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Cursor Tutorial 2.0

Since the last one has become glitchy, I created this updated version that is much more useful.

First put this code under the body in your css, make sure to replace the fake quotes!

cursor:url(‘’), auto !important;

now put a cursor image in between the replaced quotes

you can also put in this code under a:hover and replace the image if you want a hovering cursor image as well!

kazumianddeadbirds-deactivated2  asked:

where is the <style type="text/css"> and what color is it? I can't find it...

It’s normally under all the “<meta” stuff, but I’ll post pictures to show you ^-^

First go to edit your theme and click Edit HTML

Then you can either paste the code at the top here 

or hit the little gear and click find and replace 
Then type  <style type=“text/css”> and it will locate that text for you so you can paste the code a bit below it

I hope this helps! 

Grey Furby Cursor

<style type=”text/css”>
body, a {cursor: url(‘’), auto;}
a:hover {cursor: url(‘’), auto;}

Put that code just under the <head> tag in your blogs layout. You’ll need to retype the ’ marks, it won’t work until the url turns green in the code.

Sprites from dancing furby. Feel free to use, just link back to me if anyone asks where you got it :)

Custom Cursor Code

A code to make any small image (with or without a transparent background) a customized cursor.


<style> body, a, a:hover { cursor:url(’URL of your image HERE’), auto }</style>


copy and paste this code to the bottom of your theme’s HTML code and replace the bolded text with the direct URL of the image of your choice

Cursor image examples:

*none of these are made by me*

Guild Pride Cursors

The code and steps to upload these to your tumblr theme are below.

Copy and paste this code:

</script> <style> body, a, a:hover {cursor:url(IMAGE URL HERE), auto }</style>

1) Open your customize page in a new tab (
2) Click “Edit HTML”
3) Paste the code above at the very top of your HTML (like shown)

4) Choose one of the above images and copy its url (right click the cursor, and select “copy image address”)
5) Paste the url where it says “IMG URL HERE” in parentheses
6) Click “Update Preview”
7) If you like the cursor then click “Save”

And voila you’ve got yourself an awesome new Fairy Tail cursor!

The Pride Colored Themed Cursors are below the read more…ENJOY! Please provide credit when in use :D

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happy valentines day! i edited some pixels from feastings’s blog and made them courtney and shelly u v u theyre free to use but id greatly appreciate any sort of credit- if you want to use the 1st one as cursor just plop the code below into your description! 

<style> body, a, a:hover { cursor:url(‘’), auto }</style>

I just made these little cursors, feel free to use them on your blog!

Just paste the following code (replace “cursor url goes here” with the url of the image you want) directly under the </head> tag in your blogs coding:

<style> body, a, a:hover { cursor:url(cursor url goes here), auto }</style>

If you want me to make a specific variety of rat cursor, just ask and I’ll get around to it when I can!

foster the people torches cursor! 0u0

hi!(: i made myself a cursor based off one of the torches from the album cover by foster the people. it looks like this:

free-drew in photoshop, 32x32 px canvas

anyway, here’s the code:

<style> body, a, a:hover{ cursor:url(''), auto } </style>

it can go in either your description box or at the top in the ’Edit HTML’ tab when you go to customize your page. i’m not expert so i’m going to leave you to where you put the code, but i just put it right there at the beginning.

if you’re daring you can put the code in both places. it doesn’t change anything. extra security and all that. 

from there, just click Update Preview and Save on your customize page and you should be set! :)

now wave around your magical torch around your glamorous blog; have fun with it XD

~ visit & maybe follow my foster the people blog, it’s what motivated me to do all this.

thanks! x