Google Translate experiment

I wanted to see the differences between languages, so I thought i’d try an experiment. I typed a phrase into google translate and translated it into a different language, then copied and pasted that phrase and translated the new phrase into another language. I have added a few english translations in between to see how it has changed, but I didn’t use the english for the following translations.

 English: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Yiddish: אַוועק מאכט די האַרץ וואַקסן פאַנדער.

Icelandic: Skortur gerir hjarta vaxa sjóðnum.

English: The absence makes the heart grow fund.

Malay:Ketiadaan menjadikan hati tumbuh dana.

Hmong:Qhaj ntawv ua lub siab loj hlob nyiaj.

English: Absence makes the heart grow.


Swedish: Frånvaro gör hjärtat växa.

Vietnamese: Trường hợp không làm cho trung tâm phát triển.

English: Where not make development center.

Russian:Где не сделать центр разработки. 

Welch:Lle beidio â gwneud y ganolfan o ddatblygiad.

English: Where not to the center of development.

It may just be that google translate sucks, but I somehow got from “absence makes the heart grow fonder” to “where not to the center of development.”