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… Ryuu ga waga TEKI GO KURAU!!!

(I play a lot of Overwatch, OK?)
Archer Kirby: confirmed! Massive enemy troops: confirmed! Health bars: confirmed! More battle events: confirmed! Skill Help window: confirmed!

Credits to Shouty for the colors chosen for Archer’s hat as he did the static Standing Archer Kirby. It helped tremendously in making this airborne pose. 

Diary:  I don’t get it… The man at the Guild hasn’t hired me.

I cursed him so he can’t do anything but find me a party, so where’s my party already!?

I thought not letting him eat or sleep until he finds me one would do the trick…

Hmm… It has been a week, I guess. I wonder if the man is still alive? Maybe I should have fed him, at least…

(Follow up of THIS concept post.)

Got around to finishing an example of what Ability Changing will look like: this class ring of sorts. Later, I’ll add proper backgrounds and menus. The same thing should work in the middle of battle, too.

What is NOT show in this close-up GIF: Each Ability has its current level displayed also. 

In the future, there might be Favorite Ability buttons you can assign abilities to as to reduce menu spam.

Just finished a cover pic for Tony Allen’s Trouble Maker storyline.

“The Trouble Maker title is a collaboration of tribal African mythology and feudal Japan legend.

The main character is torn between his destiny to be a hero amongst men, and his immorality and dark view of the human condition.

A hidden power lurks in his soul and heart. The struggle he endures between taking the life of the very woman who birthed him and betrayed him is his obsession.”

–Tony Allen

.6k harry potter profiles ⚡️

hey guys! i hit 600 followers a few days ago, and in order to celebrate, i thought i’d bring back the hp profiles i did a few time ago (: you guys seemed to like them, so here we go! 

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On behalf of those being guilt tripped/pressured into sending/posting chain mail… I curse the maker of the chain. I curse you with foul luck. with foul life. for causing such grief or terror to the innocent i curse thee.

“I curse the maker of the chain that seeks to harm me or my loved ones.”

for those who fall victim I cast a spell of protection, you will be safe from the harm on the chain. no harm will come to thee or those who thee care about.

“Chain mail cannot touch me or my loved ones.”


all the marchetta characters ever ➝ quintana of charyn

they call her quintana the curse maker. the last female born to charyn, eighteen years past. reginita, she claims to be. the “little queen.” recipient of the words writ on her chamber wall, whispered by the gods themselves. that those born last will make the first, and blessed be the newborn king, for charyn will be barren no more.


Update time! Remember those colored boxes from Air Ride? Now they’re destructible objects. In fact, there are lots of destructible objects. Just look at the background for the less-than-obvious things you can strike or look around the battle field with your arrow keys when selecting enemies. Striking object like this might yield shocking results or sweet loot! In this case, Tac isn’t very happy you found a rare Red Box with a more common Green Box. 

Destructible objects never get a turn on the Turn Gauge unless they’re out to get you.

Oh. Right. Squeak Squad’s Squeakers are available as Party Members. Go figure! (Oh, don’t be that way on the Turn Gauge, you two. Tac isn’t that much of a threat!) I wonder… will more prominent figures of the Squeak Squad be able to join, too?

Post-trespasser Varric and Cass
  • Varric [to the Inquisitor]: You should have heard the Divine cursing the Maker and threatening to bring down the Chantry if you didn't survive!
  • Cass: I did no such thing!
  • Varric: Not *exactly* in that wording, I am summarizing and holding back quite a bit. The language! It made even yours truly blush! Though in all fairness to Her Perfection, she wasn't saying it very loudly.
  • Cass: I was *praying*
  • Varric: ....
  • Cass: ...for... the Inquisitor's well-being.
  • Varric: ..okay, just to be clear: are you going to stick with that story? Cause I am sure I could write you a better one.

Screen shots from  NO CURSING CHALLENGE!! | Mario Maker #15


Etrian Mystery Dungeon-Curse Maker Class.