cursed gideon

  • Magnus: Weird. All my shirts are disappearing.
  • Alec, wearing Magnus's shirt for the 5th time in a row: Spooky.

mildly evil curses, part 2.

  • Magnus: *calls 911*
  • Alec: Don't do this....
  • Magnus: Hello, 911? I'd like to report a crime in progress.
  • Alec: this is illegal.
  • 911: What is your emergency?
  • Magnus: It's my boyfriend, he...
  • Alec: Magnus no.
  • Magnus: STOLE MY HEART!


I want it all


A/N: a little baby fic. If you catch my drift.


It’s a conversation that’s a while in the making.

Only partly because of Emma’s own reluctance to broach the subject.

They’ve come a long way, the pair of them, truths and fears and uneasy declarations slip from lips nowadays far more easily than they ever did before. But that’s not entirely the point. The point is that it’s still a difficult conversation, the point is that there are still some things she’s afraid of. Hard things are still hard with or without courage. Hard things still form a misshapen lump in her throat – with or without his encouraging hand in hers, with or without the cursory kisses to her temple.

With or without that thick feeling in her heart when she thinks about the two of them as some sort of perpetual thing.

It’s just a different kind of hard.

(She loves him too much for it to be anything but.)

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Or You Wouldn’t Have Come Here

Storybrooke is cursed by the Black Fairy. Gideon Gold knows his father is a man of many secrets but he has no memory of his mother except that she left. Gideon has no idea that she, too, lives in Storybrooke without memories of him. 



There was a young woman who lived in a shabby little house at the edge of town named Belle French. She was said to be very pretty, though few had ever seen her except in glimpses through her window. She never left her house, getting her groceries and all other supplies delivered weekly.

The only thing Gideon really knew about her was that she had a standing order at Gold and Son. Any time they got a new shipment of antique books, Papa would crate them over, personally. Gideon always offered to help – it seemed ridiculous to have a man his age carting around heavy boxes by himself. He’d already had one heart attack; he didn’t need another. Gideon, for all his contentious relationship with his father, couldn’t take seeing him in any kind of pain. But Gold Sr. always insisted on going alone, telling Gideon to mind the shop while he was away.

Gideon would wile away the hours cleaning, fixing gadgets, or keeping the books. For a small shop that barely stayed in business, they always seemed to have a lot of records to keep. Not that Papa ever needed them. He seemed to know every customer by heart. Years of being in the business, Gideon supposed.

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  • Alec: I'm not gay.
  • Magnus: Hi.
  • Alec: I may be gayer than originally planned.

guz-cuts  asked:

Hi! I haven't seen the second cast and I'm curious - does Jamie Glover's Harry reach the levels of shouting and screaming of Jamie Parker's Harry? I loved the raw emotions he exposed on stage and the force his voice had in certain moments, so is it still similar or maybe Jamie Glover changed that bit? Actually, do you know how Stuart Ramsay's Harry was like when it comes to that?

This question could not have come at a more perfect time, because I have just seen Gideon Turner as Harry, so I’ve now seen all four Harrys and I’m in a perfect position to answer! 

I only saw Stuart as Harry once, and I know a lot of people loved him, but I didn’t really like his interpretation. He’s a good actor, but he wasn’t a good Harry for me. I remember him being softer than Jamie P, and the love for Albus exuding from him during the opening scenes, but that’s about all I remember. He definitely wasn’t shouty, and he didn’t have Jamie P’s raw emotion at all when I saw him. I saw him at the end of October last year, so it’s been a long time… 

Jamie G delivers a very different Harry to Jamie P. He certainly isn’t as angry, he doesn’t shout, he doesn’t cry with the raw emotion of Jamie P, but that doesn’t make him any less good. Again, it’s just very different. He has an authority that doesn’t require him to raise his voice. He often uses the position of his body to lend power to his words (e.g. standing up when he says Hermione doesn’t have to tell him off, bracing himself against the back of the chair in the hospital wing scene when he’s telling Albus to obey him). Also, his voice has a quality of friction to it. He doesn’t shout, he roars, and it takes a bit to get him going. He’s far calmer than Jamie P. All this works very well with Theo’s Albus, who is in a lot of pain, and would probably just break down if he had Jamie P’s Harry screaming in his face. 

The thing I actually love most about Jamie G is the way he constructs the arcs of the story. His understanding of the script, the way the story unfolds, and the way Harry and Albus’s develops throughout, is exceptional. The first thing I noticed when I saw him as Harry was the way that the scene in Albus’s dorm is an essential base for the entirety of the second part. With Theo and Jamie G, that’s the beginning of Harry and Albus finding understanding, and it’s the beginning of Harry realising what Albus needs, and that he really isn’t okay. That then extends out into the scene with Dumbledore and Draco, and beyond into the final scene of the show. It’s such a thorough and skilled treatment of the script, and that’s the special quality that he brings to the table. 

And then there’s Gideon, who I just saw yesterday. The most handsome of Harrys, who really does look exactly like Theo (Harry and Albus have never looked more like father and son). He walks the perfect line between Jamie G and Jamie P. He’s soft, he’s vulnerable, but he shouts and he cries; he’s explosive. His Harry tries to be a ‘cool dad’. He has this casual vibe. He puts his feet up on the desk like Jamie P used to (much to Hermione’s horror), he’s certain that the love potion and the blanket are great gifts and make him the best dad ever, even his accent in the line deliveries feels cool. And yet he’s anxious about interacting with his son. He strokes the blanket to stop his hands shaking as he tells Albus how much it means to him, he tries to keep his hands still in the final scene when he’s opening up about his fears. 

It was actually a bit emotional watching Gideon. He was a lot like Jamie G, in the construction of the arcs, and the decisions in each scene. That’s the way the show’s being played out now. That’s how this Harry and Albus are. But there were these flashes of Jamie P. From the feet on the desk, to the power and command of his yelling at McGonagall, from his screams as he woke from his dreams, to the tears splashing down on the stage as he talked to Dumbledore. As much as I love Jamie G, it was glorious to see those tears again, and I think Gideon can offer us the best of both worlds. 

I hope this answers your question? Sorry it turned into a Gideon love fest… This is the problem of just having seen him yesterday! He’s fresh in my mind. 

I think in summary, the answer is that every portrayal is different, and every actor is different. I’ve never been so acutely aware as I am right now of how much the actor themselves brings to a role. It’s in the way they think things through, what speaks to them most, what details they notice, the things they’ve taken from the books or the script or seeing other actors, it’s in their approach to their craft, the way they work, the conversations they have with their colleagues, even the feedback of the fans. There’s so much that goes into these portrayals beyond personal acting decisions. And that is the really cool thing about seeing so many different actors, and such a wide range of combinations of covers and principals. 

CS FF: In Your Arms Tonight
  • Contains spoilers for 6x16 anf 6x17.

‘How did you do it? Find me?’

Killian’s soft voice whispered over Emma as they lay out on their bed. Now that Snow and David were awake, the newly engaged couple had retired to their home, washing the grime of the past few weeks from them and bask in the joy of their reunion.

‘Pixie dust,’ she replied, running a hand up his arm, fingers tracing the sinewy muscles. ‘It can reunite anyone who shares True Love.’

Killian chucked at the reminder of the strength of their love. Her eyes meet his. She is a balm to battering his soul has taken during the separation. Her green eyes sparkle in wonderment. It’s not unlike the moment they were reunited after Zeus had granted him another chance at life. His fingers ghost down her spine as she rests her chin on his chest.

‘What was that place?’ she asked.

When she had dashed though the portal, she had barely taken in her surroundings, rushing for Killian, pushing anyone in their way aside.

‘Neverland,’ he murmured.

A soft ‘oh’ escaped her lips. ‘The shadow you sent, I should have realised,’ she said, her lips hitched into smile. ‘But how did you end up in Neverland. Did Gideon send you there?’

He shook his head. ‘The Enchanted Forest. I ended up in Neverland after using a magic bean and thinking of you.’

Her eyebrows quirked upwards. ‘And how did you end up getting a magic bean this time?’

‘In much the same manner as last time,’ he said, lifting his head to look at her.

A quizzical expression deepened on Emma’s face. ‘You bet the Jolly Roger?’ she asked, ‘but she’s here.’

Killian smirked. ‘Aye, love,’ he said, ‘but Black Beard didn’t know that.’

She stared at him for a moment before her lips hitched up as she laughed.

He joined in her laughter. ‘It was quite the plan, actually, Swan,’ he said when the chuckles subsided. ‘Had Gideon not cursed me, then it didn’t matter if I won or lost, either way I’d have a bean to travel with, and I’d have been back days ago.’

Emma looked at him sadly. ‘I missed you,’ she said softly, her eyes flaring. ‘Until you managed to get that message to me with the shell, I thought…’

She trailed off, looking away. Killian raised his hand to cup her cheek. ‘I know,’ he said soberly. ‘Not being able to tell you the truth was killing me.’

‘But now we also have a chance to defeat Black Fairy,’ she said. ‘You have to tell me everything Tiger Lily told you. We should have brought her with us.’

‘Aye,’ he said, ‘but I have a feeling she’ll find her own way here. I sense he has her own score to settle with the Black Fairy.’

Emma nodded. ‘We still need all the allies we can get.’

‘But I think your mother is right, between us all, we’ll stop her. You changed you fate when Gideon came for you, so there is no reason to fall at his hurdle,’ he scooted down the bed so they were eyelevel.

He cupped her cheek, running his thumbs over her lips. ‘I’ve seen you defeat some of the greatest evils our world can throw at you, Emma.’

‘I know,’ she replied, eyes welling with tears, ‘but the book, it’s coming up to the last chapter. And Henry, something happened with his author powers while you were gone.’

Killian pressed a soft kiss to her lips. ‘Sometimes the end of one book is just the beginning of another,’ he reminded her. ‘Emma,’ he continued, raising her eyes so she was looking at her, ‘we will defeat this, together. I promise you, I will never willingly leave your side.’

She chuckled as a tear escaped from her eyes and trickled down her cheek. ‘You’ve barely left my side since you helped us get to Neverland.’

‘I’d’ve stayed with you before then, if you hadn’t handcuffed in that giant’s den,’ he said.

Their eyes locked. She’d be so afraid of feeling anything, particularly for the roughish pirate aligned to their enemy, that she’d fallen at the first hurdle for him. Not that she ever imagined she’d be lying in bed with him two years later, True Love, engaged and somehow blissfully happy beyond measure.

‘Who’s to say this would have all worked out if I hadn’t,’ she asked with a mischievous grin.

Their hands entwined and Killian brought them up to press a kiss to the ring she had re-accepted scant hours before. She watched the gesture with brimming eyes, heart full of love for the man who knew no bounds when it came to his feelings for her.

‘How does the most feared pirate in the known realms end up falling in love?’ she asked softly.

‘You tell me, love,’ he replied rolling them so she was below him.

He dipped his head to hers, capturing her lips as she moved her legs so she could cradle him between her thighs. She was already ready for him, aching for him to take her and reunite in every way possible. Emma whimpered as he took her, inch by glorious inch, until they were one.

‘At one point, I thought I’d never see you again,’ she whispered as he stilled. ‘When I found out what Gideon had done to keep us apart.’

He silenced her with a kiss. ‘I’d have found my way back to you, Swan. If Hades couldn’t keep us apart what makes you think anyone else could.’

They moved together in a slow dance, hands mapping each other while whispering encouraging words. Keening whimpers of ‘I love you’ as they came together, falling over the edge in each other’s arms.

Apparently, people are feeling the need to defend Emma today from stupid people because she chose to get Hook??? I haven’t seen any stupid posts but I’ll do a post anyway because I love Emma.

Snow and Charming told Emma to use the flower to get Hook because they had taken so much from her and they didn’t want to take him from her too. Snow was finally doing something to put Emma first. That was literally the entire point of that scene.

Hook was in imminent danger. Emma saw that Hook felt the need to cut off his shadow, the shadow came to Emma holding ONE OF HIS HANDS and the shadow caressed Emma’s face like it was saying goodbye.

Whereas Snow and Charming were under the same sleeping curse they were under for the last season. And they had found THREE different ways of breaking that sleeping curse in the one episode. But they didn’t even have ONE way of getting Hook back - he was banished to another world by Gideon and cursed to never be able to get back to Storybrooke. 

It’s logical.

Also I’m not getting this whole thing where Emma and only Emma must put everyone else’s happiness and wellbeing before her own even though they don’t do the same thing for her and she’s already lived a life where everyone else’s happiness came before hers and the people who loved her the most chose other people over her. 

THANK FUCK she decided to do something for herself and it happened to be the logical choice.

  • Alec: Can we get straight to the point? Do you like me?
  • Magnus: No
  • Alec: No?
  • Magnus: No. I can only get bisexually to the point.
6.21/22 The Final Battle

Well, here we are. I can’t title this “the final write-up” because I still have to go back and finish six episodes in S2, but we’re certainly getting close.

My feelings about this show are large and complicated. My feelings about this finale are of overwhelming disappointment. Read on for large quantities of salt, like we’re talking “Visitors Guide to Hallstatt” here, maybe put on a helmet.

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One super sad Chilty coming up for you, my dear @rauliskafan 

I do change points of view momentarily but the Frederick POV is marked by a new section-header-line-thing on both sides. 

Also, no one offense to anyone from Indiana hahaha I’m sure it’s a lovely place.


Please more Chilton! Could you write something where he and his girlfriend have a huge fight on account of his many insecurities? She storms off to go on a business trip or visit family or something. She turns back at the last minute only to find Chilton frantic because the plane she was scheduled to be on crashed and he could not get a hold of her. Then fluffy smut!!!

“I cannot do this with you right now, Frederick! I have a plane to catch!”

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OUAT FINALE! Spoilers!

Sooooo… I cried. Very hard. But the last scene had my head going wild with ideas so I must speak. Spoilers from now on.

So we know that a 6 of the main cast aren’t going to be returning. So if they are going to renew the show for a seventh season than the most logical solution fro me is that they continue with the next generation. Henry is grown up with a daughter, and it mirrors season one’s beginning. So onto my idea.

I can’t tell whether Henry remembers his family or not but he most certainly doesn’t remember his daughter. That suggests to me that a curse has been cast. Henry was clearly in the enchanted forest during the last episode with his daughter so someone must have sent him there. And when whatever was coming for him reached him it caused him to travel to the real world, and lose his memory. 

So when Henry returns to Storybrooke, I presume he and his daughter have to find the one who caused the curse and break it like in season 1. But not all is as it seems. As Henry and his daughter were sent back to the enchanted forest (I’m gonna say by a curse, like the black fairy’s) then other characters were sent back to the forest too. She got back to the real world thanks to Tiger Lily. All of the cast members who aren’t returning were sent to the enchanted forest and just like what happened in the finale. The curse split the families apart, and only Lucy (henry’s daughter), cause she has the book, and the person who cast the spell remember them. That’s why Henry’s family needs him. He’s the author, he can bring them back together.

When he arrives in Storybrooke, we meet the old characters who stayed, and the next generation, now all grown up if it were. I’m gonna presume that about 15-20 years have passed since the finale.  So who are the next generation? Let me tell you.

Neal: He’s the oldest of the new group. He’s chivalrous like his dad, a great fighter but he’s also gentle and kind like his mother. He’s roughly 20 years old and is of course, one of the cops in town, along with his brother-in-law, Hook who took him under his wing. Snow and Charming were obviously transported to the enchanted forest so he lives with Hook, (Emma’s in the enchanted forest).

Robyn: She’s the next oldest and is about 19 years old. She’s persuasive and fun loving. She lives with Regina (cause Zelena’s in the enchanted forest). She gets along with everyone but don’t cross her or her mothers side will come out. She keeps Robin’s cheerful attitude, and helps out Regina in the Mayors office as her assistant.

Gideon: He’s the third oldest and is also 19 years old. He lives with Gold and helps around in his shop. Belle was obviously transported to the enchanted forest, and with Gold being the Dark one, he still remembers everyone and encourages Lucy to go and find Henry when she returns to Storybrooke. Gideon doesn’t remember though, but he still is a very focused and honest lad who loves to read just like Belle. 

Lucy: Henry’s Daughter and the youngest of the group and the only one who remembers anyone. She is persistent and hopeful, basically an exact replica of Henry in season 1. Everyone loves her, and they sometimes joke about he love of fairy tales. She is the one who is determined to reunite everyone, and works tirelessly to try and make people believe.

Finally, I refuse to believe that Captain Swan didn’t have a child. So the last one in the group would be their kid. (I’m gonna go ahead and say my character idea but really you have a blast with it).

Lily Jones: She is the second youngest and is roughly 16-17 years old, so still in school. She is rebellious and clashes with several members of her family. She’s skilled in fighting, and great at getting into them. She always gets in trouble and spends most of her free time on her small sail boat that Hook got her to calm down her behaviour (I’m thinking its called Operation Seafoam or something like that). She dresses like her dad, leather is a key but she always wears a red leather jacket cause she’s a swan after all. 

Lucy takes Henry to everyone and the majority of the season is spent finding out who caused the spell. Rumple, is a huge asset as he still has Magic and the story plays out much like the first season with the curse being broken, and everyone reunited, that’s when everyone guest stars.

Like the first season the one who cursed them all was right under their nose, and who do I think would be a good candidate? 

One of the kids. My choices would be out of, Robyn, Gideon and Lily as all of them would have had magic. Robyn daughter of the wicked witch could easily cast the curse, or Gideon or Lily as she’s the daughter of the saviour. However I don’t think there would be much malicious intent. Maybe they were discovering their powers and they found the dark curse, unaware of what it is and as their power wasn’t strong enough it didn’t work completely. 

But that is how I want the season to play out. I still want all the returning cast members to be really in the story helping the kids solve the mystery, with the kid that cursed everyone desperately trying to sabotage their plans so they won’t be found out. 

let me know what you think.

Some about CC

Gideon Turner is great Harry Potter. It hit me today! 
(in 2nd show his scene in office with Albus D.. so parker but jet so Turner
does not scream very much. and he cried in the office scene
and looks young but i  feel that he is  younger. harry then other  he speak calmly but you can feel  the tension and och i wait fro blow like
In a scene at  forbidden forest with Bane  I hear in a fear in his voice  but him stops himself  and he show true feels by  trembling hands.  mostly you can see  stress and emotion on the palms
And gideon is just handsome dear. and great he is with Theo .
oo 2th show i realu like Grave yard scene. Crack of his voice when i spoke about cedrick. and about good day i started cried..

not impress with lowri james as umbridge 

and 1st Show a cover Myrtle. She was.. boring 

actress Ginny. Scene when albus  disappeared again.her  breakdown . angry pain and in the AU just before the visit draco was great. really Wow but .. still  i don’t feel her. no chemestry beetwen Harry and HerGinny 

My heart win this time Samuel Blenkin at SD especially

Progress in Theo A acting , performance as Albus is huge. I am please with him now.
His and Gideon    the blanket  scene in Wednesday so tense. angry. unspoke feeling. i was amazing. i felt tears. i want watched and same time looked back. 
It reminded me of the best performance of this scene. by Parker vs Mackley which I still have in my head. similar emotions. kudos from them. And after ruined this scen whe i saw this cast 1st time now Theo made up in good way

but jet his not me Albus and i don’t know why i hurt his feeling so many time at SD. 

 I cried . in both show at Starcase balet and for 1stTime ever at The L Scene..

( at 2nd time i was a moment i felt  gaze mr.Blenkin on me. I image this probably but this was.. omg

mhm. Never again go or try talk to people regularly attend to. They made you feel small and really they do not care what i thinking. and not share inf. or notes from show. 

I just want to feel not alone but i felt alienated instead and idiot

(btw. list of questions to cast and yet nothing later share with ofther fan) 

I need now about Karl J and Craig B jr relations. ( i just talk to all people Look at hero call Karl J and look at other minor character!
how  Craig’s death influenced Karl… I need this. Mr. Wyatt joke will have to write other book with A about it.. Give it to me!!

Karl this time was  a bit  different  less soft moment .AND i can really easy  believe that he is just asshole .he still has crush on rose but i feel more craig/karl…
I  blamed the duo Mr.M and Mr. Wyatt.. ( i love love love they interactions in 1st task.)

ooo i don’t really like Rakie Ayola  way she play Hermione  in 1stAU. I feel /see she is alcoholic or addict for something in this  I can understand why. seek joy in this but it does not  work on me

Draco will be widower. Howard thinks he love  astoria so much so he can’t see himself  to be with someone else and it is not important  which scorpius will love man or woman  i just need to be happy .. there is no pressure. give  a heir of malfoy. And why DM  love f.Market cause it is FMarket why don’t a reason  :D 

Albus needs to tell cedrick  about the love of his father. Cause  albus  knew he was dying to i really want to  hear his dad love him so cedrick need this. kind of comfort  according to Theo
Pillow fight  was Theo idea! 

 Well, i said i am done.  but i  miss this show already. and this cast.
but the same time i miss Antony Boyle and mr.Parker  and romanticScobus (i one show i can feel Just kiss him Albus but well i want more

maybe more to come notes 

  • Alec: Izzy, what do you use to draw a straight line?
  • Isabelle: Definitely not your sexuality, that's for sure
A dearie seriously worried about the season finale.

I was so full of hope until today, but after hearing A&E interviews and watching Rumple’s actions in this episode, I am back in the corner of caution and worrisome. 
After 6x19 I was 1000000% sure that Rumple was playing his mother. Now I am doubting it. It feels to me that the writers are telling us that Rumple is willing to give a real chance to his mother, because in the end, both of them are alike and did very similar things for their children. Consequently, it is possible that Rumple is also willing to give the Dark Curse a chance to achieve “happiness”. 
Things may look good for Rumple at the beginning of the curse, with Belle and Gideon at his side (I am dreading seeing him ok with Belle and Gideon being under a spell). But as the curse progresses, it will cause Gideon to turn evil and that is why he tries to kill Emma again. Then, and only then, Rumple sees he made a terrible mistake and tries to fix it. And he eventually fixes it, in one way or another. 

Sound horrible enough? Yes? Ok, because this is totally a plausible escenario by knowing A&E and all the OUAT writers treatment of Rumple’s character. So be prepared to get all of this shit. 

Yo, so I expect 7x04 to be 3-4 Rumbelle scenes with a runtime of ~12 minutes max. Probably something like this:

  • Scene 1: Gideon’s bday party, kisses, happiness, travel plans
  • Scene 2: Settling down w/ young Gideon, discussion of immortality/curse
  • Scene 3: Grown Gideon, middle-aged Belle, more curse talk
  • Scene 4: Belle’s super-old and dies in Rumple’s arms, cue tears

I’m also betting on nonsensical timey-wimey-ness, dodgy CGI backgrounds, sketchy old-age makeup on Belle, great acting, much use of the “Rumple in Love” music (possibly by the Cellos of Sorrow), and 90% of the dialogue being somehow about Rumple, but these are what you might call “gimmes.”

I’ll check out the rumbelle clips on youtube once it airs. Anybody want to add any other prognostications?