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When you censor Wade's cursing, how come you use $ instead of £? I assume as a British person it would be easier to use the latter.

I wanted to make it legible for the yanks, the last thing I want is for you guys to ask for translations. Also: 

He’s Hurt: Tom Holland x POC Actress, part 2

I got a lot of requests to continue this. So here we go:

Warnings: Angst, Cursing, Sadness, Terrible Medical Knowledge (by me of course) and other stuff…

Masterlist (Part 1 can be found there)

“I can’t feel my legs!” He started screaming. His mom pressed the button to get the Doctor’s attention. “Honey calm down.” His mom said. “Why the fuck can’t I feel my legs?”

The doctor came in and hstarted to curse her out, “You bitch! What did you do to me.”

Dr. Callaway kept calm, she had been called far worse things than this. “Mr. Holland, I’m so glad to see that you are awake.”

“Bullshit. What happened to my legs?” Tears stained his face and his voice cracked. “When you landed on your back, it knocked a spinal plate out of alignment.” (AGAIN I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. JUST GO ALONG WITH IT!)

“You have temporary paralysis.” You shook your head and wiped the tears from your face. “Although this is temporary, we have no idea when exactly you will be able to walk. With intense physical therapy you could make a speedy recovery.”

Tom closed his eyes, “This isn’t real. This is a bloody nightmare.” He squeezed your hand. “Mr. Holland, you can’t move your neck like that. You’re only going to make your condition worse.” Dr. Callaway said, adjusting his neck brace. 

“Dr. Callaway can we speak with you outside?” Mrs. Holland asked. The doctor nodded and his parents followed. 

“How am I going to be Spider-man?” He cried. You had no words, all you could do is watch as your fiance’s heart broke. You kissed his forehead and wiped the tears from his eyes. 

You opened the door and pushed Tom through the living room. When he realized that he had to be in a wheelchair he lost it. At one point they had to sedate him because he was in such hysteria. 

He looked different now. The light from his chocolate eyes had vanished, his hair was messy, he looked gray, and hardly talked-when he did he shouted. 

When the media got a hold of it, they went ballistic. His fans sent flowers and gifts by the dozens. They even sent stuff to the theater for you to give to him. Celebrities would stop by New York just to visit, but he didn’t want to talk. He was empty, he was hurt, he wasn’t himself. 

The first night was hell, you tried to help him bathe. “I can do it myself.” He grumbled. “Honey, you could hurt yourself.”

“I SAID I CAN DO IT MYSELF. NOW PISS OFF!” He screamed. Your heart shattered and you nodded. You listened outside of the bathroom door as he cried in the tub. 

He struggled to do the simple things, and almost hurt himself every time. His hair was growing longer, you offered to hire someone to come and do it but he said no. “I could do it.” You whispered. He scoffed, “You?Yeah right.” He rolled away from you back into the bedroom. 

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Please don’t bully and harass people in any fandom on anon or off anon. It just isn’t classy and it isn’t good form. You might disagree with people within your own fandom. You have to honestly understand that not everyone will see eye to eye with you. It is still no cause to send anyone hate or to harass them. It is our differences that make us all beautiful and unique, instead of bland photo-copies of each other. Greet everyone with an open mind. 

Things I’m good at helping with:

  • Math homework
  • Ghost haunting / curses placed upon you by angry spirits after you go to a graveyard
  • Bipolar, anxiety, and sleep disorder advice
  • Writing an unbiased research paper
  • Venting / Ranting

Things I’m NOT good at helping with:

  • Relationship advice
  • Romance
  • How to deal with emotions without just dismissing all emotions
  • Anything relating to physical health
  • That includes exercise
  • Especially exercise
  • Don’t ever expect me to exercise 
  • Even if you think it’s “just a one hour walk” 
  • Actually if you refer to one hour walks as “just one hour walks” then we probably shouldn’t be friends
  • God I hate exercise
  • Where was I going with this again

My thoughts on OUAT “Wish You Were Here.”

So, I saw lots of the hate and derision on my dash last night, and when I found time to watch it this afternoon I went in with the lowest of low expectations. And I discovered that I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it, but it wasn’t deserving of the damnation it was getting around here.

Yes, the writing was lackluster, but I’ve come to expect that over the past two seasons. I’m here more for the way these great actors elevate the mediocre material that they are given to work with rather than the writing, and this episode was no different.

I think part of the problem, as usual, was pre-episode promotion which implied this was “the no-curse AU you’ve all been waiting for.” But - it wasn’t? There was nothing in the canon of the episode to imply this was a legit no-curse AU. Rather, the canon made it pretty clear that this was a wish-fulfillment fantasy gone wrong. The inherent fallibility of wish-magic was further reinforced by the ineffective results of David’s wish against the Evil Queen.

Emma grew up with the image of classic Disney princesses as part of her childhood socialization (Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty), and given that internalization it makes sense for the wish-magic to latch onto that stereotype when it created a no-curse/no-savior wish-fulfillment fantasy for Emma. She became the classic Disney princess who was naive and gentle and relied on others to save her from danger. That is not who Emma would have been in a legit AU.

As Emma said, the fighting and pain shaped her. And in a legit AU she would have faced her own enemies and pain and struggles as she matured, and she would have gotten over the naive-princess phase in her early teens and grown into the same kind of strong woman as her mother. But since this was wish-fulfillment, it created a life devoid of pain or struggle. The only implied pain was the death of Neal, but honestly my interpretation of that is that even in a fantasy life Emma still didn’t want to be with Neal, but did want to be with Henry, hence the “dear departed husband” bit.

And I’ve seen folks lamenting that Emma thanked Regina for the curse/for killing her parents - but that never actually happened? Emma thanked Regina for waking her back up to reality, but immediately criticized her from getting so dark in the process. And she pointed out that the fantasy version of herself sucked and she preferred the version shaped by fighting and pain. But that is not the same thing as thanking Regina for hurting her. It’s just an honest expression of the self-love she’s finally developed after so many years of thinking poorly of herself. She no longer wants a childish fantasy - she is happy as the women she truly is.

But I do agree that the gratuitous heart-crushing in front of a weeping Emma scene left a bad taste in my mouth, and Emma waking up just in time to save Regina’s life felt like fan-service to a certain group of shippers. And the Storybrooke scenes were very blah.

So no, the episode was not great writing. But it wasn’t the character assassination that other folks are claiming, either. I think they wanted this to be a genuine no-curse AU so much that they are mentally reacting as if it was. But it wasn’t. It was a fantasy brought to life. A fantasy that Emma rejected as “sucking” because it’s the fantasy of the little girl she once was, rather than the woman she has become.

Anyway, that’s my unpopular opinion of the day. (But the ep has only added weight to my Blue Fairy/Black Fairy as Jekyll and Hyde alter egos theory. Blue is still so shady.)

The Flowers Of Her Name

Hetalia: Axis Powers | (nyo!)Lithuania/Poland |  words | T | 6588 | Poland and Lithuania’s friendship grow throughout the years, until one night…

(Honestly I thought that trying to write something lighter would be easier but turns out that it’s not. Writing one shots for me is hard especially because I have this obsession of researching about everything I write about but this time I decided to be more self indulgent and write something sweet.
And this is the reason why I avoid writing romantic stuff.

I’ve tried to include canon moments but written with the perspective of nyo!Lithuania. I hope you all like it!

Btw I think I’ve only seen one fic starring Poland and nyo!Lithuania since I can remember. Well make it two now. I can’t see something rare I have to write about it. And LietPol is one of my weaknesses so here you go. Now I retreat to my slumber lest you all curse my name for this fic.)

A flower’s name for such an untamed wolf girl who had left her homeland for quite a while.
Her homeland filled with deep forests, dark earth, the lonely coasts of the Baltic Sea and the shimmering eyes of her kin glowing in the night, their symphony echoing in the wind.
She, a wildling since she had been born, with her pale countenance, glossy nut-brown curls carefully braided along her shoulder and those unnaturally light coloured eyes who won a cold gleam in the moonlight.

Those with wolf eyes have also a wolf’s heart.

And Rūta for a name, how could ever be a more fitting name for her, Lithuania?
The rue is a crest for grief and maidenhood, the forests have maintained her virtue untouched but sorrow had chased her from the moment she left her home.

The times were changing, now more than ever she would need to bare her teeth and defend her home from the invaders. Those white ghosts armed with swords and fire while holding a black cross on their chests.
Oh she was a wild thing alright, she would go to the battlefield ready to spill the blood of her adversaries, she would attack from the shadows as an unmerciful wraith.
Lithuania was an iron wolf in the shape of a woman, her teeth were her long sword, her howls her battle cries and her indomitable spirit was as resilient as the purest iron.  

But it proved to not be enough, Europe on the 15th century had transformed itself onto a game of conquests and she, although had grown stronger, could not keep up with the tide.

Lithuania remembered so vividly when she was called by her grand-duke after a particular shameful defeat against those white ghosts, so called the Teutonic Knights.
She bowed her head and glued her eyes on the ground, cheeks burning in shame and humiliation for presenting herself in such pitiful condition.
He had decided to marry, the grand-duke had announced. Such news made her snap her head back up in shock, it seemed that he was determined to go forth with that idea.
Lithuania did not said anything on the moment but her expression had told everything the grand-duke needed to know.
It was perfectly normal for her to be reluctant, but she had to keep in mind certain aspects of geopolitical strategies.
To the north there was Denmark, the Teutonic Knights whose power was growing even larger as she was well aware of not to mention the Ottoman Empire and their cries of war that could be heard throughout all Europe.

I am not going to stand idle while you come out looking like that after every single battle Rūta.”

I… I’m doing what I can sir.”

Be that as it may, an alliance is in order. You can’t keep fighting all by yourself.”

And there she went, off to the country of marriage to set an alliance with the commander of the Eastern Europe, that man whom she had heard about several times before but not paid particular attention.
Poland was handful or so the word went, almost impossible to describe with accuracy. Golden hair, intense green eyes and an affinity to behave in the most unorthodox manners anyone could expect.

“Don’t underestimate him.” – her grand-duke had warned her.

Lithuania wouldn’t dream of doing such thing, anyone who was known as commander of the Eastern Europe was certainly a force to be reckoned with. And she, the wolf girl, in a sense was now set to marry him.
But no, nothing could have ever prepared her for that meeting on that fateful morning.

Rūta had entered on the large throne room accompanied by a young polish soldier and her grand-duke right next to her. All the admiration she held for him increased exponentially while they walked for what it seemed an eternity from the entrance door to the middle of the room.
It was wonderful how he managed to remain so calm and collected on such crucial moment unlike her who kept her gaze on the ground, too nervous to look to what was ahead of her.

Then a voice echoed on the room, more joyful than she was expecting and yet with a hint of impishness in it and as she rose her eyes to finally meet his amused smile, Rūta felt herself freeze. As handsome as his features were it was indeed the intensity of his eyes that caused the greatest impression on her.

He wasn’t good news, she couldn’t let her guard down.

The nonchalance and casualty that Poland introduced himself was a bait, Rūta was sure of it as he was immensely diverted with her nervousness. And as such, she bared her teeth again as any wolf would do.

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Curse you all making me want to go back and watch all of AHL. I have finals to study for!

DONT DO ITTTT LOL rewatch when they’re over fam

reward 👏🏻 urself 👏🏻  (but only after u ace ur exams)

An Early Christmas Gift

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Mistletoe
Word Count: 
Christmas shenanigans, fluff.
Rating: All Ages

An Early Christmas Gift

You curse as the step stool you’re standing on wobbles, nearly throwing you off as you work on hanging a strand of brightly colored lights across the archway to the cafeteria in preparation for the USS Enterprise’s annual Christmas bash. Usually the party is held on the ground, but this year the crew is under orders to stay in orbit and so the captain has asked you to help brighten the ship up a little bit.  Along with a handful of other crew members, you’re currently working on doing just that before tonight’s party.

Securing the end of the strand into place you move to get down from the stool but your foot misses the middle step. Your arms flail wildly and you screech in fright as you topple backward, knowing just how badly the landing is going to hurt.  It’s your absolute conviction that you’re about to break yourself that has you utterly shocked when, a split second later, a pair of strong arms encircles your waist and instead of hitting the floor, you crash land against something living and breathing.

Clinging to the arms that caught you, you find your footing on the floor and straighten up, your cheeks flaming with embarrassment at your little debacle.  You spin around on your heel, straightening your dress into place as you come face to face with the ship’s chief medical officer.

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So, I’ve seen a TON of negativity since last night in regards to Emma in the AU.

I’m wondering if people are forgetting that this AU is specifically a “what if Emma was never the savior” situation, not just “what if Emma had grown up in the enchanted forest” au? This is specifically a spin on the Emma!Enchanted Forest au everyone naturally goes to, with parts of what makes Emma Emma taken out. Kinda along the first curse, if you think about it. I know we all had a lot of expectations going into this, and this is definitely not what I had in mind, but I didn’t mind it?

I think everyone is in the mindset this is what Emma would have been like had the curse never happened, but it’s not supposed to be that at all. She didn’t wish specifically for the curse to have never happened, she wished to have never been the Savior. The Evil Queen knew this would come with repercussions and that Emma wouldn’t be, well, Emma.

Emma in this au grew up in a world where there was no strife, and instead, there was complete peace. Their two biggest threats had been taken out before Emma was born. She didn’t have all of the experiences she had growing up in our world to shape her into someone who had little trust, needed to know street skills to get on, and was generally a badass. Snow and Charming still experienced all of the heartache and pain in their past that we know of (ie: david losing his father, snow having to hide from the queen and live in the forest, always being separated from each other, trying to take their kingdom back, etc) and I am sure they wanted their daughter to grow up without the worries they had in their youth. They wanted her to be happy and without worry of evil lurking around every corner, to have what they never had.

This Emma was cursed. This is not the Emma Swan we know. That was the point. The Evil Queen didn’t want Emma to be this badass person she has always been who was figuring out ways to defeat her, she wanted her out of her way in a world where there wasn’t a chance she could get back to save the day. And she got her wish. Emma was cursed to not be the badass savior we know, instead she was a princess who grew up in a kingdom of peace and rest where she could roam about the forest freely, humming and picking flowers, without fear of being harmed. So when the time came for the FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE in this au where her parents lives were being threatened right before her by an evil villain, she didn’t have the skills of the savior to rely on or the experience in her life of being confronted like this to react other than the way she did. It made sense, if you honestly think about it. And, let’s be honest, she was still brave in that moment marching straight up to the evil queen’s lair. Like, dang, that had to have taken some courage! There is still part of the Emma we know and love in there.

All that said, I’m still waiting for my “emma grew up in the enchanted forest with her savior status still in check” au. And remember angry cs folks (i love you), Hook IS coming in the next episode in the au and remember what Eddy has said about Emma and Hook!au’s meeting: “What I can tell you is that is 100 percent my favorite moment of the spring premiere and that’s all I’ll say. And it’s one of my top ten favorite moments of the series.” So, don’t lose hope! I thought soft pure light-hearted Emma was cute, but it does make you appreciate everything she went through in the world to shape who she is today. :)

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the salty af munday meme || @wovvee

❀ What has made you completely lose your chill?

I wouldn’t say I completely lost my chill, but there was this one occurrence a couple of months ago. There was this roleplayer who I was not in a mutual follow with, but they would send in questions and memes for Millie and I really didn’t think too much about it. A minor part of Millie’s character is that she has a tendency to swear from time to time, it kind of comes with the territory of being raised by a supervillain. In one answer to a meme they sent in, Millie cursed, and you would’ve thought she’d just slaughtered a newborn baby in front of them. They made such a huge deal over an eleven-year-old swearing, but continued to nag about it through IC asks. They didn’t bother to come to me, Mun-to-Mun and ask if I’d be willing to either tag it or refrain from Millie swearing in answers to them, both of which I would have been more than willing to do.

Then they sent in an ask saying (and I’m paraphrasing here because I don’t really feel like digging it up) “This is not the Millie from the movie I grew up with. If you don’t change her behavior, I will not continue to interact with her” and then it all clicked. They thought I was roleplaying Olivia from The Great Mouse Detective. They hadn’t read a goddamn thing about my character or my blog, they had just completely ignored everything I was posting, even ignoring the fact that the character’s fucking name was different! (Really, how can you say I’m ruining a movie you grew up with when you don’t even know the name of one of the main characters?) Millie was/is constantly referring to having a cell phone or having a taser, something that Olivia would not have access to, or referring to being adopted, something that Olivia was not. Way to prove that you’re actually reading my responses. On top of that, they thought that they could get me to change the way I was writing a character of my own flipping creation because they didn’t like the fact that she swore. I called them out on it, and they immediately did a 180, being all “Oh I’m so sorry I should have known I’m so stupid blahblahblah,” posting pictures/gifs of people crying/being upset and tagging me in them (???) to try and apologize, kind of trying to play the victim. I barely managed to be civil about it, but it still makes me angry just to think about it.

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Damnnnnn tht shit about perfectionism/fear is so spot-on like ouchh. I consistently choose to failure over not getting something done perfectly. I cannot even tell you how much schoolwork Ive opted getting a 0 on bc I didnt have the time to bring it up to my standards. Its something Im working on but i hate the self-destructive tendencies bc it inevitably affects the ppl around me. I may look smart but Im fucking stupid when it comes to fear... i let it win all the time.

Yeah that’s the Virgo curse, but you’re working on it and that’s what matters