as his mouth lapped and sucked.
“Baby… I’m so close.” You said able to grind your hips towards his mouth with only one hand holding your hips.
His eyes looked up and met yours, the sight itself making you climax.
You shook against the wall as your thighs clenched.
Spencer lapped up everything you provided, leaving no trace of the naughty act behind.
He stood up and picked you up before lying you on the bed after discarding your bra.
He quickly undressed when you thought it was over.
Your eyes locked on his hard erection that was now free from his boxers.
He held both of your hands above your head as he quickly pushed into you, making you let out a loud moan.
He thrusted hard in and out of you as he whispered ‘mine’.
He held both of your wrists in one hand as his other played with your nipple, pinching and twisting as he pounded into you.
He groaned as your walls started to clench around him, triggering your second orgasm.
“So… tight.” He muttered as you wrapped your legs around his waist.
You yelled his name as his tip repeatedly smashed into your g-spot, driving you over the edge.
As you rode your climax out, he followed close behind, the feeling of you squeezing around him making him moan your name as he came.
He collapsed next to you before pulling your jelly like body next to his.
“Are you okay?” He asked holding you closer to his body.
“Yeah… that was… amazing. I need to make you jealous more often.” You said teasingly, earning an uneasy look from Spencer.
“I’m kidding Spence, I’m yours and I always will be. You made that clear about 5 minutes ago.” You said turning to face and hug him.
He giggled softly before playing with your hair and whispering how much he loves you as you were clearly reminded that you were his.

Fic: I told you so...

Taking a breather from my OFBB to write a quick drabble for fun. Based on the prompt “I just like proving you wrong.” Read it on Ao3 or below. 

I told you so…

Felicity let out a scream that filled the entire Foundry – even Dinah, whose Canary Cry was much louder, winced.

“Geesh, and I thought her loud voice was bad,” Wild Dog said.

“SHUT UP RENEE,” Felicity replied in the aforementioned loud voice.

“Felicity, it’s going to be OK, Diggle went to pull the van around and we are going to get you to the hospital,” Dinah tried to assure her. She really didn’t have much experience with pregnant women, and after watching Felicity the past few minutes, she wasn’t sure she ever wanted to be in that condition herself.

“Did anyone get ahold of Oliver?” Felicity asked after another contraction subsided. “I need my husband.”

“We haven’t been able to reach him on the phone, but Barry’s on it,” Diggle said as he entered the lair. “He was on a reconnaissance mission for Team Flash and didn’t check in. Barry will find your husband. And knock some sense into him.”

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Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

This is my favorite Halloween movie. Watched it when I was little, scared the crap out of me, TYRA BANKS is in it. This reality tv show decides to film some people staying in Michael Myers old house for 24 hours, and everyone dies. And the entire opening sequence features Jamie Lee Curtis running from Michael in a mental institution. Plus, the brother from Smart House is in it, playing a kid in a chat room who saves their lives. I love him. Also, a kid from American Pie. Is it super scary? To me, kind of. Is it a great movie? No, absolutely not. But does Busta Rhymes have some hilarious lines? Yes.

Rating: D. “Trick or treat, motherfucker” and “Happy fucking Halloween” are the lines I’m specifically talking about.

  • Siran Babayan (LA Weekly): There was a good five-year epidemic of Joy Division-sounding groups, going back to 2002 with Interpol. Were you a fan of any of the bands?
  • Peter Hook: I don't mind it. Again, it has to be taken as a compliment. When Carlos left Interpol, they did an Internet application form to be a bass player. I applied and didn't get picked [laughs]. I applied as Peter Hook, and they turned me down.
WWE Raw On August 14th Live From Boston Massachusetts

Dean Ambrose starts the show. Dean says that he like everyone is wondering what the deal is with Dean & Seth, so let’s find out. Dean calls out Seth. Dean says that he is sick of the games. Seth says how he knows that Dean cares & if they were a team again they would run this place, Seth says he is done playing games & extends his arm out for a fist bump. Dean says how he showed his hand last week & felt like a fool. Seth says how maybe this is a stupid idea but maybe it isn’t cause when we are fighting together no one can touch us. Seth is about to leave but Dean stops him & extends his fist, Seth refuses & they both then brawl which brings out Sheamus & Cesaro. They first dispose of Dean & start working over Seth. Dean comes charging in but Sheamus & Cesaro get the upper hand. Seth gets back up & he & Dean then dispose of Sheamus & Cesaro. Dean & Seth then fist bump. Kurt Angle comes out & says that Sheamus & Cesaro will defend the Tag Team Championships at Summerslam against Dean & Seth

Alexa Bliss is at ringside for the following match
Winner will vs Alexa Bliss at Summerslam
Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks
Winner by submission Sasha Banks

Kurt Angle is in his office & he talks to The Hardy Boyz who says how Scott Dawson is injured so they won’t face The Revival at Summerslam. The Miz & his Tourage walks in asking about Brock Lesnar & what Angle is going to do about it, Angle says that Axel will face Jason Jordan & Miz says he will face Jordan instead. A official walks in & says that there is a problem with Finn Balor & Bray Wyatt

Finn & Bray are brawling & Angle says save it for Summerslam. Finn says he doesn’t want to wait for Summerslam & Angle says that we will get it tonight

Elias is in the ring, sings & is then interrupted by R-Truth but Elias lays into him

Big Cass makes his way out. Big Cass mentions how it will be him vs Big Show in the Big Apple. Cass says how Show is friends with Enzo because Enzo needs Show how Show also needs Enzo. Cass says how Big Show knows that he can’t beat Cass without Enzo that’s why he will be locked in a shark cage. He says he will prove that he is the best big guy there is today. Enzo shows up talks & then brings out The Big Show. Enzo distracts Cass so Show can get Cass, Gallows & Anderson show up & all 3 lay into Big Show. Cass slams the cage door onto Big Shows arm & all 3 continue to beat up Big Show until officials come out

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Akira Tozawa w/Titus O'Neil vs Champion Neville
Winner by pin-fall & new Cruiserweight Champion Akira Tozawa
After the match Apollo Crews comes out to join in the celebration

Big Show is told that his hand could be broken. Enzo says how he didn’t know that Gallows & Anderson would get involved, Enzo says how Big Show doesn’t have to fight Cass, Big Show says that he has fought big & badder people & how he will not back down

Mickie James & Emma in the locker room with Emma complaining how she was screwed last week. Mickie says that Emma was not screwed over she tapped out. Mickie challenges her to a match tonight & Emma says you’re on

Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor
Winner by pin-fall Bray Wyatt
After the match Bray gives Finn Sister Abigail. The lights go out & when they go back on Bray has a bucket & pours what looks like fake blood over Finn

Emma vs Mickie James
Winner by pin-fall Mickie James

Finn Balor walks out of Kurt Angle’s office & he says that he has been granted his rematch. He says how Bray has his demons well Bray will see that I have my demons as well

The Miz w/The Miztourage & Maryse vs Jason Jordan
Winner by DQ Jason Jordan after The Miztourage interfered
After the match The Hardy Boyz come out to make the save
The Miz & The Miztourage w/Maryse vs The Hardy Boyz & Jason Jordan
Winners with Jeff Hardy pinning Bo Dallas, The Hardy Boyz & Jason Jordan

Neville will get a rematch at Summerslam

Kurt Angle is in the ring, he says that there is security at ringside, he then introduces the 4 guys in the fatal 4-way at Summerslam. When Brock is introduced Paul Heyman speaks the way that Paul does. Samoa Joe comes out & says how he doesn’t fear Brock. Braun Strowman comes out & says that he is always the last man standing, just ask Roman Reigns. Joe reminds Braun that Braun won because he got involved. Roman Reigns shows up, Reigns spears Joe, Braun Powerslams Reigns & security separates Brock & Braun. Brock & Braun dispose of security but Angle asks for the locker room to come out to separate them