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… Ryuu ga waga TEKI GO KURAU!!!

(I play a lot of Overwatch, OK?)
Archer Kirby: confirmed! Massive enemy troops: confirmed! Health bars: confirmed! More battle events: confirmed! Skill Help window: confirmed!

Credits to Shouty for the colors chosen for Archer’s hat as he did the static Standing Archer Kirby. It helped tremendously in making this airborne pose. 

me: i only listen to REAL music 

also me: 

(Follow up of THIS concept post.)

Got around to finishing an example of what Ability Changing will look like: this class ring of sorts. Later, I’ll add proper backgrounds and menus. The same thing should work in the middle of battle, too.

What is NOT show in this close-up GIF: Each Ability has its current level displayed also. 

In the future, there might be Favorite Ability buttons you can assign abilities to as to reduce menu spam.

leliana/warden skyhold headcanons

1. the warden finds what she needs for her quest and immediately heads to skyhold. she shows up during a war meeting, ignoring any guards or agents and bursts through the doors of the war room bc there is no way a bunch of political bullshit is gonna keep her from seeing her love for a moment longer. (maybe she has even managed to dig up some dirt on corypheus, which she slams onto the table before striding around to leliana) then she practically picks leliana up and spins her, both are crying (if morrigan is there, she rolls her eyes and tries to hide her smile) bonus points if the warden was a circle mage. she throws a cheeky wink and smirk over leli’s shoulder at cullen, who is blushing furiously (the warden then takes every opportunity to make out with leliana whenever cullen is around. leliana also thinks his reaction is hilarious)

2. the warden soon finds out that dagna is at skyhold and they immediately start working together on all sorts of things, many of which can be carried in bottles and thrown at enemies (much to sera’s delight). this eventually devolves into a prank war, which goes on for weeks and has many people on edge and paranoid. finally it ends. leliana is the winner.

3. in between spending time with leliana, advising, training recruits, and drinking in the pub (bc she fuckin deserves a break at this point) the warden starts hanging with kieran (he affectionately calls her “aunty”) and soon gets in trouble with morrigan for distracting him from his studies and teaching him tricks that morrigan thinks are ‘immature and irksome’

4. after hearing about what happened with the rest of the grey wardens, the warden is furious, and goes on an angry rant about what “fucking asshats” they’ve all been. any time grey wardens are mentioned around her from then on, she is likely to start cursing again, and maker forbid she runs into one at skyhold when she’s in a bad mood.

5. the warden loves teasing the inquisitor about how easy they have it. comfy bed, big castle, resources, none of alistair’s terrible stews. the inquisitor tries to one-up her but after “have you ever been attacked by shrieks at camp while you’re butt naked and in the middle of sex?” the inquisitor just gives up.

6. the warden brought dog with her. he is getting old now, some days he helps train recruits, others he just naps in the sun and roams skyhold, flashing his puppy eyes at anyone and everyone in order to get treats. he starts getting a bit chubby but the warden isn’t too hard on him about it bc she figures he deserves to relax and be spoiled for once. kieran loves him, morrigan is less than thrilled to find him hanging around asking for belly rubs and to play fetch

7. one day when having a few drinks with varric, he mentions that he has a friend called isabela, and that she claims to have ‘met’ leliana and the warden. she smiles, drifts off into a daydream for a few seconds before confirming. she tells him that isabela was gracious enough to teach her a few tricks. “was this in bed, or on the battlefield?” he asks. “yes.” she replies, with a smirk.

anders, our anders, has never been care-free.

he hasnt known what that was since he was 12, since the templars came and clapped him in irons and dragged him away. his mother begged them to spare him, her boy, he didnt mean to, he wasnt dangerous like those other mages. and his father? well, his father doesnt have a son, you see.

since then, all hes known is the crushing weight of the templars’ eyes, watching, always watching. and the daily prayers, reminding him he’s cursed, the maker doesnt love him, doesnt love anyone anymore, and its his fault.

he can run, but its in his blood, you know. there’s no escape for him, not in this life. but that doesnt mean he wont try anyway.

oh, he pretends he doesnt care, but theres a bitter edge to his jests, the best comedy comes from tragedy, after all, and if theres anything anders knows, its tragedy.

Healing Bruises

Request: “hi! if it isn’t too much to ask can you write something where Ren reunites(or captures) with a very sarcastic old friend who’s affiliated with the grey side of the force (who wasn’t a padawan at the temple, she’d probably be dead if she was). She wears a mask so they don’t recognize each other ‘til something happens. probably b4 tfa but its up to you!”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

A/n: Hi this is really short and crappy I’m sorry I have more Kylo coming!!!!

You knew it was bound to happen one day. Your fates had always seemed interlaced, ever since the day you had bumped into the naïve Padawan on your first day at the temple. Ben Solo had been a troubled young man, and so it came as no surprise when you learnt of his descent to the dark side. Ever since hearing about his misguided endeavours, you had wished you could’ve been there for him, as a friend, to help him control his emotions. He had the potential to be a great grey Jedi, and yet his promise had been quashed by Snoke, a mysterious figure you had been investigating. But you knew, since you started snooping around, that the day would come when you got caught. And it seemed that today was that day, fatefully guiding you to run into Kylo Ren.

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Just finished a cover pic for Tony Allen’s Trouble Maker storyline.

“The Trouble Maker title is a collaboration of tribal African mythology and feudal Japan legend.

The main character is torn between his destiny to be a hero amongst men, and his immorality and dark view of the human condition.

A hidden power lurks in his soul and heart. The struggle he endures between taking the life of the very woman who birthed him and betrayed him is his obsession.”

–Tony Allen

anonymous asked:

heard a scream and thought you were getting killed but it was just a spider college au with kylo?

Haha, I can relate to this one. Hope you like this hun!

Modern AU Kylo Ren + heard a scream and thought you were getting killed but it was just a spider college au

Letting out a heavy sigh, Kylo adjusted his duffle bag strap over his shoulder as he began his ascent to his dorm. Within the first few steps Kylo found himself silently cursing the maker. Had he remembered he had to trek up these ridiculous stairs he might have reconsidered his workout that evening. His calves were burning and didn’t help the feeling of his thighs seemingly screaming at him to stop.

Bearing through the aches and pains he finally made it to his level. Adjusting the strap over his shoulder again he was about to make his way to his door when suddenly he heard something. Though it was rather muffled, he knew for certain it was a scream.

Furrowing his brows he set down his bag when suddenly he heard it again. Instantly his eyes went to the room next to his, realizing that was likely the source of the sound. Just as that crossed his mind he suddenly heard it again, along with a loud bang.

Without hesitation he went to the door, pounding his fist against the wood.

“Hey are you in there?”

Another loud bang. Though he didn’t know much about his neighbor, he knew this was definitely out of the ordinary. That and the fact that all the noises coming from the dorm were not one of someone who was ok.

“I’m coming in!”

Swiftly he slammed his weight into the door, waiting to hear a crack or pop. After a few slams to the wood the lock finally cracked and slipped the door open. Stumbling into the room panting Kylo looked around the space, concern filling his eyes. Instantly he found you standing there, jumping slightly from his sudden appearance. To say the least he had most certainly startled you, even causing you to shriek.

“What’s going on?! Are you okay?!”

You shook your head as you insistently pointed to the far corner of your room.

“No! Over there!”

Kylo’s brows furrowed, “What’s-”

“Spider! A really big spider!”

Kylo’s shoulders dropped as he sighed, his eyes half rolling.

“A spider? You screamed like that about a fucking spider? I thought you were about to be murdered.”

“You don’t know that! What if its poisonous?!”

Slipping off one of his shoes Kylo shook his head and walked towards the corner of the room. With barely any hesitation Kylo swiftly slammed his shoe into the wall. Just as it did you heard a crunching sound, making your skin crawl. It disgusted you beyond words, but at least you could sleep tonight knowing it was definitely dead.

Kylo turned back to you with a sigh after picking up his shoe.

“There. If you need any other extermination services I’m next door.”

You nodded as you shyly wrapped your arms around yourself. Kylo made his way to the door, trudging along with an obvious displeasure in his expression. Considering you had hardly ever seen him and didn’t actually know him it was certainly kind of him to come to your supposed rescue. You watched him for a moment before he passed the doorframe. Finally,as if your limbs could move again, you followed behind him.


Kylo paused as his head snapped back towards you. Peaking out of your room you offered him a warm smile.

“Thank you.”

Kylo simply stared at you, seeming to process your words for a moment.

“Yeah, sure.”

Biting your lip nervously you looked to the floor. Considering you had rarely ever seen Kylo, you had never truly noticed how handsome he was. All you knew was everyone described your neighbor as grumpy.

“Do you um…do you like Thai food?”

Kylo’s brows furrowed for a moment before he nodded. 

“I was going to order some take out and seeing as you um, helped me out…I figured it’d be something I could do to…repay I guess?”

He snorted faintly, “It was a spider. It’s not like I had to do much.”

“…Still it was pretty nice for someone who’s never met me to do.”

He sighed as he ran a hand through his ebony locks. You could tell he wasn’t sure how to respond to your sentiment and was expecting to just go back into his dorm. 

With a half hearted wave of his hand he shrugged, “Fine.”

You smiled at him, “I’ll get their menu for you.”


TOP 10 MARCHETTA CHARACTERS | #8. quintana of charyn

they call her quintana the curse maker. the last female born to charyn, eighteen years past. reginita, she claims to be. the “little queen.” recipient of the words writ on her chamber wall, whispered by the gods themselves. that those born last will make the first, and blessed be the newborn king, for charyn will be barren no more.

havsgast  asked:

“There’s flowers growing in my ribcage.” + Tomarry?

“There are flowers growing in my ribcage.”

“That’s… nice, I suppose. Although you ought to curse the coffin-maker for designing you a coffin so faulty as to let dirt in.”

Harry nodded dreamily. “Maybe. I could just leave that to you, though.”

Tom smiled. “I’d be delighted to.”

“Do you know what’s happening to your body?” Harry asked. Tom could never decide whether he liked or disliked it when Harry looked at him, for in death his eyes had gained an eerie, ethereal glow to them.

“No. It wasn’t even truly mine by the end. I guess I’m glad.”

Harry nodded again, leaning his head on Tom’s shoulder. They hadn’t figured out all of the rules to the afterlife yet, but they had figured out that even in their translucent forms they could still touch each other and other things. Tom appreciated that; he found himself appreciating a lot more in death than he ever had in life.

“I asked them to bury your body in Godric’s Hollow,” Harry said after a while. In his mind’s eye, Tom could see the graveyard Harry was referring to. There were wreaths on James and Lily Potter’s graves. There was a solitary white rose on his own.

“Doesn’t it bother you? That I’m next to your parents- who I killed?”

Harry sighed exasperatedly. “You’re different now. The fact that you even ask the question proves that. Anyway, the polite response would have been thank you.”

Tom paused reluctantly, longer than was necessary, long enough for Harry to start laughing at him. “Thank you,” he finally answered, matching Harry’s mirth with a wry smile of his own.

He had always wanted to be busy, to be doing something, to be powerful. Dominant, even. But just sitting here with Harry, not speaking, barely even existing, Tom was content.

Death tended to have that effect on both of them.

1k Celebration!!

So, I recently hit 1,000 followers on here! I just wanted to say thank you, so very much. I think it is unbelievable that I have gained this much of a following in such a short time on here. Only 4 months or so, I think! I know I tried to do a 500 follower celebration, but it really didn’t work out. 

So, I decided that I will be doing ships and blurbs to make up for it. They will be open for approximately 2 weeks (or so, who knows) after May 19th, 2017. That being said, it may take a bit of time for me to get through them all, so please be patient. Here are the rules, if you will:

  • you must be following this trash can.
  • reblog this post. (likes are bookmarks)
  • maybe check out some of my other stuff?
  • try to ask off anon for ships. 
  • please blacklist “kay’s 1k celebration” if you’d like to block these posts.

For the ships, please include:

  • a brief description of yourself/your personality
  • what era you’d like
  • your preferred gender you’re shipped with
  • name if you’d like a ship name as well

For the blurbs, please choose from the following choices: 

  1. a blurb based on a specific song (include the pairing, name of song, artist, and potential lyric you’d like me to focus on)
  2. a blurb based on a specific scene from a Disney movie (include the pairing, name of movie, and scene/quote you’d like me to focus on) 
  • NOTE: these blurbs may be an in an AU setting, or Hogwarts setting depending on what I’m feeling.

And that’s it! Sorry if it is a bit much. The format for the ships will be bellow the cut. I will also be doing the ships first (probably) and then the blurbs. 

Thank you all for following me, it means the world.

Much love, xoxo.

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