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Eizen’s curse

More Eizen trivia today~!

The Shinigami curse is not really a curse, but a test of some sort for the Seraph.
“The blessing is jinxed” or rather the “Domain of a Seraph gathers misfortune of humans instead of their wishes and good prayers”.
Bad luck of others makes Eizen stronger. 
It is unknown why some Seraphims are born with jinxed domain, but it is said it’s “A trial to test the Seraph.” For what purpose? It is unknown, besides that “It will prepare the Seraph for something to come.”

…well it seems that the Reapers can live among humans without worry of becoming malevolent. It explains why Eizen could travel with the pirate crew, why Symonne tried to help people within that village she, unfortunately, put into eternal sleep, and why Dezel traveled with Windriders.
They loved humans the most, and their blessing, even if a curse, allowed them to live between earth dwellers while other Seraphims can’t stay for too long among them.

annoyingpandauniverse  asked:

Headcanons of L and B being brothers? (Sorry if it´s a weird idea)

Is not!!!!!!! it was fun to write hahaha thank you baby!

  • They are tweens, but not identical ones
  • L is older than B for 13 minutes
  • L always resived way more attention from his parents than B
  • L was always better doing all the stuff that his brother did, and this pissed beyond endesly
  • He always played pranks on his older brother, pranks that were only undercover attepmts to make him fail
  • A shinigami fell for their mother and as he knew she could be the end of him, cursed her with the shinigami eyes, but this strange thing was absorbed for one of the babys he didn’t know were there.
  • Their mom owned a bakery and since they were little she give them sweet stuff to taste, being this the origin of boths addiction to sugar / jam
  • B was even more withdrawn than L
  • When theire parents died, goberment keeped the bakery, and send them into diferent orphanages, but then eventually watari found them both
  • After a couple of years later they were together again in wammy’s
  • B found out that his brother was already powerful, popular and respected, making him second place again
  • L never knew that big part of the hate his brother hold against him was because he could grow up and live as “Normal” kid, while he was forever cursed.
Light'o babu

Light Yagami isn’t evil. He’s a misunderstood genius with a LOT of anger and anxiety. He just so happened to be the unlucky soul that was haunted by a shinigami and cursed notebooks. I wish I could have hugged him, and told him everything would be okay. I’d tell him that the world is stupid and rotten, but he’s a special boy that doesn’t need to ruin his life over scum. I guess I want to do that, because he reminds me too much of myself. Actually, so much it’s frightening. I often think, if I picked up something like the DN would I use it? Yes, I would, if no one was there to help me. I even wish for a DN sometimes. Light was just too heartbroken. I can understand why. Look at the world. I don’t think rapist, child abusers, murders deserve to live. Besides, what’s the differences if I kill the convicted or the government does? How would I be labeled the murder and the government wouldn’t? But I don’t want to be like the government.