This year is just great for Potterheads, honestly. Daniel Radcliffe is in Imperium, Matthew Lewis was in Me Before You, Tom Felton joined The Flash, Emma Watson got the role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script came out, as did the play. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is being released in November and we got the date of the sequel. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened in Hollywood, so 15-year-old Dan’s face is on every billboard in LA. I feel like I’m missing something but all I know is that I’m back on this train and I’m not going anywhere


So our campaign is only in its second day and we have majority level 1s and a small handful of veteran players with high levels.

Dm: “And the statue smiles wickedly and you five feel yourselves getting…younger. less experienced.”

Time Rogue: “Wait….what!”

Dm OOC: You guys are back to level one. You keep your powers but they are level locked. Otherwise everyone will just let you guys kill everything. You’ve been nerfed.

Time Rogue OOC: This is bull!! My first move is gonna be to travel back in time to last season….before all this BULLSHIT

Time rogue: I roll to curse the statue out
*nat crit*

DM:you curse the statue out effectively and he seems offended if you did this earlier he still would have taken away your levels…Now welcome to the Internal Realm!!!

urfriendtilthen  asked:

Your Novelization of TCC is so good. I started reading it Wednesday after meaning to for forever and I couldn't stop. I can't believe how long I waited to read it. I just wanted you too know how much I've enjoyed it and i'm looking forward to seeing exactly how you'll end it.

Ahhh thank you!

I’m writing a part of it now! I hope you’ll enjoy my interpretation! (and changes, because I am going to change A LOT)


(For anyone else who might want to read my novelisation of The Cursed Child then it is here

I Want Out Pt. 1

Group(s) & Member(s): BTS’ Jungkook ft. BTS, Got7 

Request:  “Basically you’re dating Jungkook and your brother is Mark…”

A/N: The request is longer than that, I’ve actually combined two requests into one story and so I’m withholding them for the sake of spoilers, lol. This is a muilti part story. 

Genre: Gang AU, Angst

Warnings: violence, drugs, cursing. 

You woke up with the alarming feeling that you were all alone. And you were. You arm felt for the presence of him but all you felt were the cold sheets. Sitting up, you walk out to the living room and find him, furiously pacing the perimeter. 

“Jungkook…what’s wrong?” You ask, wrapping your arms around yourself to stop the sudden chill from invading your body. Your boyfriend turns to you, his face melting from anger to guilt. 

“Ahh I’m sorry babe, did I wake you? please go back to sleep…it’s too early for you to be up” He says, crossing the room to you. 

“Why are you up then? Let’s go back to bed” You mumble, grabbing his hand and leading him back towards the bedroom. You felt the tug of him. 

“I can’t…I gotta go take care of some stuff” He says, cautiously. 

You look at him with sad and tired eyes. “Really? Now?” 

He pulls you into him, pressing his lips on the top of your head. You let out a sigh at the reality of your life. 

“I promise I’ll be back soon. I never leave you for long, right?” He asks, looking down at you with a hint of a smile. 

“No…but you leave me to go do dangerous things, Jungkook. I thought you wanted out of this life - to leave the gang for good. What happened to the plan we made?” You ask him. 

You see his gaze falter at the thought of another life - a safer life, a happier life. But he was too far in, and you both knew it. 

He takes your face in his hands and brings it up so that you have to meet his sullen eyes. 

“We’ll have that life one day….I promise you. I have to go now. Try and get some sleep” He says, kissing you swiftly and grabbing his jacket. He left before you could protest anymore, the sound of the door slamming making you jump. 

Emptiness engulfed you, like it had so many nights before when he’s had to leave you. You sit in the dark, shaking and worrying, thinking that you were getting really tired of waiting for the day in which another life could happen. 

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Moms shipping Scorbus

That awkward moment when you are hanging out with another mom at your children’s play date, discussing Cursed Child (which you lent to them) and she is talking about the ending and how she thinks Rose may eventually see Scorpius’ strengths as a partner since he is a lot like Hermione, and you just bite your tongue.

Then a few unbearable minutes later she says “But I was kind of confused because I really thought Rowling was setting the two boys to be gay…” and you let out all the breath you didn’t know you were holding and say “Yes! This is such a huge thing in fandom right now. It’s even gotten media attention, they’re calling it queer baiting.” And she is like “Oh I’m glad I wasn’t just imagining things.”

And then you talk about all the subtext and the way scenes were framed and lines were delivered. And she might not be a shipper but thank all the gods she doesn’t think you’re a perv for coming to that conclusion. Oh I am so relieved!


My Three Non-Fictional role models

Abigail Freakin’ Adams: “We have too many high sounding words and too few actions that correspond with them.”

Miep Guise: “You don’t have to be a hero to do your human duty. I am afraid nobody would ever help other people, because who is a hero? I was not. I was just an ordinary housewife and secretary.”

Molly Brown: “ I am a daughter of adventure. This means I never experience a dull moment and must be prepared for any eventuality.”

angellieafox  asked:

What do you think Hanzo does with his hair when he wears his tournament armor? If he wore it in a low ponytail, he could tuck it under his armor, but that would be uncomfortable. He also couldn't put it in a bun, like he can with his regular armor. It would look....weird...

Sjoe, I had to think about this, hey. <X3 I mean, he could possibly wear it in a smallish bun with the rest of his hair loose, or even in a high-top bun, because the top of his helmet in his tournament armour looks raised enough - the scorpion tail design on top seems to make the helmet look like it’s practically resting on his skull, but from the front there’s a little raised point that can be seen on the top, suggesting that there’s enough room for an up-top hairstyle. And since he’s got that upper-armour covering over his neck (front and back, likely joined to his armour like a one piece), maybe then if Hanzo wears some of his hair loose from his bun it’s hidden because of the covering?

Or maybe it’s cut really short.

Or maybe because he’s a vengeful wraith with a flaming skull underneath, it was a case of “Hasta la vista, Felicia” to his hair. ^-^;;

There are times that all I wanted to do is to cling on to you, kiss you, nuzzle your neck, inhale your scent, remain in your embrace, be surrounded with your oh so good energy, and never let go. And there are times that I’d always tell you to “let me go.” The confusion must be maddening, isn’t? On those times I tell you to let go are those times that I am hurting the most. And I do want you to let go, because as much as there are days that I will be bright and loving again, there will be times like this, times that all I wanted to do is to push you away, and run away from you, and hide under my bed, and curse you, and punch you in the face if I could. Because it was you who put me into this so much mess that I don’t know how to escape to. It was you who makes me feel so unholy, I feel like I’m falling from grace all over again.

It was you who first watch me fall from grace, don’t you remember? For I can still taste your name on my lips as I fell, and as you watched me fall with your cold dead eyes, and I realized my mistake for uttering your name for your help. So please, don’t ask me to trust you, don’t expect me to trust you, because as much as I do trust you and I wanted to trust you, I will always battle with myself not to.

I’m falling for a second time, and I wonder if you put love potion on my drinks.

—  cynthia go // Love Potion [21/365] // excerpt from a book i’ll never write # 2

jl1970  asked:

If we ever will get to see Windblade and Starscream (Chromia and Ironhide) in their holoforms, have you already an idea how they might look as humans resp. are there any (popular) human "doppelganger" which come close to their appearance ?

I’d love to do that at some point. But the question is finding a good place. Since we’re a Cybertron-focused book, there just isn’t much reason to have them use holoforms in an organic way (get it? GET IT?). But it’s definitely something I want to do. 

Curse you, Roberts! You get to have all the fun!

when you’re giving your artist talk at a @vans store and find out you can’t curse… see you in boston at 3pm! on newbery street

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Let them feel what I felt - curse

This curse is for when you want someone to let them feel what you feel/felt, due to what they have done to you.

Items needed:

-Glass, nails, sharp stuff (please be careful with this!)
-Hot sauce
-Liquor, the higher the percentage of alcohol the better
-Fireproof bowl/pan

What to do:

-Write the full name of the person you want to curse on a piece of paper.
-Write “may the full horror of your actions be revealed to you” under their name.
-Burn the paper in fireproof bowl of pan.
-Put all your sharp ingredients in your jar, add some hot sauce, fill half of the jar with the liquor, while repeating “may the full horror of your actions be revealed to you” until you have added everything.
-Add ashes of the paper, close lid and shake bottle/jar.
-Let sit for as long as you think is needed, you can repeat the words if you feel it is necessary.

(Optional: I threw the bottle+items in the glass trash can, because here you can dispose glass bottles including whatever is in them. But you can’t do that everywhere)

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I know video games are cursed but do you think they should make a mass effect movies?

My first reaction was just to say “no” but I think it can be a bit more nuanced than that. They could make a great Mass Effect movie without Shepard (the First Contact War would be a great topic). Or a tv show about the Morning War!
But any movie with Shepard is going to disappoint a lot of people and will make some discussions about what is canon or not even more annoying.

riley matthews pale aesthetic #1 : “it’s a blessing and a curse, you know? don’t get me wrong, she’s got this fire in her. but she cares too much. she leaves water outside for her street’s scraggly kitten. she picks apart at art like it’s the greatest meal she has ever had. why? because as tragic as this world is, she finds the beauty in it. that, will be her ultimate undoing.”
TMZ Beats Jared Leto's Lawsuit Over Taylor Swift Curse Video
A judge concludes the actor never owned the video. The videographer did and transferred rights to the gossip site.

you can read the court documents (pdf) at the websites listed here:

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Could you list the differences between the final script of the play and the special rehearsal edition of it? I'd really like to know what has chanced between the two versions. We still have months before we can find out when the definitive edition is released. Not all of us can see the play to find out for ourselves.

Hey! I’m well aware not everyone can see the play, which sucks, and I hope a DVD is released.

Honestly, the differences between any two versions–the script vs a performance or previews vs after previews–are very minimal. Just small differences in wording, nothing that drastically changes the story.

These aren’t exactly what you asked for, they’re just changes I remember. Off the top of my head (and paraphrased, I don’t have time to look up the exact lines):

There’s a line in the script where Myrtle talks about all the girls who tried love incantations over Cedric and in the play they’ve now changed it to “boys and girls”.

In the script during the scene in Draco’s office during the Voldemort AR, Scorpius talks about the Malfoys making everything a little bit murkier. In early preview versions he talked about the blood on their hands instead.

There were some differences in Lily’s line after Ginny tells her she can’t wear the fairy wings to Hogwarts. During the previews she said things like “I happen to think I look lovely” and in the script it’s, I think, “I love them. They’re fluttery.”

Oh! In the first version I saw, Albus says, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” instead of “I didn’t ask to be his son.”

If anyone else who has seen the play remembers other changes, feel free to add them. :)

Character meme

Tagged by @possum-knight, I’m going to do this one right away so I don’t forget as usual…

You might know Volkner if…

  • You were posted along the Greymane Wall shortly before Gilneas was plagued
  • You lived in the outskirts of Duskhaven
  • You also work as a mercenary, or employ mercenaries
  • You’re a fellow cursed Gilnean
  • You frequent The Howling Oak in Darnassus

You might know Lancelia if…

  • You lived in Arathi Highlands, especially near or in Stromgarde
  • You trained as a paladin in Stormwind during Cataclysm
  • You’re a blacksmith (Lance is not a very good smith but she still likes to make things now and then)
  • You frequent Light’s Hope Chapel

Uh, most people I know have been tagged already I think… and I’m lazy. If you have an OC and you want to partake, please do!