‘Red in Your Ledger’ Curse 📖

a curse to inflict all the pain a person has caused back on them, one item at a time. 

📖 gather: a disposable notebook, red ink, matches, and a taglock

📖 write down an itemized list of everything awful the person has done to you, and anyone else you know they have hurt. fill the book if you must

📖 bind it with the tag lock inside. 

📖 chant three times:

you must know you have debts to pay
and your scorned will collect one day

📖 burn the book. 

A Curse on Donald Trump

You will need:

A black candle

How to:

Charge the candle with your intent. Think about what a xenophobic fascist sexist capitalist prick Donald Trump is. Channel that rage into your candle. Think about how desperately you want him to fail, how desperately you want to see him ruined. Envision his glorious fall, his humiliation, his destruction. Believe that he will fail. Know that he will fail. Oil the candle with an appropriate oil if thats your thing.

Light the candle.

Pick up the string. Say:

Donald John Trump Senior, son of Fred Trump,
I place a curse on your head

tie a knot in the string

Your racism, greed, and fascism
will be the key to your undoing
every time you open your mouth
you inspire your own failure

tie a knot in the string

May your boasting and compulsive lies
be found out and unravelled,
may your political campaign end in humiliating ruin
You will never be president

tie a knot in the string.

Release your intent into the universe. You can tuck the string away somewhere, or simply throw it away, though for best results I recommend mailing the string to Trump Tower, 725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022

Binding someone’s mouth.

objective: to make it someone can’t talk about you, too you, or at all depending on what you want. This can be with a real physical poppet, but it can also be done as a quick visualization in your head. It has been effective for me done both ways.

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  1. Get a poppet to represent the person you are binding. It’s better to make it yourself and fill it with things that represent/symbolize that person to make it more personal to them.
  2. Put red thread on a sewing needle and start sewing the mouth of a doll. Chant, “Open lips say too much. So i seal your mouth; I bind it shut.”
  3.  Tie off the thread at the end of the mouth. Hide the poppet away somewhere it won’t be bothered or messed with.
  4. To remove the binding cut the thread from the poppet’s mouth.
Series of Unfortunate Events curse

-Make a witches ladder and tie it to your target however you’d like (hair, name, etc)

-Tie in items that relate to unlucky things 

  • used up travel toothpaste-> they never seem to have toothpaste when they need it
  • a key with a ‘?’ drawn in sharpie-> you’re gonna be late to work, douche
  • empty battery-> they’re always just too tired to really get any work done
  • loose pieces of yarn-> so they always have that one strand of hair tickling their arm
  • a pushpin-> step on something sharp, asshole
  • a ripped piece of paper with the words “REALLY IMPORTANT THING”->so they always forget that one really important thing
  • an empty toilet roll-> every. single. time.
  • broken birthday candle->nobody remembers their birthday

Charge that sucker with your annoyed motherfucking energy and swirl some fucking smoke on it with a few spritzes of cayenne water for good measure. 

Now stuff it in an old sock and forget about it. Or hang it up. You do you.

Punch a Nazi Curse

Punch A Nazi Curse

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Level: Super Easy

You Will Need

·         Poppet-this should be dough or clay, something easily malleable and preferably water soluble.

·         Marker


·         Take your poppet and mark it in such a way that it is unmistakably a Nazi. If you are uncomfortable drawing a swastika, write words like Nazi, Racist, White Supremacist, or Evil on it.

·         Recite: I curse all Nazis to be punched like this one.

·         Punch until you can’t tell what it is anymore.

·         Dispose of by throwing in garbage or flushing down the toilet.

Witch Tip

Get a bunch of decent size twigs and put them in a jar. Every time you get mad or frustrated, feed all of your bad vibes and negativity into a twig and snap it in half, releasing all of the bad energy and destroying it.

Could also be used as a curse if negative energy was fed into a twig about a person and the intent was there.

Good Luck and Clear Skies to All!


Guys. I just realized that Lilo is putting a curse on her friends. But like, an actual curse. Vinegar is commonly used in curses, and pickles have vinegar. And then she has little figures of her “friends”, drawn with expressions. Then putting them in the pickle jar, and shaking it. Another sign of a curse. I don’t know why I just noticed this now, but lilo is a witch.

I bet she’s a sea witch.

🔥 Burn Your Wishes Curse 🔥

a simple curse to keep someone’s wishes from coming true. 

🔥 gather: seeded dandelions, matches, burnable area, paper, taglock

🔥 you can choose to make a ring of dandelions like in the gif, or bundle, or simply use one. note, the more dandelions the more wishes you destroy. 

🔥 if you want to target specific wishes, write them down on slips of paper and wrap them around the stems of the dandelion

🔥 place taglock in the middle of the circle, or around the bundle. 

🔥 burn the dandelions.

🔥 dispose of safely. keep the taglock.

Dark Sea Witchcraft

Many sea witches forget that the ocean is a dark, dangerous place, filled with deadly traps and monsters. This post is a collection of ideas on blending dark witchcraft with sea magick. (Note: I, along with many others, do not believe in the threefold law, so please keep your personal ethics to yourself)

  • Seashells are great for curses, as they can be broken into shards and put in a curse bottle. Research certain shell correspondences if you want a very specific curse.
  • Black sand can be mixed with black salt (or used by itself) for protective or cursing magick.
  • Saltwater gathered on the night of a dark moon makes the water even more potent for dark witchcraft.
  • Fish or turtle bones can be used in curse bottles or for divination. (Please only use bones that you find without actually hurting an animal. If you do sacrifice an animal, don’t be wasteful and please be humane. And definitely don’t sacrifice anything endangered!)
  • Shark teeth can be used for curses to cause fear in someone, or even bring real harm to them if used that way.
  • If you think on a broader scale, you can harness the power of the entire sea. Hurricanes and things like that are incredibly powerful, and are aspects of the sea. They kill many, many people, so I don’t recommend a hurricane curse, as they aren’t specific to who they harm.

Feel free to repost and add on to this!