Invisible, Chapter Sixteen

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

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word count: ~1650

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I'm a relativly new witchling and I love your blog. I was wondering if you had any favorite curse removal spells or if you know of a master post for curse removals. Thanks!

I don’t really have any favorite ones, as each situation can be a bit different, but I can link you a few and you can see what vibes best with you! <3


That is it; life no longer make sense to me. Either makeup artists enjoy their art or they just enjoy confusing people. All I know is, now I won’t be able to unsee Brendan Gleeson’s face whenever I see Mad Eye on Harry Potter again!
Curse you for making me search the actor! 😂😂😂

(Not my gif. All rights to original owner.)


Third and Forth Wheelers

12. “It’s not a double date. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.”

“Ah, so you want me to third wheel because you’re too shy to go on an actual date with him?” You ask your best friend in disbelief.

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Ok but imagine, a cursed Guitar that whenever you pick it up, you’ll immediately start playing, but the song gradually gets faster and faster till your standing there, hands bleeding playing this damned stringed monstrosity, terrified.

Red Hands- A Curse for Thieves

This spell can go 1 of 2 ways: to return an item that has been stolen, or to curse the one who stole it if you know you won’t be getting it back.

  • Get a pair of roughly hand-shaped objects (gloves, ferns, maple leaves, etc.)
  • Mix some chili powder in with red paint.
  • Paint the hands red and say:

If wanting the item back

Thief, thief! You burn with guilt.

You are red with shame.

So you will suffer

until you return [item] to where it came.

If you just want a good ole curse:

Thief, thief! You burn with guilt.

You are red with shame.

So you will suffer

since you’ve taken [item] from where it came.

  • Let the paint dry as you think of what will happen to your target.
  • Dispose of the materials in the trash where they belong.
Um, Traducción Por Favor?

ask : ¡hola hola! Could you possibly write a Nico imagine where the reader is Hispanic and can speak Spanish? (this ig just popped into my head bc I don’t see many. Also I saw you were Puerto Rican! That’s so cool! I’m Peruvian!)

¡Claro qué si! Although, y'all might fucking hate me for this ending, I really like how I wrote this one lmao.

warning : the ending

You cursed loudly into the dark of the night, trekking through the dark, foreign forests of the Amazon with none other than Nico di Angelo. Gripping the straps of your bag in your hands, you glared around, waiting as your eyes adjusted to the night.

“What the fuck are we looking for again?” You asked, a slight annoyance of tone in your voice. You pushed your dark (h/c) locks back from your face, as you grasped a tree trunk, pulling yourself up and over it to get to the other side of the path. “¿Algo para Hades? ¿O algo mas?” You asked, a sigh escaping your lips.

“Something for Hades. Don’t know why my dad doesn’t just come get it himself.” Nico grumbled, tugging off his bomber jacket, sweating from the humidity of the jungle.

“Because the gods don’t like doing shit. Sabes, si tuviera la oportunidad de conocer a mi padre piadoso, probablemente los maldeciré y terminaré en Tártaro porque-” You stopped, groaning. Nico looked at you, an amused look on his face, before chuckling slightly.

“You’re mad, huh?” Nico chuckled, leaning against a rock. You stopped, taking a sip of your water bottle.

“Fuck yeah I’m mad. I could be home, in Puerto Rico, swimming in the fucking ocean and eating good ass food but no, I get to die going on a quest.” You cursed again, ripping a tree branch off of the tree closest to you, chucking it far down the pathway. Sitting beside Nico, you felt slightly bad. You knew what Nico went through, he’s obviously been through more than you.

“Sorry.” You muttered, laying your head on his shoulder. Nico shook his head, sighing slightly. “I’m just pissed off. We’re in the fucking Amazon, Nico. The Amazon, looking for what. A gem for your dad? Una jodida joya para tu papá. ¿No puede comprar una joya en el centro comercial o algo así?” You asked, groaning again.

“I guess not.” Nico fiddled with his fingers, as the sun rose slowly on the east. You closed your eyes, breathing slowly as you gripped Nico’s hand.

“I am so, very fucking tired of all of this shit.” You complained, and Nico nodded, realizing you couldn’t see him.

“Me too. But, we can’t change it. It’s in our blood, Y/N. It’s what we’re destined to do.” Nico spoke, and you groaned, running a hand through your hair, messing it up.

“A la mierda.” You swore, before pulling Nico to his feet. Laughing, Nico let you pull him through the forest, as it lit up slowly from the sun. Chest swelling in happiness, you found the cave Nico was talking about. “Nico!” You said happily, tugging him towards the cave.

“Alright, Y/N stay up here-” You glared at the son of Hades.

“There is no way in fucking Tartarus that I’m waiting here I can’t believe pensaría que me quedaría aquí como una cabrón, Nico, voy contigo.” You spoke rapidly and quickly, causing Nico to laugh slightly.

“Alright, alright. You can come with me.” Nico laughed, not wanted to admit that he found it cute how you quickly ranted going from English to Spanish in a flawless execution.

“Good. Awesome.” You smiled, and you grasped his hand in your own, as he led you down the dark, dry cave. You frowned, holding your free hand out against the wall of the pathway. “Di Angelo, why the fuck would a priceless gem be here?” You asked, and Nico looked back at you.

“Hades. Underground. Gem. It isn’t that hard.” Nico explained, and you frowned slightly.

“But in the Amazon? Why would it be here?” You asked, and Nico led you into an opening, were the gem glowed dangerously in the dark.

“The gods like discarding their stuff literally anywhere they please.” Nico grumbled, and you shrugged, reaching for the gem. “Y/N no-” It was already in your grasp, and you tugged it free from its restraints. The cave floor collapsed in, and you jumped, just barely reaching the edge of the new cliff in the floor. You dangled over the edge, the gem still in your fingertips, pulling you slowly down the dark opening.

“Por supuesto. De jodido curso este lugar está atrapado. ¿Por qué no sería? Esto es una mierda. Todo por una jodida joya.” You cursed loudly, and Nico warily watched you, as he held out his hand.

“C'mon Y/N.” Nico urged, and you grasped his hand, almost pulling him over. He grasped your side, and pulled you up, as you both fell on the stable pavement. Laughing, you stood up, pulling Nico to his feet.

“Nice one Neeks. Now-” You looked pointedly at the blocked exit. Nico grasped your hand, and you both shadow traveled out of there, the rush of cool darkness and the screams of Tartarus rushing into every opening on you, filling you up then pouring out of you. You didn’t realize it, but you were outside the cave, Nico’s hands pressed against your stomach and back, stabilizing you.

“Are you okay?” Nico asked, and you gave him a weak thumbs up, and flashed a smile. You stood up, slightly dizzy, but it was manageable. You laughed.

“Are we doing that again? Because if we do, try to land next to the nearest bathroom. I might throw up.” You looked up at Nico with slightly lidded eyes. Nico laughed, taking the dark gem from your fingertips, and slipping it into his pocket. Slinging one of your arms over his shoulders, Nico watched you with dark eyes, pushing your hair out of your face.

“Up for one more jump, Y/N?” Nico asked, a smirk on his face. Before you could protest, Nico shadow traveled again, trying very bad to ignore all of your Spanish profanities. Landing somewhere in New York, you ran to the nearest trash can, and promptly threw up.

Nico laughed, one hand over his stomach, as you stood up, wiping your face on the back of your hoodie sleeve. “Fuck you Di Angelo.” You cursed, looking around the already busy streets of downtown New York. You walked past the son of Hades, and began walking towards camp, your stomach still woozy. “I could be in Puerto Rico but no.” You muttered, before Nico caught up to you.

“Hey, hey Y/N-” He stopped you, and you turned to glare at the death boy. “I’m sorry.” He apologized, and you waved your hand slightly.

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s just get to camp, so I can go to sleep.” You muttered, treading through the crowds, lightheaded and woozy. Nico managed to catch up with you just as you nearly face planted.

“Whoa, Y/N-” Nico stood you up, watching as your eyelids dropped.

“Listen, if you want to get to camp without me getting a concussion, I think you’re going to have to carry me.” You muttered, eyes still closed. Nico cursed under his breath, glad that you couldn’t see the blush creep across his cheeks. Hoisting you up in his arms, he carried you bridal style to camp.

In a daze, you gripped and tugged at his black shirt, causing him to nearly drop you. Fixing his grip on you, Nico passed through the camp border, and promptly brought you to the Infirmary, where Piper was helping Will out. “Mission success, di Angelo?” Piper asked, tending to your passed out body.

Nico shrugged. “Yeah. We got the gem. Y/N only is passed out because we shadow traveled a long distance.” He explained, and Piper looked at Nico expectantly with kaleidoscope eyes. “No, I didn’t get a chance to.” Nico spoke sheepishly, and Piper groaned.

“C'mon Nico. Three days alone in the Amazon together and you didn’t even ask her out?” Nico’s eyes flicked towards a sleeping you, and his face erupted in a deep blush.

“Maybe later. She’s passed out.” Nico gestured towards you. Piper chewed on her bottom lip, pushing your hair out of your face.

“I’m counting on it, Nico. Don’t disappoint me.” Piper muttered, and Nico felt a knot tie in his stomach.


// ooPS, tbh if y'all want a part two I’ll probably make one //

- nez

i never wanted it like this. i never wanted to bleed for it, all sparkling-water blood on glass and bandages that never hid anything; i never wanted you to feel like a knife, like a timebomb, tick-tick-ticking until you shivered into pieces on the carpet of my bedroom. where did all the bright places go? bright boy: bright smiles, bright mind, bright laugh like a clear lake on a summer day. now all i see is the dark. and i am afraid for you.

boy, you will eclipse without me – know it, drink it in like nectar, like a curse. if you walk away, if you pull the trigger of this gun and call it fate, you will fade and fade until there is nothing left standing in your shoes but an ache. put down the pistol – wave your white flag, kiss me and call me yours. to do anything else is to fall into dark.

and know that you are never far from me – i keep you locked in my knuckles, fastened around my neck on a chain, wrapped around my ribcage like a blanket. your choice is whether to come full into the light or extinguish all but your best.

i am here, and i am waiting.

- eclipse boy // abby, day 309 // prompt for anon

The8: In love with a voice

Request: Hey~! Can I have a request where Minghao’s (uhm the8 from svt :->) crush speaks five languages, including Chinese.. and he finds out when she suddenly begins speaking it on the phone ??

Enjoy! 💖

Nothing made Minghao more happier than talking to you. Listening to you voice was heaven to him. He was always happy when you would called him, it didn’t matter how tired he was at night, he would either call you or wait for your call.

You’d always answer with the cutest ‘hi the8!!’ and he couldn’t help but melt. Nothing you could do could make him happier.

But then one day you cursed.

It wasn’t the cursing that startled him. But the language you cursed in.

It was his native language.

For some reason he felt his face flush. But he managed to ask you why you were cursing in his native tongue. You giggled and told him in the calmest and not in any way bragging -

“Don’t you know? I’m fluent in five languages?”

From the on you would carry your conversations in the beautiful language he grew up speaking. It made him miss home sometimes, but it made him happy to know that if he ever took you to meet his mom you would be able to speak to her in his family’s native tongue.

It made him red all over just thinking about it.

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if you smile, i smile

pairing: reader x wonpil x jae

genre: fluff, angst?

word count: 2,030

note: another addition to fic wars, a continuation of how can i say, tagging my war bud @wonpillows & also @day6grams , @jaechicken , @staticfiction thank you guys for your previous comments.

He left your life as quickly as he entered it and the heartache still managed to linger for months.

Three months to be exact, that’s how long it’d been since Jae cut you deeply with his words. You felt foolish to think he had the same amount of interest in you as you did with him. You cursed yourself for being blinded by a ludicrous love that promised no happy ending. Jae had quit your job the next day after your night together, with an excuse to your manager that he found a place that would pay him better.

His departure was so sudden, there was no doubt in your mind that he left because of you. You didn’t think the situation would make him that uncomfortable, that he felt the need to escape.

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I was going to test the style I’d be making the birb kids in with this design for a fat birb I had sitting around, but then I fell for him myself.

Curse you you butiful birb

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Yo, this is the (calmer) assassin's creed anon from before! I thought I was done being sad BUT I FOUND THE AC4 DESMOND VOICE MEMOS

Have you found the video tho? Because if you think the audios are bad just wait until you find the video, it will tear your heart out and leave you cursing Ubisoft and their stupid decision of killing Desmond