I dare you to write a letter to one (or both) of the following people: the last person that hurt you and/or the last person who made your day

If this is too difficult to do for yourself, turn it into a challenge for one of your characters. Whether or not you send, keep, or destroy the letter is up to you.

If you can, be creative in some way. Find new and specific words for your feelings, trying writing in a style you normally wouldn’t, write in third person, or even find ways to decorate the paper. Try your hand at cursive or stylize the linework in the writing. Express what you can in any and every way you know how.

If you will be writing as a character, decide if you want the character to be going through the same situation and feelings, the same feelings and a different situation, or something completely different on both counts. This can be just as cathartic as writing for and as yourself (as we writers all know). 

Think outside the box! If you’re brave enough to post, don’t forget to tag I dare you to write and indicate whether or not concrit is welcome.

anonymous asked:

Sorry to ask this but I'm so confused! When people talk about writing cursive do they just mean writing with the letters joined up? Because to me that's really strange as I haven't written each letter separately since I was about 6? And doesn't writing each letter individually slow you down as well when writing essays?? (Sorry there are so many questions there 😂)

hello! yes, cursive is a type of handwriting that has all letters connected. they used to teach it in elementary schools after everyone learned how to write each letter individually, but i think that stopped (which is crazy to me. cursive helps further develop your brain and handwriting skills.) 

it’s definitely faster to use if it works for you! but, i know some people that just cannot do cursive, so writing each letter separately is faster for them. 

on a side note, i feel like almost everyone can do a hybrid of cursive and normal type right now, because that’s how i write and how a lot of the people i know write. you just figure out which letters make sense connected together and which ones don’t. 


 how to improve your cursive //   [sub here]

i hope you guys enjoy, my cursive has improved ten folds over the past 3 months, and due to these tips it’s gotten way better. i’m still practicing but these tips really helps for me, i hope it does for you too