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Request: Hi! Can u do one where the reader is in love with Dean and one day he brings a girl to the bunker and introduces her as his girlfriend and the reader is kinda mean to her, but later on tries to move on from Dean with Crowley and Dean finds out and you decide how it ends?

Pairing: Dean x reader/Crowley x reader

Word Count: 1,900ish

Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: Oh you really shouldn’t have let me decide how to end this one…

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Father John Misty- “Real Love Baby”

“I’m a flower, you’re my bee…”

Today is bittersweet. While I’m bummed it’s the last day of Misty week, it’s also the day I bring us to the present and dive into the compelling Pure Comedy. Though lately Tillman’s been busy promoting the album, he’s still managed to pull his goofy stunts, like parodying jazz music and posting videos singing about James Comey’s firing on Twitter. 

But first, let’s listen to “Real Love Baby.”

In May 2016, Tillman releases the dreamy song on Soundcloud, with a curt “Why not” for a caption. Its mellow sweetness reflect that of Honeybear, but releasing it as a single gives “Real Love Baby” the prominence it deserves.

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why doesn't your tyrion have any faults?

((The thing is… he does? I know I may not have written much about this yet (since he’s currently got quite a bit of ships and happiness going for him) but he definitely does have them. He’s rude, cynical, and has his brash moments. His self-hatred causes problems for him. 

He’s capable of cruelty; just that he chooses not to be cruel doesn’t mean he’s not capable of it. He tends to let his mouth get him into trouble. He’s bitter, and can be jaded. Sometimes he makes jokes at moments that may not be appropriate. He’s willing to kill for those who are important to him. He is capable of holding grudges. He’s made mistakes in his life.

Again, it’s quite possible I haven’t incorporated much of this into my writing so far, but I definitely do not intend to have my Tyrion become perfect and flawless. He’s a genuinely good man, and I love him to death - but he has his negative points too, and that’s what makes him so human.))

Baby I Can See Your Halo

Request: “ Can you do a Sam x reader where Sam wants to ask reader out but reader is an angel that is close to Cas and Cas gets protective? Thanks!!!!”

Pairing: Sam x angel!Reader

Warnings: lol dude its just fluff w a teensy bit of angst

A/n: this is my first time doing anybody’s point of view besides the readers yikes, be nice pls. also I had Halo by queen Bey on repeat writing this and I’m not even sorry about the title tbh

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Sam’s POV

I walked into the kitchen, expecting to find Dean eating his usual eggs and bacon, but my heart almost did a 360 when I walked in. There was Cas and Y/N sitting there talking with Dean. I’d had a thing for Y/N for God only knows how long, and for some reason, she made me nervous. Like sweaty palms, teenage boy nervous. It might be because she’s a literal angel, but I think it was something even more than that. She was so beautiful, and smart, and funny. And almost no angels were ever funny. She really was perfect.

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Continuation of this thief!Dean AU

“This one is the last,” Castiel say handing Dean a small glass statue.

Dean pauses. “What even is this supposed to be?” he asks turning the object in his head.

Cas tilts his head, examining the art piece with squinted eyes. “An overpriced dildo?” he says.

Dean bursts into a laughter, slapping a palm over his own mouth. When he looks at Cas, his lips are upturned into a small smile and his eyes are glinting in amusement. Up close in the light of the street, Dean can fully appreciate how attractive the guy´s face is. He realizes he´s staring when one dark eyebrow raises. Awkwardly Dean clears his throat and safely tucks the statue into a box waiting in the back of the open Van. He closes the door and turns back to Cas who´s looking satisfied.

“I´ll call you in a week and we arrange selling,” he says, all humor gone. “If you try to run away with the stuff, you bet your sweet ass I will suddenly remember I know what the robber looked like and I´ll tell the police.” His voice is deep and commanding and Dean tries to ignore the fluttering in his stomach as his mind helpfully supplies other situations when Cas would use the same tone. Using bravado as a way out of everything, Dean smirks.

“You think my ass looks sweet?”

Castiel´s smirk mirrors his. “Indeed. Now get your gun and hit my head.”

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Reality **Nate Imagine**

After a long day of work,most people want to come home and relax with a nice bath. Well,your relaxation included watching reality tv. You honestly don’t know why but it was something you just did.

After work today,you came home and stripped down to almost nothing. You get settled down in the living and turn on your favorite reality show. After about 20 minutes,your boyfriend Nate walks downstairs. You loved Nate with all of your heart,but lately you guys have been arguing…alot.

“What are you watching?” Nate says pulling out a blunt.

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood."you answer fairly curt.

"Why do you watch this crap?” Nate asks,taking a heavy puff of the blunt.

“Why do you smoke that crap?"you say almost instantly taking it back.

"What’s that supposed to mean y/n?” Nate says standing up ,an act he does when he get defensive.

“Nothing Nate. Can you please drop it? I just wanna watch my show.”

“Nah y/n you always start things and then run away. Stop being a coward and face me. Have some balls,the same balls you had when you began this argument.”

“Whatever I’m done fighting with you,and at this point I’m DONE fighting for us. Honestly,there’s nothing left to fight for. I. AM. TIRED.”

You begin to walk upstairs,but Nate grabs ahold of your arm.

“Nate let me go.” You say calmly,worn out from all of the arguing.

“No. Ma you promised you wouldn’t leave me. Please don’t walk out on me,especially when I need you the most. Babygirl just please.”

“Nate I’m not leaving. When we first got together I promised you,and I’m going to keep that promise. I just really need to calm down right now,but don’t ever think that I don’t love you. I swore to love all of you.”

“Even my flaws?” Nate questioned.

“Especially your flaws. It’s the reality of love.”

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I'm sure your inbox is full with questions asking how you lost all your weight, but I am curious as to why. Im not trying to be curt. Just wondering.

Why I lost all the weight, you mean? It’s time for Honesty Hour With Ally.

Back in high school, as many of you are unfortunately aware, kids were mean (and still are). They made me believe that because I wasn’t a smaller size, I wasn’t good enough to have friends. So I started eating right and exercising (lots and lots of swimming) so that I could fit in.

After losing about 60 lbs., people started treating me differently. At first, I thought it was great. And then I actually got really sad as I continued because I realized the decision to “better myself” wasn’t really made based on what I wanted, but on what others wanted. So I decided I’d continue eating right and exercising (because I really did, and still do, enjoy it), but because I wanted to and that if I ever wanted to stop because I was tired of it, I would.

And I’ve kept my promise to myself. For the most part, I am always sure to work out and eat right. But I don’t deny myself delicious-ass food. If I want to spend a week eating things that are said to be “unhealthy”, I’m going to. If I want to spend the following week eating nothing but fruits and veggies, then I’m going to do that, as well.

I wish I could say I started this journey because I wanted to, but that’s not the case. However, if and when I end this journey, you better believe the decision to end it is mine.