Some Comic Covers Drawn by Tradd Moore in 2017

  • Star Wars 40th Anniversary Variant Cover colored by MATT WILSON
  • Seven To Eternity #9 Variant Cover colored by MORENO DINISIO
  • Sovereign Poster colored by TRADD MOORE
  • This Off Beat Town #1 Variant Cover colored by TRADD MOORE
  • Curse Words #4 Variant Cover colored by RYAN BROWNE
  • Gwensters Unleashed Variant Cover colored by RICHARD ISANOVE
  • Luther Strode: The Complete Series Cover colored by FELIPE SOBREIRO
  • The Family Trade #1 NYCC Variant Cover colored by FELIPE SOBREIRO

There was another student at my school that was a total dickbag, and made it his daily goal to get a rise out of at least one other person, some way or another. Let’s call him Dbag. He annoyed the shit out of a lot of teachers by doing stuff like constantly being late, eating loudly in class, purposefully spilling and dropping things, and loudly retelling stories during lectures or tests. He spent more time being kicked out of class than actually in class. He wasn’t popular with students either, he constantly mocked students with disabilities, would harass people for money or bites of their food, and tried starting rumors about girls that would turn him down for dates. 

I hated this dude so much. He annoyed the shit out of me, but i was pretty quiet about it for the most part. During lunch one day, i was standing with my circle of friends and i felt someone wrap their arms around my neck/shoulders and lean over me. It was Dbag. He starts yelling and saying stuff like “yeah guys i know can you believe (my name) hides her titties under big sweaters and stuff???” my friends started backing up, they saw me get pissed. I said loudly, “Let go of me!” He kept talking and holding me. One more time, I said “Let go, or I’m putting you on the ground!” He ignored me. I screamed as loud as i could, “LAST CHANCE!” and he didn’t let go. I grabbed his arms, bent my knee, and laid him out flat on his back. The floor was concrete. The slap was SO loud. (Google “self defense shoulder throw” the first image is similar to the technique i did) He was winded for a solid 15-20 seconds. I looked around, and everybody was staring, including my period three teacher on lunch supervision. We looked each other in the eye and my first thought was “oh shit, i’m suspended” but she slowly turned around and walked back down the hall. She never mentioned it, i didn’t get suspended, and Dbag called me a “psycho bitch” for the next 2 years.

Polish swear words - introduction

If you ask foreigner to say something in Polish, you’ll probably hear…


Our language is full of swear words and curse words. We’ve got little basic swear words and by adding prefixes, changing cases or using reflexive verbs we can create new one with totally different meaning.

Basic swear words:

  • kurwa f - whore / fuck
  • chuj m - dick
  • pierdolić (impf.) - to fuck
  • jebać (impf.) - to fuck


If you know basic swear words, you can add a prefix. Let’s take a look at



  • rozjebać
  • wyjebać
  • ojebać
  • ujebać
  • odjebać
  • dojebać
  • zjebać
  • podjebać
  • pojebać
  • przejebać
  • wjebać
  • zajebać

The only synonyms here are wjebać and zajebać (sometimes also wyjebać) - almost every single word means something different.


Slavic languages are known for system of cases. Using a wrong case can change the meaning of the sentence. Now let’s use a word pierdolić:

pierdolić + acc. (kogo? co?) - to fuck sb / sth
pierdolić + dat. (komu? czemu?) - to talk bullshit to sb / sth

Reflexive verbs

Our reflexive verbs contains verb + się (generic reflexive pronoun). I use a word ujebać:

  • ujebać - to fail or to cut
  • ujebać się - to get dirty

I’m going to make posts about these words - how to use them, what case should be used, if it’s possible to create a reflexive verb. Stay tuned!


I was re-listening to Tenacious D : Pick of Destiny OST and this song inspired me to do this comic. I also noticed both the Devils from PoD and Cuphead lost a horn at the end XD

I imagined this metal cover of the Devil’s Fight theme would be the music the Devil himself would play.

personal favorite parts of the literature classic, “my immortal”

  • “dumblydore”
  • sometimes its “ebony” sometimes it’s “enoby”
  • how most of the characters changed their names and went to slytherin
  • (geddit cuz im goffik)
  • like three (3) characters turned out to be adopted and their real parents were vampires but they got killed and now they’re goffik
  • “c-r-o-s-s (there’s no way i’m saying that)”
  • when enoby says that draco can get cut on his wrists and be fine because he’s a vampire but then a few paragraphs later he dies from cutting his wrists but then he’s fine
  • “raven do you know where my sweater i”
  • that part where vampire potter had his scar changed to a pentagram but then it goes back to a lightning bolt
  • ^ the fact that this part was put in the story twice
  • “he put his thingie into my you-know-what”
  • that part where enoby goes to hell and becomes a prep for eternity
  • "pentagram” used to describe a cross between goffik singers
  • “you look kawaii, bitch”
  • the detailed descriptions of enoby’s clothes

verb suffix indicating hatred and contempt, or disdain for another’s actions

*contains curse words*

-masu stem of verb








Bastard hung up on me,


Where did that bastard go?

*Keep in mind あいつ means “he, she, that guy”. When translating from Japanese to English translations will probably be like this to try to express the contempt as one would in English. You will see this with other example sentences.*

more -masu stem of verb example sentences:



This rat, up until now he was my partner and now he’s gone and turned on me.


fuck you all to hell!

after the -te form








(She/He) is smoking a fucking cigarette.



This guy drank my beer!



She cheated me out of my money!

The Things We Say (Part 1):

Slytherin: Son-of-a-bitch

Hufflepuff: Son-of-a-biscuit-eating-bulldog

Slytherin: God dammit

Hufflepuff: Gosh Darnit

Slytherin: Motherfucker

Hufflepuff: Mothertrucker

Slytherin: Shit

Hufflepuff: Shiitake mushrooms

Slytherin: Fuck You.

Hufflepuff: Your opinion is acknowledged and ignored thank you for your corporation today.

Slytherin: You bitch

Hufflepuff: You brat

Slytherin: What the hell

Hufflepuff: What the heck

Slytherin: Mother fucking hell

Hufflepuff: Son of a motherless goat

Slytherin: Holy Shit

Hufflepuff: Holy Cow