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Rin, you seem to care so much about the attention and the appearances of those around you. You worry about how silly they look, how much attention Aaron was bringing at the Fair, how 'disgraceful' it appeared for Valence to be eating whatever he could find. You seem to care so much about how things look at times. But then you curse and swear. You seem to stand out so much from the others still in just how different you seem to be from them. Why do you seem to care so much yet not?

need me

pairing: billy hargrove x reader
warning: none

request: Can I request a billy imagine where you get into an argument but he won’t let you walk away because he realizes he needs you?
requested by: anonymous

*** psa: i do not condone any of billy’s behaviour, he is an awful person and his tragic backstory does not excuse his actions whatsoever***

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Well ain’t that the biggest middle finger ever Mon El

First, you won’t tell her anything (for reasons but still)

Second, you break her trust and more importantly her heart


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ps is it bad that I kinda wish they hadn’t got saturn girl out of the pod? probably but I miss my space puppies being together and happy

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Have you read cursed child? Any thoughts?

Ohohohoho yeah I have thoughts, I have a hell of a fucking lot of thoughts and very very few of them are good. 

The good things first: Draco Malfoy redemption arc, Slytherin Albus, Scorpius Malfoy is the world’s cutest fucking bean, Hermione Granger is the Minister for Magic, Ron Weasley makes Dad jokes… oh, and Harry’s scared of pigeons which is very logical and which I appreciated.

The not good things? Buckle up bud, we’re going for a ride.

First the fuck off (just to clarify my angry sweary tone in this post is directed at CC, not at you, you, I am sure, are very precious and lovely and have never done anything worthy of being sworn at ever), the treatment of Hermione’s character in that alternative timeline where she teaches at Hogwarts? 

Appalling. Disgusting. It makes me a bit sick in my throat.

This is Hermione fucking Granger, brightest witch of her age, most hardworking fucker you’ve ever met, unfathomably Goal Oriented, tough as fucking nails (remember when she fought a war knowing that her parents didn’t even remember who she was and wouldn’t grieve her if she died, wouldn’t even know?), and they turned her into a Snape-wannabe abusive teacher, every awful reductive stereotype of ‘spinsterhood’ ever, because she didn’t end up with a bloke? Which basically reduces the fact that she’s Minister in the main reality to a side-effect of her being married to Ron? Let me be clear—I love Ron, this isn’t a criticism of Ron at all, it’s a criticism of the barbaric reduction of Hermione’s character and achievements to being dependant on her husband. It’s fucking gross and it appalls me. 

Second the fuck off, Cedric. Cedric fucking Diggory, who was moral and fair and just, who called for a rematch of a Quidditch game he’d won fair and square because a player on the other team got injured, who agreed to share the glory with Harry in the tournament, who helped Harry out with the second clue because fair is fair and Harry helped him… became a Death Eater. Not just became a Death Eater, but became a Death Eater because he was embarrassed at not winning something? Fuck off. Literally just fuck off, go shit on the grave of someone who deserved it, keep your fucking piss-poor excuse for writing away from Cedric Diggory.

Third off, Harry. Oh. Fucking. Boy. Like… I can’t even realistically begin to explain this one, apart from to state that I don’t believe whoever wrote him in this ever read the actual books or considered Harry’s character at all. Harry James Potter would never treat a child the way he treats Al in Cursed Child, he would never hold such a petty grudge against Slytherin after the war and all he went through, and he’d certainly never believe bullshit rumours about an innocent child after the media slandering he went through. He just wouldn’t. And you know what? Even if in the real world that kind of character development (and by development I mean change or transition, not improvement) made any logical sense (which as previously stated, I don’t think it does in any fucking way), it’s not a fucking acceptable thing for them to have done to the character of a survivor of childhood abuse, of loss, of PTSD, who stands as an idol for so many. I genuinely felt, reading Cursed Child, as though someone had come into my home and pissed on everything I hold dear, and I don’t even rely on Harry as a role model in the way that, as I just mentioned, real world abuse and trauma survivors might. Yes, every parent has flaws and fucks up sometimes. Yes, Harry might face some unique challenges considering his lack of secure parental figures. No, the shit they made of his character in CC is not the result, and not something I accept. Except the pigeon thing, because pigeons are gross and not liking them makes sense as I previously stated.

Fourth: Why the fuck was Rose such a socially manipulative, snotty, and generally shallow little shit? That is not the child of Hermione “stick up for the underdog” Granger and Ron “here take my food and my family’s love even though I don’t have enough to begin with” Weasley. Just bollocks.

Fifth: Voldemort and Bellatrix have a secret purple-haired baby with a stupid fucking name that I can’t even remember, I’m sorry, just… I can’t. 

Six: “Hey, you know what would be fun? Lets write a romantic relationship between these two characters but then, because they’re both boys, just shoehorn a het relationship in there and say JOKES! Wasn’t a romance all along, even though it’s chock full of trademark romantic tropes and would have been the perfect opportunity to use this enormous fuck-off franchise that reaches so many people to do some good and show support for diversity and the LGBTQA+ community, but you know what, we’re money grabbing arseholes who don’t want to lose the money by pushing the boat out”. I can’t begin to handle the bullshit on this one, it’s such fucking crap and such underhanded, nasty crap too, I was so fucking angry because Al and Scorps’ relationship was actually so tender and lovely and I’m not trying to say it’s not important to write fulfilling supportive male friendships, it is, but that’s not what they wrote: they wrote a romance and are too fucking chickenshit to call it what it is.

Seventh: where the fuck is Teddy Lupin? 

I could go on, I could go on probably for literal years because I am filled with incandescent rage and I know loads of people say it’s better on stage and that’s great, I’m really glad the director and set and costume and cast managed to salvage something from the fucking wreckage that is the appalling writing, but in the end you can’t polish a turd and the Cursed Child is a load of fucking shite.

Anyway, I hope you have a good evening and again my apologies for the Tone of this I just have a lot of feelings but genuinely thank you for the question that was really cathartic…

Rightful Place

Summary: upon request for depressed!reader who self harms and Ivar finds out he offers you words of encouragement and in each other you find comfort.

Warnings: depression, mentions of self-harm, angst, fluff, trigger warning just to be safe?

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It happened before and it was happening again. You never told anyone the truth of what was hidden behind your sleeves. You didn’t want to perceived as different. But you were and you felt it.

Many others always had smiles stretched on their faces and seemed to feel the warmth of the sun glowing on their skin. And you silently cursed them for it. For you were always left with feeling so empty. Sometimes that was why you would drag the blade across your wrists.

You needed the pain to know you could still feel something. Anything! Unfortunately all it seemed that all you could feel was pain. That was by far the worst of your discoveries.

“So… What is this?” Ivar’s voice behind you made you jump.

You were so lost in staring at your own blood you didn’t even hear the cripple crawling up behind you. His blue eyes went to your hand where a little river of blood cascaded and dripped onto the ground.

“What happened there?” He questioned.

You wiped the blood onto your dress. “Nothing. Just a little accident.”

Ivar crawled closer to you. “Right then, let’s see it.” He reached his hand out to grab your arm.

“No!” You snapped.

“ I’m not gonna hurt you now let me see it.”

He practically crawled on top of you and forced your arm into his hand. He pulled up the sleeve and examined the fresh wound.

“You must have accidents quite often then.” He spoke of your scars sarcastically.

You quickly wrenched your arm back from his grip and kept it close to your abdomen.

“Please don’t tell anyone.” You begged quietly.

“How about I won’t tell anyone if you explain to me why you would feel it necessary to hurt yourself on purpose. I have lived my whole life in pain everyday. I would kill to make it stop.”

You let out a sigh and bit your lip. “There is only one reason why I wish to feel the pain. It reminds me that I’m still alive and that I…can still feel something.”

He watched you with wide blue eyes intrigued by your words. “Of course you’re alive and of course you can feel something. It’s just buried deep down.”

You tilted your head to the side confused. “Then how will I find it if it is hiding?” You questioned.

Ivar sighed. “What does it matter if it is burried? It’s there that’s all that matters. You’ll find it when the time is right. But not if you keep that up.” He brought his eyes to your arm.

“I just need to know that I’m here. I feel like I’ve faded into nothing.” You blinked back the tears that were threatening to come out.

Ivar reached out and gripped you hand. “Do you feel this? Do you feel my hand on yours?”

You nodded your head at him.

Then you are real. You did not fade into nothing it’s simply impossible. You are here, living. Breathing. That is what matters. And what matters more is what you choose to do with your life.“

You sat still and let his words sink in. But you didn’t get why he was talking to you. It was making no sense.

"Why are you telling me this?” You questioned.

Ivar licked his lips and scooted closer to you. Anytime he did it with anyone else they would pull away in fear. Girls usually cringed and ran away. But you let him sit so close to you that his crippled legs touched yours.

“Your not like the others. I can see it in you. And if your to become my second in command I can’t have you hurting yourself now can I?”

Your eyes widened. “Second in command? Ivar I’m a shieldmaiden!”

You fight better than all the others and though you feel empty now I think the position will help you.“

You laughed and smiled at the sudden warmth that filled your chest. Ivar laughed back at you and held you in a comforting hug.

"You know most people don’t like me so close.” He commented before resting your head on his shoulder. “But you don’t mind it. I like that.” He reached a hand up and began threading his fingers through your hair. “It is always the special ones who need help in finding their rightful place. And I think for you it will be by my side.”

You felt his lips press a gentle kiss on the top of your head. And you began to think. Perhaps you wouldn’t need the pain to feel something. You would just need Ivar. As he secretly needed you.

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Diosa: I couldn’t let you leave.

RJ: You curse at me, you slap me. You destroy my car. And you really think I’m going to stay?

Diosa whispers: I don’t know what I was thinking.

RJ: That’s not an excuse Diosa. You know my Dad? He told me you’d bring me nothing but harm. And I really didn’t want to believe him.

Diosa: I’ve told you- I hate you.

RJ snaps: Shut the f*ck up.  Shut the f*ck up because you’re pushing me to that edge you like to bring me to, Diosa. You don’t hate me. You hate that you love me. And for the longest I wanted to get to the bottom of why. And honestly? Even with all this? I still do. But I’m not going to. I can’t anymore. 

Diosa: Because of Margaux, because of your baby, because you don’t really care.

RJ: No, none of that. Because I’m opening my eyes to this fantasy I have about you. This fantasy everyone has about you. Wild child Diosa. Beautiful crazy Diosa who parties hard and drinks too much and drives too fast and smashes car windows and who lives to break hearts. That Lana Del Rey shit is cool in the movies and in songs. But in real life? It’s exhausting, it’s sad, it’s painful. It’s your real life and it’s going to end up killing you, Diosa. I can’t keep holding on to this fantasy, or reinforcing it with you. I love you too much for that.

Diosa desperate: Don’t leave. I swear something bad will happen if you leave, RJ. You HAVE to stay. You don’t understand, you have to stay-

RJ: I can’t. I’m not. I’m calling a cab and a tow truck. Trust me, you don’t want  me to stay, you don’t want the side of me that I’m holding back. I’ve worked too hard to keep my violence under control. Unlike you? I don’t embrace the dark side of me, I don’t give it life. I’m out.

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I love how just a look at Touka's perfect face got the CCG investigators ready to work with ghouls, she's like the only person in this rotten world that could talk about shit and people would still find her cute

Mod K:

She’s the only person who could talk about shit, call you a piece of shit, curse you out and then still have you thank her for it and call her beautiful. Truly an iconic queen.

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What's the most powerful curse you have? Asking for a friend.

The most powerful curse I have is the ‘Raise Hell’ curse

It was written by somebody else but I can’t seem to find the original post, it was from so long ago.

Anyway it’s meant to infict psychological torment and physical pain on a target, but if it backfires (which is often a side effect of casting when you’re upset or not of a level head) you’re in for a really bad time.

I don’t generally hand out the more powerful curses unless I know there’s a good reason for it.

So if you want it then you or your friend are gunna have to message me privately. I won’t post anything about it so you don’t have to be worried about your identity being released.


Prompt: You’re married to Kozik and you’re Tig’s twin sister. You find out you’re pregnant and you don’t know who you’re more scared to tell.

Requested by: @cherieann-2001

You woke up for the third time today rushing into the bathroom to avoid throwing up on your freshly washed sheets and comforter. You’d already run two loads of laundry because you were literally puking on everything. You cursed your co worker who shared your cubicle and who’d been out sick the entire previous week. You were sure that bitch had given you her stomach bug and it was kicking your ass. Everything made you nauseous and you couldn’t keep anything down. You had taken off work to rest but you were getting very little due to the fact that you were constantly running back and forth to the bathroom. You washed your face and brushed your teeth to get the disgusting taste out of your mouth. You trudged back into your bedroom and collapsed on your bed letting out a loud groan. Suddenly you heard a voice call out from the other room, “Y/N”, your husband called. “In here”, you groaned. You were surprised you hadn’t heard Kozik’s bike when he pulled up but then again you could barely hear anything over the sound of you vomitting up your lunch of saltines and the tiniest scoop of peanut butter. “Baby, what the hell?” Your husband exclaimed as he took in the sight of you. Due to the fact that you’d been puking all day, you were wearing your largest comfiest pair of grey sweatpants, a large marines corps t shirt, two mismatched fuzzy socks, and your hair was pulled up in a bun on top of your head out of the line of fire. You were laying flat on your back hoping that if you didn’t move then maybe your stomach would settle. You quickly pulled a blanket over your head, not wanting him to see what a mess you looked like. Kozik slipped his kutte off of his shoulders, placing it on top of your dresser and sat down on the bed next to you. He tried to pull the blanket off of your head but you had a firm grip and were determined not to let him see you in your current state. “Please baby, come on let me see you. I need to make sure you’re ok”…DEAD SILENCE…”don’t make me tickle you babe” , he warned. You immediately ripped the blanket off of your head and shot a death glare at your husband warning him “If you touch me I will puke ALL over you”. Kozik chuckled and brushed his hand across your face, resting his hand on your forehead, feeling if it was warm. “Hmmm, no fever. What’s going on baby? You’re clearly not doing ok”, your husband mused‍. “I don’t know, but I’ll kill the bitch who made feel like this” you responded while carefully sitting up in bed. “Well how about now that you can sit up, we go out to the living room, watch some old movies, and I’ll make you a delicious spread of buttered toast”, your adorable husband suggested. You smiled and wrapped an arm around his neck so he could help you up out of bed. Your feet hit the ground and you immediately knew something was wrong. Before you had much time to think it through, you were interrupted as you lost consciousness and fell to the floor. Thankfully, since you had your arm around Kozik’s neck already, he was able to quickly catch you and lay you back on the bed as he whipped out his cell phone and called an ambulance.

Six hours later found you laying in a hospital bed attached to a whole bunch of tubes, a heart monitor, and a whole bunch of other shit you couldn’t recognize. Your were exhausted and your head was pounding, half from the passing out and the other half from the bickering going on between Tig and Kozik, your equally angry brother and husband who were trying to figure out who was to blame for this episode and…”exactly why the fuck it’s taking so damn long for someone to help my sister”, Tig shouted into the hallway. Two security guards quickly ran into the room, grabbing for your brother and husband who were not going to go easily. You started yelling yourself and crying in your hospital bed. You were already beyond stressed and couldn’t imagine having to be here by yourself. Thankfully Gemma was nearby getting updated about your condition from Tara and the two women quickly ran into the room in an attempt to calm the situation. “Just what the hell is going on here”, Gemma demanded while putting herself directly in between the guards and the sons. Tara ran over to your hospital bed, checking your vitals while calming you down. One of the guards responded “We’ve told these guys to calm down too many times to count. They’re causing a scene and are going to have to leave”. “No!”,you shouted and began to cry again. Before the guys and the guards could begin arguing again, Tara quickly stepped in and took control of the situation. “My name is Tara Knowles, and I’m (Y/N) Kozik’s doctor. She’s still undergoing tests and needs a family member here for moral support. How about Gemma you take Tig home with you? Koz, you can stay here with (Y/N) but you need to calm the hell down. Do you understand?” Kozik mumbled an agreement and before Tig could object, Gemma had her finger pointed directly at his face in warning. Your brother groaned loudly and walked over to your bed, kissing you on the forehead and then skulked out of the room. “I want updates every half hour”, he ordered the prospects who were keeping watching outside the door. “I’ll take care of your brother, don’t worry baby girl. You just focus on getting better”, Gemma reassured you as she walked over patting your hand and kissing your cheek. Before leaving she hugged your husband and reminded him to send updates and let her know if they needed anything. She nodded at Tara who followed her out the door along with the two security guards, leaving you alone with your husband.

It had been two hours since you’d last seen a doctor and you were absolutely losing it. You still didn’t know what was going on and the longer you waited, the scarier the scenarios in your head became. Kozik tried to distract you and keep things light but you could tell he was scared too. You both breathed a sigh of relief when Tara walked back in and she appeared to be smiling. “I think we’ve finally figured out what’s going on”, Dr. Knowles explained, “You see we think you’re experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum. It is a pretty rare condition but it is something that can occur to women during their first trimester espec….”. “What do you mean first trimester”, you interrupted. “The first trimester of your pregnancy. Were you not aware you were pregnant”, Tara responded. “I don’t know about (Y/N), but I sure as hell didn’t know” your husband replied almost dumbfounded, running a hand through his blonde hair. “Well you are pregnant (Y/N). You appear to be about 8-9 weeks along and basically what you’re experiencing is a rare and severe form of . morning sickness which is why you’ve felt so sick. You passed out because you were so dehydrated. Now we would like you to stay overnight so that we can run a couple more tests and just so we can make sure both you and baby are doing well. Before you leave I’d like to schedule a follow up appointment for you to meet with both your general practitioner and an OBGYN. I’m going to go check on some other patients but please don’t hesitate if you need me, just call”, Tara explained before leaving you and your husband alone.

The empty room seemed to be smaller than ever as you felt yourself begin to panic. You didn’t know what to do or how to feel and what was more terrifying is not knowing how Koz was feeling. Of course you both wanted kids and knew they were in your future, now was definitely not a good time. With you starting a new job and the constant drama that was club life, you both were actively trying NOT to get pregnant and were using regular birth control. The longer the silence lasted, the worse your panic became and soon you began to feel the tears pouring out of your eyes and small sobs began to escape your mouth. This seemed to snap your Old Man out of his spell and he quickly rushed over to your side. “No, no, no sweetheart please don’t cry”, he pleaded with you as he wrapped his strong arms around you, pulling you into his chest and kissing your forehead. “But…but…I don’t know how this happened. We were being so careful and I don’t want you to be mad at me” you choked out between sobs. You felt your husband stiffen as he pulled back from you, moving his arms from behind you and placing his two rough hands on both of your cheeks stroking them gently. “(Y/N), do you seriously think I’d be mad at you? Sure we have some logistics to figure out but I’m so happy I promise you sweetheart”, he reassured you. “So…so…you want to keep the baby…and me”, you whispered in response, shyly meeting his gaze. Kozik chuckled and kissed you on the nose responding, “Of course I do. I got my dream girl pregnant? People are going to be super jealous babe. I’ve got an amazing Old Lady who’s going to be an amazing mother…a MILF at that”. He winked at you and it was your turn to laugh. “You’re going to be such an amazing Dad”, you mused.

The next morning rolled around with no further complications so the two of you checked out of the hospital along with a mountain of prenatal vitamins and multiple follow up doctors appointments. Your ever doting old man insisted that you wait while he goes and gets the car. While waiting for him to return you called Gemma to find out where she had gone with your brother. She told you that when the prospects let her know you were getting ready to check out AND could eat again, she had brought Tig over to your house and they were currently in the process of making you breakfast. Well she was cooking while Tig was angrily pacing around the house. You let her know that you would be home soon and as you hung up the phone, you saw your car pull around.

When you finally pulled up to the house, you saw your brother rushing out the front door to come to the car. You shared a smile with your husband before getting out of the car to greet your twin brother. He tried to act calm but due to the fact that you both had the same facial expressions, you could read him like a book. “I’m fine, I’m fine. I’ll explain later”, you reassured him. “Well that’s good to hear baby sis”, he sighed in relief. He chuckled “Now if you do actually have your appetite back, Gem’s cooked you a brunch feast in there”. He wrapped his arm around you with one arm and grabbed your bag with the other arm and helped you inside. The house smelled like all sorts of deliciousness when you walked in. The matriarch heard you enter and walked out of the kitchen to greet you, shooing the boys and ordering them to set the table. They both groaned in response but knew better than to argue. Gemma wrapped you in a gentle hug and whispered into your ear, “Congratulations mama. You’re going to be amazing”. You had figured she would pry the information out of Tara but you didn’t mind, with your mom living out of town you needed some motherly love at the moment. You smiled and thanked her, but you were suddenly distracted by the smells coming from the kitchen. Gemma laughed and directed you to the kitchen teasing, “Come on mama, let’s go feed that baby”.

When Tig said that Gemma had cooked a brunch feast, he wasn’t kidding. There was scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, French toast, pancakes, bagels, and lots of other deliciousness. You were chowing down on your second plate, absolutely ravenous after not having eaten for days and besides you were eating for two now. You looked over at your husband who had a big goofy smile on his face. Your brother however was still feeling quite fired up from the whole ordeal and was growing increasingly impatient as to why you all weren’t telling him what was going on. “Seriously guys what the fuck happened, like are you ever gonna tell me. Fucking Smiley over there obviously won’t tell me what’s going on, meanwhile (Y/N)’s just sitting there eating like she’s pregnant or something and”. “That’s because I am pregnant you ginormous idiot”, you interrupted and stormed out of the room.

You didn’t have to even turn around to know that your husband and brother were now physically fighting. You heard a glass break and then you heard Gemma scream at them to cut that shit out or take it outside. When she entered the room alone, you knew they had moved their fight to the backyard. Normally you would try and get them to stop but they needed to get this out of their system. You sat with Gemma who offered you all sorts of advice on motherhood and managing the two goons fighting in the backyard. Eventually Gemma excused herself to head home and left you alone in the living room. About 20 minutes after she left you heard the back door slam and your brother walked into the room looking bloody and rather apologetic. He sighed, running his hands through his hair, and sat down on the couch next to you. You looked up at him and asked, “My husband is still alive, correct Alex”? Tig smiles and wrapped an arm around your shoulders pulling you into his side. “Of course he’s still alive”, the curly haired biker chuckled. He looked down at you, suddenly becoming very serious. “I don’t like the guy (Y/N), hell we’ll always have our issues but as your brother, it’s my job to protect you which now includes that baby growing inside of you so I can’t take away that baby’s father, no matter how obnoxious he is” your brother spilled. Before you could interrupt he continued, “Listen obviously we’ve got a bunch of shit to figure out but I don’t want you to think that I’m going anywhere baby sis. I’m always gonna be here for you”. This was the moment that your husband rejoined the room and sat on the couch on your other side “Baby, I know we’ve got a lot of shit to figure out with the baby on the way but this doesn’t mean you’re going to lose either of us not ever”, he consoled you. “Am I allowed to talk yet”, you teased the two most important men in your life. “I’ve had plenty of time to think while you two were acting like children outside”, you continued “I get that you two have your issues but when the baby comes, I won’t have you acting like that around him or her”. “Damn a little boy or girl, a combination of the both of us”, your husband interrupted with a smile. “Oh wow can you imagine how much trouble we’d be in with a boy”, you wondered out loud, “Between the club and everything plus he would definitely be a wild child. Alex and I practically drove our parents crazy when we were growing up”. Your brother laughed and responded, “Damn right we did (Y/N), but if you have a girl, that’ll be hella time consuming since I’ll have to murder any asshole that looks at her”. “I’ll second that”, Kozik called out. You laughed and shook your head, relieved that they were finally getting along. You clapped a hand on both of their knees as you went to stand up. “Glad that you can both at least agree on murdering someone other than each other. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna get started on those dishes”. “Like hell you are”, your brother shouted while he jumped up from the couch. “I’m gonna go do the dishes while you sit here and relax”, Tig ordered. “Yea and while he does that, I’m going to go run a bath for you and then I’ll go pick up your medicine”, your husband told you. He hopped up from the couch, gave you a quick peck on the lips, and ran off to get your bath started. You stood still for a moment while absentmindedly placing your hand on on your belly. You looked at the love of your life as he rushed to pamper you and take care of you. You then looked out at the kitchen at your twin brother and best friend who was scrubbing away at caked on food just so that you wouldn’t strain yourself. You smiled down at your hand resting on your belly and laughed to yourself. This was certainly going to be a crazy adventure, but you were grateful to have your two favorite guys by your side.

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EA: Wth-wth-wth- Oh right, this-this-this thing on your back... Erm-Erm-Erm. One question, what does death-death-death means for a glitch or soulless skeleton-skeleton-skeleton? *Has no fear in eyes (yet)*

Curse: you will cease to exist with no one to remember you.

I was tagged by @lizziethereader to post something about my last five-star reads! A bit ago, I finished HP2 illustrated, and just like the first one, it is absolutely gorgeous. I did notice something strange: the last time I read HP2 was last year, and I read it in Spanish, which is a language I don’t really speak (I had some classes but never really talked to native speakers before reading HP2 in Spanish). I had to struggle to read it. Now, I read it in English (which I am fluent in) and with pictures, and  it just made it so much more of a children’s book.

I also continued my foreign languages reread with HP3 in French. I’ve had 3 years of French in high school, and I really like the language. It was still kind of difficult but easier for me than in Spanish!

The socks by the way say “you curse it, you cure it!”

I tag @newtsbookblog @booksforthoughts @alwaysbringabookwithyou and @macrolit to post a photo/review/whatever you want of your last 5-star reads!

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How would Melone, Formaggio, and Ghiaccio react upon finding out that their seemingly adorable and nice S/O was really an assassin (albeit one from an allied gang)?

Formaggio repeats what you told him. “Yeah..”

He bursts out laughing. “But, you’re so cute.”


“You’re a fucking cutie!”

“So? What the fuck does that matter?”

“Oh my god, you’re cursing like a real hard ass.”

You roll your eyes and adjust yourself in the seat next to him. His arms envelop you and your anger washes away. He begins to kiss on your neck to warm you up more to him. When you finally kiss him he goes all in making out. Lifting you up to sit on his lap, hands begin to run your ass as he thrusts up.

“I’m sorry, baby. I just meant, its sexy that someone so cute, my little baby is a little gangster!” You’re not impressed by how he said it, but he is older than you, and has a huge mind to protect you. He doesn’t mean it like that, he means it in a cute way. A cute little, not belittled little.

Ghiaccio stays silent. You can’t work out what he may be thinking, you hope its good. But, a million thoughts of how you kept this from him run through your head. What if he’s mad? Thinks I’m keeping more things from him?

He turns to you and grins. “You think you can do this deal better than I can?”

“What deal?”

“Oh, that’s why we’re having our date here”, Ghiaccio states.

You look around and say, “You’ve been using our dates as covers for business?”

“Why, you mad?” He raises an eyebrow and his smirk remains on his face.

You laugh. “No. Just didn’t know you were such a sneaky asshole!”

With a simple phrase you see a light go on in Melone’s eyes. He kisses you roughly, pushing you down on the bed, working to take your cloths off with shaky hands. You try to ask him what he thinks he’s doing, but he keeps kissing you everywhere. “You have an angel’s face. And such a great body. You’re so sweet baby”, he says between moments of his mouth attacking you.

You break the kiss, giggleing. “What is going on?”

“I’ve never fucked a gangster before.”

“We’ve fucked before.”

“Not with me knowing you’re a gangster.”

I would just like to publicly say to everyone that I never reblogged the “repost or you’ll never meet Taylor” posts and I did, in fact, meet her. I have broken the curse for all of you.