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Madara’s Insanity and the Curse of Hatred

Note- Ok, so Madara is my favourite character. No, I don’t think he is an angel or an innocent cinnamon role. I like him because he is an entertaining character. That doesn’t mean I support his actions. This rant explains why he went insane (yes, I do believe he went insane) and how Tobirama and Hashirama share the blame.

You may not like this if you’re a huge Tobirama fan. Sorry :/.

It all starts with the dream Madara and Hashirama had… to build a village where shinobi could live in peace (relative peace, at least) and where they could protect the ones they love. From the scene on the cliffs, I think it’s pretty clear that Izuna meant more to Madara than an average brotherly bond. This was confirmed later when Hashirama compared their bond to Itachi and Sasuke’s which we know is anything but ordinary. While Hashirama’s dream was to create a village where children would not have to die in battle, Madara’s dream was to create a village where he could protect Izuna. Notice that protecting Izuna was quite important, maybe even half in weight.

So obviously when Izuna died, Madara’s dream could never truly come true. After this Madara was never really ‘whole’. I’d like to draw your attention to the scene where Hashirama almost stabs himself. Just before this Madara used his Susanoo (from the looks of it, for the first time in battle), tried to avenge Izuna’s death and failed. Defeated and broken, he asks Hashirama to kill him.

Now that just won’t work because it was Hashirama’s dream to establish a village with Madara and Madara kinda has to be alive for that. So they form an alliance and later Konoha. Next scene- on the cliffs again (wow, those cliffs are important). It’s kinda weird how Hashirama has to inform Madara about the Sarutobis and Shimuras. I mean, Madara is sort of the know-it-all guy who likes to stay on top of things. Especially if it concerns Konoha, his dream village. Well, simple explanation, it wasn’t his dream village. Yes, he wanted a village where shinobi could find some peace. However he also wanted a village to shelter Izuna… Izuna was dead and Madara’s dream was also -more or less- dead.

To me it looks like he was out of phase, just letting Hashirama drag him around like a rag doll. The Shimura and Sarutobi are joining? Oh, ok. Name the village? Oh, ok. Be Hokage? Oh I’m-not-really-ready-for-that, but ok. I guess Hashirama realised that his friend was kinda lost so he gave him some hope by suggesting that he could protect the people of Konoha as he would have protected Izuna. That would give him some purpose again. Maybe Madara could realise his dream too?

Enter Tobirama. For some reason I cannot comprehend, Tobirama thought Madara shouldn’t be trusted. (Probably he was scared that Madara would strangle him in his sleep?) Madara’s own clan didn’t trust (Edit: support) him, he wasn’t stronger than Hashirama and please note- at this point in time, Madara had NOT done anything a normal clan leader wouldn’t do. No Infinite Tsukuyomi, no Ten Tails, no World Domination. He just was an average little clan leader who was in fact a liiiittle vulnerable. Madara was pretty much like Hashirama. Except of course, Tobirama wasn’t his brother. Therefore Madara shouldn’t be trusted and had to be eliminated.

Then Tobirama proceeded to concoct this ridiculous theory called ‘Curse of Hatred’ and fed it to his brother with some half-baked sciencey explanation. Note how Hashirama usually surrenders arguments to his younger brother, especially when there’s an intellectual element. Maybe it’s because he’s been conditioned to believe that he is intellectually inferior. This time is no different; Tobirama brought up his theory, Hashirama tried some lacklustre debate and conceded.

He doubted his childhood friend, the man who put his trust in him and gave him power over his clan. Madara overheard this, and it really REALLY must have hurt him. The guy lost his whole family, his clan didn’t trust (Edit: support) him (the clan aforementioned family sacrificed their lives for) and now his only friend in the whole world thinks he is a ticking time bomb. Nice.

Oh, and just to rub it in, let’s have an election! An election where the Uchiha might have voted for Hashirama too. Sorry to reiterate but ‘the Uchiha’, a.k.a the clan Madara fought for, the clan Izuna died for, the clan all his brothers died for and the clan he sacrificed his friendship with Hashirama for. The Uchiha voted for Hashirama, the leader of the clan that killed their friends and family. Wait a sec, doesn’t that go against the principles of the Curse of Hatred?

So if this Curse of Hatred thingy was real, the Uchiha wouldn’t have allied with the Senju in the first place, they would have agreed with Madara and left when he told them that Hashirama couldn’t be trusted, forget voting for him as Hokage! All along, the Uchiha did what was rational, suppressing their hatred.

Madara, though, had enough. He was done with the village, with his clan and with Hashirama. He would realise his dream no matter what. Even if meant it was all an illusion. Yup, he went crazy and Tobirama used his insanity as proof by example for his theory. A theory which he would pass down to his students and they would pass it down to their students and so on. Along with the Will of Fire, of course…

Years later, when Danzo and Hiruzen were handling the Uchiha coup issue, their sensei’s teaching would be somewhere at the back of their minds. It is NOT ok to kill children. It is NOT ok to kill innocent civilians. It is NOT ok to kill people YOU WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR AND SUPPOSED TO PROTECT. Yes, Hiruzen and the council were responsible for the safety of the entire Konoha and the Uchiha clan was a part of Konoha. They killed their own people.

In the filler episodes (I don’t know if you watch them) it’s shown how Minato circumvented the whole Massacre by a simple settlement. Fugaku wasn’t a rabid dog, but a sensible man (bad father, not relevant) who was open to negotiation but at the same time wanted some freedom and power (not total control over Konoha and human sacrifices). It wasn’t just Danzo that was at fault but Hiruzen too. Clearly he didn’t do his best at settling with the Uchiha, he probably didn’t even offer them the smallest bit of authority. Why? Because a certain someone put certain ideas in his head that petrified him the moment ‘Uchihas in power’ came up.

Yes, it all boils down to Tobirama. Tobirama had some baseless fear of the Uchiha (Kagami doesn’t count, he was probably brainwashed for all we know), especially Madara. The ‘Curse of Hatred’ wasn’t some genetic mutation that cause Uchihas to go mad. There was just one case of an Uchiha going mad because he was driven up the wall (guess who was partially responsible for that?) and this was extrapolated and used to blacklist the whole clan as ‘tainted’. So now, whenever the Uchiha did something remotely bold (such as asking for their rights, government representation, equality, etc.) it could be labelled at insanity.

TL;DR version- The ‘Curse of Hatred’ is bullshit and didn’t cause Madara’s insanity.

Ok, that was a long rant… Thoughts? :D I love nice debates. I am sorry if my grammar is bad, I try.



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Which couple believes you that is better developed in the male's side feelings to the girl? NH or SS? Only considering the evidence of the manga.

In terms of Part 1, they were developed relatively equally in my opinion. Because both Naruto’s and Sasuke’s opinions of Hinata and Sakura gradually changed, from a rather negative outlook, to a much more positive and endearing one.

For instance, Naruto went from thinking that Hinata’s “a world class freak”:

To thinking that she’s someone he really likes:

It was basically the same situation for Sasuke’s sentiments towards Sakura. He went from initially thinking that she’s nothing but annoying:

To thinking of her as one of his “precious comrades”:

In the same way, both were a little bit hampered during Part 2. Naruto because of his lingering feelings towards Sakura, and Sasuke because of the Curse of Hatred which had a firm grip on his heart. However, the obvious difference is that people never questioned whether Naruto cared at all about Hinata, but they did for Sasuke towards Sakura, because due to his hatred, at one point he would have killed anyone and anything that looked at him the wrong way.

Yet, if you paid attention enough, you could see why Naruto and Sakura strove to save Sasuke as much as they did, because they knew that beneath all of his hatred on the surface, his true self was still salvageable.

Karin not doing anything for Sasuke?

Now I’ve seen this claim get thrown around ever since the Five Kage Summit Arc where we see Karin alarmed by Sasuke’s change in behavior due to the Curse of Hatred consuming him:

And her showing concern and even fright over his change:

This has led some people to bash her and call her “submissive”, his “lapdog" and claim how she couldn’t do anything for his hatred.

However…some people should also keep in mind on how Hashirama Senju (a.k.a. The God of Shinobi) couldn’t do anything for Madara’s Hatred:

And we saw how close those two were! So it really doesn’t make sense to bash Karin for something she really couldn’t control honestly.

Just my thoughts! =P

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Do you think that Sasuke deserves Sakura and why?

It’s not about deserving Sakura. Sasuke deserved a second chance at life, and that’s exactly what he got.

Sasuke didn’t want to choose the path of the avenger; due to the Curse of Hatred, that path was chosen for him the moment he saw the corpses of his parents in front of him:

From that moment onward, he was already trapped in a seemingly inescapable fate. However, his friends managed to save him from his hatred, and in the process, they gave him the opportunity to at last decide for himself what he wanted to do in life, and he chose to be one of the Village’s top protectors. He just so happened to reciprocate Sakura’s feelings in the process, now that he was able to embrace love, rather than shun it.

I get really grossed out when I think about the fact that there are some people in the Potter fandom that think that “Ron isn’t good enough for Hermione” or “she deserves better.”

It completely goes against the foundational themes of the book (love is the most important thing, people are more complex, friendship rocks, surface judgments can only go so far, etc.) and honestly reduces a thoroughly GOOD character to… well, nothing, while also exalting an imperfect character onto a pedestal.

So sorry, I’m not here for your Ron-shaming, but I am most definitely here for the fact that in every timeline in Cursed Child, they are still in love with each other, and we see how their relationship impacts BOTH of them.

Get rid of your bitterness, hot tempers, anger, loud quarreling, cursing, and hatred. Be kind to each other, sympathetic, forgiving each other as God has forgiven you through Christ.
—  Ephesians 4:31-32

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Headcanons on how Kagami became Tobiramas student? It always surprised me to see him with Tobirama tbh

This is a great ask, tysm for sending it in <3

Kagami probably became Tobirama’s student with the idea that he was doing his part in smoothing over the Uchiha’s presence in the village. He knew that some of the villagers, and even some of his own clansmen, saw the Uchiha being there as a risk. Kagami saw the village itself as having a lot of potential to be what the Shodai Hokage wanted it to be; a safe haven. Justice and loyalty are two things that are extremely important to Kagami, and he saw doing his duty to the village as his way of protecting his clan at the same time. 

Kagami is also extremely perceptive and able to see the world in shades of grey rather than in black and white; he can see how an outsider would look at his clan and think the Curse of Hatred is too much of a threat. He’s able to accept this, which is probably another reason why Tobirama recognizes him as a capable shinobi. This isn’t to say that Kagami wasn’t loyal to his clan, he absolutely was. He just saw being a part of the Nidaime Hokage’s squad as a fantastic opportunity to protect both his clan (while proving to Tobirama Senju, the skeptic of all skeptics, that not all Uchiha are inherently bad) and the village that he comes to see as an extention of his own clan. 

Kagami was also extremely talented as a shinobi; Tobirama didn’t choose him to be on his team just because he was an Uchiha. Kagami’s heart of gold and fierce loyalty made him a more than capable fighter, and his prowess with his Sharigan as a utility rather than a sheer force of power was noted to be highly exceptional. 

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So I just read an analysis that stated that Sasuke and Sakura having only one child spoke volumes because it shows how Sasuke no longer cares for the revival of his clan, but rather showcases the fact that his wife and child's happiness are of utmost importance, that Sarada can live happily without the clan's ties and curse of hatred. I agree, and I think Kishi making Sarada an only child was deliberate, just like Naruto having two children :)

To be honest, I highly doubt that when Sasuke voiced his intention to revive his clan, he meant that he wanted himself and his children to go have sex like rabbits and restore the clan in numbers. It’s much more likely that he meant it in terms of honour, status and reputation. This is all but confirmed when he clarifies how he intended to cleanse the Uchiha name in the Land of Iron:

He wanted to purge the stigma that had been associated with the Uchiha clan for all those years. The means were obviously extreme, but that was his goal. It wasn’t about restoring their numbers and carrying on the name, he just wanted to restore their status and honour.

However, during his redemption journey, his outlook had changed, and it’s likely that during Sasuke Shinden when he was asked about it, he indeed was referring to starting a family. But even then, the numbers weren’t important :)

Don’t like it? It’s okay.

I DO like some of these shows people insist so hard to curse and insult with such hatred, like the Powerpuff Girls reboot, Transformers RiD, Ben 10 Omniverse, etc. 

And I’m surely not the only one. Some people around the world DO like and support these shows. For instance, the kids, that are the main focus of these attractions.

These shows bring up good vibes, they have good story-telling, fun scenes, good action and sometimes lessons we can relate to.

The past shows were good? Yes, they were. But comparing one to the other, and adding curses and hatred will not make things better neither for you nor anyone.

So if you don’t like the newest shows, don’t spread so much hatred. Nothing against free sppech, nothing against anyone’s tastes, but you cannot FORCE anyone to hate it until they actually see any of these shows. Everyone has different tastes, and they can either like it or not.

For me, I’m okay with who don’t like it as much as with those that do.

If anyone’s with me on this team of okay with both, against hating spreading, reblog it, please?


((Since I have to update my art despite my laptop breaking down, I used my cousin’s but I can’t use pressure!ughhh))

So Zelda Au where Link is an inventor from the surface that loves adventure and discovery. He met Zelda terribly injured on her wings so he has to take care of her. Both are curious of each other’s culture and everything so they bonded with exchanigng  information with each other. and yes, they do   gradually fall in love with on another but when that happens(the plot thickens!) people already know Zelda’s existince and try to capture her since they beleive that Zelda is a descendant of Nohansens(winged creatures who oppressed non-winged creature thinking they are superiorthan them).

It turned out that Link is the fated Hero that will banish the enmity between these creatures. The Hylians were cursed to bear hatred to the Nohansens but Link is immune to that coz he’s got a part of the Sacred Triangles. But the Nohansens all died out because of the lack of Hylian blood in them and they called themselves Zeldas(no more male though they live for centuries; all Zeldas hve secondary names). The Zeldas don’t want to go into a war but the Hylians are bullheaded so they asked fr Link’s help.

whew…that was long..I think I’ll continue this AU in thefuture…

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hey audric! can you, please, explain HOW sasuke was saved from the curse of hatred? i don't remember how that happened

It was always stressed that words would never be enough to get through to Sasuke; if he was gonna be saved from the darkness, it would have to be through force, because as Tobirama stated; when they succumb to the Curse, an Uchiha’s love transforms into an even more powerful hatred, so mere words of love would unfortunately never be enough. This went hand in hand with the theme of people speaking through their fists.

Shikamaru made it clear prior to the Sasuke Retrieval Mission.

Because he saw that even someone who was as close to Sasuke as Sakura was, wasn’t able to deter him from his path, so he figured that the use of force was now a necessity:

Sasuke reiterated the theme of understanding through the use of fists during his first fight with Naruto.

After they had initially clashed with the Chidori and Rasengan, it was then and only then that Naruto was finally able to confirm Sasuke’s true intentions, because he was able to see what was in his heart:

It was due to this clash with their fists, that Naruto finally came to terms with the fact that Sasuke was indeed truly trying to kill him:

And Sasuke would only reiterate this notion moments later, where as he was activating his Curse Seal, he’d tell Naruto that when two exceptional shinobi clash, they are able to read each others hearts and minds:

And this would later prove to be key in when trying to reach into the deepest depths of Sasuke’s mind in order to save him from his hatred.

And Naruto brought it up again during their reunion in The Land of Waves.

Naruto remembered Sasuke’s words that day. They resonated in his mind, and that’s what allowed Naruto to reach the conclusion that only he’d be able to stop Sasuke, because he was the only one who was able to clash with Sasuke:

He was the only one who could read Sasuke’s mind and heart by clashing with him. And so, he’d be the only one who was capable of reaching Sasuke through his fists, because words were never gonna be enough:

So following their second fight, after Sasuke was unable to cut their bonds, and was left unable to do anything about it because he was incapacitated, he literally had no choice, but to lay there and wonder why. Of course, Naruto wasn’t in any better condition, but Sasuke had to be brought to these extremes in order to free him from the grasp of hatred. He had to be brought to the point of literally being unable to do anything about it, in order to finally give in, because that would be the only time he’d be truly forced to think about it.

Okay a funny little addition to @zakamore1‘s cute little ‘Ochako adopts Eri’ idea that I need to share.

Izuku is a little flustered over Ochako bringing the little cutie out of nowhere and tries to reason with her. “You can’t just pick up children from the streets and call them yours! T-this isn’t how adoption works!”

And Ochako, without missing a beat, asks, “Really? Wasn’t that what All-Might did with you though?”

Izuku opens his mouth to refute…but nothing comes out because well…she isn’t exactly wrong…

Meanwhile Eri asks if the three of them can go out for ice cream like Mama-Ochako promised.

(in the background Mineta simmers in pure undiluted hatred, cursing Midoriya and whatever infernal lucky star he was apparently born under) 

Shhh I honestly believe that Madara was just as much of a victim in the series as Neji and the entire shinobi alliance was. They were all just used by Kaguya, plus he had the curse of hatred so the cards were all stacked against him. And then finally once Kaguya was defeated and sealed away madara realized how wrong he had been and was happy that he and Hashirama were going to be friends in the after life. Madara was a good man who fell victim to the machinations of Kaguya and Black Zetsu and I will support this to the end.

I want to extinguish the ugly thoughts in my head, they are dangerous and selfish. I need to let them know that I am not healed yet but I have to trim the thorns in my throat because they are ruining every word that wants to be spoken up. When I look at my reflection I just wish for something to come and suffocate my heart until it can’t breathe anymore. I feel like I was cursed with self hatred.
—  Maria Guarnieri