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How that “due date” talk should’ve gone

Dean: So when’s the nephilim gonna be born?

Sam: Around the middle of May. That’s when the worst stuff happens every year, like the time you, me, and Dad almost died in a demonic wreck.

Dean: Oh yeah…remember when all the demons got loose from Hell?

Sam: It was also the middle of May when Hellhounds dragged you off.

Dean: Hell’s so much less scary now, though, isn’t it?

Sam: It sure is. But not back when I inadvertently freed Lucifer in the middle of May.

Dean: We plopped you, and Lucifer and Michael into the cage in mid-May, too.

Sam: You and Cas got sucked into Purgatory around mid-May, too.

Dean: And you were gonna finish the Hell trials in mid-May, but I stopped ya.

Sam: Then all the angels fell because of that a-hole Metatron.

Dean: Right…right.. It wasn’t mid-May when I died and woke up a demon, though.

Sam: True, but it was just after, so I think it counts. Same thing with killing Death and unleashing the Darkness.

Dean: Should we count the Chuck and Amara thing? That was the end of May, as I recall.

Sam: Yeah, but the big fight was really the week before—so, mid-May, again.

Castiel: *suddenly appears* Hey, what month did I turn into a sack of Leviathan goo?

Sam: That was, May, too!

Dean: *meaningful pained glances*

listen…..modern au where fantine has a v lorelai-rory relationship with cosette AND cosette’s lesbian gf eponine. fantine knows eponine comes from a rough family so she tries her very best to shower her with all the love and protection she’s never received at home

Draco and Scorpius: Thoughts on Them.

I have it in my mind that when it was time for his son to start school at Hogwarts, Draco was deeply worried and for good reason. Growing up Draco had to live to certain standards including to believe that only purebloods should be allowed into Hogwarts, use magic, etc. Not only did Draco try to live up to his what his Father had instilled in him he also had to keep it up. I’m sure after starting school he learned that everything he was brought up to believe was wrong but a few years later it was too late. They expected him to get the Dark Mark. After all the events Draco married his wife Astoria. They get married even thought Draco’s Father disapproved. 

By this time Draco doesn’t give a shit what his Father thinks. Happy ith his life, learning to work on redemption along with getting a job knowing all the whispers behind his back all he did was walk with pride knowing that the words couldn’t hurt him. 

Enter Scorpius. 

With the birth of his son, Draco is the happiest he’s ever been. They hid away to raise him away from the hateful looks, glared and the gossip. Teaching Scorpius everything he could about how to be kind to others, how to be himself, to not judge anything, and also having to tell him about his past. 

When it’s time for Scorpius to go to Hogwarts it’s harder to let him go. All Draco wants to do is keep him safe but knows he has to let him grown. Even though it’s a shock that Scorpius made friend with Albus Potter, Draco accepts the friendship no problem and even comes to talk to Harry when his son comes to him in tears. 

People say that Draco can’t be redeemed because of his past but reading the books we can see he clearly struggles with what he’s forced to do by his parents. Seeing how much they have a hold on him it a horrible reminded that some kids are raised from the start. 

Paranoia, Anxiety, fear and clear abuse were evidently with Draco but he’ll be damned if he ever let his son suffer the same and therefore becomes that Father he never had all while keeping Scorpius far from Lucious. 

So these photos below, I believe while Draco just wanted his Father’s love and also feared him, I see where as he’s standing behind Scorpius ready to offer support and also to comfort as Scorpius has social anxiety because everyone believes him nothing more than the son of The Dark Lord. 

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fishmob is cursed in the best way and i thank you for creating him

thank you and pls remember me at the fish head apocalypse

I am so tired of the virtue signalling

Every time I go to the forums, someone has to bring up how something could possibly be construed as sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic. I am so tired of it. 

I am a trans person with a ton of unpopular (read: Tumblr doesn’t agree) opinions. Lay into me, but I believe there are two genders, you’re either straight bi gay or ace, things like that. I had someone go to my inbox (who I had never had an interaction with) and they told me all my dragons were cis and that was transphobic. I hadn’t even been on the site for months, and I don’t do lore. Not even in my clan bio. The worst is, I deleted lore of a dragon I bought off the AH (because they were ‘demisexual womanalterous’; whatever the hell that meme means) and they told me I was a piece of shit who was oppressing them. Not everything is a fucking microaggression (and I hate that word; its a paradox in itself).

I’ve struggled with my identity and my mental issues for a long time. And here are people using them as excuses to ‘PLS NO BULLY I’M AUTISTIC!!’ instead of using it to better themselves. Most people don’t know I am, I don’t tell them. I am medically diagnosed, I didn’t just decide I like the title. So feel free to be tumblr and tell me I’m a scummy person, but this needs to stop. Dragons being male or female isn’t an affront to your identity. Stop bullying people you know nothing about. 

It’s taken me ten years to come to terms with who I am, and I know I’ll never be normal. but y'all take identity politics way too far sometimes.