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New HTTYD book covers, what do you think?


Accidentally found these and I thought it was pretty cool to have a coloured version of Cressida’s illustrations on the covers, although I do not like the How to train your dragon font. It feels a bit generic-fantasy-book-ish.

I’m especially fond of the first, fifth and ninth cover. I also love the handwritten titles <3

(But I am also that person that wants their books’ covers to match and thus passes)

HTTYD books: first & last lines

  • Evie: *designs Mal's Jewelbilee outfit*
  • Evie: *tells Mal the dress looks amazing on her*
  • Evie: *encourages Mal to go*
  • Mal: I'm really not up for it, with the whole 'cursed jewel' thing and all.
  • Evie: I'd rather stay with you so I'm going to miss this thing I've been super excited about just to spend time with you.
  • Evie: *touches Mal's hand*
  • Disney: Good, now Mal, say that you're best friends.
  • Mal: But-
  • Disney: Best. Friends.
fic rec!!

for the one and only @blushoseoks
these aren’t in any particular order, i love all of these fics equally
sonata for a frozen heart by @pantaemonium
kitten’s got his tongue by @seokvie
wrapped around by @jjkfire
cat nap & one good purr by @kimtrain
when stars cross by @jungkxook
the blue coat and cerruti 1881 by @yuhdongsaeng
paper hearts & labyrinth by @taechubs
cursed by @minnochu
purple jewels by @jiminniemouse
anaxiphilia by @jiminables
undo by @dailydoseofdia
destruction of a muse & protege by @baeseoul
anaxiphilia by @the95liner

i was making this all nice where u can just click on the fic and go straight to it, but then my laptop froze and i had to reboot it, so here i am finishing this on my phone.

  • Celegorm: Since we're both very beautiful and there is bad blood between our families, I decided that it would be wise to get married
  • Luthien: But I already got a boyfriend -whom you promised to rescue if you remember-
  • Celegorm: My dog loves you too, which is quite important
  • Luthien: But, Beren--
  • Celegorm: Keep in mind that we won't be living with your parents in that damn cave. I'm not fucking Finarfin woman
  • Luthien: Are you even listening to me?
  • Celegorm: By the way, it would be very appreciated if you can ask your crazy daddy to send me an army. I kinda need to reclaim my father's cursed jewels

The curse is broken, and the lights in the castle shine with the brightness of the sun, as the moon hangs with diamonds in the sky, watching over lives reanimated, reunited, and remembered. 

 The prince and his princess have stolen away to the library, grateful for the quiet, as Lumiere and Plumette have run off to enjoy the pleasures of each other; kisses and teasing touches the order of the night (in the midst of prying eyes); Fire and feathers are one once more. 

 Outside, Mrs. Potts and Chip sit on the steps of the castle with their newly recovered father and husband, gazing at the stars, marveling at the sky’s newfound absence of winter clouds. The familiar smell of some kind of tea, black, Jean thinks, fills his senses as he burys his face into his beloveds hair, and holds Chip closer to him than before. As far as he knew, he’d never let go. 

 And in the ballroom, the lights are everburning, as Cogsworth silently plots to depart from the arms of his wife and into his study for a glass of whiskey with Chapeau, who waits at the exit. The aid had left his sisters somwhere between the foyer and the kitchen, and would soon depart for his own chambers, throwing away his comrades delusion of a possible success, well aware that there is no chance of the majordomo escaping. 


 And in the gardens, the Madame and the Maestro walk, dressed for the next dawn. Sleep eludes them as they walk through the bushes of flowers, and leaves from the willow trees find home in the niches of the large wigs that pass beneath them. 

 And in the night, in those gardens, the Madame begins to sing. She sings a song of birds in the arbor, the sky’s daytime star; of love. And as she sings, her eyes sparkle in the moonlight, remeniscent of a life regained. Her mind is at peace for now, knowing nothing but love. 

 Alongside her, the Maestro, Il suo sole, luna e stelle, quietly hums along, his eyes lost on his beloveds face, quietly remembering a time before. A time before Enchantresses and curses and magic; When jewels were in abundance and the world was at their feet, when it was just the two of them performing, living, with not a care in the world. A time when his lovers voice had never faded away, and neither had their lives. 

 He remembered her last words, where she’d accepted her fate. He remembered her last sigh as she faded away into nothing but an object, and left him behind. 

Goodbye, my love.

 And he remembered that as she left him, he hurt so much, 

He forgot he was fading away too.

And as the Maestro remembers, the Madame sings. 

 Soon enough, the song comes to an end, leaving the sounds of the night surrounding the castle to their own devices. The moon casts shadows upon the lovers figures as they come upon the lake, hearts no longer star crossed, but one; with fingers intertwined, each in sheer awe of the other, with worries slowly left behind, and hearts full of dreams and thoughts full of love. 

But the Maestro cannot bear the silence. 

Again mio amore, he says. 

She smiles and begins again, a new song on her lips. 

 Time soon passes and eyes close as sleep no longer becomes fleeting, and the moon falls with diamonds in the sky once more. Memories of a curse come into the minds eye of many, but as the sky’s daytime star slowly rises, they fade into a hopeful vision of the future. 

 And when the Madame and the Maestro wake, their hands are still clasped together, their faces inches apart, and their love everlasting. Frou Frou has found them now, amongst the lake and the trees, and so have the leaves of the willows. 

And the Maestro longs for his Madame’s voice, still. 

Again mi amore, he says. 

A smile. 

A song.  

A kiss. 

And life begins again.

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Fic titles: burning river

Ho boy. This. This title immediately gave me a very vivid image, and here it is:


Zarc is dead.

He just died. Ray killed him.

His confused and troubled soul arrives at the shore of a wide river. He knows he’s dead. He knows he must get across. Somehow, he just knows that that’s what the dead must do to get to the afterlife.

A boat arrives at the shore to carry him across. He’s still angered about the way that he died, but something inside him seeking peace compels him to step onto the boat and allow himself to be carried into the afterlife.

The boat reaches halfway and then stops. This annoys him too. Why did it stop? It’s at this moment he notices that the boat has another passenger besides him as well cloaked in all black. He asks why the hell the boat has stopped but the figure offers no answer.

Suddenly, he notices a scent. The scent of smoke. It’s harsh and it’s getting stronger quickly. He looks around. Impossibly, he sees the river around him completely ablaze, the waves of its waters indistinguishable from the hellish flames. He panics and asks the figure what’s going on as the flames slowly eat at the boat, the fires climbing from four distinct corners of the ferry.

The figure speaks softly to him and he’s left paralyzed at her response.

“This is our final destination… for now, so the gods have decreed.”

The figure finally turns to him and drops her hood, revealing red locks of hair matching the crimson shed from his victims.

The flames begin to engulf them both. Zarc pleads his body to scream in agony, but his voice has abandoned him, claimed by the roar of the fumes digging into his very soul.

He drops to his knees and turns up to the girl before him who is enduring the pain of the flames consuming her much better than he is. He raises a hand to beg for her help, and she begins to reach out but ultimately hesitates, remembering that the jewels she wears on that wrist are the very same ones that led them to this place.

Zarc glares at her betrayal one last time before the flames over the river leading to the afterlife consume him entirely, his sparkling ashes carried away by the wind and the waters of the river.

The girl sheds a few tears, cursing the jewels on her arm before fading away in the space between life and death as well.

“Oh Zarc… we’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t we?”

Bungou Stray Dogs Theories:

I came up with a bunch of theories after watching and reading BSD. These are all based on my observation and just my predictions for the upcoming chapter 43 and so on.


  • Theory # 1 : The ability to kill just by touch. Almost the same with Dazai’s nullifying ability. So I came up with this after observing that Fyodor didn’t touch anyone in Ch. 42. His arms were even tied up and he never tried to defend himself. The only time he touched someone was when he silenced the little guy who’s a bit fond of him. I noticed that he did it in the same way Dazai nullified Atsushi’s tiger ability. And an addition to this is that contradictory to Dazai’s ability, he can only use this to non-ability users which explains why he wants to erase all ability-users so he can freely use his power making him the most powerful person in the world. 
  • Theory # 2 : Nullifying ability through touch. Again, same with Dazai, he also has the ability to nullify. This is pretty hard to prove but then again, this is just a theory so it’s worth a try. Mmm… so as I’ve mentioned above, Fyodor silenced the little guy in the same manner Dazai nullified Atsushi’s ability. Since the little guy didn’t actually have an ability it doesn’t really prove anything… but! The little guy is under the influence of Ace’s ability which is turning his subordinates’ lifespan to jewels—and if I’m not wrong with this, the little guy’s whole lifespan is cursed with this jewel ability, therefore, if Fyodor really nullified Ace’s ability, it will result to the little guy’s death. I know it sounds confusing lol, but this is how I saw and understood the hints of the chapter. And I have a feeling that if this theory is actually correct, Dazai and Fyodor will also experience the oddity  that happened to Odasaku and Gide (BSD: Dazai & the Dark Era)…Or! It might’ve already happened when Dazai said that he met Fyodor once. 
  • Theory # 3 :  The ability to cause someone to die by admitting his crime or by the thought of betrayal. I know this sounds quite stupid lol. But what I wanted to point out about this theory is the relation between Fyodor’s ability name which is ‘Crime and Punishment.’  So in this case, I’m thinking that Fyodor’s ability is to cause someone to die when they admit that they they’ve sinned or when they are guilty of a crime. First case was Ace, he admitted that he’s a cheater and he wanted to betray Ougai Mori and I’m guessing that this is already considered as a sin and therefore lead him to commit suicide and die, which pretty much means that Fyodor’s ability caused the situation. The second incident was the little guy. He said to Fyodor, that he wants to be freed from Ace and kill him in a way. And he admitted that they’ve done some bad things because he’s part of the mafia (not sure if I remember this part correctly), so with this, he is already considered as a sinner/traitor and guilty which makes Fyodor’s ability to punish him with death. 


  • Theory # 1 :  So my theory on why Fyodor wants to get rid of ability-users is that he hates this kind of abnormality. If I guessed it correctly regarding his ability to kill by touch, then Fyodor most probably hates his ability. He was regarded as a monster/demon before and hated how he’s different and special compared to others and that lead him to think that the world is better without special abilities. In addition to this, I related the name of their organization which is “Rats in the House of the Dead.” This might sound a bit strange and I understand that the name of their org is based on his book but I just wanted to point out that rats are unwanted creatures because they’re filthy and etc. so I’m guessing that Fyodor’s org members are also hated by people and probably also hates their abilities. 
  • Theory # 2 :  This’ll sound a bit cliche among villain-types of characters but my theory about this is that Fyodor just wants to become the most powerful person in the world that’s why he’s trying to eliminate all ability users and this is if my theory about his ability only works on non-ability users is correct. And that’s it lol. 


  • Theory # 1 : Dazai will use his nullifying ability in another way. So basically, Dazai knew everything; that he will be shot and probably the poison is an ability itself. He most likely thought of this right away when Yosano couldn’t cure Fukuzawa with her ability and then, it was confirmed by Fyodor. Since it’s like that, there’s no other way but to kill Mori, but then again, they’ll just do what Fyodor wants them to do. So… since Fyodor stated that Dazai won’t be able to nullify it because touching it is suicide then…. this is the theory. Fukuzawa is currently at a weakened state and I’m guessing that this also means that the influence of his ability is also affected which means that Dazai’s nullifying ability can be used in more than one way instead of touch alone. I’m not sure if Dazai’s ability actually ends with just touching since he never used it in the Dark Era novel and it’s not further explained but maybe it doesn’t just end with that. Sooo…. maybe he can nullify abilities by making use of what’s part of him or his body like his blood(?), maybe through transfusion he can nullify internally the effects of the poison. And what I find odd is that dazai is currently in a different hospital. So why is that? Maybe he just wants to turn the attention away from him so he can successfully test his ability. And also why did he get shot on purpose? Maybe because he wants to show that he needs to be hospitalized and treated resulting in some blood transfusions thingy, therefore, making an excuse and not explain/hint the extent of his null ability. 
  • Theory # 2 : Katai Tayama is somehow involved and will take part in this. So Katai is the one who had a crush on Gin and he’s been recently recruited to the ADA so I’m guessing that he’ll probably help in some way esp against Fyodor’s computer skills. 


  • Theory # 1 : The book gave birth to ability-users and Natsume Souseki is the one who originally wrote in it. So the miracle of having an ability! This isn’t quite explained and all we know is that some people have special abilities. But I have thought that maybe this book was the cause of all this! Because it’s a very powerful object that can turn whatever’s written on it to a reality. Someone must’ve written about having special abilities and it was turned to reality. So why Natsume-sensei? Mmm… I am actually not sure with this and he might not be the one, maybe someone older than him? But basically this is my guess. Based on BSD: The Dark Era, Natsume is a writer and Odasaku read his novels and interestingly, the novel is about a former killer which reflects Odasaku’s story. And soooo…. I have a feeling that all along Natsume is writing about the story of BSD characters in the blank book xD lol and turning it to reality. Then again, this is just a theory.
  • Theory # 2 : Atsushi is related to Natsume Souseki and so he’s the key to the book.  So… why Atsushi? If my theory above is correct, I’m guessing that Atsushi is the last ability user created. And I’ve been thinking about this but I’m confused why everyone already knew their ability except for Atsushi. This is quite a mystery for me and this’ll probably explains a lot of secrets regarding the world of BSD.

Feel free to comment and share your opinion regarding these theories.. :) You can point out what’s wrong and what I missed from the manga, novel and anime. Looking forward to hear your thoughts about this. 

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☄ henlo stinky jewel gimmie that blong rate uwu ☄

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Hazel Levesque

Friendly reminder that Hazel Levesque is a black roman demigod girl. That she’s a daughter of Pluto. That born in New Orleans on 1928. That by a wish of her ambitious mother, she had a curse that she attract precious cursed jewels. That she had no friends on her childhood except by Sammy Valdez, that she never saw again after her birthday. That she was forced by her mom to move to Alaska. That her mother was seen as a witch by the whole community. That her mother was influenced by Gaea. That Hazel was forced by Gaea to raise her oldest Gigantes son, Alcyoneus, what she almost did. That her mother offered herself as a sacrifice to save Hazel. That Hazel by herself destroyed an island and delay the Giants rise. That Hazel and Marie Levesque died. That Hazel gave up of her chance of go to Elysium to her mother would not have to go to the Fields of Punishment. That Hazel Levesque was just 13 when she died. That Hazel Levesque is amazing and need more appreciation!

maxpowersimpsonskywalkerspock  asked:

I read you saying that Hazel should be a daughter of Trivia. Do you have any HC for it?

well see it basically writes itself because

  • witch girl
  • with her lesbian witch mothers
  • instead of hazel being cursed (because THAT plotline is a mess) they’re harassed to the point where they have to leave town because
  • lesbians and witches are a historical minefield full of outrageous bigotry so if you have a black woman who happened to be both i really think running away from civilization to alaska is a good call
  • unfortunately we still all have the Bullshit with gaea
  • instead of her curse with the precious stones or whatever instead gaea forces her to curse the objects, but other than that the plotline still holds up
  • she’s still treated badly in camp jupiter because she’s literally a witch who came back from the dead, so
  • her and nico still love each other a lot because summoning death and black magic go pretty well together and freak people out pretty equally
  • trivia is known for being the goddess of the crossroads and the protector of paths and travelers, so hazel still has a good sense of direction
  • like hazel knowing the people who went left were running from sudden death and it didn’t end well and the people who went right were looking for something and found it
  • basically just hazel using magic instead of hazel being a child of pluto who summons cursed jewels but never has her curse broken and also is a witch for no known reason
Nico Di Angelo Headcanons

-When Percy shows Nico Neflix, they didn’t see him for a week
-Nico loves the show “Daredevil” and gets really into Marvel
-His fave is Captain America but shhh no one has to know
-He ships Stucky like no one’s business but Will ships Stony and they bicker about it all the fucking time
-Nico mocks Will fauning over Black Widow constantly
-He secretly loves the old Audrey Hepburn movies and won’t watch them with anyone around because he cries at every one
-He has memorized every single song in High School Musical
-Piper bought him a Captain America hoodie and he wears it almost as much as his aviator jacket
-Nico is better at archery than Will and makes lighthearted jokes about it
-Nico learned a lot about medicine from his time around Will in the infirmary
-He gives Will snacks during the day because sometimes Will forgets to eat since he’s so busy
-Nico sometimes sneaks over to the Apollo cabin to talk to Will and the other Apollo kids because most of them respect him for learning about medicine when everyone thought he couldn’t
-Nico and Piper help the younger campers when they feel upset or scared because some of them are so young
-He tells the kids who have lost people they were close to to not let it consume them and is kind of like a safe person for the younger campers to go to
-All the older campers are jealous of this because “they want to play older sibling”
-Nico redecorates the Hades cabin with a lot of help from Leo (Nico had to take Leo to see Transformers)
-Hazel is the biggest Solangelo shipper IN THE WORLD
-the only one that comes close to her shipping capacity is Apollo
-Nico helps Hazel make jewelry because her “cursed jewels ” aren’t cursed anymore
-Nico makes drawings out of shadows sometimes and will adds touches of light
-they take pictures of every. single. one.
-Nico is happy and enjoying life with his new friends and Bianca’s death doesn’t torment him anymore but he does his best for her and remembers her every day


I’m going to work on Ode this weekend.  Still working on wrapping up the Doctor’s Wife adventure and then it will be on to solving the Darkness and the stars going out ;)

Thus far, there are no plans to add smut to this story.  Just a HEA and resolving the various character’s stories.

I have to get back to Book 2 editing as well. 

The next fanfic will be the Cursed Jewel AU which is Ten/Rose fairy tale.  Not sure when that will show up though as I still have to finish outlining Book 3 which I would like to write for NaNo in November.

Slovenia’s jewels: curses and insults in the least Slovene sounding Slovene dialect edition

Slovenia is a place of wonders. It also has a part that used to belong to Hungary (Slovenia is shaped like a chicken. Imagine the head of the chicken. That’s that part. It’s called Prekmurje, which could translate to “the land across/over Mura”, which is quite accurate because it is, in fact, across the river Mura) but now we’re part of Slovenia. There was one futile attempt to form our own republic in 1919, but it only lasted for a week.

Anyway, our dialect is fucked up and barely sounds Slovene. Most people from other parts don’t understand us. Actually, sometimes we don’t even understand each other. Here are a few (hilarious) gems that have been and still are used as curse words and insults: 

Curses/curse words:

  • pička lükova (onion’s pussy)
  • grónska strejla v tebé vdari, pa v mater, da bi se ti stoukrat v grobi obrnaula (thunder lightning strike you, and your mother, may she turn in her grave a hundred times) 
  • bog daj, da boš šo v cérkev, ka zvon na tebé spadne (God grant it, that you shall go to church and the bell falls on you) 
  • da bi te le vrag povoha (if only the devil would sniff/smell you)
  • prokleti satan satanski (damned satanic satan)
  • jeben ti tvojo krščansko mater, štera te je skotila (I fuck your Christian mother, which gave birth to you) (it’s very insulting because “kotiti” is actually word used for when animals give birth. “Roditi” means giving birth, human-wise)
  • kurc te gleda (the dick watches you)
  • pička materna (mother’s vagina)
  • pičkin dim (vagina’s smoke)
  • sunce ti jebeno (your fucking sun)
  • idi se solit (go salt yourself)
  • idi v tri pizde materne (go in three mother’s vaginas)
  • nejsi vrejden, ka sunce sija na tebe (you’re not worth the sun shining on you)
  • v rit se mi zaleti (run/crash into my ass)
  • v rit se vgej (bite yourself in the ass)


  • čorava koza (blind goat)
  • tij écika kümrava (you sick calf (female calf)) (”kümravo” also means sickness, sadness, melancholy)
  • đubre usrano, koji ga je zlegla materina (I…can’t even translate this, but it’s hilarious. Basically it’s something like “you piece of shit, that mother gave birth to” and yet, it’s quite insulting)
  • ti dríslaš eden (okay so “driska” is the Slovene word for “diarrhea” and “drislati” means both to have diarrhea or to talk shit and “ti dríslaš eden” is somebody who talks shit) 
  • ti kurc nesposobni (you incompetent dick) 
  • tij bumblek zacügnjeni (you retarded bellybutton)
  • tij mrda vunjéča (you smelly fuck)

Muggle and Wizarding cultures alike are filled with stories of cursed jewels and jewellery. Much like another famed “cursed” gem– the Hope Diamond– the Oxford Diamond’s curse is said to have been the cause of various illnesses, extreme misfortune, fits of madness and insanity, and no less than twenty deaths.

Set in 24 carat gold and surrounded by twelve smaller diamonds, the extremely rare coal black Oxford Diamond was mined in the 12th century and immediately purchased by pureblood wizard Barberus Maddock for an undisclosed amount of Galleons. The raw stone was kept in the family vault until the 17th century, when Olaf Maddock, a descendant of Barberus, made the decision to remove the diamond and have it made into a ring for his betrothed, Alice Poole. 

Unlike his relatives, Olaf Maddock did not care about preserving the wealth of his family and within three years of his parents’ death, had run through nearly all of his inheritance and family fortune. Fearing bankruptcy and an end to his lavish lifestyle, Olaf knew that it was imperative he find a wealthy wife. The House of Poole was known as an extremely noble and wealthy house and with his charm and persona, Olaf had no trouble convincing Alice or her parents to accept his marriage proposal. 

Unfortunately for Alice– who by this time had fallen madly in love with her betrothed– Olaf did not care for her, only her money. After their marriage, Olaf’s false demeanour of charm and love had faded and left in its place bitterness and greed. Despite Alice’s advances and pleading, Olaf would barely look at her– although he had no problem burning through her fortune. Within two years, Olaf had, for the second time, bled his bank accounts dry. Once again, he resolved to replenish his wealth through marriage and he promptly told Alice that they were to be divorced and for any possessions gifted to her to be returned to him. 

By this time, Alice’s attempts to gain her husbands affection and love had very nearly driven her mad, and the news of impending divorce finally sent her over the edge. Performing dark magic that had only appeared a handful of times since the Middle Ages, Alice cursed the ring, condemning anyone who wore it to a lifetime of misfortune, illness, and madness. 

Not long after his divorce, Maddock remarried, and just as Alice had ordered, his new bride fell ill within the first few months and not even a year into the marriage, perished from an undocumented illness. Maddock, chalking it up to coincidence, was unphased by his bride’s death. He continued to marry women for money, only to have them die in various ways months later: three women died from unknown illness, one threw herself from her bedroom window and the final wife, only known as C. Maddock, was sent to an asylum after exhibiting erratic and disturbing behaviour, dying shorty thereafter.

Olaf Maddock had finally exhausted his pool of potential wives and left with an enormous amount of debt, sold the Oxford Diamond. He died at the age of 57 and while the cause of death is undocumented, it is thought to be at his own hand. Throughout the years, the Oxford Diamond circulated the country, leaving death and destruction in its wake. In 1934, it was placed in the Department of Mysteries at the British Ministry of Magic, where it resides to this very day. 

Ms. P. Merryweather, 16 September, 2014

Because I am trash and phil-the-stone​ and I decided weneeded yet another inane crossover, I present to you;


Except it’s less ‘Pirates of the Caribbean AU’ and more‘what if the Quest took place on the high seas instead and everyone dressed in dashing period clothing, also Smaug is a sea serpent and that is definitely an amazing concept, fight me’.

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