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Makai Ouji Cursors For Your Blog!

Chibi William

Chibi Camio

Chibi Dantalion

Chibi Kevin/Uriel

Chibi Sytry

Chibi Michael

Hey everyone! So earlier I made some Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! cursors and it seemd that a lot of people liked them. So I decided to make some for us Makai Ouji fans! I have instructions here and here. If you’re interested in the Boueibu cursors, the link for the defense club is here and the link for the conquest club is here. If you guys have any questions I will do my best to give you as much help as possible! If you guys have any other suggestions let me know. Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy!


Does anyone know how to make these appear in an actually good resolution?? Or at least just keep the pictures at their initial size? ‘Cos I sure as Hell have no idea how to do that. So for now you gotta work to actually see the pictures in a good format and click on ‘em. :~

But anyways, I actually followed through with what I said on my Helbram cursor post and made more Sin cursors. And this one, if ya couldn’t tell, is Ban, the Fox’s Sin of Greed! I made Ban, in order of his outfit in the pictures, in his first outfit, first outfit with a fox tail, second outfit, and second outfit with a fox tail. 

And again, if you want to use any of these cursors please just credit me for it somewhere on your blog, and please like and/or reblog this post :P

G3 My Little Pony cursors!

And here is Part II of my MLP cursor series! You can view the G1 post here:

If you have any difficulties in installing / using these, please let me know! I will try to sort things out.

Copy-pasted from the G1 cursor post:

These sweethearts are all transparent and super easy to install!

No credit required; please upload to your own photo host instead of linking from my blog.

The following (awesome) tutorial explains how to make and install custom cursors:

Have fun! ♥

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Cursors For Your Blog!

Chibi Hakone Yumoto Cursor 

Lovracelet Hakone Yumoto Cursor

Chibi En Yufuin Cursor

Lovracelet En Yufuin Cursor

Chibi Ryuu Zao Cursor

Lovracelet Ryuu Zao Cursor

Chibi Io Naruko Cursor

Lovracelet Io Naruko Cursor

Feel free to use my cursors! I’ll post the conquest club in another post. Credit is appreciated but not necessary. If you guys have any requests I’ll take them! 

Do you want cursors?

hey so i know im not that popular on tumblr  

but if you have any requests… i would love to make you one, or two or as many as you want^^ just talk to me if you want to have one like these:

you can give me a link to a pic ( it doesn’t have to be bts, doesn’t even need to be a kpop idol) and tell me which part of it you want as a cursor and in what size like small/medium/pretty large ^^

it’s also very easy to add them to your blog if you’re interested i’ll tell u then~ and if you like one of the cursors i posted here , feel free to use them:) but if u already now how to add them and u wanna use one of these cursors pls like or reblog this post

when you hover your cursor over the tumblr logo it shows various rainbow animations and thats probably the best update they’ve put out for a really long time

kaecrown  asked:

OMG THE CURSOR THINGY IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING!!!! ITS BEAUTIFUL! how did you do it? i won't steal your idea, i promise, but i do really wanna know xx

oh fuck i dont even rmr i did it like 3 months ago im sorry!!! but there’s a link down in the left corner of my blog (on desktop) that says ‘tumblr cursors’ so try clicking on that !! x

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Conquest Club Cursors!

Chibi Akoya Gero Cursor

Chibi Kinshiro Kusatsu Cursor

Chibi Ibushi Arima Cursor

As promised, I have finally gotten my computer to work again, and now I have posted the conquest club! Instructions on how to post this on your blog is posted here and the (updated) defense club post is here! I hope you guys enjoy your new cursors! Once again, feel free to use them, credit is appreciated but not necessary! If you guys have specific requests, let me know! <3
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  • Pearl Jam
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Demi
  • Panic! at the disco
  • the Beathes
  • Pokebola
  • Mustache
  • PlayBoy
  • Violão
  • Horas de aventura
  • Cigarro
  • Nirvana
  • Slesh
  • coroa keep calm (BRANCA)
  • Mão mickey
  • Harry Potter
  • Fada
  • Glee
  • Pretty little liars
  • Niall 1D
  • Caveira Branca
  • Deathstars
  • Caveira Foda
  • Infinito duplo
  • Câmera
  • Justin biber
  • Batman
  • Foo Fighters
  • Cruz
  • Ying Yang
  • Metallica
  • Foo fight
  • Vans
  • Chapel do mario
  • Caveira
  • Scorpions
  • Slipknot
  • Evanescence
  • Blink 182
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Paramore
  • Guns n’ Roses
  • Cone crew
  • Coroa Keep calm (PRETO)
  • There Days Grace.
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Âncora
  • Avenged Sevenfold