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Joliet the Doll with a Haunting Curse

Joliet has belonged to more than four generations of one family, for over a century. The doll comes with a terrible curse, yet the family does not dare part with it.

It is said the doll holds four souls, but that the number will inevitably grow, as the doll is passed from mother to daughter.

Can you think of any reasons why you would keep a object in your possession, that causes you pain to look at, that is haunted and that is a constant reminder of painful events in your past?

Anna G. (she has chosen to remain largely anonymous) has just such an object in her possession. It is a century old doll that has been given the name ‘Joliet’. At night, the doll is said to give out the piercing cries of different babies, all male, sometimes singly, sometimes all at the same time.

Anna knows the names of all four of the souls that are said to inhabit the doll, and it is this knowledge, known to four generations of mothers and daughters, that keeps the haunted doll in their possession.

The doll is not only haunted, but is cursed.

Four generations ago Anna’s great grandmother received Joliet as a present from a family friend. At the time she was pregnant with her second child, and received it as a pregnancy gift.

What was not known at the time was the friend who gave her the present was jealous. It is not known exactly why the friend was jealous, just that she was. The doll, given out of this bitterness was cursed, and tragic events took place within the family.

Anna’s great grandmother gave birth to a healthy boy, and could not know that death lay just around the corner. On the third day, her newborn son’s life was lost, to a sudden and mysterious illness. This same tragedy would unfold for at least four generations.

Each woman in the family would have two children, a son and a daughter, but the son would pass away three days after they were born.

Soon after her sons death, Anna’s Great Grandmother started to experience the haunting that emanated from the doll Joliet. A babies wailing cry could be heard late in the night, and she knew it was that of her deceased child. Although each cry brought back the memories of her son’s sudden death, and the mourning that followed the tragedy, she could not get rid of the doll.

She knew that somehow her son was trapped within, and that she should protect him. Who knows what would happen if the doll broke?

The doll passed into the hands of Anna’s grandmother, when she became an adult. She knew of her brother’s early death, and the story that he was trapped inside Joliet. What she did not know was that the same exact tragedy would strike her own child.

She had two children, a son and a daughter. Once again the son died at an early age, and his crying voice was added to the doll.

The cycle would repeat again and again until today, with Anna being the current owner of the doll. She has a daughter but lost her son at three days. Anna says her son’s cries have been added to that of the other three boys.

Each member of the cursed family has cared for the doll like they would have cared for their own sons’, should they have lived. Aside from the fact of losing her son, the worst part of the curse is that her daughter too will lose a son, as the cycle continues.

Anna will not risk losing the doll, even though four generations of pain for lost children are a constant reminder. She says the cries can be heard quite clearly.

The hardest part of the curse is that the owner of Joliet carries the even heavier burden of no one believing them, for they are the only ones who can hear their child and the other children’s cries.

How long can a curse like this continue?
Darkness Hex

Do not use this spell unless your intention is to cause complete havoc. There is no reversing the spell, so make sure that this is a last resort, and you will not regret doing it later.

When you begin this spell, think about all the pain and suffering this person has caused you (or someone close to you). Visualize chaos attacking them from all sides.


  • You will need a 9″ piece of black yarn.

Tie 3 separate knots as you chant the following:

“With this knot I seal this hex
you will not sleep, you will
not eat,
you will not rest
dark knots of anger, dark
knots of hate
This black cord with knots
brings you your fate
As I tie this second knot this
makes two
As complete black darkness
falls over you
Slander, chaos, evil too
I send the darkness straight
onto you
With this third knot, yes I bind
Complete horror and chaos
into your mind
Hex of anger, hex of hate
I will not wait.
I have spoken it and
so it shall be.
I have spoken it and
so mote it be!”

Douglas Hensley, A Book Of Magic Spells And Hexes