curse you and your genes

touch • zach dempsey pt. 1

a/n: i combined like 3 requests for this bc i’m a terrible person that couldn’t come up with strong enough individual plot lines. 2 of the 3 were pretty similar so i guess it kinda works out??? also this is gonna be in 2 parts hehe.

warnings: uh u already know what i’m about to say, SIN. it’s minor sin though, just some good ol’ dry humping. 

 walking through the halls of liberty high was definitely not a task that you enjoyed. at first, you passed all of the cheerleaders everyday, wishing that you could look like them. with their flat stomachs and small thighs. you cursed your genes for giving you your wide hips and larger breasts, but over time you grew to love and cherish them. that was until that stupid hot or not list started circulating. someone had put you down under “best tits” and the harassment still hasn’t subsided. you’re now greeted with animalistic grunts, thrusting movements, and boys making cupping motions around their chest when they see you.

 it was the boys like bryce walker and the rest of his little clique that made your blood boil and your life a living hell. you walked past them, the disdain clearly evident on your face. you rolled your eyes as they started up their little show. you looked down at your shoes as you passed zach dempsey. you always had a soft spot for him and you never knew where it came from. for some reason you liked to imagine that he actually had a sweet heart and wasn’t like the company that he kept. 

 "guys knock it off, you’re being so annoying.“ zach said, attempting stop the shenanigans. you walked even faster towards your class, hearing the boys all taunt zach for defending you. you didn’t know why he had done it, but you weren’t complaining. your heart fluttered, but you pushed the feeling deep down as you continued your day. 

 the most dreaded time had approached quicker than you wanted it to. 8th period. the class where you had to deal with all of the jocks at once. your teacher decided to make matters worse by assigning a partner project. seeing as the class was small, it was practically impossible not to be paired with one of them. 

 "okay let’s see here: justin with alex, bryce with marcus, jeff with monty, zach with y/n….” she called out. your heart froze. “zach with me? me? and zach?” you thought to yourself. you drowned out the teacher’s voice with your internal screaming. there was nothing you had wanted to do more in that moment than to melt into the ground. 

 zach walked over to your desk, flashing you his signature colgate smile. “damn zachy boy, you got a good one!” justin says to zach while smirking at you.

 "stop being a dick justin, just leave her alone.“ zach shoots back. justin threw his hands up in surrender, backing off from zach’s words. you looked down at your paper and began scribbling, speaking without looking up at zach. "look, i get it. you don’t wanna mess up your rep. you don’t want to be seen with me. let’s make this easier for the both of us and-” you say and zach’s smile faltered. he cuts you off. “why would you think that, y/n?” he asks you with concerned eyes.

 "your friends have made it pretty clear how they feel about me, zach.“ say to him quietly, not meeting his eyes. "yeah, well, i’m not my friends y/n.” he says and you look up to find his eyes trying to read your expression. his gaze made you blush, but soon you laughed bitterly. “you’re hilarious dempsey. i’m just the butt of the stupid joke of a list that you guys made.” you answered.

 zach scratched the back of his neck, suddenly becoming nervous. he was usually oozing confidence, so seeing him flustered was adorable.

 "y/n, i’m sorry about the list. it’s my fault that you’re on it. y- you see, the guys put you on there to mess with my head because i- i think you’re really cute and-“ he says quickly before you cut him off. 

 "you? thinking that i’m cute? i never knew you were such a funny guy, zachary.” you said rolling your eyes and shaking your head. you didn’t know what kind of game he was playing but it made you furious.

“can you please just look at me and be serious for a sec y/n?” you looked him in the eye. “this is weird. i’ve never done this before but i really like you y/n, and i’m really sorry for the boys. i’ve tried to stop them but you know how they are. the only reason why they tease you is to get to me, because they knew i was scared to tell you how i feel. you probably hate me but i just really, really like you. i like the way you bob your head to whatever music is going on in your mind when you think no one is watching you. i like the way you crinkle your nose when you’re frustrated or confused, and then shake your head and mumble to yourself. i like your laugh, especially when it’s loud and unexpected, and then you try to hide it with small giggles. i like it when you speak your mind and don’t hold back. there are so many things that i just like about you so much y/n.” he says. 

 you blink, stunned by the words that just came out of the basketball player’s mouth. registering everything he said, you start blushing and biting your lip. “oh, and that. stop doing that, it kills me.” zach groans.

 you smile widely and put your hand on top of his. “for what it’s worth, i like you too.” you say to him. the bells rings and you leave quickly, leaving zach still sitting at his desk, speechless. you walk home, still smiling like a madman. zach dempsey had a crush on you. 

 you walked into school the next day with your head held high. the boys didn’t start up their usual game when you passed, they simply nodded at you. the only thing is that zach wasn’t with them. you approach your locker to see zach leaning 4 lockers down from you, laughing and talking with sheri. your heart feels heavy as you scoff and slam your locker.

 zach jumps up and sees you, but you walk away from him swiftly, making him run to catch up with you. “y/n, wait!” he says to you. you can’t help but to roll your eyes when he grabs your wrist.

 "i hate you zachary dempsey. i hate you for making me think that you actually liked me. i hate you for making me like you. ya know, last time i checked, you don’t tell someone that you like them and then flirt with one of their best friends.“ you yelled at him. zach laughed and you wanted to punch his stupid face. "you’re a piece of shit you know that right, you’re the worst, and i never want to tal-” you started.

 "christ, y/n shut up!“ zach argued. he walked towards you until you were pressed against the locker and his face was inches from yours. you inhaled sharply, looking up at him. "i was asking sheri what you liked. i was gonna ask you out.” he whispered. “bullshit.” you said back. 

 "why can’t you just believe that i like you y/n? you’re driving me insane right now.“ he says, his voice still low. "because zach, boys like you don’t like girls like me.” you mumble, looking up at him through your eyelashes. zach put his hand on your cheek, and then lifted your chin so that your eyes could meet his.  

“you’re insane if you think that, y/n. i definitely like you. i can barely control myself around you. i just want you be mine so bad, let me prove it to you.” he says as his fingertips brush against you, tracing random patterns on your arm. you pull him closer by his letterman and kiss him hard. his kisses back with just as much need and desperation, before pulling you into an empty classroom. 

he sits down and pulls you into his lap. you smile when you feel that he’s already hard. zach grips your hips before slamming his lips onto yours again with a bruising force. you grind down on him and he moans into your mouth as you grip his hair. you move your lips down his neck and suck on it while still rolling your hips. 

 "shit y/n, this is better than i could have ever expected.“ he says as he let’s his head fall back. you smirk against his neck as he grips your ass to pull you closer to him. you gasp and moan out, feeling more pressure on your clothed sex. you move your hips faster earning a satisfied groan from him before he starts sucking on your neck. 

 "zach.” you moaned breathlessly. he nipped at your neck, marking you as his. you were putty in his hands. zach pulled away suddenly, leaving you confused. “did i do something wrong?” you asked wide eyed. “god no, y/n. the complete opposite actually. if you wouldn’t have stopped, i would’ve came in my pants.” he admits. you blush and step towards him, grabbing his phone out of his pocket. 

 "come to my place at 6. we can work on the project and maybe pick up where we left off?“ you said with a smile, putting your number and address in zach’s phone. 

 you walked out of the room, once again leaving him speechless and watching you.


Batfamily characters as things me and my family have said:

Bruce: *Yells at his own kids* “You sons and daughters of *****!!” 

Dick: *Closes a drawer with their butt* “Ha! Who needs a third arm, am I right?”

Barbara: *Getting Hair-Removal Laser done to her* “Curse you father-Ouch! For your-Ouch! Hairy genes!”

Jason: “Kill them with kindness? Why can’t I kill them without kindness instead?”

Tim: “I do NOT work better under pressure! I repeat! I do NOT work better under pressure!”

Stephanie: “The meaning of life is something meaningful, probably. I mean I don’t know, I’m just making assumptions.”

Cassandra: *Holds her dad’s hand before getting her ears pierced* “This doesn’t feel right?” *Holds her dad’s foot instead* “Much better :)”

Damian: “Someone please take this knife out of my hand before I stab this person standing infront of me!”

Duke: “I really want a massage right now. Not the one with the hands, but the one where you have a tiny kid walk on your back, ya know?” *Asks where their younger sibling is afterwards*

Alfred: “Make sure to close your windows at night kids, so if you die while you’re asleep the neighborhood’s cats will not eat your corpse. I would hate it if cats got in……Oh, and if any of you died too.” 

Happy Valentine’s Day (AU!Tom Hanniger x Reader)

Pairing: AU!Tom Hanniger x Reader

Word count: 2312

Warnings: slight angst? I Have no idea. Obviously working with PTSD. Fluff too :D 

Summary: Ten years after the collapse of the mine in Harmony, you are living with your boyfriend Tom Hanniger.

A/N: So. THIS is the result of my laptop being haunted for a week and a half by Tom Hanniger. It’s a whole thing, @dustycelt​ and @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog​ can vouch for it. Plus, I love me some Tom Hanniger and there needs to be more fics about him. End of story. Thanks so much to Mimi for looking over this for me! :D So.. here’s my contribution to the Tom trash in the world. Feedback is welcome and appreciated! :D

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[Hey! If you are taking requests can you do one please. Where you’re a small girl (like 5′ or 5′1″) and you meet Josh while trying to get something from a shelf in the backstage (bc someone from your family works for them) andhe helps you but you’re very shy since you’re a fan and fluff and a kiss too? Please pretty please? Thank you very much! - Anonymous]

[ A / N - I am so sorry that it’s taken me a few days to upload something. I haven’t been feeling well the past few days and had no motivation to write anything. This was actually half finished before I even took a break, but just didn’t know how to finish it until today. I hope it’s kind of what you wanted.]

“Just go grab the cords please.” You glared at your brother, flipping him off as you turned and walked off the stage, heading for the tech room. Your brother, who was one of the techies responsible for setting up the stage for Twenty One Pilots, was an asshole. He clearly could have gone and grabbed the wires himself, but no, he told you to while he sat on his ass, flicking through facebook. You loved him dearly but he was still an asshole. 

You sighed, entering the makeshift room, looking around quickly for what you needed. You spotted the wires on the shelves, but of course they were on the very top, where you couldn’t reach. Curse the short genes you got from your parents. Curse your brother, who was well over six foot for not grabbing the wires himself. Curse everything.

You looked around for a step stool or a chair or anything that you could use to boost yourself up to the top shelf. But there was nothing, except a metal table along one wall that looked heavier than you. There was no way that you would be able to drag that across the floor. 

Groaning and throwing your hands briefly in the air you turned towards the shelves. You would end up having to climb the shelves to get to the top. You grabbed a hold of one of the sides of the shelves and shook it slightly, seeing if it would be able to hold your weight without falling over. Some of the things shook a tiny bit, but it seemed stable enough and so you started to climb it, placing your feet where they wouldn’t accidentally knock something off. 

You were about halfway up and you could see the wires just in front of your face and you reached towards them, just barely touching them before you found yourself falling backwards through the air. Your other hand didn’t have as good of a grip on the shelves than you originally thought and your feet slipped out from under you. You landed on the hard floor, your ankles making a horrible cracking sound, knocking the wind out of you as you stared up at the ceiling, praying that the shelves didn’t come down on top of you. You laid there, catching your breath as you sighed, realizing that the shelves were more stable than you. 

When you landed on the floor it must have made a horrible crashing sound. It sounded like a stampede was rushing to the room you were in and about ten people entered the room. They were rushing around you, some people making sure that the equipment was still working, others asking if you were alright. You were just able to nod your head yes as you still tried to catch your breath, heart threatening to escape your chest. Everyone’s voices were muffled by the sound of rushing blood in your ears, your hand gripping your shirt just above your heart. 

You tried to tell yourself to calm down, that it was just an honest mistake and wrong placement of your limbs that caused you to fall. But at the same time you didn’t want your brother to find out. He would immediately call your parents and send you straight home, which would be heartbreaking considering you only just arrived early this morning and hadn’t even been able to see the members of the band. 

Suddenly there were hands on your shoulders, pushing you into a sitting position and you thought that it was your brother, causing your heart to sink with the anticipated lecture you were going to receive. Your vision shifted from the ceiling to looking at the shelves. You immediately looked up at the top of the shelves, groaning as you realized that you never even grabbed the wires before you fell. All that effort was for nothing.

“Are you okay?” You turned as you realized that it actually wasn’t your brother who sat you up. In fact he wasn’t even in the room. Maybe he hadn’t even heard the crash because he was out on the stage. No, it was Josh Dun, drummer of Twenty One Pilots, the only guy in the entire universe that you had the hugest crush on. 

All you could do was nod your head at him as you felt your face turn beat red. He gave you a smile, but it was forced and you could see concern written under the facade. 

“Can you stand up?” You shrugged your shoulders, not trusting your voice for fear of stumbling over your words. He stood up and held out his hand to you, pulling you up slowly and gently. You wobbled once you were on your feet, legs shaking slightly but it wasn’t from the fall. You realized you hand was still in his and looked down at your joined hands, a deeper blush rising to your face. Josh cleared his throat, catching your attention. 

“W..what?” You mentally kicked yourself for having zoned out, not hearing what Josh said. 

“What were you doing anyway?” You looked down at the floor, body deflating as you realized that you couldn’t lie yourself out of this one this time. Not that you would ever lie to your crush to begin with. But you just didn’t want to be sent home by your brother if he ever found out, which was basically a 95 percent chance at this point. 

“I was trying to get those wires on the top shelf.” You looked down at your feet, eye twitching just the slightest at the embarrassing reality of the whole situation. You inwardly groaned and looked up at Josh. He was watching you intently, waiting for you to carry on. You sighed and looked up at the top shelf. “But I’m vertically challenged and rock climbing is apparently not my forte.” You threw a half grin at Josh and he almost grinned before he caught himself, a frown appearing instead. 

You sighed and dropped your hand from his, shoving them deep into your pockets. “Look you have a show to do and I have to go explain to my brother why he shouldn’t send me back home.” You made to walk past him but he put a hand on your shoulder, silently telling you to stop. You waited and watched as he walked over to the shelves, stretched up, and grabbed the wires you needed. He handed them to you without another word and you mumbled a thanks, walking out of the room towards the stage, wires in hand and eyes cast downward.


“Seriously, I should call mom and dad!” You sighed, plopping yourself down on an amp on the stage. You brother had heard about your clumsiness from one of the other techs and he immediately laid into you when you had shown up with the wires. He was more pissed about the fact that you had disturbed a band member more than anything, telling you that you needed to stay away from them.

“Then just do it! I’d rather go home than listen to you bitch all the damn time about my honest mistakes!” You were furious, balling your fists and throwing your arms around to exaggerate your points. He walked up to you, standing right in front of you with his phone in his hand. He just stared at you though, like he was actually debating on whether he should  call or not. 

You glared at him through your eye lashes, arms crossed over your chest, feet placed just right that you could easily run out of there if things turned way worse. Your brother wasn’t exactly the nicest person and couldn’t control some of his actions when he was really pissed off. It might have something to do with the slight age gap and the fact that he thought he could boss you around even though you were well into your twenties. But you tried to keep telling him that you were fine, that nothing was broken, and that you probably wouldn’t be sore tomorrow. But, just like everything else you told him, it went in one ear and out the other, his brain not processing what you were saying. 

“I think you should put that phone down.” You and your brother turned and looked towards the side of the stage. Josh was walking towards you two, obviously having over heard the argument. You hated to get him involved but if it helped your case and helped you to stay then you would let him intervene. Maybe that was a bit selfish on your part, but this was the only chance that you were going to get to even see Josh, let alone the band.

Josh stopped right in front of your brother, arms at his side and a very neutral expression on his face. It was almost like he knew of your brothers sudden outbursts and was trying to get him to calm down. Slowly, your brother put his phone down and in his back pocket. He scowled at Josh, huffed, and walked away, back to the wires that you had given him. He still had a job to do. 

“Thank you.” You slouched, your hands resting in your lap as you looked up at Josh. He turned to you and gave you a small smile. Now that you got a chance to look at him with the sun streaming through the clouds, he looked exhausted and it wasn’t even time for the sound check yet. 

Josh moved and sat down next to you, slouching and running a hand over his face. He crossed his ankles and rested his arms on his legs, staring out into the empty seats of the venue. You both sat in silence as you watched him, eyes occasionally flicking to watch your brother, who was glaring daggers at you. 

“Are you alright?” You barely said it above a whisper but you knew that he heard it. This place was so eerily silent that it almost scared you. Josh ran a hand through his hair before he sat up a little, eyes still focused on the empty audience. 

“It’s all so much. There are days where I’m so pumped to do this and wish I could do it for the rest of my life, non-stop.” He took a shaky breath and leaned his elbows on his knees, hunched over. “But then there’s other days where I just wish I could take a break, even if it was for a few days. Just to catch my breath and give my body some rest. I barely get to sleep at night before I have to get up early and do it all over again.” He turned his head and looked at you, pain clearly etched across his beautiful features. You sighed and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, feeling him lean his body into your touch.

“I wish I could say I know how it is. I kind of do though. College sucks, with the busy schedule and everything. I’m just glad that it’s summer and I can take a few months away from it and be here, even if my brother is an asshole.” He smiled at you, eyes crinkling just the slightest bit. He rested his chin on your shoulder and you were instantly reminded at how close he actually was to you. You blushed, heat spreading over your face and you looked away from him, towards the seats. 

“So you’re here for another few months?” You just nodded your head in response, shrugging your shoulders slightly so as to not disturb Josh too much. You saw his hand out of the corner of your eye and he gently grabbed your chin, turning your face so you had to look at him. You were just barely able to see that his pupils were dilated more than they should be in the sun,before they slipped closed and you felt his soft lips on yours. In a way you were expecting that something would happen when he put his head on your shoulder. You slipped your eyes closed and tilted your head, lips moving against his. It was the best kiss you’ve ever had, adrenaline and electricity running through your veins. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you turned your body towards him as much as the amp would let you. He brought his hands down and grabbed onto your waist, thumbs rubbing against the fabric of your shirt. 

You pulled away from his lips, forehead resting against his. He opened his eyes and smiled at you, his hair tickling your face slightly. You smiled back at him, a sigh escaping your lips. He dropped his hands from your waist as you moved you arms from around his neck. You rested your head on his shoulder and he wound an arm around your shoulders, bringing you into his side.

“I’m glad your here for a few more months.”

I love you guys so much! <3

#1 - How You Meet

Ashton: Fingers wiggling, legs straining to hold you up on your tiptoes, and bottom lip pressed between your teeth, you reached forward as far as you could towards the milk that was just out of your reach. You collapsed back into normal position, letting out a frustrated groan and running your hands through your hair. The last twenty minutes of your life had been spent trying to capture the carton of chocolate milk that was taunting you from the back of the top shelf. You had had a terrible day and all you wanted to do was curl up on the couch with a big cold glass of chocolate milk, but it seemed like that wasn’t very likely to happen. Your small stature certainly wasn’t providing any help, and you mentally cursed your parents for giving you these genes. Turning back around, you began your struggle once more when all of the sudden an arm reached up over your head and snatched your milk right off the shelf. Whipping around, you see a boy standing in front of you with a satisfied look on his face. “I’m glad I could get this, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to reach.” He holds up the milk as your mouth drops open, an affronted look on your face. “I’m just kidding,” the boy laughs, holding the milk out in your direction. “I saw you struggling there and figured I would lend a hand.” You take the milk from his hand, mumbling a quiet thank you under your breath. “You’re welcome.” The boy raises his eyebrows, smiling at you. “The name’s Ashton, by the way.”

Calum: “Hi. Excuse me. I’m sorry.” You shimmied your way between groups of people all while trying not to spill the contents in the cups you strategically wedged between your arms and chest. You were at a Manchester United game with your friends, and you not really being one for sports offered to go grab some beer for you and your friends. The stands were filled with dedicated fans dressed top to bottom in their Man U gear, all sitting on the edges of their seat with bated breath. You could see your friends a few seats down, a sigh of relief leaving your lips when a boy with bright red hair let out a small yawn and stretched his limbs out, causing you to fall on top of the boy sat next to him. You could see the contents of your cups soaking up his slightly torn Nirvana T-shirt and dripping from the ends of his hair. “Oh my god I am so sorry,” you exclaimed, not really knowing what to do with the situation. “Oh it’s fine,” the boy says, his thick Australian accent present. “It’s not every day a gorgeous girl lands in my lap. I’m Calum.”

Luke: You strolled into Haffa’s Records, a little hole-in-the-wall used music store in the heart of Sydney. You had been to a total of seven record stores today, it was getting late so this was a last ditch effort. You were looking for a Beatles album, Yesterday and Today to be exact. You had one when you were younger, but your mother sold it in a yard sale. You knew finding it was going to be difficult, but not impossible. You made your way to the Classic Rock section, your fingers grazing over the slightly dusty albums. You skimmed over the Classic Rock section to no avail, sighing heavily. You turn around leave when something caught your eye. It was a shelf labeled “Rarities” and there was The Beatles album in all it’s glory. As you reached for it, so did another hand. It belonged to a tall boy with even taller hair you hadn’t noticed standing there. You recoiled your own, placing them in the pockets of your jacket. “You can have it if you want.” The boy gestured to the vinyl in his hand, but you shook your head. “You had it first, it’s fine,” you said, defeatedly. The boy didn’t protest, he shrugged his shoulders and took it to the front counter to check out. You started the walk home when you hear him yelling after you. You turned around and he handed you the vinyl. Before you could say anything he gave you a wink and walked the other direction. On the back was a pink sticky note with scratchy writing and a phone number. “Give me a call maybe? We can meet up sometime and listen to your new album. xxLuke”

Michael: You had been at Gamestop for nearly two hours already, arguing with the entirely unhelpful customer service person. They were in a tense stance behind the counter, arms crossed and a confrontational look plastered on their face. “How many times do I have to tell you, we don’t have your game. I’m sorry but we just don’t.” Sighing and rolling your eyes, you lean forward against the counter, retorting “And how many times do I have to tell you that it’s not about the game anymore. It’s the principle of the entire situation. You were sold out of Black Ops II, so you told me you would reserve a copy for me when you got a new shipment in. I know for a fact that a new shipment came in and here I am, still without my game. This store lacks trustworthiness and integrity and I can assure you that you will never get my business again.” You turn away from the counter and begin walking towards the front of the store, strides short and choppy due to your anger. “Excuse me?” you hear a voice speak out behind you. Turning around, you’re faced with a shock of red hair pressed down underneath a black snapback. “I couldn’t help but overhear your situation back there, I have an extra copy of Black Ops II at home if you want it. I’ll just need your number so I have a way to get it to you. And then maybe we can face off against each other,” the boy in front of you smirks, holding out his hand to you. “My name is Michael.”

A/N: just to clarify, taylor wrote luke and calum and shannon wrote ashton and michael, as is standard. this will be the same for every preference unless otherwise stated. we hope you enjoy! -t&s


You’ve always preferred playing ball games rather than Barbie dolls, wearing shorts and jeans rather than skirts and dresses. You would also rather lounge around at home, playing video games rather than going shopping with your girlfriends — which is, probably the reason why you have more guy friends than girl friends.

But that didn’t bother you at all. That is, until today.

“Stupid Park Chanyeol!” You muttered under your breath, as you folded your arms in extreme annoyance. “Stupid stupid stupid stu—”

“I heard that.” Chanyeol’s deep voice sounded, his hands placed behind his head as he walked towards you leisurely. “And stop hanging yourself upside down from the monkey bar! You’re wearing a skirt and you might injured yourself for goodness sake!“ 

You rolled your eyes at him, still annoyed by what he called you earlier on, which, kind of made you the laughing stock of your clique.

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