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Klance (?) ft. Moana’s beautiful expressions for @crustysheith

All I want is for Draco Malfoy to one day look back on his life and think… 

‘All was well’.

Jieun’s Personality + theory on her purpose

So there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Jieun, her personality, and her ultimate fate after chapter 18. In terms of her potential death, it’s a huge probability she won’t live, there’s really no reason for her to stay alive much longer. Now what’s always interested me is how much of chapter 15 and 16 were dedicated to her background and even her own thoughts and internal dialogue. I don’t think Jieun will just be another unfortunate victim of Sangwoo.

A good portion of this post is going to be dedicated to taking a better look at Jieun’s personality in relation to Sangwoo, I won’t go into her treatment of Bum because that’s been hashed out tons of times by now. So there’s Sangwoo’s infamous speech about how she’s shallow and only into appearances, and while it was very intense and elaborate, I have plenty of reason to believe that he was wrong and only spoke so much to make a half assed justification for killing her. Let’s look at some parts of his dialogue:

So Sangwoo is the type of person to use any excuse to kill anyone, it doesn’t matter what they do. The first girl he killed because he felt she challenged his ego, Sangwoo said he killed the old man because he stuck his dick in his face, and now Jieun is about to die because he says she doesn’t deserve anyone for cursing people who don’t look good. It doesn’t matter to Sangwoo whether or not he’s wrong but, he’s kind of wrong.

This is our introduction to Jieun, the first impression of her is that she seems to be bored with being told she’s hot, it’s a reasonable assumption that she’s frequently told that she’s beautiful. She’s the kind of person that didn’t put much effort into anything because she’s never had to try. Things are handed to her for being so pretty, and it’s actually gotten old for her at this point

But then here she is, putting effort into her appearance, getting out of her way and actually trying to look good for Sangwoo. He is clearly special to her just by this small action. Although initially she wasn’t interested in him.

Here is more insight into Jieun’s mind and how she used to perceive Sangwoo, she wasn’t interested in his appearance, but they began to hang out more and she was swept away by the persona he created. When they were singing their duet, there was a montage of moments between them that she was reflecting on. It’s very clear she’s developed feelings for him, not based solely off of his looks, but because of how he treated her as well. Jieun gets flustered when Sangwoo says she’s pretty, not because of the compliment of being told she’s pretty, but because it’s coming from him. 

Now given that Jieun has had a decent amount of time dedicated to her personality, thoughts, and even some development, what does this mean for her purpose in the story? She’s been given more attention than Sangwoo’s other murder victims, it would be a waste if she was just killed and never heard from again. 

My personal belief is that Jieun will become a martyr of sorts, she has the ability to be the catalyst for Sangwoo being caught. Jieun is within his social circle, and Sangwoo was the last person she was in contact with. It wouldn’t take too much work to connect the two together (maybe her going missing would even bring back Seungbae into the plot). And if she did become the key to Sangwoo’s downfall, then that would almost be as satisfying as when she punched Sangwoo in the eye.

🌸 Lunefrog’s Witchcraft Masterpost 🌸

These posts are from reblogs on my main blog, because for some reason whenever i linked them back to the original blog they either didn’t work or the posts were unavailable. There’s so many. please enjoy


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Daryl & Jesus -> “Destined to be together.”

As I said, I cannot stop drawing them. It’s a curse, I’m sure of it. The Desus-curse. But they look sooo frickin good together, you know. So how could I not? So well, this is for you, my desus friends!


No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

Originally posted by wonhontology

Warnings: Strong language and implications of sex.

word count: 3,718

“Hey, what ya’ reading today?” The librarian asks with a smile.

Part 1: The Thing About Keeping Schedules

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@senshibyne asked:

Hello! For your request thing, I’d really love to see one of the boys (don’t mind which) sleeping on the other’s stomach. Either in the dorm or outside by the lake or something. I just think that’d be really cute, if you have a chance :)

Here you go, Albus and Scorpius enjoying an afternoon nap beside the lake! I thoroughly enjoyed painting this, thanks for requesting *v* <3  

(I hope you don’t mind me posting your ask as a photo post - adding photos directly to an ask reply downgrades the image quality;; )

Goblin AU

-Shiro is the legendary goblin and protector of souls (tbh he’s just a lonely and a good looking goblin). Being a goblin was his curse and reward for all his right and wrong doings.

-He has been looking for his bride for nine hundred years because only his bride can remove the sword on his chest and grant him peace. Also only the bride can see the sword.

-Shiro can teleport across the world through any door, he can also freeze time and save lives. (Pros of being a goblin) But only the only person who isn’t affected by his abilities is the goblin’s bride.

-Allura is the ever optimistic goblin’s bride. Her mother was saved by Shiro, but died giving birth to her, she lived with her father until she was nine years old. Her father died in an accident on her ninth birthday and it was her very first time meeting the gloomy grim reaper.

-She lives with her abusive uncle, who keeps on asking her where is her father’s insurance money. (Don’t worry it ain’t Coran)

-She accidentally summoned Shiro on her 19th birthday by blowing the flames out of her candle. She can summon the goblin anytime and anywhere just by blowing a flame out. That’s why she always brings a lighter.

Allura: Are you a ghost?
Shiro: No…I’m the goblin, I grant wishes.
Allura: Like a genie?
Shiro: Something like that.
Allura: Can you give me $500? Also can you give me a job? Also I want a boyfriend.
Shiro: *sweats*

-Shiro grants her wish (except for the boyfriend wish), letting her get a job at a chicken BBQ restaurant, plus the owner’s kind and handsome.

-Allura moves in with Shiro when it was confirmed that she is indeed the goblin’s bride. Shiro doubted her before.

-Keith is the good looking but amnesiac grim reaper. Grim reapers come as a punishment for committing numerous great sins in their past incarnation.

-Grim reapers can’t be seen when they wear their black hats.
Shiro: What a tacky hat you have there Grim reaper.

-He was tasked to collect Allura’s soul but the goblin intervened with his work.

-He bought Shiro’s house when Hunk, the goblin’s nephew, accidentally sold it to him thinking that Shiro was moving to another country, again.

  Shiro: This is illegal!
  Keith: You are illegal.

-Keith and Shiro didn’t get along well at the very first but the bromance gets stronger the longer they live together.

-Shiro made Keith cry when he showed him a drawn picture of his apprentice. Something about those dark blue eyes just made Keith’s heart ache.

-Lance is Allura’s boss. He is very kind towards Allura often letting Allura slack off because no one ever comes to his restaurant.

Allura: I must work hard even though if you’re not around.
Lance: Slack off when the owner’s not around, what’s the point in working hard if I’m not around to see it?
Allura: Those are some nice words of encouragement.

-Lance and Keith meet when Lance took the jaded ring Keith was inspecting and the grim reaper cried at the sight of him.

Lance: Oh did you actually want this ring?

-Lance gives Keith his number and the grim reaper was forced to buy a phone.

-They go on dates, with Keith sipping his bubble tea/coffee awkwardly for two hours.

-Everytime Lance asks Keith his full name on every date, Keith’s last name would change.

First date: Shirogane
Second date: Garrett
Third date: Mcclain

-Lance: But we’re not married yet!

-Shiro and Allura teases Keith with his relationship with Allura’s boss.

-Shiro tries to let Allura take off the sword on his chest but Allura was unable to remove the sword because Shiro realised he wasn’t ready to die yet, not when Allura has come to his life.

Keith: I thought you wanted to die?
Shiro: I really do!
Keith: Then why are you so happy about not dying?
Shiro: I really am sad deep inside.
Keith: Say that to me again when you’re not smiling.

-A goddess who wears all green appears before Shiro and tells him that the longer he stays there’s a possibility Allura will face more and dangerous incidents.

-Shiro keeps a close eye on her always. Like always.

-In the end, they are all connected to each other. Something about that jaded ring Lance has is connected to Keith and Shiro’s past, and all this mess was caused by an evil spirit who never passed away, seeking for vengeance against Shiro.

(I’m sorry it’s so long and these are half of the plot .)

Game Night [Smut] - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Author: dylanowhy (me)

Summary: You are new to Beacon Hills and attend Lydia’s party with your new friend Kira where you meet a few people, but one stands out a little bit more than the others.

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Language. Sexually Explicit Content.  

Word Count: 2,767

A/N: This is the final installment of Warm Welcome, I hope you guys enjoy!

Part I - Part II

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Vibration seeped through your body. It was from the continuous stomping of the people around you. It was game night and you were here to cheer on your school, it also helped there was a mole cursed boy who looked pretty damn good in the light burgundy jersey. “Now it’s time to get out there and kick some ass!” Coach yelled after one of his huge pep talks, causing the boys to get riled up and ready for a good game. “Not you Greenburg, sit down. No one wants you out there.” You couldn’t help but smile, Stiles giving you a small wave before he went to take his position on the field, you were so lost inside your own mind, swimming with the things you’d like to do to the boy, you almost didn’t hear Kira talking to you.

“He likes you. I think it’s cute.” You laughed softly at her words, if she only knew. The last few weeks between you and Stiles had been something else. It was filled with secret looks that only you two understood, followed by under the table hand jobs and hickies that were becoming too hard to cover up after 10 minute breaks between classes. The thoughts caused a smirk to appear on your face, although things had been pretty heated it hadn’t passed the threshold of no return yet. Oh no, you were saving that for tonight.

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arg! I’ve been having a really hard time drawing, like i just don’t know man, my hands are being really whacky?? shakey lines, can’t lay down food forms…just brutal yo. BUT FOR SOME REASON I can still draw hot guys?? like strait up, nothing else is turning out right, except for smoking hot dudes. the world is a mystery. 

BUT ANYWAY I wanted to tweak Raphael’s design a bit? I didn’t like that his hair style was practically identical to Sierra’s, and it didn’t make a lot of sense for him to have blond hair, so I’m trying out dark curly hair for him??? Doesn’t look very coyoteish, but it fits his character/racial background more 


Okay, unpopular opinion here. I actually like Jieun. She’s a little bitchy and a little two faced but she seems to genuinely like Sangwoo, or at least the Sangwoo she thinks she knows. Look at that tearful smile. She’s precious.

If Bum came from a good family, was female and a little less obsessive he could have been Jieun. And I kind of laughed at how territorial she was but then I immediately got depressed when I imagined all the shit that Sangwoo would put Bum and Jieun through.

Curse you Sangwoo for tricking so many people with your good looks and your Mr. Nice Guy person suit!

It might have been worse. It might have been, Baze lives and Chirrut dies and Baze spends the rest of his life utterly poisoned with guilt that it was his stubbornness, his pigheadedness that killed Chirrut. Perhaps if he hadn’t denied the Force so vehemently, Chirrut might not have felt the need to compensate for it, might not have thrown himself so recklessly out onto the sands of Scarif. The guilt consumes Baze even as he follows Chirrut’s last instructions, meditates and trains in the Force as he hasn’t done in years, becomes known in the Rebellion as one of the fighters to be feared most, shadowed by death in his footsteps. He operates alone, because no one wants to follow him.

The poison leaches through him and leads him down a dark path - a swathe of destruction and self-destruction - one that remains unrecorded in the history holos as much because Baze wished to bury himself in grief-filled secrecy, as because the Rebellion (and later, the New Republic) did not like to remember most of the savagery, the near-war crimes committed by any member of the alliance in the name of their cause. The holobooks remember Luke Skywalker for his kindness, his heroics, his golden good looks. Baze Malbus becomes a curse whispered in the dark to keep children in their beds.

But this is what forgiveness from the Force looks like: it does not allow this future to come to pass. Instead, it allows Baze his absolution, his cleansing by fire, and even allows his final glimpse to be of Chirrut before taking him into oblivion. The Force can be kind, sometimes.

With a Little Help from My Friends.

Finn Balor/OC- Reader has a little problem that Finn helps her out with.

Warning:There aren’t really any, except for pure smut so yeah.

Hey anon I hope you enjoy this. I wasn’t sure if this was what you exactly wanted but hey I tried my best. Also side note, Finn is my favorite so if yall have request for him please send them in.

@vebner37 @the-geekgoddes

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