No YOU Shut Up! [a curse for verbal abusers]

So this is the curse I laid the other week with surprising success, given I didn’t know the target’s name or have a personal connection - aside from the shaking fits of rage and guilt and frustration he was so kind as to inspire directly on the street. What I would take away from this (opinion-time klaxon, WEEE-ooooo WEE-ooooo) is that it’s not the words or the individual ingredients or the finer points of the spellwork that look & sound magical that does the work. You do the work. What you put into it, you get out.

The really vital stuff to put into curses like these, ones that are cast “from a distance” as in not tied materially to a target, are A) a shit-ton of the reactions and intents the targets have provoked in you, and 2) who-what-when-where details to help your curse find the right person. If you are comfortable with the local land-wights / city spirit(s), it may also help a lot to place the curse container / vessel / object in a spot near to where the triggering event occurred or where you know the target frequents. Make sure it’s out of the way where it won’t be disturbed or endanger local animals. The neighborhood where my curse was laid was deeply sympathetic, and that really helped it along. So without further ado…

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jars jars jars

I have had a productive evening of Putting Things in Jars

My black salt mix, for which I made WAY too much of the ash… oh who am I kidding there is no such thing as too much burning.

And this one is a triple-whammy spell aimed at two, for Velia ;3 Fun to make, pretty to look at (for now…let’s see what happens when that milk in the paint starts to curdle)

and it is well past sleeptime, I’m bed. nite nite tumbls