When I joined the X-Men, I was a different woman. I swore never to take a life. But that changed. I made an exception. And exceptions became justifications. Taking a life became less horrifying.

And today I crossed a line. I took another life. Not a monster or a vampire. An innocent.

I’m worried now. Because I wonder, the next time I cross that line… Will it be to much to bear?

Curse of the Mutants: Storm and Gambit


ok so i KNOW i’m about 4 years too late on this (and if someone already posted this, i’m totally NOT trying to take anyone’s idea/credit/thunder), but did anyone else notice this?

in X-Men: The Animated Series’ episode Days of Future Past Part 1 (1993), Wolverine gets caught by “Mutant Tracker Bishop” and brought to the Internment Camp… where he sees Jubilee’s grave which reads that she dies in his future in the year 2010.

THEN Marvel revamped released the Curse of the Mutants storyline which features Jubilee DYING (but to me, that is to be debated)…

… in 2010.

well wouldja lookit that. 0_0