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Ashlii gently licks Havok's nose when his alarm clock fails to do its job before pretending to be asleep once again.

“ Ashii, what the fuck?” The prince cursed as wiped off his nose.


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  • Aries:The Bloody Idol
  • Gemini:Chase the Giant
  • Cancer:The Pen that Cannot Write
  • Leo:Nightmare in the Cellar
  • Virgo:Lick Your Thumb
  • Libra:A Taste of One's Own Medicine
  • Scorpio:The Karaoke Killer!
  • Sagittarius:A Fashion Curse
  • Capricorn:The Prince with a Kick
  • Aquarius:Ramen is So Good. It's To Die For
  • Pisces:The Endangered Ball

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At the words and his hand being smacked away, the agna prince blinked before frowning some. "I apologize, I just did not expect them to be real. How did you get this curse?" He asked, gaze full of curiosity. He did not want one of the others to be hurt by the same people who had cursed him.

Syo’s cheeks puffed out the slightest and he took a small step back, arms crossing over his chest. “Of course they’re real, I wouldn’t wear fake cat ears,” unless Natsuki forced them onto him, but that was a different story.

“I ‘unno, some person showed up and.. gave them to me,” gave probably wasn’t the right word, he didn’t care, “They’re supposed to be gone by tomorrow, I think..”

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The brunette couldn't believe what he was seeing. Had Syo been cursed just like he had been? If so, it seemed to only be partially in the others case. Stealthily, from his own cat days, he sneaked behind the blonde and petted an ear to make sure he was seeing clearly. "Hm, how odd."

Syo heard him coming, and if he hadn’t been too lazy to move from where he was currently seated, the blonde would’ve spun and hissed at the prince.

The petting was something he hadn’t expected, though.

“H-hey, don’t touch them!” He commanded, arms flailing above his head to try and smack Cecil’s hand away. It felt good, but still, this was Cecil.

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♤ ♡

♤ : chest
♡ : cheek

Okay, it got worse. Syo glared up at the other male, lips curved into a frown, arms crossing. He technically had to, right? The teen pursed his lips tighter before he leaned forward, lips meeting the right side of the so-called prince’s chest before he pulled back sharply.

His arms uncrossed and a hand moved forward to yank Cecil down to a more acceptable height, quickly pecking the others cheek before wiping at his mouth. Totally not dramatic, just gross.