curse of inertia

Title: Love to Say I Told You So (1/5)

Ships: Enjolras/Grantaire, background Combeferre/Courfeyrac

Notes: About a gazillion years ago, I did a fic giveaway and @thelibrarina​ won a 1k fic. This happened, instead. Betaed by Ani and Anthony.

Summary: “Well, are you thinking about falling in love with me right now?”

“No?” Enjolras tries. “But then again I’m not  thinking about much of anything right now besides how to get more coffee out of you, so–”

“Exactly,” Grantaire says cheerfully. “It’s the perfect plan.”

Enjolras snorts. “I really don’t think let’s not fall in love with each other counts as any plan whatsoever, let alone a perfect one.”

(In which Enjolras blames Grantaire, Grantaire blames Enjolras, and Courfeyrac never lets them live it down.)

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