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Percy Jackson accidentally looked while a god assume their true godly form but he doesn’t disintegrate because he’s just too fucking over powered…

dear white people, straight people, men, and trump supporters:

If Hillary won, your lives would not be all that different. You’d curse the TV a little bit, eat some breakfast, and go on with your day. It would not effect you at all. Minorities would not be in jeopardy, fearing for their lives, and it would have no effect on you in any way.

But no. You elected a racist, abusive, fear-monger whose running mate supports conversion therapy, who refused to condemn the KKK, who has literally admitted to sexually abusing women. He has stirred up the hatred and legitimized the racism and rage of the frustrated, the down and out, the ugly. And he has POC, LGBT, Muslim, female, disabled, Latinx, Jewish, and immigrant Americans fearing for their lives.

Because we woke up today and when we heard the news, we started crying. We started texting our children to warn them against wearing hijabs, so they wouldn’t be victims of the hate crimes this country has suddenly decided are justified and not evil. We started comforting our little siblings telling them we don’t know if we’ll be deported but everything will be okay, knowing full well that it won’t be. We have listened to our grandparents shake their heads and murmur about how familiar this situation looks. We are being told, you are officially not welcome in your own country. Your black lives don’t matter, your gay love doesn’t win - you’re not safe and the government is actively the cause of this.

In another world we could all have gone back to living. But today half the country is gloating and the other half is terrified.

Sunday, January 08, 2017 Canadian TV Listings (Times Eastern)


(CBC) 12:00pm: Grand Slam of Curling: Canadian Open - Men’s Final
(SN) 4:00pm: Grand Slam of Curling: Canadian Open - Women’s Final

(SN360) 5:00pm: Lightning at Penguins
(SN) 7:00pm: Oilers at Sens

NBA BASKETBALL (SN1) 5:00pm: Rockets at Raptors

EXHIBITIONISTS (CBC) 4:30pm: A recap of powerful stories from 2016; advice for 2017 from artist Ai Weiwei.

JUST FOR LAUGHS (CBC) 9:00pm: Professional Fly/Dinosaur philosopher/Alien-related ned Jeff Goldblum brings his charisma to the Just For Laughs stage. Featuring Godfrey, Russell Howard, Patrick Haye, Darrin Rose, Elon Gold, and Lynn Koplitz.

FULL CIRCLE (SUPER CHANNEL 03) 9:30pm: The truth about the scandal is uncovered as results from the Democratic Primary roll in.

THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND (HISTORY CANADA) 10:00pm: Rick and Marty find important evidence linking an 18th-century American slave to the Oak Island mystery.

THE PASSIONATE EYE (CBC NEWS) 10:00pm: Saudi Arabia Uncovered


(Accidentally) cursing on live TV…

“18 Years” [shib(p)al nyeon] almost sounds like “f#cking b#tch”


TV MEME: [1/5 Villains] → Morgana Pendragon (Merlin)

You don’t know what it’s like to be an outsider. To be ashamed of how you were born, to have to hide who you are. Do you think I deserve to be executed because of who I am?

Silent Witness has run for 20 seasons (and is still going). The specific combination of characters that I want to watch were on the show for 10 of those seasons. How is it that I’ve managed to watch every single one of those 48 movie-length episodes so many times that even I can’t quite justify rewatching them?

This is irritating. I’m going to have to lower my standards to “I remember whodunnit, but at least I don’t remember exactly how or what evidence led to them being caught” if I want to find something to watch.