curses curses

I really, really want to read the Cursed Child. It seems so interesting and looks at the characters in a new way. But, I’m scared to read it because all of my friends say it’s horrible and make fun of me for wanting to read it. I was sort of forced to post a “hate” confession here about not accepting it as canon just so they would leave me alone about it, and I haven’t even read it yet! I love my friends, but sometimes they take their loyalty to the fandom too far!

tales from the bug report forums

the funniest stories I have from flight rising is the one time I went into the bug forums. I’m an IT specialist and I’m good at this kind of shit, so I thought I might help someone. Someone said that their ads weren’t displaying correctly, and they didn’t want to be banned for using an adblocker when they weren’t. So I told them to check in inspect element (because they sounded twelve) and how to see if it was blocked client side, or if it was a problem on FRs part. Well, they sent me a message saying ‘I’m going to report you for HACKING! no way am I going to hack the website!’ and I got blocked

the next one was when someone told me that a proxy is against the rules. When all it does is mask your IP. Hoe, I could be using fucking Tor browser (which I do sometimes, but not for illegal things. I don’t trust big corporations) and I don’t mind the longer load times. Tor is good for privacy, as I am big on that. 

short one of someone who told me you can’t put malware/spyware into an ad that makes it onto the site because 'no one would do that!!’

the third was when someone asked about their Hard Drive that wasn’t working, so I told them to take it to a professional, and they sent me a picture of it open and said 'you’re the professional, what do I do now?’ I nearly shit myself. A 3tb drive, just sitting open on their CARPET. Holy. Shit. Who lets these people have computers? 

The last one was someone who told me using Linux was against the TOS, and that Ubuntu could be used to exploit Fr. As in, my Distro was going to give me a competetive edge over other users, or duplicate items. Um. No? It just runs a million times better than windows, and gives me more freedom? 

this was when I stopped going into the bug report forums. wew lads.