Characters: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 630

Warnings: smuttiness-ish

A/N: These pictures of Jensen flashing his boxers to Misha have taken over my life.  I’ve never written Jensen before so why not start with Drunk Jensen.

Thanks to MastaBeta @wheresthekillswitch for looking it over on short notice.

Obviously this is a work a fiction, no disrespect to Danneel.

These pictures are not mine, credit goes to their owners.

You woke with a pounding in your head.  Lifting your head from your pillow you cracked one eye open.  Sunlight slanted through the curtains of the hotel window.  It was definitely late morning.  You looked to the other side of the bed, empty.  Jensen must be up and at the con by now, you think to yourself.  You knew it was a bad idea trying to keep up with everyone last night, but you were having so much fun.  You roll over, snuggling back under the covers hoping that a little more sleep will chase away the raging hangover.

You sleep most of the day before waking again and feeling more like yourself.  You get up and shower.  You’re sitting in your robe, finishing your food when you hear the door beep and in walks Jensen.  You can tell by his eyes and the way he’s walking toward you that he’s had a lot “apple juice” and you can’t help smiling.

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Single Bed Part 2

Hey guys! So I will not be able to post any more of The Game this weekend, I am so sorry, I put all the blame on finals. As soon as I get it done, I will post it! Hopefully no later than next weekend. But a lot of you have been asking me to do more of Single Bed, so here’s another part! I hope you guys enjoy. Happy Sunday! 

Warnings: mission, injury, fluff, language, teeny weensy bit of angst

Summary: You and Bucky have to share a single bed on a mission and it prompts him to say what’s been on his mind for a while, pushing you to think about what he means to you.

Part 1

Originally posted by sithlordalice

After hearing Bucky’s confession and sharing your own secret, sleep hadn’t really been an option. Your mind was buzzing, trying to figure out how it could all go wrong, or maybe how it could all go right. You didn’t realize you wondered the night away until the sunrise started to peak through the curtains of the hotel room.

You picked your head up to look over Bucky’s body at the clock on the night stand. 5AM. There was no point in going to sleep now, the jet was going to take you home in a couple hours. 

You sighed and fell back to your side of the bed and stared at the ceiling. You played with the tag on the corner of the comforter, twisting and pulling it with your fingers. You knew that with the way the universe was treating you right now, Bucky would wake up the second you looked over at him and wonder why the hell you were watching him sleep. But you could only fight that urge for so long.

You shifted your eyes his way, like if your head didn’t move, no one could prove you were actually looking at him. You sighed, feeling completely ridiculous, and turned on your side to face him. When you did, you felt your heart leap into your throat. 

He looked peaceful, almost untouched. You were surprised he even trusted the world enough to fall asleep in it anymore. Looking at his closed eyes, you suddenly missed the blue, almost wishing he would wake up and look at you.

He was lying on his back, the arm closest to you held up behind his head, and the other one resting on his stomach. It was like he was unconsciously inviting you to move over a couple inches and lay your head on his shoulder and rest your hand on his chest.

Before that urge also became too strong, you slid out from under the covers and grabbed your suit to change into. You tried to think of anything else while you changed, and threw your hair into its usual pony tail. It reminded you of what Bucky had said last night and you decided to cancel the appointment you had made to get your hair cut next week.

While you made breakfast, you listed groceries in your head and reminded yourself you had laundry to do, and decided what to get the whole team for Christmas next year. Anything to keep your mind off Bucky. 

You set a stool next to the window and counted the cars passing by as you ate the eggs you made. Thirty-six, thirty-seven…

“You’re up early.” His voice was rough and low, tempting you to throw yourself out the window so you could continue counting the cars from there. 

“Yeah, I got hungry,” you lied. “Those are for you,” you said pointing to the plate of eggs on the counter with your fork, while you watched him pull his green sweatshirt over his head. 

“Thank you,” he said, sinking a fork into them and taking a bite. “They’re really good,” he said. You didn’t miss his eyes briefly widen a bit in surprise. 

“Thanks. I know that’s how you like ‘em.”

“Hm?” he let out with a cocked brow while he scarfed the food.

“I am your partner, there are certain things I should know. You’re weak on your left, you throw a good hook, you prefer a 22 if you even use it, you like your eggs over easy.”

He chuckled as he took your empty plate from you and started washing the dishes in the sink. “So, I’m weak on my left?”

Your grin was so wide it almost split your face. That was the closest he had ever come to making a joke. “Despite the metal, yeah.”

You saw him shake his head and hide a smirk. He turned off the sink and spun to lean on the counter. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Not just for breakfast. You’re a good partner, (Y/N).” He eyes studied the floor and his long hair fell into his face. He quickly pushed it behind his ear and you noticed the gash on his cheek was gone.

“Jesus, you heal so fast.” 

Before he could lift his eyes and question, you were inches away from him with your fingers tracing over his skin where a scar should be. He watched you study him with awe. He wasn’t used to anyone being this close to him, especially you.

“Is that why you did it? Because you would heal faster than me?” Your eyes met his as you spoke. When he didn’t answer, you continued. “I know you took that bullet for me. You shouldn’t have. I can take care of myself,” you said turning away from him and pushing the stool by the window back into its place at the table.

“We’re partners, we take care of each other.”

“No.” Frustration started to bubble in your chest like a shaken bottle of soda, and your voice was rising, along with your temper. “You take care of yourself first. You have my back if I need it.” 

“You needed it.”

“No, I didn’t!”

“(Y/N), that bullet would’ve gone right through you. It would’ve killed you.”

“It could’ve killed you!”

“Hey.” As always, his voice was steady, which infuriated you even more before you tuned into what he was saying. “Calm down, take a breath, (Y/N), it’s okay.” His eyes were suddenly soft, and his brow full of concern. You looked down at your comparatively small hands violently shaking in his, and watched them become a blur with unshed tears.  

“But you-you could’ve-”

“Shhh, don’t think that way. Everything’s fine.” He encased you in a hug, like a shield from the outside world. You wrapped your arms around his waist, depending on him to hold you up. 

“Bucky, I-”

“I know. Listen, you’re overtired and stressed about the plane. We’ll be home in a couple hours, okay? Just sit here, and I’ll go give our bags to the pilot.” He placed you on the bed like a rag doll and fished his suit out of his bag. “I’m gonna go change.”

“Bucky, can you just-”

“Yeah. I’ll sit with you.” he said, sitting next to you and pulling you to him while he ran his fingers through your ponytail. 

Sure, you knew how he liked his eggs cooked, but Bucky could just about read your mind. He never missed a thing.

Final Part


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13 Top Tips for The Traveling Writer from Gail Carriger

1. Thou shalt follow the 6, 2, 1 rule
What’s that? At least six hours sleep, two full meals, and one bath.
Actually, I usually try for 8, 3, 2. I recommend a morning swim (at most cons I get an AM pool to myself) plus a hot tub mini soak and shower. People often forget about the hotel pool when there is a major event, so if you like to swim don’t forget the bathing suit and goggles.

2. Sleep well
I highly recommend investing in ear plugs and an eye mask. That way odd noises and insufficient curtain coverage in strange hotels won’t be a bother. I carry a decongestant as well, in case I’m stuffed up from flying or allergies or temperature shifts.

2. Start as you mean to go on (but probably can’t)
My start? Egg white omelet, vegetarian, no-cheese. As an avowed not-really-breakfast person I force myself to eat this omelet every morning. Most hotels have something like it on the menu. Why? Because it’s the only meal I know I can guarantee I will have time to eat; egg whites are a good solid protein that sticks without weighing me down, and it is always hard to get veg on the go. Convention green rooms and cafes are available for snacks, but those snacks are usually carb heavy and if you get protein, it’s meat or cheese. I find if I start right I don’t worry as much about the rest of the day.

3. Soak thy feet, every night
Keeping in mind that I wear stilettos, I still feel that this applies to everyone – especially at those bigger conventions where you’re walking for miles. I soak my feet and rub lotion into them every night (no matter how tired or how drunk) and this is one of my biggest tips. Nothing is worse than sore feet, treat yours with love.

4. Thou shalt wear deodorant but not perfume or cologne
I know, you love that scent, but no one else does (no matter what they say) and you’re likely putting on too much. Yeah, you really are. This rule holds doubly true if you are flying.

5. Thou shalt tip thy maids
Look, working as a maid in a big hotel really sucks. Leave a tip each day in a prominent place (I usually go for the zone of little bottles in the bathroom) and I add a note with a heart that says “Thank You”. Be a decent human.

6. Thou shalt wear layers
You could be going to the hottest place on earth, or the coldest, but you’re in a convention center or a hotel or a bookstore, and the AC/heating is notoriously tricky. I carry a scarf and a light cardigan at all times.

7. If offered a mint, take it
It’s usually a subtle hint. Take the hint, take the mint. Carry mints yourself, share the love.

8. Honor thy moderator
Moderating a panel is a rough job, but someone has to do it. Be nice. Be polite.

9. Thou shalt carry badge, ID, business cards, phone, cash, name tent, mints, individually wrapped toothpicks, tissues, pain killers & other meds, snacks, and water upon thy person at all times.
Some conventions are great about supplying these kinds of things, some aren’t. Be your own savior, be someone else’s, hack the planet.

10.  Thou shalt not eat raw onions
Well I mean you CAN eat them, just not when on the road and at events. Your favorite food? Practice a little willpower, for everyone’s sake. Eat as many as you want when you get home.

11. Thou shalt follow the protocols of cosplay
No realistic weapons, no sticky substances (AKA the PB & J rule), no view-obstructing wings or hats, be aware of your costumed dimensions. I am well known for my abhorrence of the backpack, but if you insist on one, please be aware of it sticking out behind you. Nothing is worse than being a short female constantly whacked in the face by a backpack-wielding Sasquatch, particularly on planes.

12. Thou shalt not dress like a slob
Look, if you are traveling for work, you’re traveling for WORK. Whether that is as a professional writer or appliance servicing technician. Represent.

13. Say thank you
Someone invited you, someone brought you in, someone argued to make you a guest. Try to find that person and thank them. Thank the people running registration, and the green room, and programming, and the dealer room, and the bookstore. Mostly these are fans and volunteers. They make the event happen and they do it because they want to meet you, they want to meet writers. All they get are complaints, and issues, and fires to put out every day. Don’t add to their stress. And if there is a Dead Dog Party and you happen to be invited, do go. They are often the most fun and you get to meet all the people behind the scenes.

First time in Paris (Rami Malek x Reader)

Warnings: Slight sexual content

Summary:  Rami and Reader are invited to the Dior Homme show in Paris. After dinner they go back to their hotel where they share their first time of love.

A/N: Listen to “Touch” or “Your Love” by Little Mix while you’re reading this! That’s what I did during my writing process. Enjoy!

Soft breaths on your neck woke you up early in the morning in Paris. You slowly opened your eyes and were greeted with bright sunrays that shone through the curtains of your hotel suite and illuminated the whole room with light. You wanted to sit up however two strong arms held you back from your intention. A smile crept its way on your lips as you turned your head towards the man who lied under the white sheets right next to you. Turning your body completely to his direction, you placed one hand on Rami’s cheek and caressed it gently.

He still slept peacefully with his lips slightly open. A wave of happiness rushed through your body as you remembered the actions from last night. Even though you felt a slight discomfort in your lower area now, it was still worth your decision. Not only did he experience you in your most vulnerable state but you also him. Last night, you have been so close to each other like you’ve never been before. Your bodies were connected for the first time and it was a very special moment that you two shared.

‘I had my first time in Paris’ You thought smiling. The city of love.


The reason why you were in France was because Rami had been invited to the Dior Homme show in Paris. He was the new face of Dior Homme S/S 2017 campaign. The show took place at Grande Palais and it was a big honor for you attending the show with him. Rami introduced to several famous celebrities who were also there.

The whole event was very successful and you had lots of fun watching at those new designs and new clothes. After the show, you went to the party that was hosted by Dior including dinner and stuff. You wore a knee-high tight red dress that outlined your curves perfectly with black high heels.

“You’re gonna catch every man’s attention like this.” Rami mumbled into your ear with a low voice. You shrugged your shoulders and told him that you wouldn’t care a bit about them.

“You’re gonna catch all those women’s attention by the way you look.” You told him laughing. He looked absolutely handsome in his black suit. He always looked good in suits. Suits fit to him perfectly.

The dinner was awesome and the party was legendary. You and Rami were not separated from each other for a second. Rami made sure that others had not the intention to hit on you and kept you very close to him. That cute and protective boyfriend of yours. You danced, laughed and talked with other people and even made new friendships. You had a good time and would be sad about that day coming to an end.

Rami took your hand after a while. “C’mon, let’s head back to the hotel.” He knew you were becoming kind of tired and he also wanted to spend some alone time with you.

You made your way to the limo and Rami told the driver to drop you off at the hotel, giving him the address.  “How are you feeling?” Rami asked you, letting you rest your head on his shoulder.

“I’m fine.” You said truthfully. “I had so much fun. Can you take me to more events in the future?”

Rami chuckled and gave you a peck on your forehead. “Everything for my girl.”

When you arrived at the hotel, Rami asked you to go ahead and that he would come after he had to deal with some things. You were wondering what he had to do but listened to him. He gave you the key card for the suite and you left.

The first thing you did after unlocking the door and entering the big room was to take off your heels. You took place on the giant couch, massaging your aching feet and making yourself comfortable.

A knock on the door disturbed your relaxation and you stood up to open it. You were greeted by Rami with a bunch of roses and a big bottle of champagne in his hands. A cheeky smile appeared on his lips and he gave you the roses, the entered the suite.

With slight rosy cheeks, you turned over to him. “What’s that for, Rami?” You laughed. Meanwhile, Rami opened the bottle and poured some champagne into two glasses.

 “Why? Can’t I just buy roses for my beautiful girlfriend and drink some champagne with her?” He took off his jacket and you placed the bouquet onto the living room table.

“I was just wondering.” You answered. Rami took the two glasses and came over to you. He gave you a kiss on your lips before he handed you over one glass.

“I had a wonderful day, baby. Thanks for joining me.”

“Thanks for inviting me. “You said, then clinking glasses.  

You didn’t know clearly what happened after but suddenly you found yourself on the huge bed with Rami’s hands all over your body. He kissed your neck roughly while his hands traced down your belly to your legs.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked softly. It was the first time for both of you and he wanted it to be perfect. He didn’t want to push you into something you would regret after. He would wait no matter how long it would take. But you nodded your head in agreement, totally lost for words because pleasure took control over your entire body. You craved for his love, for his closeness. You wanted to feel him completely. You were ready for this, for him and trusted him enough to let it happen.

“Please, Rami,” You sighed. “Make love to me.”

Your heartbeat increased as he began to take off your clothes and you felt like it was going to burst in your chest. You felt so many mixed emotions in that moment. Happiness, love, excitement, nervousness. Everything at once.  

Rami took off his clothes as well but kept his boxers on. He didn’t want to scare you off and wanted to make sure that you decision was clear. He asked you again and your answer would be the same. Then, you two were completely exposed to each other and explored your bodies by caressing and touching.

“I love you.” Rami mumbled against your lips, as he slowly and carefully slid into you and began to make sweet and passionate love to you. Your body fit perfectly as if they were made for each other like puzzles. Hands intertwined and sweet sounds of pleasure escaping your lips, you let him take your virginity. Rami always asked if you were okay and if he hurt you but you shook your head, assuring him that you were fine.

When you reached your highs, you ended up cuddling together and you felt your eyes becoming heavier. Sleep washed over you and you closed your eyes, drifting to a peaceful slumber.


“Hey.” A raspy morning voice interrupted your thoughts.

“Good morning.” You replied, giving him a kiss on his lips. He pressed himself closer to your body.

“How are you feeling?”  He asked.

“I’m good.” You laughed. “Very very good.” Rami offered you a laugh.

“I’m glad to hear that.” You two lied a little more in your bed, talking about last night and how you enjoyed your first time. You didn’t feel embarrassed at all talking about it. Rami asked you what you wanted to do, because you had the whole day to explore Paris until you would catch the plane the next day.

“What about visiting the Eiffel Tower?” You suggested.

“I’m absolutely fine with that.”

Glasgow, Glasgow, Glasgow!

Authors Note: Since today marks Shawn’s rise back into the touring world of killing his fans with amazing performances, here is a blurb to help kickstart the tour!

Shawn Master List found HERE

Glasgow, Glasgow, Glasgow.

That is all that has been on Shawn’s mind for the past two weeks— That and of course, perfecting his tour rehearsal.

You know him well, underneath that façade and covering he has presented to the world is a very passionate Shawn, who is also remarkably nervous about getting on the road again.

For the last week, it has been you who has been woken to the feel of delicate kisses to your skin, stirring to the warm touch of his fingertips drawing small patterns on your skin while he whispers sweet nothings into your ear, pleasantly lulling you awake.

Today— You find yourself waking before Shawn, the dull ray of light peeking through the hotel curtains as you tug at the white comforter, trying to wrap yourself in it for its warmth. With a heavy sigh, you give up on the covers, acknowledging how Shawn’s body is holding down the comforter with no intentions of parting ways with it.

You shuffle closer to his sleeping body, his head tilted slightly to the side as he sleeps soundly on his back. You press a few luscious kisses on his smooth skin, lacing his neck with loving kisses. A muffled mumble escapes his lips, his eyes still closed. With a small giggle, you proceed to leave kisses on his surface, your fingers trailing his uncovered skin like his does yours.

He muffles another mumble, your lips parting ways with the softness of his skin, your eyes meeting his whisky coloured eyes. “mmm, hey there.” His voice is deep and sleepy, his tongue licking the edge of his lips,

“Hey,” You whisper, leaning down for a kiss, enabling him to leisurely wake up with honeyed kisses.

“It’s a big day.” He breathes with a small smile coating across his delicate lips. You nod in agreement—A lot of anticipation is likely to be boiling inside him as the day has finally arrived. The day of his first show of his second tour.

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Devotees: David Sedaris / Author

Mr. Sedaris wears Comme des Garçons onstage on his reading tours. His partner does not like it.

“There are so many stores that I’m afraid to go into, but I wish that I’d gone in sooner. If you go into Gucci, everybody in there is so good-looking that you think, ‘Never mind, it would just be a joke for me to wear your clothing.’ You could imagine the designer saying, ‘I would pay you not to wear it.’ When you go into Comme des Garçons, not only are the people really sweet there, but you think, ‘I could look as clownish as you!’ That aspect of it is gone, the intimidation factor is gone. I’m not a brand-name person. That never really meant that much to me. But her stuff is always so beautifully made. I have five pairs of culottes now. The pair I wore on my last tour, they’re polyester, and they look like bad hotel curtains. But what’s great is you never have to iron them.”


The Adoption

Part Five

When my alarm went off the next morning the sun was just peeking through the curtains of our hotel room.  I ran a hand over my face and took a deep breath before I reached over to draw Em closer to me.  However, once again, I was met with an empty bed.  I sat up, glancing around the room.  I saw that the door outside was open again just like it had been last night.  I disentangled myself from the covers, shaking off the feeling of déjà vu and walked over to pull the curtains back.

The patio was empty, save the chairs and table that were always out there.  Emily was nowhere to be found.  I turned around, my eyes darting around the room.  Her suitcase was still there, overflowing with clothing she hadn’t repacked yet for our journey home in a few hours.

Had she just gone to check us out?  Maybe to get some food.  My eyes fell on her side of the bed, a note sitting on her nightstand, folded into a triangle.  I picked it up and frantically read the words.

Couldn’t let you do this.  I’m at the orphanage.  Join me when you wake up.  I love you.

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anonymous asked:

154 Lams if you're cool with that :)

154. “There’s only one bed…”

It was Lafayette who had booked the hotel room, so Alex really should have expected that something like this was going to happen. 

He was tired, they had had a long day full of delays, layovers, and missed flights. There was nothing Alex wanted more in that moment than to smash his face against a pillow and fall sleep for several hours. Tomorrow was going to be a slow day with nothing planned until the evening. 

John was in front of him, muttering to himself as he tried to get the door to unlock. “It’s not working, what the fuck, the key’s right, just, just, go green.”

Alex knocked against John’s arm and said, “you gotta hold it in longer.”

“Ugh.” John groaned when the light finally blinked green and said, “I hate it when you’re right.”

Alex snorted a laugh. “How are we still friends?”

John looked at him for a second, a weird look in his eyes, and shook his head. “Beats me. You’re an asshole.”

“We’re assholes together,” Alex said, shoving past John and walking into the room, flipping the lights on. He set his bags down and turned into the bathroom.

When he came out, John was standing in the hallway, hand rubbing the back of his neck.

Alex poked his shoulder and asked, “What’s wrong, I want to go to sleep, you’re in my way.”

“Ha,” John said, “so, uh, there’s only one bed.”

Alex stepped forward. John was right. “Looks like we’re gonna have to bunk together.” He smirked to himself. “Warning, I’ve been told I get clingy.”

John coughed. “What?”

He rested his head on John’s shoulder and said, “I’m a cuddler.” On the inside, Alex could hear the warning bells going off in his head. This was going to be an issue. It was hard enough being so close to John without trying to start something, but sleeping next to him? He was going to die. Alex took in a breath and walked forward and hopped to plant himself on the right side of the bed. “This is my side.”

“Right,” John said. “Well, I’m gonna change, and then I’m sorry but your insomniac ways are gonna have to take a break for the night, I’m exhausted.”

John disappeared into the bathroom, and Alex took the chance to kick off his shoes and jeans, and peel off his shirt. He put his phone on the charger, took his hair down from its ponytail, and planted his face back into the pillow. 

He heard John’s footsteps on the carpet, and Alex must have imagined the whispered, “fuck.” John flipped off the lights and joined him on the bed. “Night, Alex.”


Alex had a plan, and he ignored the voice in the back of his mind telling him it wasn’t worth possibly risking his friendship with John. He turned his head toward John, not being able to see him in the dark, but listening to the sound of John’s quiet, even breaths. 

There was one last moment of hesitation before he scooted over and placed his head on John’s shoulder, throwing an arm over John’s stomach. Alex sighed to himself. This was perfect. 

It was still dark when he woke up, no sun filtering through the thick hotel curtains. Alex blinked his eyes, confused for a moment. He had shifted during his sleep, no longer next to John, but halfway on top of him. 

John moved under him, and he heard a low moan. Oh. 

// 200 writing prompts // @franciskinloch

Stay,” he pleaded. “We could make a home together.”

“Don’t you know I wish I could,” she said — folding away a dress into a small leather briefcase, the cheap hotel curtains flapping in the wind through an open window.

“But you have a tourist heart,” she goes. “Room enough for the essentials but very little else. You travel spontaneously from place to place, leaving your mark wherever you go before quickly moving on. And that’s okay.”

She finished packing her things and moved slowly towards the door.

“My time with you was beautiful,” she said. “But it wasn’t home.
—  Beau Taplin || T o u r i s t  H e a r t
The Wedding Party (Reader x Avengers)

Word Count: 1955

Summary: Someone FINALLY says “I Love You” Right before the Pepper and Tony wedding in Rome. 

A/N: It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally here. Enjoy the ending! God, I love bucky so much.

Read part one “The Bridesmaids” here

Read part two “The Groomsmen” here

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Together (Sam x Reader, angst, requested drabble)

Drabble for “Don’t you dare ever do that again!” & “Who gave you that black eye?”. Took a different angle with this than I anticipated. Was meant to be a Sam x Reader thing but took a more…prison!Sam story type turn. Also has some Sam x Reader though, of course. Mostly prison!Sam flashback stuff; wanted to fill in a few gaps there. Enjoy!! xx

Word Count: 4,627

Warnings: Violence against a minor depicted. Might be disturbing to some. Strong language, depictions of PTSD. Mentions of suicide (implied).


“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”

―Steve Maraboli

It took a while, but after fifteen years apart, the brothers Drake began to recognise something close to normality in each other’s presence.

“Sam, it’s four in the damn morning,” Nate whispers into the phone as he swings his legs over the side of the bed, feeling Elena’s arm slip from his shoulders.  

“I know,” comes Sam’s reply, but his voice sounds broken, cracked, “I…uh,” he drags a hand down his face as he stands from where he was sat on the edge of the bed, offering a quick glance over his shoulder to make sure he doesn’t disturb your sleep. He stands slowly, walks heel-to-hoe to the door, twisting the handle slowly.

“I need to talk but I—I don’t wanna wake Y/N,” he whispers, and it’s silence from the other end as Sam makes his way to the kitchen to take a seat on a stool next to the island.

“Ah,” Nate finally says, “So you wake me,” he tries to joke, but it falls flat and hits the silence that follows like a wall.

“I keep having these dreams, Nathan—” he takes a shaky breath and lowers his head; half in sorrow and half because he’s too tired to keep it up, “I keep remembering him.”

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