cursed puppet

What is it with hideously grotesque puppets?! The concept of a floppy, articulated humanoid dancing around on some strings or worn like a glove is kinda unsettling to begin with… why the hell would you also make them utterly revolting to look at?


the child of the goddess was originally one, but through the plans and acts of the black mage commanders the child was split into two;

one of them was cursed and became the puppet he never wanted to be;

through his last moments of freedom he only wished for one that whoever the girl who resided in the desolate temple was to be free.

as the temple crumbled from destruction, his wish opened her eyes and  and allowed her to flee at the nick of time;

and now she travels, collecting fragments of her mother’s tears

as well as plotting to save her other half with no fears.

Wait for me, Alpha. I’ll save you.”

like you should have done for me.

// a huge thank you to @asking-jay / @internet-demigod and @askfemlumi for helping me out with lining this. i might’ve actually died from overexertion if it weren’t for these two mvps helping me out. give them lots of praise and love

Dean taking care of Cas … not only of his physical health but also his pride. He protected Castiel’s completely un-angelic adoration of an inanimate object. Where Sam still expected Cas to react like an angel– unfeeling and unaffected, Dean expected him to react like a human, a friend—and he defended him as such. Throughout, Dean was looking at Cas as more than a puppet, a curse, or a hammer … because he is more.

Dean smiled when the guy could be so human to actually compare himself to a tomato; when he could seek comfort into a proffered blanket. It was in those moments that Dean kept his hands upon his friend’s shoulder—only removing them when he was so bluntly reminded, he isn’t human. His friend is hearing voices … voices of heaven and there’s nothing Dean can do about that, and that scares him.

Yet, when Castiel was falling into the clutches of what cannot be explained, Dean still laid his hand back upon the angel to bring him out of the dark. He reminded Cas that he wasn’t something that could be used, he’s unique, he’s strong and Dean knows that. He knows him. And even after Castiel threw him to the floor, threatening to do what Dean did to him only days before—Dean still reached for Castiel. Dean still held his face and looked into his eyes to make sure that Cas was still himself.

And when it was finally all okay, when the angel was restored to all his grace, Dean still didn’t see him for the wings and the halo, as crooked as it may be. He saw Castiel for the friend he hurt, the friend he wronged and the friend he wanted to remind himself over and over—was almost lost, because of him. And in the true balance of pain and life … Castiel does not heal the man, although he is perfectly capable; he knows that that won’t really heal; because just like the humanity Dean sees in Cas, Castiel sees the human in Dean.

It’s what they know best in each other.

Sometimes … it seems like the only truth that’s out there anymore.