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Alone, Until I Get Home (3/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

A/N: Hopefully I’ll have the next chapter finished by next Monday, but my students’ art show is next Wednesday, so this week is sort of a last-minute-scramble-to-get-ready sort of week, so it may take a bit longer :)

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Right. Rampant spec time. 

Black Fairy casts a new Dark Curse that throws Emma back out into the non-magic world and in a prison because the Black Fairy couldn’t have her be a fairly well-adjusted bail bonds person so instead her life post-giving birth to Henry involved constantly being in and out of jail. Henry, unaffected by the curse, takes off once again to find his mom and bring her back to town where she can fulfill her destiny and be the Savior. Shades of the Pilot is all over that plus it means Emma has to believe and have faith in herself in a way that she hasn’t since the Pilot. 

Okay with this new picture of Emma in an asylum I want to say that I think that some of what I said in this earlier speculation seems to be more probable:

Here’s the bits I think are relevant:

  • What if the Dark Curse started off as a chance at a new beginning from Blue?
  • What if the Curse was given to the Black Fairy when she was banished by Blue and it said that if she could sacrifice the thing she loved most - Power - then she could be free of the dark realm and travel to a place where she wouldn’t be Cursed anymore? She wouldn’t have magic, but she would have a chance at happiness. But since other people have loved people more than power, the thing they love most is another person? So in the hands of others it became something awful? (Either that or the Black Fairy bastardized the Curse to make it have to be a heart.) It would make sense that Blue would know all about the Curse because she created it.
  • We just saw Regina bastardize a magical object that was meant to be for good (the arrow). So… that makes me feel more certain the dark curse started out as something that was light.
  • In “The Return” (1x19) Blue said : Of course you would think of a curse instead of a blessing. Your magic is limited by its own rotten core, Rumpelstiltskin. Anyway, it can’t be done. Not without a great price.
  • Emma trapped in book, while BF takes back her Curse and memory wipes the town. And the rest of the crew are sent to the EF. I’m wondering if they’re all in the book. Different chapters, kept separate from each other? 

Starting from these prior thoughts, and shifting them around a little based on that promo I think it’s probable that the Black Fairy turned dark because of something to do with Rumple. Either she learned a prophecy that we was going to be the Darkest One of All, or he fell ill and she used dark magic to fix him. I also think the Curse wasn’t created as a curse - that the Blue Fairy made it to rectify the situation and banished the Black Fairy. However, Tiger Lily felt bad for the Black Fairy and followed her. Yet, it became clear Rumple wouldn’t be safe with her so to protect him Tiger Lily took Rumple to Blue to save him. She took Tiger Lily’s wings and gave her that thingy to protect from the Black Fairy…and she went to Neverland. The order of all of that is up for debate. But generally I think Blue had a big role to play. And those are the major players.

As far as Emma in the finale…I am still thinking that she’s trapped in a different storybook (given the spoilery filming stuff we saw with Henry, the storybook and suddenly being knocked out) by the Black Fairy and Hook and Snowing and Regina are elsewhere, while the Black Fairy is living the dream with the Stiltskins in Storybrooke.

into the badlands: season 2, episode 6, Sunny

character commentary:   Sunny won’t go under the wall without MK.   my question iz what makes MK so valuable to Sunny?   their brief friendship?   MK’s ability to go dark?   truthfully, i’m not sure.   besides, MK doesn’t know how to go dark, and cutting his skin doesn’t work.   now Sunny iz cursed with a dark sleep from which he may never awake.

anonymous asked:

I feel like a lot more could have been done with the Black Fairy to make her seem more menacing and evil like she's meant to be and yes Jaime is doing such a great job, but I think the real problem is we don't have a lot of time with her. Cause A&E decided it'd be a good idea to squeeze her storyline into a matter of a few episodes even though she's the "Ultimate Evil" and should get more time to show how evil she is and what she can do rather than just saying it and thinking that's enough.

I agree with this. And if she was the Ultimate Evil, the biggest evil to ever evil, why are we now just hearing about her? Why are we now just knowing that she’s the creator of the Dark Curse? Why did we waste 14 fucking episodes on an arc that didn’t really pay off the way I hoped it would? Ooh R/egina loves herself now. Ooh she decides to take back part of the darkness that she chose to get rid of and send her other half back to a place where the King and Queen are dead, because of her and let her live out her days with a fake version - only he’s not fake because it suits her. You know where I’m going with this.

They could’ve had this Black Fairy is the worse we’ve come across from the very beginning instead of mentions of her wand. What did that even tell us? Oh nothing, except it’s powerful, came from the Black Fairy and that’s it. Instead of that 14 episode crap pile we got, they could’ve gave us the Black Fairy once the season started, but nope.

This would’ve been much more interesting and wouldn’t suck as bad, if they introduced her since ep 1 of this season started. She’s not doing anything that’s horrible enough to make us go kill her. We’re basically like oh really. Okay then. 

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        *:・゚✧HEX BREAKER ✧・゚*:

*This is a special zodiac potion for libra but anyone can use it.

This potion is ideal for when you feel like having extreme bad luck lately, feeling sad without no reason or even angry without a cause. You could have a hex and this potion could help you clear it.  ✧ Witchy Tip: Use Moon Water for better results ✧ 

we will be posting about the others soon!!

Dark Souls 3 has so many cool boss fights, such as:

–Large Man in Armor
–Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze
–Evil Treebeard
–Yur a Wizard Crow-Man
–The Entire Vatican
–The Wolf Furry Fanclub
–Mega Papyrus
–The Last Demon’s Soul’s Reference
–Lightsaber Pope & his Stand, Star Platinum
–Small Onion vs. Machete Giant
–The Very Hungry Caterpillar God Eater
–Mr. Freeze’s Ballerina Sister
–Evil Butterflies Seek Revenge Through a Piece of Armor
–Dragon Daddy & Revolver Ocelot
–Large Man in Armor (In the Dark)
–Sibling Comradery in its Weirdest Form
–Dragon with the World’s Softest Head
–Jesus Riding a Dragon
–You, but Cooler

Dark Sea Witchcraft

Many sea witches forget that the ocean is a dark, dangerous place, filled with deadly traps and monsters. This post is a collection of ideas on blending dark witchcraft with sea magick. (Note: I, along with many others, do not believe in the threefold law, so please keep your personal ethics to yourself)

  • Seashells are great for curses, as they can be broken into shards and put in a curse bottle. Research certain shell correspondences if you want a very specific curse.
  • Black sand can be mixed with black salt (or used by itself) for protective or cursing magick.
  • Saltwater gathered on the night of a dark moon makes the water even more potent for dark witchcraft.
  • Fish or turtle bones can be used in curse bottles or for divination. (Please only use bones that you find without actually hurting an animal. If you do sacrifice an animal, don’t be wasteful and please be humane. And definitely don’t sacrifice anything endangered!)
  • Shark teeth can be used for curses to cause fear in someone, or even bring real harm to them if used that way.
  • If you think on a broader scale, you can harness the power of the entire sea. Hurricanes and things like that are incredibly powerful, and are aspects of the sea. They kill many, many people, so I don’t recommend a hurricane curse, as they aren’t specific to who they harm.

Feel free to repost and add on to this!

A Guide to Reading Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter Chronicles

Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter Chronicles spans over 14 years and encompasses 5 major series and 2 short stories collections and other companion novels with all those books it can be hard to figure out how to read them all so here is your guide to reading Cassandra’s Clare Shadowhunter Chronicles. There are two main ways to read the Shadowhunter Chronicles the first is by release date.
1. City of Bones (TMI 1)
2. City of Ashes (TMI 2)
3. City of Glass (TMI 3)
4. Clockwork Angel (TID 1)
5. City of Fallen Angels (TMI 4)
6. Clockwork Prince (TID 2)
7. City of Lost Souls (TMI 5)
8. Clockwork Princess (TID 3)
9. The Bane Chronicles (TBC 1 – 11)
10. City of Heavenly Fire (TMI 6)
11. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy (TFTSA 1 – 10)
12. Lady Midnight (TDA 1)
13. Lord of Shadows (TDA 2)
14. The Lost Book of the White (TEC 1)
15. Chain of Thorns (TLH 1)
16. The Black Volume of the Dead (TEC 2)
17. The Queen of Air and Darkness (TDA 3)
18. The Red Scrolls of Magic (TEC 3)
19. Chain of Gold (TLH 2)
20. Chain of Iron (TLH 3)
(The Wicked Powers trilogy has not yet been given a publication date).
The second way to read the books is in chronological order. Note that as the The Bane Chronicles and The Eldest Curses follow the life of Magnus Bane they fit in all over the timeline.
1. The Infernal Devices
2. The Last Hours
3. The Mortal Instruments
4. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
5. The Dark Artifices
6. The Wicked Powers

Dark Magic sentence starters

I received an anonymous ask requesting starters for necromancy, so I decided to expand upon that idea and create starters for dark magic in general, including necromancy. Enjoy!

“I’ve never used this spell before.”
“Magic like this is forbidden, and for good reason.”
“With this book of spells, we have the power to destroy everything.”
“If this wasn’t dangerous, it wouldn’t be interesting.”
“Have you ever wanted to bring someone back from the dead?”
“I don’t care what it takes. I’m bringing them back!”
“Be warned: what you’re going to see might terrify you.”
“This seems… dangerous.”
“One way or another, I’ll make them love me.”
“You can’t just use magic to manipulate people like this!”
“This isn’t right. It’s unnatural!”
“This is the only true way to speak to the dead.”
“If we do this spell correctly, we’ll own the world.”
“Do you believe in demons?”
“I’ll let you light the candles.”
“This isn’t the first curse I’ve cast.”
“This book of black magic is my little secret. Would you like to see?”
“Be quiet or I’ll curse you next.”
“They’ll regret the day they even thought to cross me.”
“Nothing will hurt us if we stay inside this circle.”
“They’ll be alive again, but not the same as they were before.”
“No one ever said dark magic was easy.”
“This spell couldn’t actually kill anyone, could it?”
“The ritual begins soon. I suggest you prepare yourself.”
“I’ve seen far more disturbing things than this.”
“Demons don’t scare me.”
“Let’s say the incantation together.”
“Do you want to see something truly horrifying?”
“We need a sacrifice.”
“All you need to do is offer a little bit of blood. Just a tiny bit, that’s all!”
“Trust me, and step into the circle.”
“I’ve never felt power like this before.”
“Open your eyes. It’s time for you to come back to life.”
“I’ve done it. I am the master over death!”
“I’m not evil. Magic isn’t evil. It’s just shades of grey.”

A spell for when an abuser finds a new partner to victimize

Sometimes your abusive ex finds a new partner to torment, or maybe a friend has gotten into an abusive relationship. You may be worried about their safety and emotional wellbeing and you don’t think this relationship is for the best. 
So here’s a spell to break them the fuck up.


- A pink candle 

- Representations of the Elements  

- Dried roses or a single rose, preferably red  

- Pink embroidery floss or thread 

- Needle 

 - Colored pencils or markers 

 - Paper 

 - Scissors 

 - Some kind of oil (i used vegetable oil)  

- Fireproof Dish 

 - Lighter

- A representation of a deity 


- Fire Salt (It can give your spell an extra kick)

- Mortar and pestle for grinding your roses, but crumbling them in your hands works well too!

Perform at night (I performed it at midnight on Valentines Day). 

Cleanse yourself and meditate on really cleansing your aura. You can put protection sigils on your body and tie a white ribbon around your dominant hand for extra protection. 

Cleanse your space and materials in whichever way you’d like and set it up  with all your materials within reach. Double check you have everything so you’re not getting up in the middle of the ritual. Set up your space in whatever way makes you feel the most comfortable and safe.

Ground yourself. This is super important to do thoroughly so don’t rush it.

Cast a circle, if you’re into that. You can verbally state an intention as well, such as: Negative energies and entities are not allowed to come into this circle/space/whatever. 

Invoke the elements and welcome any spirits/deities you work with. Ask them to watch over you and protect you during this spell. If you’re like me, you can sprinkle some fire salt onto the fire candle and ask the element of fire to especially protect and help you with your task. 

State your intention aloud. It can be something like: My intention is for [Abusers first and last name] and [Their new partners first and last name] to break up forever. They deserve to break up because [Abuser] is toxic and shouldn’t be with anyone, especially someone nice like [New Partner].

Make 2 Paper Poppets representing the two people you want to break up, draw some clothing on them and their full names on the back (as well as instagram handles, tumblr handles, anything to really get a tag lock on them). Really connect the person to the poppet, meditate on it for a bit, think of all their attributes and qualities. 

Draw a heart on each of the poppets with red pencil, thread the embroidery floss through the hearts connecting the two poppets. Say: This is the connection the two of you share. It holds all the happiness, romance, friendship, and love you feel for each other. It is strong. Think about the connection these two people share.

Gather a handful of dried roses, grind them in a mortar and pestle or with your hands, infuse them with your curses energy. Say:
A Rose by any other name, would smell as sweet.
But [Abusers first and last name] and [New Partners first and last name] relationship is obsolete. 
All burned up, only ashes remain.
[Abuser] and [New Partner] will never be together again.
Put them in the fireproof dish, burn the roses until they’re ashes. 

Hold the candle in your hands, engrave their names into the candle with the needle and add a heart (Abuser+Partner ♡). Say: Element of Fire I call upon you, burn up the bond between these two. Before [Abuser] can hurt [New Partner], make their bond turn into ashes. 
Infuse the candle with your energy. Think of why their bond needs to be broken. Really take the time to pour your energy into it. Dress the candle in oil and roll it in the ashes of the roses. Add a little bit of fire salt onto your candle and light it. 

Hold the poppets in your hands with the pink cord over the candle flame. Say: [Abuser] and [New Partner], on this romantic day, 
Your feelings of like and love begin to dissipate 
The things you loved about each other you now hate
[Abusers] ugly side is all you see

[New Partner] you know in your heart you need to leave
Repeat the last line until you feel its really sunk in.

Burn the connection between the two poppets. Visualize the new partner leaving the abuser. Picture them walking away from each other, never to meet again. Say: 
The connection between you two burns away
You’re bond is forever broken
You break up, for ever and ever
[Abuser] and [New Partner] never get back together
Because [New Partner] deserves better

Close your spell however you like. Say goodbye to the elements, deities or spirits. Close your circle. Put away all your materials. Cleanse your space again. Cleanse yourself again. Drink water. Eat food. Calm down.

Dispose of the poppets far away from each other.

You may want to perform a binding on the abuser so they can’t abuse others in the future and a protection spell for the partner so this doesn’t happen to them again. 

Note: This isn’t some petty break up spell, only use it when you are genuinely concerned about the new partners safety and well being. 

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