curse you and your beautiful face

the woman who cursed the beast.

the emerald witch. they put your face in their stained-glass windows to remind the sun to fear you. 

the roses you tend yell. you put a spell on an eleven-year-old boy. how dare you! for what, for not taking your rose? and to curse the servants as well - what had they done. who were you to decide to undo them? you hush them.

the woman he will love has a fondness for stories and a kindness that you lack. a sense of self-sacrifice. 

like your mother. she had gentle eyes and good hands. her back hurt all the time. when you picture her, you see her hunched. sad. she looked so old, sometimes, for someone who was young. she worked so that you may play, you blissful and full of chatter, not seeing how frail she became. france was never known for feeding the people, not then, not in this time. your mother’s magic was earth magic. the only thing she could call her own was her patch of roses. beautiful and soft and the only color in her life, besides you. or at least, that’s what she told you.

every day her joints swelled. one night she stays late into a storm, begs for shelter, finds none. when she came back to you, you had nightmares about monsters. great wracking coughs like roars. her face ashy, brown with dirt. her hair matted, her knobby hands - those hands that raised you - bloody and gnarled and curled into claws. you told yourself you could not fear her. but you hid nonetheless.

when she died, you still believed in king and in country. you went to beg for a tombstone from them. it was the first you’d seen of the castle. so wide and full of things you’d never explored. for the first time in your life, you felt poor. you learned, in that moment, that you were starving. before, it had just been the way things were.

you couldn’t find the courage to face the royal family. you joined the staff. every day, you handled things that could have bought her a better life. a single spoon would have saved her; paid not for her grave but instead for the care she had required. it could have fixed her back and undone her bad bones. you gain a reputation for being soft in the head, staring at things long and hard, thinking about what you could have done with them. you watch servants in their own petty cruelness. a spot in the castle was worth fighting over. they framed theft, started rumors, purposefully injured each other. 

when you first meet the boy, you think - he is not much younger than me. and he has lost his parents too, hasn’t he? maybe - if you are good and kind like your mother, he will see. you only want her name to last permanently. to be a stone, to be back to the earth like her magic was. the boy who does not know hungry is spoiled, you think. you see him crying over his choice in toys and think of what those toys could have bought another family. 

resentment grows in you the way ache grew in your mother’s body. it starts somewhere ugly and spreads in thorns along your heartstrings. every early morning, every late ball, every pointless expense, every moment you are demeaned and insulted and humiliated. every tiny payment, barely enough to make your rent, every day after putting food you’ll never taste into hands that don’t care if you disappeared forever. it sits in you and you nurse it, let it grow in ivy vines between your teeth, let it in. every time the other servants are cruel, you stare at them, map their features in your head, calculate exactly what would be the best for them.

you go to the boy on the night your mother died. it is dark and there is nothing but lightning. you feel her, somehow, and that is why you wear her old clothes and crook your back and you give him - for her, and only for her - one chance to prove that this castle of taking isn’t all of sin. for a moment, you wear your mother’s skin. the way you remember her. old and gentle, carrying a single red rose she grew with tired hands.

you knock on the door, and try not to think how many homes could have used the wood it was carved in. the servants are asleep, and the boy you have enchanted: he glints one eye out into the darkness. and you, as your mother, you offer him a rose. for one night in the castle. you offer him: if he had known her, would he have accepted her? taken her under his wing? saved her from what would happen? you offer him one starving single mother, only asking for a little bit of rest, to be paid for with the most precious thing in her life, the effort of her every breath.

he laughs at you. a rose? he asks, when i have hundreds? 

sire, you say, you so have hundreds of rooms, too.

and he laughs more. and closes the door. you hear at once the sound of her closing coffin. 

you stand there, and if it is the magic of your mother, of her rose, of the black soil, for once in your life you are powerful. the castle opens itself to you, and at once, like a map of blackness, you find every corner and expose it for the ugliness inside. for the sharp man who beats you every time he perceives you being slow: a clock, so he can feel the time strike him. for the pretty ladies who are constantly using their looks to hide how cruel they are to each other: a duster, so they can settle in their own dirt. and for the leery man who touches you - day after day after day - his hands will be fire, so he never stops burning. even the stones turn dark, the corners full of gargoyles, the eves covered in spiderwebs. every place a shadowed hell. the way it’s always been.

and for the boy? the boy who would have let your mother die in the night? for him you give him exactly what he turned away; the beast from your childhood dreams. does the boy scream, when you turn him into who your mother became? his clawed hands and bent back and growl of a voice? this question haunts you still. did he scream? you heard nothing but the echo of his voice, laughing.

you stood there. ivy around you in a dress. your mother’s earth magic maybe holding you back from changing even yourself. it was too late. you were already something different now, made cruel by a cruel place, made ancient by long hurts. you were panting, maybe crying. the air smelled of roses. 

his way out. to find love. that’s all. just to teach him the value of a single human life before his own. so that he may know what it is to love and to have that love one day be gone.

you were fair. you were beyond fair. you just did what had to be done.

  • Albus: I love you.
  • Scorpius: (stares at Albus in shock.)
  • Albus: Scorpius, oh, I mean, I didn’t mean to say that. I just thought you might, for a moment… I mean we have been friends for so long but I’m just so… I would do anything for you. Because I love you. I love your blond hair and your beautiful ocean eyes just on the brink of silver. I love your brilliant smile where your whole face scrunches and you just smile and don’t hide it at all. I love how I can talk to you about anything and everything, including this because you’re my best friend in the whole world Scorpius and I need you to know that. I know that you don’t have feelings for me that way but I don’t want this to change anything. I can’t help that I like blokes, or more specifically you. Please, just don’t leave me.
  • Scorpius: (staying silent, mouth still wide ajar in shock.)
  • Scorpius: (corners of mouth begin to turn into a huge smile.)
  • Albus: (blushing) I-I’m gonna go now. I’ll… see you in class Scorpius.
  • Scorpius: Albus. I love you too. More than you’ll ever know. Since the train, our first time at Hogwarts. 
  • Albus: Thank Merlin.
  • Scorpius: Come on, Let’s go up to the astronomy tower to look at the stars and I can tell you all of the things I love about you.
identify your skin type:oily

Oily/Acne Prone skin:

For those who experience frequent breakouts and feel as if your skin is always too moist. 🙂, you have oily skin. The areas of your face that are mostly affected are your forehead, nose, chin, and under your eyes.

Although oily skin feels like a curse, it is actually considered a blessing in the beauty world. With your skin producing excess sebum (the name of your face oil) you will be less likely to experience wrinkles👵🏽. However, this does not mean your off the hook. Most of the people who experience oily/acne prone skin are not maintaining a healthy diet. Always drink water. Always drink water. Always drink water💦. You have probably heard this quite a number of times, but that is how important it is. When you are dehydrated your skin will produce excess oil which will caused clogging of pores and breakouts.

If the description above goes in hand with what you are experiencing, then you have oily/acne prone skin. (This is also my skin type, it’s not that bad when you start to take proper care of it.) With this skin type you will always want to be in the lookout for a gel cleanser that has either salicylic acid or glycol acid. Also, use a toner. Toners are a go-to for oily skins since it will restore balance and take out the left over dirt the cleanser did not reach. Also, it is very important for you to hydrate. Do.not.skip.MOISTURIZER. Even though your skin is oily don’t ever think you don’t need extra hydration, if you skip this step, your skin will just produce more oil!  

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Double Presents

Summary: It’s your birthday and Christmas morning so Bucky spoils you with kisses and many more presents.

Word count: 1051

Warnings: Smut (unprotected sex, wrap it or regret it!) and fluffyness, a few curse words

Prompt: Tree

Special Tags: @oneshot-shit, @marvel-ash

A/N: This is my MarvelSecretSanta gift to @valynsia, I hope you like it, dear! Enjoy <3 (Also Happy Birthday!)

Originally posted by fireeyess

[24th of December, your appartment, 8 am]

Bucky was watering the plants and your bonsai tree when you woke up, blinking a bit as you were confused. ‘’Baby?’’ you asked in a sleepy voice, smiling weakly, sitting up.

He did not notice you were awake already and was startled by your voice but then turned around and put down the watering can. A big grin was on his face as he looked at you, his beautiful girlfriend. ‘’Happy birthday and merry christmas, my darling!’’ he said enthusiastically and flopped himself on the bed, next to you. Bucky cupped your cheeks with his slightly rough hands and peppered kisses along your face until you decided to kiss him deeply.

The kiss went on for a few seconds until Buck pulled away and smiled, staring into your eyes. ‘’I have the greatest present ever for you,’’ he murmured, biting his lip.

You were excited for your present but wasn’t feeling like getting out of bed yet. ‘’Really? Hmm, I think you are a pretty great present yourself, Mr.’’ you teased and pressed your lips against his once again, chuckling as you did.

Bucky was suprised by the kiss but didn’t mind at all. He pulled you on top of his lap, grabbing your hips gently as he worked his way down with his mouth to your neck, flinging his tongue out every now and then.

‘’Which present do you want first?’’ he asked and lied you down on the mattress before giving you some marks in your neck and on your collarbone.

You let a soft moan escape from your throat, wrapping your arms around your boyfriend’s neck as he lied you down, not sure what he meant. ‘’I get two presents?’’ 

Bucky smirked and his eyes lit up at the idea of morning sex. Apparantly his cock was already thinking ahead of him…

He nodded while his fingers worked on getting you out of your panties. Now you understood. You laughed softly and helped Bucky with pulling your panties down your legs.

‘’Hmm, what to do first,’’ Bucky said and blew raspberries on your belly, one hand already playing gently with your clit. ‘’Oh my,’’ you whispered and closed your eyes as you relaxed on the mattress. ‘’Please.’’

‘’Please what, love?’’ he teased and sucked at the skin of your thighs what made you shiver. Bucky stuck his tongue inside of you and added a finger too, pushing in and out.

The sudden feeling of arouse making you moan loudly this time. ‘’Bucky!’’ 

Bucky bit his lip again and started to play with your clit, using his tongue as he kept on fingering you. Eventually he added a second and third finger inside of you until you had enough.

‘’I can’t wait much longer, Bucky,’’ you said and looked up at him after he had climbed back up and kissed you again.

He took of his boxer and hummed when his aching cock was released from the pressure of the piece of clothing. ‘’You’re still on the pill, right?’’ he asked to be really sure. 

You nodded and wrapped your legs around your boyfriend, smiling as you waited for him to enter. ‘’Come on,’’ you begged.

Bucky loved how much you wanted him and he started to push the head of his cock inside of you. ‘’Is that good?’’ he teased and painfully slowly pushed further.

‘’Fucking…fuck, Bucky,’’ you whispered and arched your back a bit, enjoying the heat of your bodies.

Your moans were candy for his ears as he began to move. His pace was slow to make sure you weren’t going to be in pain. Bucky kissed your lips and deepened the kiss. ‘’Y/N…’’ he said.

You smiled widely and felt one of his hands teasing your nipple. He chuckled and planted a few kisses on your boobs, starting to pick up his pace. 

‘’Buck, faster,’’ you said and held him close so there was more grip for the both of you. He listened to your wish and moved, finding your spot, hitting it as he felt close. ‘’Oh Y/N, fuck, you feel good,’’ he groaned in your ear and continued.

You gripped the sheets and squirmed happily on the mattress, screaming your boyfriend’s name as you couldn’t stand the tension anymore and reached your climax. ‘’Bucky!’’ 

At the same moment, Bucky came inside of you, groaning once again as he stared into your eyes, smirking and kissing you. ‘’Jeez, that was fucking good,’’ he mumbled, still panting. ‘’Happy birthday, baby.’’

You rolled your eyes fondly and nuzzled Bucky’s neck before you got up, legs shaking slightly. ‘’That was the best present in the galaxy,’’ you joked and blew him a kiss as you got dressed.

‘’I hope you like my other present too, baby,’’ Bucky said and followed you downstairs to the huge christmas tree after he had put on some jogging pants.

Underneath the tree, there lied something like a hundred presents, meant for all of The Avengers. You wondered if the biggest box was for you but you had no time to ask because Bucky already grabbed it and gave it to you. ‘’Here you go, sweetie.’’

‘’I…wow, Buck. I love you so much,’’ you mumbled and unwrapped your gift, curious and a bit nervously, screaming when someone jumped out of the box. ‘’Boo!’’ Tony yelled and laughed at your scream that followed. ‘’STARK! What the hell, man…Bucky, what is this supposed to mean?’’ 

Tony winked at you and grabbed a way smaller box out of his pocket, handing it to your boyfriend. Your heart was beating like crazy. ‘’B-Bucky…what are you doing?’’ you asked and placed a hand in front of your mouth.

Bucky smiled widely and opened the box to show you a beautiful ring with a gemstone in it as he got on one knee. ‘’Y/N, will you marry me? Because I love you with all my ass…it’s bigger then my heart,’’ he joked and looked up at you.

There was a small pause but then you wiped your tears away and pulled Bucky up, kissing him passionately. 

Tony groaned a bit, rolling his eyes and looking away. ‘’Get a room, you guys,’’ he mumbled softly but then squealed as he got pushed on the floor, still in the box. ‘’Really?’’ he complained and tried to crawl out of it.

You and Bucky chuckled and then continued the kiss until you pulled away, whispering, ‘’Yes, I will.’’ 

The End

Nigel was walking home, dead tired, and fucking done with this fucking city when he fell in love with a stranger taking to raccoons on a park bench. 

 He was cutting through Central Park after a long night at the club, barely watching where he was going, tripped and fell flat on his face across the sidewalk cursing up a storm. 

 "That looked like it hurt.“

 Nigel hissed, “Yeah it fucking hurt, you st–,” picking himself up and pausing at the sight before him. 

 The man sitting on the bench had the most beautiful eyes he’d ever before seen, deep pools of blue that Nigel was getting lost in even as he stood there staring. 


 The man smiled and his breath caught, making it somewhat difficult to breathe. 

 "You have dirt on your face, there is a strong chance it has a percentage of fecal matter in it seeing as how the park is not known for patrons cleaning up after their dogs. Do you like dogs?” The man continued, “I don’t, they’re dirty and smell wrong though people say there is a cleaner…”

 Nigel stood up, wincing and lost in the rambling train of thought the man was still on.

 “….and I never had one,” the man said, moving a bag he had sat beside him over and suggesting, “You should probably sit, you could have a concussion.”

 Nigel smirked, moving over to the bench as he took out his pack of cigarettes, thankful he’d had them in his back pocket instead of one of the fronts. Just as he went to light one the man said, “Those are horrible for you.”

 He laughed, lighting up and taking a drag, “I’ve heard that once or twice before, thank you darling.”

 The man wrinkled his nose, “My name isn’t Darling, it’s Adam Raki. I don’t like nicknames.”

 Nigel grinned, holding out his hand for Adam to take, though the other man just stared at it so Nigel grabbed his hand to shake before Adam took it away quickly, “Nigel,” he said, letting out smoke.

 Adam rubbed his hand, “I don’t like people touching me without my permission, or strangers, or cigarettes,” he finished, glaring at Nigel, “You should…”

 “Those fucking raccoons yours?”

 Adam lit up, “They’re a family that comes through at nights, I…nevermind, you…”

 Nigel flicked his cigarette away, rubbing at his forehead where the massive headache his fall had given him was starting to go away. “Tell me about the raccoons, darling.”

 “It’s Adam.”

 Nigel grinned, throwing one arm over the back of the bench as he waited, “I know, beautiful, it was a compliment.”

 Adam’s blush made Nigel’s insides turn to mush, he couldn’t help but want to run his palms over it but something seemed like that would be a bad idea. 

“I’m not,” Adam stopped, turning away as he started to chatter about the racoons. Nigel barely listened, the pain in his head making it somewhat hard to pay attention but he watched Adam’s mouth the entire time he spoke wondering what those gorgeous lips would look like around his cock. 

Speaking of his cock, it stirred at the image his head gave and he winced. 

“You’re not even listening. I knew you wouldn’t listen. No one listens,” Adam said. 

Nigel sighed, rubbing his head, “It’s not that I can’t fucking listen, darling, it’s that my head hurts like fucking hell it’s,” he leaned back on the bench, “Maybe I can come tomorrow and you can tell me everything all fucking over again?” 

Adam frowned, “You should go to a hospital. I’ll get you a cab.” 

Adam stood up and Nigel put his hand down on Adam’s own, “No, fucking hospitals. No. Just,” he pointed across the street, “I live right over that way. Take me home?” 

Adam frowned, “How far?” 

It was far. 

“Not too far.” 

That was how Nigel got Adam to walk him home, the younger man talking about satellites and spaceships while Nigel only half heard him. He could feel Adam’s anxiety the further they got from the park and finally said, “I lied, you should go.” 

Adam froze. “I don’t like liars.” 

“I’m sorry, I fucking…” 

Adam didn’t know what to do and seemed to still want to help, so Nigel whistled and a cab showed up between them. “Just go.” 

Adam stared at the cab and then at Nigel. “You can come to my house, I have ice and can watch for concussions.” 

Nigel couldn’t say no to that. 

Don’t talk with strangers- A Sehun Smut


You walked around the club, navigating through the sea of sweaty bodies tightly packed together.  Your eyes searched the faces of every person, trying to find your friend. You mentally cursed her for abandoning you once again, to leave with another handsome man.

Ever since her breakup last month, she had dragged you to club on multiple occasions, and each time she had abandoned you to leave with another boy who would temporarily fill the void her ex boyfriend had left within her.

If you weren’t mistaken, this time it was a handsome young boy with beautiful sunkissed skin, and eyes the colour of melted chocolate. You had to give it to her, he moved like a God on the dancefloor, so you could only imagine what he would be like elsewhere.

You sighed deeply, clutching your drink in your hand, you should probably head home already, by the looks of it, your friend was no longer there.

You downed the remains of your drink, setting it down at the bar, and turned to leave, when your eyes met those of a stranger across the dancefloor. You froze on the spot, unable to tare away from that deep, powerful stare. His skin was snowy white, and his hair was jet black, his tall figure towered over those of the people around him, he looked intimidating, and ridiculously attractive.

He looked foreign, and also incredibly serious, but God was he charming. He smirked slightly, before setting his drink aside, and walking towards you with a sure and steady stride.

You watched him move, like a panther hunting its prey, and you were a prey that wanted to be caught.

He was a lot more handsome up close, his aftershave filled your lungs, intoxicating you. He placed his hands on your hips, and you automatically wrapped your arms around his neck. He began swaying his hips, and moving yours in turn.

You were dying to hear what his voice sounded like, but he refused to speak. The song changed, and with it, so did your dancing. He twirled you around so his hips were against your rear, his breath hot on your neck, tickling you. You began grinding your hips on him, painfully slow, letting him feel all of you through the thin material of your little dress. You heard him groan, and you felt something hard against you. You smirked, thanking the alcohol you had ingested previously for giving you the courage to do such things.

He pressed his body against yours, his soft, plump lips finding their way towards your neck, making you whimper. The soft sound slipping through your lips seemed to excite you further. Amazing how two bodies can speak even if the two owners don’t speak the same language.  He bucked his hips against yours, his eyes fluttering closed, before he turned you around, and pointed towards the door, and then to himself. You nodded, a smile on your lips as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you out of the club. You notice him nod to a group of boys, who also looked foreign, and they all looked as surprised as each other. You saw one of them, a tall lanky one with cute ears give him a thumbs up, and smiled, feeling slightly embarrassed.

He opened the passenger door of the car for you, and you felt your heart do a somersault in your chest, whoever said chivalry was dead? He slid into his seat, and secured the seatbelt on before starting the engine. He drove around like he knew the way. What happened to all those talks your parents had given you about not getting in strangers’ cars? Blame it on the tequila I guess.

You got to an expensive looking hotel, and you couldn’t help but feel a little self conscious about the way you looked. You stared down at your clubbing dress, and sighed, wrapping your arms around yourself, wishing you had worn something else. The stranger must have thought you were cold, because he shrugged his jacket off, and placed it over your shoulders. You smiled and nodded at him, trying to hint that you were thankful. He smiled back warmly, and you felt yourself falling for that smile. How did he do it? How could he be so dark, mysterious and incredibly sexy, and then suddenly smile, and he becomes an angel? Was it even legal?

He grabbed your hand tightly, and pulled you with him to the lifts. As soon as the doors closed, he pressed the button to the floor 17, and pushed you towards the back wall, pressing his whole body weight against you. His lips were on yours faster than you could count, his tongue tickling your bottom lip. You opened your mouth, giving him full access. Your tongues fought for dominance, but his won obviously. Your fingers became tangled with his hair, as his hands searched your body. The mirror behind you was becoming steamy, which would have made you laugh, if you weren’t so busy with the stranger’s tongue.

Suddenly, you heard the bell of the lift, and the doors opened. You must have looked like a mess, blushing profusely, lips puffy and red, your lipstick smudged, your hair messy as you ran hand in hand with a beautiful stranger towards his hotel room.

He struggled with the key to his room, too anxious to get in, so you helped him. He smiled sheepishly at you, a little embarrassed. You grinned, before pushing the door open. You walked towards the bed, kicking your heels off, and spinning around to look at him. He walked after you, unbuttoning his shirt as quickly as he could. He stopped when he was right in front of you, his lips a couple of millimeters away from yours. His dark eyes stared right into yours.

“Sehun.” He spoke, pointing to himself. You stared at him in confusion, until you understood he had just given you his name. The gruffness with which he had spoken reminded you of the Tarzan movie you had watched so many times as a kid. You shook that thought away, and pointed to yourself before saying your name. He smiled, before pushing you down onto the bed.

He slipped the dress off you with ease, and you helped him unbuckle his belt, pulling his pants down with it. You noticed his hardened manhood being oppressed by his underwear, so you slid those off too. Your eyes widened in surprise at the size of his length, which made him chuckle, clearly pleased with the reaction. He pushed you back so you were lying on the bed, his body hovering over yours.

His hands found their way to the back of you bra, unclasping it, before tossing it at the ground. He stared at your panties for just one second, and then you heard the sound material makes when it tears. You felt the familiar tingling sensation begin to form between your legs, as you waited for him to take action expectantly.

He smiled at you, before kissing his way down your body, starting from your lips, down to your neck, along your shoulders, over your tender breasts, down your stomach, all the way until his lips were met with your core. He began pleasuring you with his tongue. You gasped, and began moaning his name, which served as encouragement for you. He didn’t know why, but he loved the way his name sounded on your lips.

He couldn’t take it anymore, he positioned himself between your thighs, and stared right into your eyes, almost as if asking for permission. You moaned his name again, and that’s all he needed to hear, before thrusting into you, his hips moving slowly at first, letting you adjust. You hissed at the sudden contact, but quickly gave in to pleasure. His thrusts became more and more  intense as he snapped his hips faster and faster against you, finding that spot that had you seeing stars. You screamed his name, feeling the familiar sensation build up in your lower abdomen. He smiled as he felt you clench, speeding up just a little, sending you right over the edge. He came undone straight after you, roughly shouting your name.

He let himself drop down onto the bed beside you. He looked at your sweat covered body, and messy hair, and wondered how anything so beautiful could exist in the world. You felt a little embarrassed, you’d never had a one night stand before, you just weren’t that type of girl, but something about Sehun just made him irresistible.

You sat up on the bed, throwing your legs over the side, ready to gather your clothes and head home, when he grabbed your wrist. You turned around to look at him, his eyes spoke of silent pleas. You saw him lose himself in thoughts for a second, concentrated, before he smiled at you.

“Stay” He said, for the first time. You loved the sound of his voice, it had you falling for him at full speed, with no chance of stopping yourself. You nodded, slipping back onto the bed. Sehun covered your naked bodies with the sheets, before grabbing your head and placing it on his chest. You heard his heart beating against your ear and smiled at the rhythm. He held you close, his body trying to tell you he couldn’t allow himself to ever let you go.

Maybe, just maybe, you should thank your friend for abandoning her that night, because you had met a beautiful stranger named Sehun, who you couldn’t even speak to, but had you already falling for him. Sehun made a quiet promise to himself, he would work on improving his English, so he could tell you how beautiful you are every day.

In Bed With Me

Prompt:23. Kiss me, 44. stay in bed, 58. Did you enjoy yourself last night? With Scott morning sex.

Pairing:  Scott x Reader

Warning: Smut, curse words, oral(female recieving).

Word Count: 904

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Hex Your Ex! May Your Future Relationships End In Misery

A spell for an Ex who wronged you, or put you down or hurt you in any way

What you’ll need:

  • Black Lipstick (Although I suppose any color will do)
  • (Optional) A face of makeup to remind yourself of your beauty that they tore down. If you feel you are most beautiful with no makeup on then gladly do this spell make-up free!
  • A slip of paper
  • A Red Marker
  • A needle or push pin (Any sharp object, even your hands will do)


  1. Write your ex’s name on the slip of paper with the red marker. Do so with contempt and anger that they made you feel. Let it out through your hand.
  2. Put on the black lipstick. Smile at yourself in the mirror to reassure yourself of your power.
  3. Kiss the slip of paper. Once should do the trick but do so how every many times you wish. Let out your anger and rage through the kiss. Breathe out the negative energy into their name.
  4. Destroy the slip of paper with the needle, pushpin, or anything else you can think of. Pierce their name, rip it in half, crumple it up, step on it, just keep letting out your negative emotions onto it.
  5. Say these words aloud, or any variation of them. Feel free to ad-lib 
    May your future loves end in such misery you have put me through.”
  6. Burn it to ashes. Be careful while doing this, keep your hair and clothes out of range of the fire. 
  7. Throw the ashes into the garbage where they belong.
Beauty and the Beast //closed rp//


Legend tells a tale of a selfish princess who was turned into a hideous monster. She was the most beautiful in the kingdom and was full of pride. To her, no one could match her beauty. One night, a wrinkled old man came to the castle doors during a feast, asking for shelter from the raging storm. The princess laughed at the sight of the old man and slammed the door in his face. Moments later, there was another knock and there was a handsome wizard before her. Before she could let him in, the wizard boomed, “You have shown your ugly, prideful heart to I who came before you as a petty beggar! For this, I shall curse your beauty and turn you into a hideous beast. You will stay like this until you and another can love each other not for looks but for heart. If you do not do such when this rose looses all its petals, you will stay a beast forever.”

The princess was turned into a hideous beast and was given a magic rose within a glass case. The wizard left and so did her guests. All who stayed were her servants and they were affected by the curse, turning into household items. Until she could be loved by another in this form, she would be this forever, But who could ever love a beast?

Always - George Weasley Imagine

Hey! Can I please get an imagine where I’m dating George and we r fighting at the battle of Hogwarts and I’m dueling with bellatrix and I get cursed so I pass out, and George thinks I’m dead and freaks out? Thanks so much your imagines r great!!
•Warning: Swearing•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

Every inhale I took I can smell the ashes of the most happiest place I’ve ever been to but, I really didn’t care all I cared about right now is finding George the love of my life. I can’t even imagine a life without seeing that handsome face and that beautiful voice at least once a day. “George! Where are you?!” I screamed at the top of my lungs hoping that George would hear me.
“Avada Kedavra!” I jumped to the side just in time before a jet of bright green light hit me. I looked up to see Bellatrix Lestrang laughing and pointing her wand threatening at my face. I whipped my wand out and pointed it towards her chest “Stupefy!” I screamed but she just jumped aside “Feisty little girl aren’t you?” She asked still laughing hysterically “And your quite a bitch aren’t you?” I smiled; she growled angrily “Stupefy!” She screeched. I got hit hard in the chest and flew back hitting my head on the wall, then blacking out.

~George’s POV~

“And your quite a bitch aren’t you?” I smiled widely as I finished off the tall death eater in front of me. ‘Thats my girl!’ I though to myself “Stupefy!” I heard a cackling voice scream. I turned around to see (Y/n) hitting her head harshly against the stone wall and fall to the ground. “(Y/n)!” I yelled running towards her kneeling over her “(Y/n)! Baby please wake up!” My voice broke as a tear ran down my cheek “Aww how sweet!” I looked up 'Ohh she’s gonna pay!’ “Avada Kedavra!” I yelled furiously pointing my wand towards her. She was still laughing hysterically she didn’t even see the curse that I sent towards her. She flew backwards and landed on her back. I turned around and picked up (Y/n) in my arms; I brought her to my family “Someone help me please!” I laid her down on the floor gently and I let my mom, Mrs. Weasley, take a look at her. I sat a few feet away from them and started sobbing heavily.

“Oh god, it’s all my fault I should have protected her!” I told myself “George it’s not your fault” I looked up to see my brother, Fred Weasley, sitting in front of me “It is my fault! (Y/n) died because of me!” I buried my face in my hands “Whoa George calm down! (Y/n) didn’t die she just passed out!” Fred tried not to smile at my reactions “She w-what? she’s not dead!” I said excitedly “nope she’s alive and I think she’s gonna wake up soon” I jumped to my feet quickly and ran to (Y/n).

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“I think she’s waking up!” I heard a faint voice say; I opened my eyes half way to see George smiling down at me “Am I dead?” I asked tiredly “Nope your right here with me” George said squeezing my hand. He hugged me in a tight embrace “I love you so much” he whispered into my ear “I love you too Georgie” I almost cried “you know I had the most awesomest dream ever!” I told Georgie “You did? What was it about?” He asked confused “I called a death eater a bitch it was so awesome!” He laughed lightly “that wasn’t a dream! I was there when you said it!” I laughed “Ohh! That was really fun tho! But thank god the wars over and we still have each other” I kissed his lips passionately “we’ll always have each other” he said in between kissing making both of us smile into the kiss “Always” I whispered.


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Difficult Simplicities

Summery: With yours and Deans first child on the way, Dean decided to recruit Sam’s help and build a car seat to surprise you. Too bad building a car seat isn’t as easy as it looks.

Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing.

Word count: 695

A/N: anon request

You walked around the bunker, checking in each room for the boys but each room you checked was coming up empty. There was one last place you hadn’t looked.

“Oh for god sakes Sammy!” you heard Dean yell from outside followed by a loud bang and a string of curse words that flowed smoothly from the green eyed hunters mouth.

Rushing out the door as fast as your legs could carry you (which lets be honest, with your swollen belly, you weren’t moving too fast) a smile crept across you face as you assessed the beautiful scene that lay out before you.

Dean and Sam were both beside the Impala, a mess of random plastic parts spread across the ground, a big cardboard box that read ‘Baby’s First Car Seat!’ in bright red letters sat behind them.

“Well if you didn’t throw out the instructions Dean!” Sam yelled at his brother, neither one noticing your presence at first.

“It’s a car seat Sam! I didn’t think it would be like build the fucking enterprise!”

“Everything okay out here?” you asked cutting in before the boys could argue any further.

Dean and Sam’s head whipped up to look at you in surprise.

“Y/N! uh… we were- we just- we wanted it to be a surprise.” Dean said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck, something he often did when he was nervous or embarrassed.

“How s’it coming along?” you drawled walking over to the boys and leaned against the Impala to rest your already tired feet. Being pregnant was a real pain in the ass sometimes.


“Terrible!” Dean and Sam yelled at the same time heads whipping to look at each other in annoyance.

“You two hunt monsters for a living, you fight creepy, crawly creatures, things that go bump in the night, you two literally stopped the apocalypse… but you cant put a simple car seat together?”

“Uh- Dean threw out the instructions.” Sam said lamely, pointing to Dean in blame.

“I thought we were building a car seat not the damn-”

“Enterprise yeah, yeah.” Sam said as he waved his hand at Dean.

Dean glared at Sam as he stood up, dusting his jeans off he leaned towards you to give you a quick kiss on the lips.

“How’s out little princess doing?” Dean asked as he placed his warm hands on your protruding belly, thumbing small circles as he looked down.

“I’m doing great thanks for asking.” you replied playfully, grinning widely.

“Funny.” he mumbled as he pressed another kiss to your lips.

“You guys need any help?” you finally asked when Dean pulled away.

“What? No! you just sit back and do whatever it is that you pregnant women do.” Dean said casually resulting in a loud groan from Sam.


“Hey, I can figure it out!”

You couldn’t help but smile, it was yours and Deans first child and you could tell he was freaking out, he had already ‘baby proofed’ the bunker the first night you found out you were pregnant and even insisted on building a crib the next day!

“Dean, you’ve built the Impala from the ground up, you’ve made homemade bombs, you even made your own emf reader…” you patted the plastic car seat and smiled “it’s a car seat.”

“There must be parts missing” Dean grumbled as he knelt down and rested on the back of his heels, you let out a soft chuckle as you watched the great Dean Winchester be bested by a child’s car seat. In his defence, he was trying his best. He went with you to every doctors appointment and baby classes, he even bought baby books!

“I say we just take a break!” Sam groaned again, running his hands through his hair.

“No Sam, we can finish this!”

Damn Dean and his stubbornness.

“Come on, come in for drinks and a snack.” you offered walking towards the bunker doors and looking back at the two brothers.

“Fine, just for a minute though!“

You watched as Dean stood, eyeing the car as he passed and giving the ‘I’m watching you’ hand gesture. Boy was this gonna be a long pregnancy. 

Changing His Ways (Robin Hood Request)

Pairing: Robin x Reader

Prompt: Can you make a imagine where the reader is snows sister and falls in love with Robin??

“Trust me on this one, Aurora. You will get your kingdom back. And I’m gonna make sure of it.” You said grabbing her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

The ride on the carriage had gotten a little bit bumpy, specially with all the damage the curse had done to a once beautiful land. You rested your head beside the window and looked outside of it, taking in the sight of the vast forest before you. Distracted enough by the landscape you halted when an arrow broke through the glass and flew right next to your face just to land on the carriage’s wall.

“What is that?” You heard Aurora say as the carriage stopped and you felt how someone landed on the roof of the carriage. Shit. You thought as the door next to Aurora was opened and this hooded person taked the chest that lied on the seat next to you and dissapeared as fast as he had appeared. 

“Hey, no!” Is the only thing you’re were able to voice before the thief leaved. “For God’s sake.” You cried full of anger as you rapidly got out of the carriage and mounted one of the steeds that led your carriage, not before setting it free with your sword. You galloped fast as light, nudging your horse on the sides so you could catch the thief who had stolen your chest and also the other steed which he was now riding.

“Stop!” You cried as you threw yourself out of your horse and knocked him and the chest down, spilling out all of the gold that was inside it. Both of you fell to the floor, your body landing on top of his, scrapes and small cuts were done but none of that mattered when you looked at the face of the person who had tried to rob you. 

Blue met Y/E/C as you took him in. You had to control your hand from stroking his soft-looking stubble, not to mention his chocolate hair. What on earth? You thought. Get your shit together Y/N, this is the man who had tried to snatch away what belong to you. 

“Oh, bloody hell.” He finally spoke as he rubbed his head, you quickly got off him and stood up, grabbing your sword from where it had landed and pointing it to him. “Who are you?” you said demanding an answer, a quick one.

“Easy there, you don’t want to hurt yourself, do you?” The man said standing up with his hands up in a surrender manner. “I said who are you?! Now answer me or the only one getting hurt is you.” You replied with your sword nudging him on the chest, right were his heart was.

“I’m Robin of Locksley. And who do I have the pleasure of stealing of?” He said as he bowed, his hood falling over his head. “Of trying to steal.” You emphasized on the word with another nudge of your sword. “I’m Y/N.” You said in an aggressive tone. 

“Calm down, beautiful. I assure you I meant no harm. I just meant to take your money from you.” He said with a crooked smile and a mischevious glint in his eyes. “It didn’t seem like you would miss it that much, since the famous Snow White wouldn’t leave her little sister poor, would she?” Robin raised an eyebrow at you and you couldn’t help but stutter out the question. 

“How do you know I’m her sister?” 

“There are not many Y/Ns around here.” Robin smirked and started to lower your sword. “How about we forget this ever happened and you just let me run away with this money? You don’t need it anyways,” 

“Of course I do!.” You said in a resentful tone. When Robin gave you a look of real questioning you threw your arms in the air truthfully annoyed. “It’s not for me, it’s for the villagers. I don’t need it, and they certainly do. Unlike you, I try to help people who are in need. I’m not a selfish creature who would do anything to satisfy my needs.” You said in a irritated voice. 

Robin looked at you in the eye, his face showing real shame. He couldn’t help but look down and put his hood up, just to flee the scene and dissapear into the forest.

You couldn’t stop thinking about him. His blue eyes haunted your dreams, his body beneath yours had wrapped you with a warmness incomparable to any other person. He had made you far more angry than the common thief, but you just couldn’t understand why. Well, maybe you could. You were falling for him, this hooded man with his bow and arrow.

A few days after Robin had attempted to rob you, you found a small wooden horse, not much bigger than the palm of your hand, with a piece of parchment that read in fine handwriting: I’m sorry. I’m a horrible man, but I’ll change my ways.  The wooden steed now rested upon your nightstand, where you would look at it in night like this. 

As you once more kept moving around your bed you heard footsteps on your balcony. You brought yourself up and silently made yourself with your dagger and holded it near you. “Who is in there?” you asked uneasy before the shadow of a man opened the doors that led to the balcony. But it was not any man indeed. It was Robin, his quiver on his back alongside his bow. A glint of pleade in his eyes. “Y/N.” Robin exhaled your name, as if he had been holding it along with his breath. He nearly ran to your side getting rid of his weapons along the way, dropping them on the floor.

“Robin. W-What?..” You were cut off by Robin’s lips on yours. Your shoulders tensed by the abrupt touch, but gave in eventually. It was only then, when you felt his lips, so sweet and tender above yours that you realised how much you had wanted this to happen.

“I-I’m sorry, Y/N. I just couldn’t.. I-I had to..” As he, you shut him with a kiss, a more passionate one. One that showed the longing and yearn you’d never admit outloud.

“Y/N. I thought I’d have a black eye by now, honestly.” He said with a soft laugh as he rested his forehead on yours. You smiled, your hand resting on his cheek. “The thought did cross my mind.” 

“Y/N, I’ve changed. I’m not the thief you met on the woods that day. And I want you to know it’s because of you. I’ve changed my ways for you, Y/N. To be a better man for you and deserve to be by your side.” Robin said holding both your hands near his heart.The most truthful look in his eyes.

You pressed a soft kiss on his forehead, one that spoke of forgiveness and understanding, of everything he once was.

“I trust you’ve changed. And that now you’re a man of good. And nothing would make more happy than to have you by my side forever, Robin. So please do, stay.” Lying beside you, Robin wraps an arm around you as you lay your head on his chest. Finding the comfort you were seeking.

You slept sound that night, surrounded by his warmness. A smile on your lips, knowing that he’d never leave your side.

My attempt at Preferences...

GOT Preferences: Comforting when they’re feeling bad about themselves

When Tommen is feeling low, like he’s not good enough for you, you tend to just hug him and whisper to him all the things you love about him. Most importantly, you express to him in great detail how different he is from Joffrey and how lucky you are to be a King like him. As he begins to feel better, your conversations move on to Mr. Pounce, the kittens that were just born, and Tommen’s sword training.

There is no comforting Sandor. When he feels bad, like he doesn’t deserve to have someone as beautiful as you, he distances himself from you and anything that reminds him of you. He internally curses himself for not being good looking or as “romantic” as all the “cunts” that are always stumbling over themselves to get to you. But then he sees you punch one of those pretty boy “cunts” in the face and announce loudly and with pride that you are taking by the Hound, and Sandor can’t help but grin, taking in his own personal victory.

There is only one sure way to comfort Tyrion. Drinking and Sex. Lots and lots and lots of wine and tits, maybe a few wise cracks against the rest of House Lannister and anyone else Tyrion doesn’t like.

You rarely comfort Jaime because he would never admit that he feels inferior to anyone. He would comfort himself, reminding him that you had a dozen men you could have gone to instead of him and even though he can’t get married or have legitimate children you continue to go back to him. After a few hours or days, Jaime calms down enough to push the discomfort away once again.

Robb and you have a very open relationship. Any negative thoughts you or he might have are brought up as soon as possible. When Robb is feeling bad about himself, usually brought on after he has done something he sees as a bad decision even if it was the only thing he could do, you kiss him and reassure him how much you still love him. Then the two of you share a glass of wine as you lay cuddled up on the bed in your bedchambers whispering softly to one another about times before the war and the future the two of you hope for.

You wouldn’t know anything was wrong with Jon at first. Even after you got with him he still often times acted shy and quiet around you. But once you realized something was wrong, you would have to ask him a number of times until he finally opened up about his insecurities. You’d sit with him on the wall listening to him talk about how he was always “Second best” to Robb and how he was “just the bastard of Winterfell.” And once he was done talking, you’d take his hand and squeeze it gently while whispering over and over all the things you liked about him. You’d always end up cuddled together to try and fight against the chill at the top of the seven hundred foot tall block of ice.

problematic-garbage  asked:

Darling you are the ocean. Bright on the surface and yet so incredibly vast, filled to the brim with secrets, some bitter, some beautiful. In your darkest moments, you crash against the shore, railing against the sky, salt falling from your lips like curses. But in your brightest times, Kat, you're g o r g e o u s. Scary gorgeous, because in this moment you are serene but if pushed you can bring the world to your feet: all with a smile on your face.

BRIE YOURE G A Y OMG I LOVE YOU ❤❤❤❤ (pure af omg kill me now)

Cat In A Tree (Alan Ashby) (Of Mice and Men)

Word Count: 562


You were new to the area and your cat was still adjusting to the new surroundings, so much so that the second you left the front door open she ran out as fast as she could. You curse and chase after her; well this was one way to introduce yourself to your neighbours. No one wanted to be friends with a crazy cat lady.

Your cat waited until you were a few inches away from it before it started to climb a tree, you swore and kicked the tree.

“Are you having cat problems?”

You turn to face the stranger and nod before casually leaning against the tree.

“What makes you think that?”

The ginger haired guy smiled and ran a hand through his longish hair, and you couldn’t help but stare because he was beautiful.

“I saw you chasing a cat which I assume is yours, otherwise you’re just a crazy cat lady.”

You shrug your shoulders.

“I just moved in down the street and left the door open and she just ran out. I’m not a crazy cat lady but I do love cats.”

“I’m Alan by the way and I think we might be neighbours. I have cats myself so no judging, maybe we can have cat play dates.”

You shake the hand Alan extends your way, now you were even happier you moved to this neighbourhood because you now had a hot neighbour.

“I think Fudge would like that very much Alan, if she ever comes out of the tree.”

“If I can get Fudge out of the tree will you get coffee with me err…”

You laugh.

“y/n, call me y/n. And I think you’ve set yourself an impossible task Alan because Fudge is stubborn and doesn’t like new people.”

He scoffs and clicks his fingers before shooing you away from the tree so he could take your position.

“I have a way with the pussy that makes them go crazy for me.”

You put your hand to your mouth to stop yourself from laughing even more, Alan was very upfront and you kind of liked that. You watched in awe as he started meowing up the tree towards Fudge who to your surprise meowed back. Next thing you know Fudge is climbing back down the tree and jumps into Alan’s open arms. He cuddles her and she meows contently, all you can do is stare with your mouth open.

“Like I told you y/n I have a way with the pussy, now about that coffee.”

You clap your hands together and give him a little bow making him blush.

“I didn’t know my neighbour was a cat whisperer. How about we take Fudge back to mine and go from there Alan.”

He nods and starts to walk down the street with Fudge still in his arms leaving you to trail behind him.

“Err Alan you’ll have to give her back at some point.”

The ginger shakes his head and hugs her tighter.

“Never, Fudge is my secret lover and we’re running away together and you won’t come between our eternal love.”

You weren’t quite sure what to make of Alan, he was different to the other guys you had in your life but maybe a change would do you good. Now you just had to plot a way to get your cat back off him.


“I’m your father,” he whispered as he lay dying, “I’m so sorry I haven’t been here for you.”

A soft sob escaped your lips as you stared down at the man you had hated ever since you joined Hogwarts. Now… Seeing him in such a position made you wanted to curse and cry.

“It’s okay.” You insisted, brushing some stray strands of hair out of his face.

A genuine smile appeared on his face as he mumbled, “I love you, Y/N… I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and talented daughter than you. Goodby-”

Dialogue Ideas!

1. “You’re always talking about ‘true colors’, and how everyone disguises themselves. And everyone’s a rainbow on the inside. Well, when it comes to you… I’d wear your colors into war.”

2. “You know, they call them dreams for a reason.”

“Didn’t you go through that one phase where you thought your dreams predicted the future?”


3. “Honestly, I didn’t fall in love with you. I slowly descended into the Hell that is strange emotion, screaming and cursing the entire way down. I kept shouting, ‘No, no, this guy’s/girl’s a mess! I shouldn’t be feeling this way!’ But then, at the very bottom, I saw your beautiful face and mesmerizing eyes. And I realized that it was actually Heaven all along.

4. “This may be some little game of chess to you, but tot he rest of the world… to the people you’re hurting… this is a series of acts of war.

5. “Don’t trust what anyone says. Because in the end, it’s all just words.”

6. “So many people are dying. And yet, it’s not threatening the human race. And it’s not threatening the race of any country. The only loss a nation has when losing a war would be a major loss of money. But in the end, as long as it doesn’t die, it’ll get better. So why does everyone mourn the people who are killed? It’s not like anything will be different thirty years from now.”

“But that’s the thing. Everything will be different, ten years from now. That’s why we fight.”

7. “I guess I’ll see you at the gates of Heaven.”

“Really? Because at this rate, it seems like we’re both going to Hell. But, hey, that’s just my opinion.”

8. “Oh, trust me. If you put ‘no homo’ next to a hashtag, that automatically makes you gay.”

“That is a generalization.”

“Welp, now we know who the gay one is.”

9. “You’re so cute, you’re like a panda bear. Sleepy and lazy, yet you eat a lot and stay adorable.”

“-And you’re small.”


10. “I honestly wish I could go back now.”

“Why? Is it something I did?”

“Well, considering that you’re the one who got me INTO THIS WHOLE DAMN ORDEAL, I’d advise you to take a wild guess.”


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Pairing: Luke and female reader

Rating: PG-13

A/N: This took too long to write, I am The Worst. This is a cute lil fluff but I feel like it’s not as good as my first fic, idk, maybe I should stick to angst. I hope you guys enjoy it though, I can really picture Luke being this way…

The annoying sound of your alarm is what woke you up. That, and the too bright rays of sunlight that peeked from the open curtains. Cursing to yourself, you rolled over to shut the device off and attempted to get up. That was, of course, proven to be a difficult task the second you felt a little tug on your boyfriend’s shirt that you had worn to bed the night before. Smiling slightly to yourself, you looked over your shoulder and was greeted by the beautiful sight of Luke laying face down on the sheets, broad back and shoulders bared to you and freckles in full display. His morning hair was a fluffy mess and the only sign that he wasn’t still asleep was his right arm extended to grab hold of your shirt in an attempt to keep you from leaving. You giggled and sat on your knees next to him.

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