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Lucifer's Tom Welling on Going From 'Boring' Pierce to World's First Murderer
Make no mistake, Tom Welling knew exactly what he was getting into when he signed on for Season 3 of Fox’s Lucifer, where it took a full 10 episodes to reveal his seemingly humdrum character&…
By Matt Webb Mitovich

“I’m glad that we surprised some people,” Welling tells TVLine of the midseason twist in which we and Lucifer learned that Marcus Pierce was no mere, albeit esteemed LAPD lieutenant, but no less than Cain aka The World’s First Murderer. “We like to surprise people.”

Welling is aware that viewers were growing a bit impatient with Pierce if they had formed any impression of him at all. But that was by design. “My first conversation with [co-showrunner] Joe Henderson was about an hour long, where he walked me through the entire season,” the actor recalls. “He was like, ‘Listen, he’s going to sound really boring at the beginning, but let me tell you where he’s going to go….’ Which is fun.”

That slow burn, Welling says, “is one of the reasons why at the beginning of the season that Pierce kind of came off as hard-assed, but people were also like, ‘Who is this guy? What’s going on?’ We kind of wanted to maintain that.” And looking ahead, with the storyline picking back up this Monday, Jan. 23 at 8/7c, “We’ve still got a few surprises for the rest of the season coming up,” he promises.

To portray Lucifer’s iteration of the biblical Cain, “I brushed up on his story a little, to try to get into the mind of the character, what his motivations are and his take on what happened with Abel, because we’re taking some liberties here,” Welling says. “I was trying to understand a guy who killed his brother and doesn’t feel like he did the wrong thing. I kinda had to search for that a bit!”

As series lead Tom Ellis himself previewed in the immediate wake of the reveal, Lucifer will form an “odd bromance” with Pierce/Cain as the men ally to kill two birds with one stone. “Lucifer’s goal is to get back at his dad and get rid of his wings, and Cain’s biggest desire is to die,” Ellis told TVLine. And to that end, “Lucifer decides he’s going to help [Cain] do that and defy his father by lifting the curse somehow.

Adds Welling, “Yeah, we’ve got some episodes coming up that really highlight that whole experience between Pierce and Lucifer, because they become ‘partners in crime,’ so to speak.”

‘BabyGirl’ Part 1- Serpent!Jughead x Reader

For an anon request ☺️ I twisted this request around quite a bit Im sorry. This is a little less angsty (with mentions of an argument) and a little tiny hint of smut and los of teasing. I do hope that this is all okay for you. 

WARNINGS: Hint of smuttiness and teasing - swearing (Slight mention of a daddy kink)   MASTERLIST  Part 2

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

You waltzed into the bar that night. You and Jughead had, had an argument that morning about how you were his and his alone. How you would never show that you were his and it frustrated him. This all came from one incident last week when some young serpent at school decided to press you up against your locker in the way Jughead did and try and have his way with your lips. What Jughead hadn’t seen as he had pulled the twit away by his neck was that you were very ready to knee him heavily in the groin. You wore his jacket around your shoulders tonight and a constant smirk. You were used to arguing with him. You knew how this would play out.

It wasn’t long after you had downed one shot that you felt his hands on your waist, tight and demanding. Just how you liked it.

Jughead had changed since becoming a serpent. He was more confident and more at home and my god did you love it. Betty gaddamn cooper had left after she found out but you were always there and that’s what put you here, in this bar again but with his jacket  - not your own, and his lips inching evidently towards your ear,

“And what do you think you are doing wearing this?” His grip tightened on your waist before trailing down your hips to thumb and the very very short skirt. His body was pressed up against yours keeping you facing the bar,

“I’m being adventurous” you purred. You knew exactly what to do with him, “I thought you would want people to know I’m yours.” You turned your head to look at him still not able to turn around fully and pretending he wasn’t on about your skirt.

“Don’t play with me, baby girl. And there are more ways of showing you’re mine.” He almost growled the last word as his darkened eyes locked with yours before his lips planted themselves firmly on your neck, sucking and biting quickly and leaving a deep purple mark.

“Juggle! We’re in public”

“And you still decide that something so short is appropriate. Therefore I think this is appropriate.” His lips connected to your neck again and you sighed in content that you had gotten what you wanted - his full attention.

“Juggie, babe, come play pool with me?” You asked doe eyed as he looked down at you,

“Not tonight. Not while you are wearing that. Flaunting your ass to the whole bar? Not on baby girl. That ass is mine” he squeezed your behind firmly then placed a light smack on it.

“Oh I just remembered” you said sarcastically as you finally managed to turn in his arms, “I can do what I want” you smirked and pushed away from him, joining some of the guys in a game of pool.

You liked teasing Jughead for one reason - he would finally release his full dark side, he was dominant and possessive and you loved it on nights like this. You made a point of laughing a little louder and sweeter, and you certainly made a point of bending over the table a little in his direction, either squeezing your chest or allowing your skirt to ride up even more. The guys knew you were Juggies. Damn, every one knew you belonged to Jughead and with him being the leaders son, they didn’t touch you. They knew better than that. The third time you bent over you felt someone’s hips press up against you, their hands on your waist again and a hint of excitement in their pants. With his firm grip and large hands, Jughead managed to pull you up so you were standing flush against him once again and with a single nod, the guys you were playing pool with had left, heading for the bar.

“You need to cut this out, Darlin’. Now.”

“And why the hell should I. We’re having a lovely game here aren’t we boys” you shouted to them and smirked at how they were a little to scared to answer. Jughead had managed to establish quite the reputation for dealing with people who tried to deal with his woman.

“Now you are playing dangerously.”

“And when have you ever known me to be tame?” You teased back wiggling yourself against him. With a firm tug and a grip that would surely leave a mark - that you were sure he would add to later, he pulled you tighter against him and moved to wrap his arm around your waist pulling you away from the table and towards the back door.

As soon as he got you out into the abandoned alleyway you were up against the wall, “how dare you be like that in there” he demanded, “blatantly flaunting yourself like that like you were everyone’s to fuck and see! That’s not how this works (y/n).” You refused to give in and simply leaned closer.

“Yeah? And what are you going to do, Jughead?”

His lips found yours ferociously, his tongue winning immediate dominance, before he detached your lips and moved downwards. Down your neck and pulling his jacket away from your shoulders so he could reach your very exposed chest. The cold air had chilled you but you felt two warm hands slipping up your skirt almost ripping it with how tight it already was,

“Don’t wear shit like this unless you want shit like this to happen, baby girl” you sighed and smirked but he had caught you. “you did this on purpose, didn’t you. You wanted people to see you, you wanted me to do all the hard work with you didn’t you”

You hummed against his lips as you pulled him closer, “yes daddy.”

“Fucking hell, baby girl” he retracted his hands from your skirt quickly and grabbed your wrist harshly as you continued to smirk. His dads trailer wasn’t too far away so, ignoring the fact you were wearing heels, he pulled you to it. Throwing open the door and pushing you in before him he closed and locked the door. Immediately his face was close to yours again,

“You wanted me to get like that hmm? Lose control with you? Expose you fully, didn’t you?” His voice was so low it was almost a growl, here he was. The darkness. You nodded refusing to speak and break the smile on your face, “fine then” he pushed you into the bedroom and you went to lay on the bed but he tutted, “na ah, not yet baby girl.” Kicking off his shoes and socks he laid out on the bed, his hands behind his head as he watched you, eyeing you up with care. “You wanted to be exposed so badly, then strip for me, baby girl.”

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lol I was in a Best Buy and there was a sign for curved TVs but because my eyes were created by the devil I read it as “cursed TVs” and my immediate heart-jump reaction was OH FUCK YEAH HOW MUCH FOR A CURSED TV

‘Baby Girl’ Part 2 - Serpent!Jughead x Reader

As much requested by so many of you a really bad but very very smutty jughead Fic!! I do hope that this is okay for all of you guys 

Warnings- Very smutty, daddy kink, praise, roughness, NSFW gif, swearing.

Masterlist    Part 1

Originally posted by elizabethccoper

“Strip for me, baby girl" 

You eyed him teasingly as he smirked up at you, "did I stutter?” he asked and your hands immediately went to the lapels of his jacket that you were still wearing, pushing it slowly down your shoulders tantalisingly, returning his smirk as you did so.  A low warning growl came from Jugheads throat, almost warning you not to tease but you ignored it, watching carefully as you saw his arousal growing. Your fingers moved slowly across the hem of your top and curled under it, shimming your hips lightly as you removed it I one go revealing your serpent green lace bra. You barely registered Jughead getting up before you were pressed against the bedroom wall, “Don’t tease me now, baby girl. I said strip, not play around, do you need daddy to teach you the difference?” You crashed your lips to his and he gave in for a moment, as your tounge flicked across his lip he pulled away, making you moan, his lips all smudged from your lipstick, and you swear it’s the hottest thing you’ve ever seen. “No, I m not doing the work tonight. You are.” He pushed your skirt firmly up, bunching it at your hips reviling you had no panties on. He ran his fingers over your heat slowly a few times and pulls them back, grinning and biting his lip. “Naughty girl, how dare you walk around flaunting yourself in public like this, trying to get me to do your bidding again.“ he growled in your ear and slapped your arse firmly. "Now get this skirt off, now. ” You didn’t hesitate that time as he towered over you, you knew what was coming and it made you wetter than ever.
With his hands firmly on your shoulders and pushing you down. You giggled as you unbuttoned his pants, him removing his shirt as you did, and slid them down his thighs. You peppered kisses all the way from his bellybutton, leaving small bruises on his tender spots, loving the feeling of him running his hands through your hair, to the band of his boxers while rubbing him through his boxers.
You pulled his boxers down and his dick sprang up and hit his toned stomach. You looked at him hungrily as you licked a bold line up his shaft to his tip where you took it into your mouth and sucked lightly. Jughead grabbed your hair into a ponytail and pushed you down onto his erection keeping you there for a moment and watching you look up through your dark eyelashes at him. You were gasping for air as you pulled away but you went right back to his dick and started to swirl your tongue around the tip. When he started to let out a groan, you stopped and took your mouth away and continued to jerk him off with your hand slowly, teasing him again dangerously. Using your hair and pulling it lightly you stood up, his arms going to your waist and picking you up, making you squeal when he attacked your neck with kisses, “Why the fuck are you so irresistible?” he murmured into your ear before he threw you onto the bed, his hands running up and down your body hungrily as he kissed you feverishly. His mouth delved between your legs causing you to cry out and your legs tense throwing your hands into his hair and crying out as his tongue lapped at your wetness, “Shit baby girl, look what daddy did to you,” he teased you, his hands wrapping around your thighs and pulled you into his face. Using his tongue alone he made you squirm but his grip was bruising but you loved the pressure as he held you still.
“Fuck, Jug, I’m close.” You panted and you barely finished your sentence before you felt an emptiness where his warm mouth was. You started to whine as you opened your eyes to see Juggie, mouth glistening with your juices as he crawled up your body, fully exposed and on top of you.
“I want you to come around my cock tonight, baby girl,” Jughead said in his dark tone, his eyes blown wide with utter lust as he pushed his large member into your cunt. Your mouth fell open as you cried out, his giving you no time to adjust. He started out moving slow and as your moans got louder, begging him to faster as his grip on your waist tightened, his volume matching yours. He started to slam into you and you swore you could see stars. You could tell he was also feeling the same intense pleasure as his eyebrows were scrunched and he had a look of concentration on his face. He pulled out momentarily, laying on his back and pulling you on top of him quickly sliding you back onto his dick. He watched with lust as you moved up and down slowly a few times, rolling your hips as you balanced yourself with your hands on his abs.
"Fuck baby girl,” he groaned as he let you have full control for once. His hands went to cup your tits as you moved quicker, your core pulsing as you got closer to coming,
“Fuck Juggie”
“nah ah baby girl, what do you call me?” he strained, his hands slipping to your waist as he pulled you down harder
“Come for me baby, shit.” He mumbled, sitting up and pulling you into him, and his words sent you over the edge. An intense feeling of pleasure took over and your orgasm pulsed through your whole body.
You stayed still a moment before he lifted your tired body from him and laid you beside him allowing you to curl into him.
“So much for me doing all the work, Jughead” you smirked as he got up to get a cloth and threw you his shirt,
“You need to watch what you’re saying.” He tried to be controlling again but failed as you heard the smile in his voice. He cleaned you up and, after replacing his boxer shorts, laid beside you again as you turned to look at him, he was already staring at you. “Why are you so irresistible?” he asked again, his fingers pulling through your hair softly. You smiled up at him,
“Why are you so damn good in bed?” he smiled as you rolled on top of him again, kissing his throat softly feeling the vibrations as he chuckled,
“Damn baby, so good for me.”

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Imagine watching your boyfriend Tom talking about you in an interview (Tom Holland x Fem!Reader)

warning: fluffy!! fluff fluff fluff, language

word count: 869

a/n: here’s a cute little imagine I wrote for u guys, i hope u guys like it xx Also, I’m trying something new with this so I’m so excited for u guys to read it!!

You opened your laptop, hoping to find some type of cure for your boredom. Tom’s only been gone for a week and you already missed him terribly. I mean, it’s kind of natural for you to want your boyfriend with you at all times. Or most of the time. Right?

You sighed, opening up YouTube and immediately letting out a little laugh as one of Tom’s interviews popped up in your recommendations. It was titled ‘Tom Holland talks relationships, romance, and more!’ Your eyebrows quirked up as you read it, curiosity getting the better of you as you clicked on it. As the video loaded, you briefly read the description and saw that it was pretty recent, only uploaded two days ago. A thirty-second ad popped up, causing you to roll your eyes in impatience.

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TV Show Feels!

I both hate and love when a tv show can elicit a strong emotional response from me because if I’m crying for these characters, you know the writers did something right and I love them, but at the same time, I’m crying over something that was just words on paper at one point and I can’t handle it and am sitting there like a crazy person with tears running down my face so I hate it.. Like I came out here to have a good time and am honestly feeling so attacked right now.