The Champion's return || Angel & Lorne

Everything was quite at closed club , it wasn’t that late but had been a slow night so Lorne decided to close up early, he had told the bartender ,Juan to go home and now he kinda just wanted to lay down with his drink in front of the T.V . 

He took off his jacket and placed it it on of the chairs and the second he did the door bell rang . The Host rolled his eyes , he had just closed what could this be about ,now? . “It figures!” he muttered “Why is it that I can’t get a second of rest around here?” he asked more to himself . “Alright , already I’m coming!” he said as he heard another rang of the bell.

As soon as he opened the door he just stand there for a while looking at the person on the other side “Angel?…well…old habits die hard I see…”