👁 Spell of Shattered Sight 👁

inspired by Once Upon A Time, a curse that makes a person only see the most ugly aspects of themselves and others around them

“[The Nordic King] was so devastated he decided his kingdom should share his pain. So he spent years harnessing dark magic, used it on the mirror and cast a spell over his entire kingdom. It made his subjects see only the worst in the ones they loved. And they turned on each other, destroying themselves.”

👁 gather: a mirror, something to write on glass, a taglock, rose petals, a candle, a fire-safe surface, and a cloth.

👁 on the mirror, draw an eye. 

👁  add sigils for specific things you want the person to notice.

👁 place the taglock on top of the mirror. 

👁 burn the rose petals to ash.

👁 scatter the cooled ash over the mirror’s surface. 

👁 cover with a cloth, do not look at the mirror after this. 

👁 to remove the spell, clean the mirror off without looking at it directly.


Guys. I just realized that Lilo is putting a curse on her friends. But like, an actual curse. Vinegar is commonly used in curses, and pickles have vinegar. And then she has little figures of her “friends”, drawn with expressions. Then putting them in the pickle jar, and shaking it. Another sign of a curse. I don’t know why I just noticed this now, but lilo is a witch.

I bet she’s a sea witch.

Cursed Images

There are images on the Netwith something sinister insinuated into their pixels.
Even to Behold them is to leave imprinted………influenced……
And yet we are drawn to them. We Down Load them and view them at our own peril……

Here are some blogs teeming with accursed pix:

Extremely Cursed Images (@extremelycursedimages)

These images are—get this—extremely cursed.

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Cursed Imagez ( @cursedimagez )

This…is definitely cursed.

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Cursed Image Repository ( @isthisimagecursed )

This is a good place to submit an image that may be cursed, just to be sure.
The below image is supposedly not cursed, but even experts make mistakes sometimes.

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Ghost Photographs ( @ghostphotographs )

Oh and this one! This is just a project by an artist named Angela Deane who paints on postcards and found photographs. They’re really lovely. Might be cursed but take your chances.

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Cursing 101

So you wanna curse someone. 

Someone has really fucked you over and you’ve decided all of the ordinary routes of justice are not gonna cut it. But where do you start? 

Step 1: Commit to cursing.

It may sound obvious but cursing is a big deal. Its generally a risky spell to conduct in any paradigm you look at, and all morals aside, its laborious and energy intensive. If you feel iffy about cursing, the time to bail is now. (There are still alternatives to cursing if you want to do something about this person in your life. I recommend binding.)

Step 2: Find a curse that fits the crime. 

Please don’t do a death curse on someone who cut you off while driving (though I feel you). If you do believe in returning energy or similar ethics about the universe, this is a good way to minimize risk. 

Good places to look for curses and cursing ideas can be found throughout the witch community. These are two of my favorite tumblr directories to look through when searching for a curse. Sometimes curses are specific and state which crime they are punishment for, which is a simple way for beginners to follow this guideline. 

Step 3: Find a taglock for your target.

Curses need a direction and a taglock in order to hit the right person. This could be an item of theres, their signature, a picture of them, or even just their full name written out on a piece of paper. These are only suggestions, sometimes an integral part of cursing is getting creative with your taglock. Just give the universe a good way to find your intended person. 

Along this same thought, here is a piece on avoiding misfired curses. 

Step 4: Finalize your plan for conducting the curse.

Even if you use a curse 100% written by someone else, its important to mentally walk through exactly how it will be carried out. This is not the time to wing it. Curses are stressful and the best way to avoid accidents (which can have serious consequences) is to be detailed in how it will unfold. 

If you are tweaking a spell, you should double check that any ingredients you’re swapping out have the same associations so you get the same result. Similarly, make sure that changed actions will have the desired effect. If you’re making your own spell, verify that all people and intents are represented.

In all cases, make sure that what you’re doing is safe. Go on WebMD and check that the herbs you’re using aren’t dangerous with any health conditions you may have. If you’re doing blood magic, do it safely. Be smart, use your brain. 

Step 5: Put in a failsafe. 

Curses are not meant to last forever and trying to craft something to last that long will drain you of energy for a very long time. Put at the end of your spell that the curse will last a definite amount of time (i.e. six months) or will last until a certain action has occurred. 

Step 6: Gather materials and conduct the curse. 

Get everything together, set up the space. Its essential to clear the mind and cleanse before a ritual to set yourself up for success. Unless you hate yourself, you’re going to want to purify and protect you and your space

When you feel grounded, go on and do the spell. Go slow, be diligent. You can do this (especially because you’ve already mentally gone through all the steps). 

Step 7: Aftercare. 

Cursing is a lot for most witches, from newbies to experienced spell-casters. Do something restful and brings you back to center. If you’re looking for a simple spell to accomplish this, one can be found here. Other places to look into magical self care can be found here. Don’t skimp on this step, you need time to rest and regain your magical energy. You don’t want a curse effecting the rest of your magic.

Now go out and be the wicked witch you always wanted to be! 

🔥 Burn Your Wishes Curse 🔥

a simple curse to keep someone’s wishes from coming true. 

🔥 gather: seeded dandelions, matches, burnable area, paper, taglock

🔥 you can choose to make a ring of dandelions like in the gif, or bundle, or simply use one. note, the more dandelions the more wishes you destroy. 

🔥 if you want to target specific wishes, write them down on slips of paper and wrap them around the stems of the dandelion

🔥 place taglock in the middle of the circle, or around the bundle. 

🔥 burn the dandelions.

🔥 dispose of safely. keep the taglock.

Witch Tip

Get a bunch of decent size twigs and put them in a jar. Every time you get mad or frustrated, feed all of your bad vibes and negativity into a twig and snap it in half, releasing all of the bad energy and destroying it.

Could also be used as a curse if negative energy was fed into a twig about a person and the intent was there.

Good Luck and Clear Skies to All!

Difference between a jinx, hex and curse

I felt like people searching my tags would need a little clarification on the difference between a jinx, hex and curse (according to me).

A jinx is a form of malevolent magic where the subject gets bad luck, minor misfortunes. It’s simple, nasty, but isn’t meant to seriously harm someone. Usually only lasts a little while.

A hex is a form of malevolent magic, more powerful than a jinx. Lasts longer, and is usually “broken” when the subject learns their lesson.

A curse is the most powerful, and if done well it can last a lifetime or even longer. Can be cast on a person or family, and can last forever or until something is done to atone for whatever caused then to be cursed.

Curses Masterpost*

*I was approached by a followers to write this post. Curses are a controversial topic in the Witchcraft community, some feel very strongly that a Witch should never resort to using curses. I will say this, whatever you put out into the world is sure to come back to you. Curse with caution, if you must curse at all.

Mild Curses:

The Vern - For when your neighbor or colleague is driving you nuts.

Bad Luck Lock - Generic bad luck spell.

The Condom Curse - To hit a male who has wronged you where it really hurts.

Quick Curse - For when you’re pissed but still have a things you have to do.

Aftermath Curse - To use after a fight with someone.

Acne Curse - Inflict bad skin on your victim.

Get Rid of Annoying Co-Workers Curse - May also help you get their job.

Strong Curses:

Thief Curse - To get back at someone who stole from you.

Revenge Curse - When you want to even it up.

Black Orb Curse - Another revenge curse.

Sickness Descends (Scroll to the bottom of page) - Bring illness to your victim

Extreme Curses:

Black Widows Curse - Creates weakness and misery in the victim’s life

Curse of Hell - Send your victim to the underworld when they pass on.

Three Nights of Hell - Inflict Hellish conditions on your victim for 3 nights.

Druidic Nigh Terror Curse - Causes spiritual and mental trauma

Nine Layers of Hell Curse - Invoke the 9 arch demons to torment your victim


what a terrible curse
Part 1
Part 2

What a Terrible Curse is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style Twine game. The game will be a humorous, dark fantasy with a limited palette and an aesthetic reminiscent of NES-era Castlevania games.

The player would be taking the role of Jiin, who has the ability to take curses from other people and give them to herself.  The game follows her travels through a bedeviled land, full of witches, thieves, and cemeteries. Along the way she meets strange people and gets saddled with their problems.  She is heading to the Fallen Tower to look for a means to escape her horrible fate.

The game is still in development and being independently made by myself. Stay tuned for more art and information!

Orriculum’s Spell Masterpost

(because i did not realize i had this many spells lol)


love-related spells:

communication spells:

friendship spells:


self care spells:

career/wealth spells

protection spells