cursed is hilarious and you should watch it

Wiccan Witchblr is a trip this time of year dude. They start having Halloween Discourse about witch costumes and talking about their “ancient rituals” as if wicca wasn’t invented whole cloth in the 40’s by a guy named Gerald who looks like a crazy grandpa

Look at this guy. This is the guy. This is Gerald Gardner, the guy who spun Wicca out of whole cloth. This guy right here invented the entire thing in the 40s and people act like the rituals and shit associated with it are ancient and pagan and shit, but they’re not, he made them up, and its so ridiculous and funny watching them get all offended. Especially the ones that are like “men can’t be witches” like a man created it and what are you gonna do about it anyways, curse them through the internet? thats not how magic works

So theres crazy granpa founder man who made the whole thing in the 40s and that evolved into “emoji spells” and discourse on witch hats and “wtichface” and shit and you should really check it out its hilarious