This is the main witch in my story. There is one other witch as well that witch being her daughter. Marionette was the last witch in existence due to all the other witches dying in battle. She swore revenge on all the villagers for killing her kind. She can put curses on people and turn them into her puppets basically. That’s kinda how she gets her name too. See Marionette is another word for puppet and since she’s a spider I thought that the strings from spider webs could be a metaphor for puppet stings. Everyone she curses becomes known as Curslings. ( Curse + Spiderling = Curslings ) There isn’t a way to change them back. At least not yet. The four warriors in the story have to kill the Curslings and take their souls. In a way you can’t blame Marionette for doing what she does. You would be upset with the villagers too if you were born into the world only to find out that all the other witches were killed and having no one to talk to expect for the spiders that crawl around in the underground cave that she lives in. But what she’s doing is still wrong and the four warriors hope to stop her once and for all some day.

April: Oh… oooh I don’t like spiders! She makes me feel a little uncomfortable!

But I suppose as she is a witch, that’s what you were going for right?