Curses game plan prior to the match against CLG

voyboy: “Okay listen up folks, we need to make a good plan to be able to take this game against CLG!”
“As we all know, doublelift is by far the best adc in all of NA.”
cop: “Well I kind of feel like-”
quas: “Stfu cop!”
xpecial: “Better than Wildturtle atleast ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
voyboy: “So does anyone have an idea as to how we will deal with doublelift?”
IWILLDominate: “2v1 lanes?”
cop: “I could outplay him with cor-”
quas: “Can you just stfu cop pls.”
xpecial: “I wonder… what is better than an adc?”
voyboy: “Wait… I GOT IT!!! Guys, the answer is: two adcs.”

2 adcs > 1 adc

you really are trash doublelift

#LCS Day 1

Day 1 of #LCS has come to a conclusion and to say the least I am very happy with the outcomes, of course my favorite team in the league being curse they have made it through with a 2-0 in there bracket. Voyboy is my favorite player on the team and did huge things for the team in the second game playing his legendary Elise. He ended up dominating the game with a early misplay by the enemy top laner who was playing Zed, attempted to all in him at level 4 or 5 I believe and just didn’t have what it took to take down Voy. The build he chose to use on elise was starting off flask pot wards I believe and then into a quick sunfire cape, then haunting guise. I see voyboy doing this a lot on this AP tops such as kat/elise. I feel he goes for this setup because it gives him a great split pushing advantage and being able to withstain a lot of early game damage coming from enemy players with the amount of armor + health that sunfire gives you against bruiser tops. I can’t wait to see what Day 2 will bring and look foward to everyone playing :D It all starts tomorrow at 11 AM with Meat Playground vs FeaR. 


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