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I believe in this country. I believe in the American people. I believe that people are more good than bad. I believe tragic things happen, I think there’s evil in this world, but I think that at the end of the day, if we work hard and if we’re true to those things in us that feel true and feel right, then the world gets a little better each time. That’s what this Presidency has tried to be about, and I see that in the young people I’ve worked with. I couldn’t be prouder of them.  And so, this is not just a matter of No Drama Obama. This is what I really believe. It is true that behind closed doors I curse more than I do in public, and sometimes I get mad and frustrated like everybody else does. But, at my core, I think we’re gonna be okay. We just have to fight for it. We have to work for it. And not take it for granted. And I know that you will help us do that.
—  President Barack Obama, his final words of his last press conference as President. (x)

maybe the reason the door knocker leading to the Ravenclaw common room is a door knocker is so that if you can’t figure out the riddle, all you have to do… is use it to knock on the door… and someone will let you in

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person a seducing person b into taking a few steps back/backing them against the wall (”oh look, how did that mistletoe get right there????”) - BELLARKE OMG

A\N: Well, that was a goddamn satisfactory trailer, so as promised, have some fic y’all!!


Here is what you have to understand: Clarke did not set out to seduce Bellamy Blake.

If anything, honestly, he started it.

It happens after one too many drinks, the roof of her tongue burning from the acrid taste of tequila and Bellamy’s arm wound in his as they stumble out of the door, cursing the cold and the layer of ice frosted over the sidewalks.

The night is a bust considering they’re going home to Netflix and cold Chinese food; and he’s grousing about the conspicuous lack of kisses he got under the mistletoe this year when the words burst out of her, unwarranted.

“Look, I’ll kiss you if you’re going to make such a big deal out of it.”

That gets him to stop in his tracks, brows rising up to his hairline. “Are you— Wait, you’re volunteering?”

She rolls her eyes at that, has to work to keep her voice nonchalant. “If it gets you to shut up? Then, yeah. Definitely.”

He smirks at that, patting at her shoulder consolingly. “I knew my charm would get to you someday, Griffin. It’s okay. You can admit it, you know.”

Her skin heats at that, despite her best attempt to tamp down the small rush of excitement that bubbles up at the thought of kissing him. It’s not as if kissing her best friend is some sort of secret fantasy she harbours or anything, but Clarke will willingly admit that she has thought about it. More than once, in fact.

It doesn’t work, if the delighted laugh Bellamy gives is any indication. “Holy shit,” he says, whirling onto her. “You’re actually— you’re— you want to kiss me, don’t you?”

“No!” She yelps, mostly out of instinct. “As if, Bellamy Blake.” She blusters, folding her arms across her chest. Then, primly, “I would sooner make out with a sasquatch than you.”

Her heart sinks at the gleam in his eye, the jerk of his chin. She recognizes a challenge when she sees one, and considering who it’s coming from, she knows she’s in it for a long haul.

“Whatever you say.” He says lowly, reaching forward to brush his fingers through her hair, lingering, as she shivers, her eyes fluttering shut automatically. Then, with a distinct note of triumph in his voice, he adds, “You should shake the snow out of your hair, Princess.”

That, as far as she knows, is the beginning of the end.

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“I believe in this country. I believe in the American people. I believe that people are more good than bad. I believe tragic things happen, I think there’s evil in the world, but I think that at the end of the day, if we work hard, and if we’re true to those things in us that feel true and feel right, that the world gets a little better each time.

That’s what this presidency has tried to be about. And I see that in the young people I’ve worked with. I couldn’t be prouder of them. This is what I really believe. It is true that behind closed doors I curse more than I do publicly. And sometimes I get mad and frustrated, like everybody else does. But at my core, I think we’re going to be okay. We just have to fight for it. We have to work for it, and not take it for granted.”

- President Barack Obama during the final part of his answer to the last question of the final press conference of his presidency.

Government Property Aftermath- Alex Summers X Reader Drabble

Word Count: a lil’ under 600

Request: okay PLZ do just like a little short drabble of Alex when the love bite’s seen and the other soldiers kind of laugh at him but he’s like whatever at least I have a fiancée

Author’s Note: I’M SO SORRY I TOOK FOREVER TO GET TO THIS BUT I’VE FINALLY DONE IT. I hope it’s alright, so I hope you enjoy.

Alex was trying his damn hardest not to look back. He couldn’t make it any harder on himself than it already was. He felt like if he looked back, he’d break. Once he was down to a country road where no one could see him, his eyes finally began to let out the red hot tears that had been building since the moment he walked out the door.

He cursed to himself. He cursed at the world. It was the world’s fault that war was going on. It was the world’s fault that he had to leave the love of his life all alone and risk the chance that he would die.

The drive was a long and solitary one but he eventually made it to camp for him to check in at. His jacket didn’t dare show the marks on his neck from the previous night, so no one noticed. He had to stay there for a few hours before being forced into an aircraft that would fly him to Vietnam. That’s when he was supposed to sleep because once they were grounded, he’d immediately be sent to duty.

Soon as they landed there and exited the airship, Alex stripped his jacket. It was hot and humid so Alex preferred to wear as little as possible. He got registered, was given a uniform and sent to the barracks.

Alex had a blank expression as him and every other soldier changed into their basic military uniforms. Only once Alex was completely dressed other than lacing up his boots, he heard a few men laugh.

His eyes turned up to see three men walking his way, so he stood up. “What do you want?”

The middle man put his hands up. “C'mon we’re not causing any harm. We’re just trying to tell you, lover boy, that you got a few nice hickeys for the world to see. Did your lady give those to you?”

Alex frowned. “She’s not just ‘my lady’ she’s my fiance. I proposed to her yesterday morning.”

The men laughed and another one spoke up. “With marks like that you must’ve been her bitch.” Nearly everyone in the barrack laughed at that one and Alex fake laughed before just flat out punching the guy.

“I’d appreciate if you’d just shut up. At least I have a woman worth fighting and living for.”

The one who took the punch came up to Alex and their chests were centimeters apart, looking like either of them could throw a punch any second. That was until a whistle blew and everyone turned to see the sergeant. Alex backed off as everyone filed into a line for uniform inspection.

The sergeant would give assuring nods or correct whatever the soldier’s issue was. That was when he came to Alex. He stopped completely. “What’s your name soldier?”

Alex’s posture was as straight as possible as he looked straight ahead. “Alex Summers, sir.”

“Well Alex Summers, you better sit your ass down because the in fragments on your neck will not allow you to participate today. I’ll talk with you after everyone is dismissed.”

Alex muttered, “yes sir,” before the sergeant continued down the line. After everyone was dismissed, Alex was asked to give the sergeant your number and he listened as the sergeant scolded you.

He sighed. God, he really did love you and hoped you’d get the chance to do it again.

Edmund x reader: The Spare Room

*Set in the Golden Age*

You kicked the door trapping you inside, causing the hinges to shake. “God dammit.” You muttered under your breath, leaning against the door in defeat.

“It’s not that bad. Someone’s bound to come looking for us eventually.” Edmund said reassuringly, though he sounded a little unconvinced. You sighed.

You, a lady of Narnia, and King Edmund were trapped in one of Cair Paravel’s many spare rooms. The two of you only wanted to explore a little, seeing as you had lived here for many years and had never gotten the chance to look around very much. Curse you and your curiosity. And curse self-locking doors.

“Ed, the reason we chose today to explore is because everyone else in the castle is out hunting! Even the servants and maids have a day off, for Aslan’s sake. We’re destined to be stuck in this room forever.” You slid down the door to sit on the wood floor, letting out another loud sigh.

Edmund chuckled. He walked over to join you on the floor. “Well, if we are to be here all day, why don’t we find something to occupy our time?” You raised an eyebrow, urging him to continue. “Why don’t we just talk. Ramble, I mean. Like, confess things we’ve never confessed before.” You raised your other eyebrow. “Could be fun.” He added.

Your lips grew into a smile. “Okay. But on one condition: what’s said in the spare room stays in the spare room.” Edmund nodded in agreement.

You cleared your throat dramatically. “Okay. I’ll start. So once when I was around 6 or 7 years old, I was playing with some toy I absolutely adored. I was on a stage-like thing that required stairs to get to the top. My friend at the time, Emilee, came to play with the toy. I, being the defensive, evil, conniving 6 year old I was, decided that I didn’t want Emilee to play too, so I pushed her down the stairs.“

Edmund burst out into laughter beside you. You rolled your eyes and leaned into the wardrobe next to the door. “She broke her arm, you know. It’s not that funny.” Upon hearing this, Edmund just laughed harder. “You, Y/n, were quite a demented child.”

You grinned and nodded in agreement. “What about you? I’m sure you have some questionable stories yourself, Mr. High and Mighty Pevensie.” Edmund smiled a little. “Well…” He began, biting his lip slightly.

“Oh, come on! I just told you my story! You have to tell one too.” Edmund shook his head, a smirk creeping onto his lips. His lips…his perfect, smooth-you were getting distracted. “I don’t have a story, but i do have a confession.” You gave him a puzzled look.

“What’s said in the spare room stays in the spare room, right?” He asked. You nodded slowly. “Okay. Well, I hope you don’t hate me after this, seeing as we’re probably going to be trapped in here for a while, but-” Edmund stopped mid-sentence as he adjusted himself slightly.

He never got this nervous.

Suddenly, his lips were on yours and you forgot everything else that was going through your mind. This was happening. It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a joke. It was happening, and Edmund was kissing you.

It took you a second to come back to earth before you kissed him back, but when you did, your arms were around his neck and his were clutching your waist. You broke the kiss at the same time, both of you leaning in for more simultaneously.

“Thanks for not attacking me.” Edmund said through heavy breaths. You smiled.

“You know, if you wanted some privacy, you could have just gone up to Ed’s chambers. We wouldn’t have disturbed you.”

Both of you froze. Edmund’s ears turned bright red as he heard the sound of his brother’s voice from outside the door. You heard Lucy giggling.

“I’m going to kill him.” Edmund said through gritted teeth. “I am going to kill him, Y/n.” You rolled your eyes and pecked him on the lips. “You can kill him later. I like you too much now.”

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#28 for either Washette or Benwash

knocking on the wrong door au, curses, again it’s 200, not 100 but I made myself laugh, so whatever. 


You hope that your best friend only gets married once, so when you throw them a bachelorette you don’t skimp on tradition. At least that’s what Ben tells himself when he hires a stripper for Anna’s bachelorette.

The stripper agreed to come around midnight so when there’s a knock at the door at ten til, Ben knows exactly who will be on the other side.

Or at least he thinks he does. He throws open the door, sees broad shoulders in a blue shirt and a  hat, he’s ready. “Uh oh,” he announces with a level of extroversion made possible only by entirely too many glasses of champagne. “Looks like Officer Hot Stuff is here for someone!”

When the expected cat calls from the other guests do not come, however, and Anna looks like a deer caught in the headlights but not in a good way. Ben looks back to the person at the doorstep and realizes he’s made a slight miscalculation.

The very-obviously-real-and-not-at-all-a-stripper-but-still-technically-hot policeman clears his throat. “It’s Washington, actually.” Ben can feel basically all of the blood in his body rushing to his cheeks. “And unless someone called about a suspicious car in the street, I think I might have the wrong address.”

What a gentleman (Suga Scenario)

Idol: Suga (from Bts)

Type: Idk lol this is a weird kind of fluff.

Word count: 1280

A/N: This one is for my beloved friend @withnosuchgrace, I promised you this like ages ago but I’m glad it’s finally done. I really hope you like it, I figured our writing styles are different so I tried to do something a lil different than I usually do. I wish it worked lol. Enjoy.

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It was such a cold and dark night. You couldn’t say it was raining because it wasn’t, it was the fucking universal flood itself. Which made even better the fact that you had forgotten your umbrella at home. As you walked out of the supermarket with no bags you were looking for a dry path to get to your car just to confirm there was none. 

You took a deep breath and started running under the rain. When you were finally in front of the car door you cursed for not looking for your keys before leaving your dry spot at the super. You checked your purse and your pockets a million times but they were not there. You cursed once more and hit your car window which made you curious to look inside. You hit it again when you found out you had left your keys inside.

At the exact moment you were going to call your insurence service for some help to get out of that mess you saw a slim figure walking lazily towards you. It got your full attention immediately when you saw whoever it was had no umbrella and no jacket either, even more soaked than you were.

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fucking door. zian cursed loudly at the wooden frame before moving ahead, having rammed his knee on the foot of the door. he had been seeking shelter from the hailing snow, but with a filled backpack and a coat which was clearly much too large for him it proved difficult to even move. what more with snow blocking his every path and obstructing his sight with every step. he stepped in, whole body looking like the snow decided to take a dump on him, while some ungraciously fell on the ground the moment he shifted. zian closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, trying not to lose his temper because it’s just the goddamn weather it’s not like he can shoot the sky and it’ll stop and also because he doesn’t want to get in trouble with his members for randomly shooting at things, not again. especially not when he just came back. after clearing his thoughts, or rather, letting the rational side of him take over he opens his eyes again, taking in his surroundings, it wasn’t long before he spots a familiar face, but the silent side of him kicks in and he stops himself from saying his greetings. what was he to say anyways ?fancy meeting you here ‘ ? too clichéd. ‘ what are you doing here? but it’s not as if he cares. unconsciously his brows furrow together as he thinks of the reasonable thing to say, not realizing that the other had probably noticed him.

Larry pushed his palm against a huge, round door that stood taller than him. His claws made a tapping noise as they hit the dark brown wood of the door. The wood looked old and had a gray tint to it, making it look like something out of one of those fairytales. There were scruffy, gold engravings on the immense door, and one of them displayed a large, cursive “K” in the middle of the door. Smaller writing remained below the “K” and read “Kamek’s Library”. It took the young Koopa a few moments to realize that the door was a “pull” door and not a “push” door. He muttered to himself, most likely cursing at the door’s existence, and grabbed the circular handle with one of his hands. He grunted and pulled with all of his might until the door finally groaned loudly as it opened just enough for Larry to slip through. As he entered the room, a swishing noise could be heard from his other clawed hand. When he had finally found a comfortable standing position in the large room, his eyes were wide in shock at how dimly lit the place was.

“How are ya supposed to read in a place like this?” Larry said to himself under his breath as he walked forward, slowly. His eyes darted all around the place and he noticed the towering shelves of books and the abundant piles of encyclopedias, dictionaries, spell books, and other mysterious literary work lying everywhere. The sound of books slamming and flipping interrupted the curious Koopa’s investigation, and he was drawn to the noise. As he got closer, he saw the Magikoopa’s back turned to him.

Is this what he does all day? Larry thought as he made a face. Jeez… Lame!

“Hey, Kamek?” Larry’s voice broke the peace of the room like glass being thrown onto the floor.

“What’s this?” The youngest of the seven Koopalings held up the hand he had been holding down. In his hand was a potion vial with a purple, fizzy liquid. The glass of the vial looked very cloudy and the strange liquid was kept in the bottle with a large cork.

“Are you sure you want that tattooed there?” - Calum


In Calum’s p.o.v.

I could feel my eyelids drooping as the music in the background changed to a slower song. No one has come into my shop for a couple hours, and I’m tempted to lock up. The guys had me out partying late the night before, and I didn’t get any sleep.

Glancing at the clock, it read 3:54 in the morning. What I wouldn’t do to be asleep right now.

I started to clean up my tools when I heard the jingle above the door chime. Cursing to myself, I glanced over my shoulder. A lady with a goofy grin on her face stumbled into the waiting area. With my eyebrows scrunched together, I walked over to the front desk.

“Hi ma’am… can I help you?” She peeled her eyes off the artwork around the shop and locked eyes on me. She nodded her head lazily. “I want a tattoo.” She placed her hands on the counter to balance herself, and I nodded my head slowly.

She’s drunk.

It’s not that I haven’t dealt with drunk people before. Because I have. Usually, I can’t get them to change their minds about the choice they are making. But staring at the woman in front of me, I knew I couldn’t be the one to tat her body.

From first glance, she has no other piercings or tattoos. And not to stereotype, but she doesn’t seem like the kind of person to want any.

“What kind of tattoo do you want?” I lead her to the couch beside the tattoo station. Usually family members or friends wait here while the tat is being done.

“I want a butterfly… or a mermaid.” She continued to look at all the artwork plastered around the shop. She would mumble a couple words here or there, while mentioning ones she found particularly good. I had about seventeen answers over the next couple minutes.

“Alright, where would you like this tattoo?” I bit my lip. She was really drunk. She barely knew her name when I asked her. 

She pointed to a spot on her arm, and then scrunched in her eyebrows. “Actually, I want one on my chest…” Over the next couple minutes, she was convinced she wanted a butterfly directly underneath her breasts.

I let out a breath. “Are you sure you want that tattooed there?” It was kind of like I was dealing with a little kid. She had totally regressed with each drink she had.

She nodded her head excitedly. “I like butterflies.” A small smile appeared on my face. There was no way she was getting a tattoo tonight. I went to the back closet of the shop, and pulled down a blanket from the shelf. She can use one of the pillows on the couch.

Luckily, I’ve spent one too many nights sleeping in the shop. So I had food, and blankets.

I walked back over to her, and draped the blanket on top of her. Her focus went from a sketch on the wall to the softness of the blanket.

I swear I won’t ever forget the smile on her face in that moment.

She curled up into a small ball with the blanket wrapped around her. She looked so cute. She denied any tea, but I managed to get her to drink some water. She’ll thank me for that in the morning.

I placed some water and medicine on the table beside her, and chuckled as I heard her soft snores.

I was drinking some tea and scrolling on my phone when I heard soft footsteps walk into the room. Looking up, I made eye contact with the lady from last night.

She was squinting slightly from the light, but otherwise she looked presentable. Her hair was a tad messy.

She bit her lip looking around the shop. “Did I- did I get a tattoo? I tried looking but I couldn’t tell…” She looked at me expectantly, but also had a shy vibe to her.

“No, I did not give you a tattoo.” She nodded her head and let out a sigh of relief. “Then may I ask why I am here?”

I set my phone aside, and stood up. “You came in around four in the morning asking for a butterfly on your breasts”. I smiled slightly trying to get her to feel at ease. “You were intoxicated… a lot. And I figured if you still wanted the tattoo in the morning, I’d give it to you.”

She nodded her head at the story. “No, I don’t want it.” She laughed, bringing a smile to my face. “Follow up question.” I nodded my head. “Why am I still here? I guess… why did you let me sleep on your couch.”

“You could barely tell me your name. I didn’t want to search for your phone, so I pulled out some blankets, and you fell asleep. I gave you water, and offered food. I promise nothing happened. I was just worried to send you on your way because you came in alone.”

Her cheeks were a tad red, but she nodded her head. “And what’s your name?” She smiled shyly at me. “My name is Calum.” “Well Calum, I really must thank you then.” I smiled at her then. She writes something down on a piece of paper.

“I swear I’m not like that normally. I would really like to talk again, but I know you’ll have customers soon. Call me?” I could feel my cheeks heat up slightly, and I nodded my head.

She handed me the piece of paper, and kissed my cheek. “Seriously though, that has to be one of the sweetest things. Thank you for keeping me safe.”

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Surprise Behind Door Number 1

Request: could you write a Jily imagine? idk, I just find Jily adorable. Like, maybe when they first kissed for something?

Warnings: Semi-angry James, light cursing


James threw the door to his room open and slammed it behind him. He immediately turned around, laying his hands on the door as if he could stifle the sound, regretting slamming it. He jerked around, throwing himself onto his bed. He rolled onto his back and sighed heavily.

How could he let his seventh year go like this? It was only a few weeks in and he had already gotten his third detention. “I bet that Snape kid told on me. It’s not my fault it was hilarious when he tripped.. I mean, granted it was my bag he tripped on.. But that doesn’t mean it was actually him that pushed it in front of him!” James thought to himself. He had a Quidditch match the same night as his detention. “How could they do this to him?”

Just as James was about to get up and go to dinner, Remus walked in.

“Hey mate, what’s got you in such a twist?” Remus asked, walking in and taking a seat on the chair seated in the corner.

As James continued to explain his situation, he became more and more angry. Remus kept reminding him to take some deep breathes, telling him that there were going to be tons of Quidditch matches he could make it up in.

“Damn it Remus..” James sighed, looking down at his shoes. “I was going to have Lily come and watch.. She was going to cheer me on and I was finally gonna make my move after we won..”

Remus laughed, rolling his eyes. “Prongs, listen to me. You’ve got plenty of moves to do the tongue dance with Evans!

James chuckled, shaking his head. “No, I want it to be better than that. No tongue dancing, whatever the hell that means. I want it to be special, Remus! It’s important. We’ve only been dating for a couple weeks.. I can’t mess this up. I’ve loved this woman since the moment I layed eyes on her.”

Remus smiled, folding his arms in front of him. He moved over, leaning on the wall next to the door, tapping it with his wand, causing the door to fly open.

James looked over to see Lily standing outside of his doorway. He quickly sat up, fixing his hair and straightening his tie.

“Oh! Um, hey Lily! I… How long have you.. What all did you hear of that?” James stuttered, shaking his head, shocked at how flustered he was. He’d never been this open with a girl.

Lily giggled, smiling over at Remus, nodding to the door, signaling for him to leave.

“I heard enough, James. Your friends are the worst at keeping your bloody secrets.” Lily closed the door as Remus left.

“I can explain!” James said, standing up, walking over to Lily. “I never meant to get in trouble and miss the Quid-”

James was cut off by Lily bringing him close. She brought her soft, sweet lips to his, running her hands down his spine.

The man, who had this whole moment planned, became putty in her hands. He melted as her hands ran down his spine, her lips causing fireworks to go off in his heart. He had never felt so… blissful as he had in that moment.

It took him a good ten seconds to collect himself as she pulled away. He didn’t plan on her having to kiss him. He had everything planned out. He would take her to the Quidditch match, and after they won, he would sweep her out onto the grass and wrap his scarf around her and pull her in for a kiss as he dipped her.

He smiled down at her, unable to form any words to explain his feelings in the moment.

Lily rolled her eyes and adjusted his glasses, which had been crooked since she kissed him. She opened the door, stepping one foot out.

“That’s a better first kiss than anyone could have planned, James.” She flashed him a smile, a smile he had seen a billion times, and was gone in a blink of an eye.

James sat on his bed for a while, reliving the moment in his head hundreds of times.

“Lily Evans kissed me…”

@starscxurge paid an unexpected visit

Three quick raps on the door echoed throughout the practically empty household, startling Talcott who ended up hitting Iris’ chin with his head. The young Amicitia would have gotten mad at him had it not been for her sore jaw, and the feelings of suspicion and worry slowly blooming in her chest. Who the hell takes a hike up the hill to their residence this late?

“Go to your room,” she muttered through gritted teeth while hoisting the boy off her lap and then ushering him to hurry up the stairs. Worry turned into dread when she finally stood up from the kitchen table to make her way to the door, silently cursing both of her caretakers for choosing to run their errands at this hour. Both Crownsguards, as well as Cor, had keys and wouldn’t have bothered knocking so Iris knew she’d be dealing with a stranger.

One hand tentatively settled on the doorknob and another unsaid curse went out to Dustin for procrastinating on installing that doorviewer. Iris then cleared her throat. “Who is it?”