curtie the watchdog

@beatthediamond‘s team! Pike is a ne’er-do-well who gleefully causes as much chaos and destruction as possible on the Skullship. Or, at least as much chaos as stealing shoes causes. Curtis is trying to live a normal life, but it seems that the universe is determined to moderately annoy her as much as possible. Hence her companions. Jude is a rather gentle watchdog who somehow got infected on one of the conquered planets. He can control his new vines, but still has to hang out in quarantine whenever he’s in bloom. 

So the Winners of my Giveaway are...

1st Prize:


You get:

A full color picture of an RP scene of your choice, complete with background.

An in-character Vocaloid song cover of your selection.

and a multi-chapter fanfic with the theme of your choice.

2nd Prize: 


You get:

A talksprite of your character (a new one will be made if you already have one)

Optie will say any line you tell him to say.

a small drabble of your character and Optie

3rd Prize:

VERNARCHANGEL!! [[my loooove yay!! <3 loves you~!]]

You get:

An adoptable nomad rescued from the mills.

A compliment from Optie

A poem written by Optie about your character