Te vi marcharte, sin esperanzas sin nada que decir, esforcé mis ojos ¡Esperando volverte a ver! esta es mí maldicion el tiempo, ¡Esta es mí maldición! Esta es mí maldicion la añoranza, esta es mí maldicion este amor arde por encontrarte ¿Esperarás por mí? ¡¿Estarás ahí!?..
Y todavía quiero, y todavía me duele, pero sigo esperando.. Para volverte a ver! Muriendo dentro de estas paredes, y veo tu cara en estas lagrimas en estas lagrimas.

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“For he shall bring a shadow to the sky with his curse, to feed on the people’s darkest and most animal emotions in the name of his creed. Lonesome is his journey as he reduces the wicked to ash and melts into the shadows in the face of those untroubled by such a fiendish image as what lies beneath his mask”

The curse of the Vindicator

This is just a rough sketch, but I do plan on having a full body picture done eventually.

For the record, they’re the same guy.

Cursing 101

So you wanna curse someone. 

Someone has really fucked you over and you’ve decided all of the ordinary routes of justice are not gonna cut it. But where do you start? 

Step 1: Commit to cursing.

It may sound obvious but cursing is a big deal. Its generally a risky spell to conduct in any paradigm you look at, and all morals aside, its laborious and energy intensive. If you feel iffy about cursing, the time to bail is now. (There are still alternatives to cursing if you want to do something about this person in your life. I recommend binding.)

Step 2: Find a curse that fits the crime. 

Please don’t do a death curse on someone who cut you off while driving (though I feel you). If you do believe in returning energy or similar ethics about the universe, this is a good way to minimize risk. 

Good places to look for curses and cursing ideas can be found throughout the witch community. These are two of my favorite tumblr directories to look through when searching for a curse. Sometimes curses are specific and state which crime they are punishment for, which is a simple way for beginners to follow this guideline. 

Step 3: Find a taglock for your target.

Curses need a direction and a taglock in order to hit the right person. This could be an item of theres, their signature, a picture of them, or even just their full name written out on a piece of paper. These are only suggestions, sometimes an integral part of cursing is getting creative with your taglock. Just give the universe a good way to find your intended person. 

Along this same thought, here is a piece on avoiding misfired curses. 

Step 4: Finalize your plan for conducting the curse.

Even if you use a curse 100% written by someone else, its important to mentally walk through exactly how it will be carried out. This is not the time to wing it. Curses are stressful and the best way to avoid accidents (which can have serious consequences) is to be detailed in how it will unfold. 

If you are tweaking a spell, you should double check that any ingredients you’re swapping out have the same associations so you get the same result. Similarly, make sure that changed actions will have the desired effect. If you’re making your own spell, verify that all people and intents are represented.

In all cases, make sure that what you’re doing is safe. Go on WebMD and check that the herbs you’re using aren’t dangerous with any health conditions you may have. If you’re doing blood magic, do it safely. Be smart, use your brain. 

Step 5: Put in a failsafe. 

Curses are not meant to last forever and trying to craft something to last that long will drain you of energy for a very long time. Put at the end of your spell that the curse will last a definite amount of time (i.e. six months) or will last until a certain action has occurred. 

Step 6: Gather materials and conduct the curse. 

Get everything together, set up the space. Its essential to clear the mind and cleanse before a ritual to set yourself up for success. Unless you hate yourself, you’re going to want to purify and protect you and your space

When you feel grounded, go on and do the spell. Go slow, be diligent. You can do this (especially because you’ve already mentally gone through all the steps). 

Step 7: Aftercare. 

Cursing is a lot for most witches, from newbies to experienced spell-casters. Do something restful and brings you back to center. If you’re looking for a simple spell to accomplish this, one can be found here. Other places to look into magical self care can be found here. Don’t skimp on this step, you need time to rest and regain your magical energy. You don’t want a curse effecting the rest of your magic.

Now go out and be the wicked witch you always wanted to be! 

Curses Masterpost*

*I was approached by a followers to write this post. Curses are a controversial topic in the Witchcraft community, some feel very strongly that a Witch should never resort to using curses. I will say this, whatever you put out into the world is sure to come back to you. Curse with caution, if you must curse at all.

Mild Curses:

The Vern - For when your neighbor or colleague is driving you nuts.

Bad Luck Lock - Generic bad luck spell.

The Condom Curse - To hit a male who has wronged you where it really hurts.

Quick Curse - For when you’re pissed but still have a things you have to do.

Aftermath Curse - To use after a fight with someone.

Acne Curse - Inflict bad skin on your victim.

Get Rid of Annoying Co-Workers Curse - May also help you get their job.

Strong Curses:

Thief Curse - To get back at someone who stole from you.

Revenge Curse - When you want to even it up.

Black Orb Curse - Another revenge curse.

Sickness Descends (Scroll to the bottom of page) - Bring illness to your victim

Extreme Curses:

Black Widows Curse - Creates weakness and misery in the victim’s life

Curse of Hell - Send your victim to the underworld when they pass on.

Three Nights of Hell - Inflict Hellish conditions on your victim for 3 nights.

Druidic Nigh Terror Curse - Causes spiritual and mental trauma

Nine Layers of Hell Curse - Invoke the 9 arch demons to torment your victim

Cursed Ring

The ring of Rudolph Valentino, a silent movie star, is said to be cursed. After he purchased the tiger’s eye ring in 1920, Valentino died six years later from a perforated ulcer when he was thirty-one. That in itself is not unusual, but more deaths and unfortunate events seemed to follow in the ring’s wake. Valentino’s lover, Pola Negri, wore the ring and subsequently suffered such a severe illness that her career suffered irreparably. An actor named Russ Columbo was hired to act as Valentino in a biopic, and he too wore the ring. He was killed in a shooting shortly after. Joe Casino, a gangster, bought the ring and waited several years until he deemed the curse had worn off; he finally put it on, and died a week later in a car accident. In addition to more incidents, the ring went missing in the 1960s and has yet to be found.

So You Think You’ve been Cursed

You probably haven’t. Honestly. Being cursed requires a lot, most notably someone to curse you (there’s just not that many magical practitioners in the world, fewer even that curse, least of whom care about cursing you). But you’re probably in someone’s inbox insisting that you’ve definitely been curse, so lets begin this journey. 

Before you do anything check if you’ve actually been cursed. I recommend these links. If you still think you’re cursed, keep reading. 

Now start by cleansing yourself. You’ll be little use magically if you have a curse bogging down your body and mind. I find that spells which physically cleanse the body work the best.

Next cleanse others you think may have been cursed. People are often concerned that their whole family has been cursed. If Grandma’s down for a magical ritual bath that’s ideal, but often not the case. Here are some way to slip in cleansing magic under the radar. 

Continue with the cleansing theme and cleanse your physical space. Doing a smoke cleansing is typically the most effective, but these are suggestions if you are unable to go that route.

Now it time to switch over to protecting yourself. Don’t wipe your slate clean only to leave yourself open to another attack. Do one of these on a regular basis to keep your bases covered.

Finally protect your space, and this can incapsulate the people in it. Along the same line as protecting yourself, make sure to maintain these on a regular basis.

Bonus: If you’re not really the “forgive and forget” kind of person (and you know decisively who cursed you) we have a post to help you get your revenge. 

Note: This post is geared towards beginner witches or those otherwise not magically inclined. If there’s truly been an extensive curse put on you, try these suggestions and if their effect is minimal then go seek out a magical practitioner in your area that can help you further. 

Full of Wrath Curse

A curse to bind unpleasant discomfort within a person. I’ve found this curse works very well on moonlit nights.

What you need:

Something potent (stagnant water, poisonous berries or mushrooms or roots, rotten food are some suggestions).

  • A paper bag (or two to double up)
  • A marker
  • Red ribbon or yarn
  • Somewhere AWAY from you to bury this (near the target is best).

What to do:

First take the marker and the bag. Write the targets name at the bottom of the bag. If you don’t know their full name draw something that reminds you of them or why you’re angry. Draw a poppet on the bag, an outline of the person. Simple vague person-like shape is fine. Make sure there is a neck and head towards the top of the bag.

Once you’re satisfied with your artwork fill the bag with all your nasties. (I used nightshade berries, thorns, and a rotten apple core since I was going to bury this in the earth.)

At the “neck” of your person wrap the red yarn around tightly. You are sealing the bag shut and also sealing the curse within the target.

Leave plenty of extra yarn, you’re going to  be tying knots in a moment.

Now dig your little grave for you bagged friend.

“I dig and dig and dig your grave,
You are no longer strong or brave
A wicked being, foul and vile
So why not rest here for a while.

Full of rot and poisonous gifts
Of broken odds and tangled bits
But now we must part our ways
As you suffer till the end of days.”

Now comes the knots:

“One knot for your crime,
Another for my time
A third knot to you I bind 
And the last for peace of mind.”

After you’ve finished knotting away they go. Bury them in an unmarked grave. May your dreams be peaceful and pleasant knowing your mark will suffer internal torments. 

The “Poor Unfortunate Soul” Curse

The “Poor Unfortunate Soul” Curse.

We’re gonna curse like the Evil Queen of the Sea herself, Ursula!  This is a curse that would probably work best for you if you’ve been wronged in the past by your target but can easily be changed to suit whatever need you have. And just a heads up, it’s a pretty nasty curse.

What You’ll Need:

    Your rage
    A jar or bottle
    A hammer
    A red sharpie
    Sea Water
    A photo or item of the target
    Tacks/nails/razors or anything sharp
    A seashell
    Rubbing Alcohol

1.  Before you actually start the ritual, you’re going to want to charge the target’s item/photo and your shell. When charging the target’s item, you’re going to want to charge it with all of the feelings/misfortunes you want them to experience and you’re going to want to focus on every positive memory you’ve ever had with this person and put all of that energy towards the sea shell. (There is a reason.)

2. Light your candle. If you have a picture of the person, you’re going to want to draw an X over their face to show how screwed they really are. On the back of the photo, you’re going to want to write “You are nothing now, but a poor unfortunate soul.”

3. Place item or picture in the jar, pour in your sea water and cover your jar. Shake your jar and as you do so, say; “Come winds and storms of the [Insert Name of nearest ocean] to disrupt what peace you thought you knew.”

4. Uncover jar and drop your sharp items into the jar. Say; “You poor unfortunate soul, in pain, in need.”

5. Pour in your lemon juice. Say, “First you will admit that in the past you were a nasty and realize the error of your ways.”

6. Pour in the rubbing alcohol. Say, “You’ll feel nothing but miserable, lonely depressed for what you’ve done.”

7. Get your shell and hammer. While carefully smashing your seashell into small pieces, say; “And now you poor unfortunate soul, time’s up! You’re through!”

8. Place bits of sea shell into the jar. Say, “Dark shall follow you forever, be you on ocean, sea or shore!”

9. Now cover the jar, pour the wax from your candle over the top of your jar. “Your fate is sealed, you poor unfortunate soul.”

*Bury the jar in the sand/dirt


Atuk Curse

Hollywood typically has several films with alleged curses tacked onto their names, due to numerous deaths that all have these films in common. One such film is Atuk, an adaption of the novel The Incomparable Atuk.

Atuk has been attempted to be filmed and released numerous times, but has been repeatedly cancelled due to the deaths of nearly every actor interested in or promised to play the title character, Atuk.

The first was the famous John Belushi, who was the first to read the script and be considered for the role. He died of a drug overdose shortly after announcing interest in the role. The next was Sam Kinison, who had been confirmed and even filmed a scene before demanding changes. He left, being dissatisfied, and the film company filed a suit against him that left him bankrupt. He died of a car crash a short while later.

The alleged curse then reached John Candy, who had also been desired for the role of Atuk and reportedly died of a heart attack while reading the script. Some also report that the death of Michael O'Donoghue was linked to Atuk as well, for he had read the script and recommended the role to both Kinison and Candy.

Finally, the infamous curse hit Chris Farley, who was slated for the role of Atuk like his idol, Belushi. He then died of a drug overdose before he could accept. Allegedly, some report Farley had encouraged friend Phil Hartman to accept a co-starring role as well and had even shown him the script. Phil Hartman died six months later, murdered by his wife.

The film adaptation has since been dropped almost completely, the superstitious fearing to touch it. I’m not sure if I believe in cursed scripts, but all the coincidences are very interesting to read, aren’t they?

How to Keep Yourself Protected Before, During, and After Cursing ~ Pt. 1 of 4

As many of you probably know, I am a very curse-friendly witch. If someone is out to harm me, or is willing to harm the people in my circles, I can and will curse them.

I will not curse people for no reason of course, and neither will I curse the people that have done small, insignificant things. As such, my curses are strong, and usually pretty fierce. I have learned a thing or two about protecting oneself when casting curses, and I thought sharing a few of these things may be helpful to you all :) 

This is the first post out of four in which I will be giving advice and personal insight on methods of staying safe before. during, and after cursing. I hope they help you and keep you well!

Before You Curse

Set up a nice protection system ahead of time. 

Even if you’re not someone who uses curses, it’s a good idea to have barriers and enchantments set up just in case. You never know when you might need them. It’s important to feel and be safe, especially when you’re doing something a bit risky.

As some of you may have realized, there can be backlashes when you curse. This can be caused by a number of things:

  • the witch you are trying to curse has reflective protection 
  • you made a mistake when casting
  • someone decided to curse you with whatever curse you placed upon them
  • You have some unresolved negative energy acting somewhere in your life, and it is triggered by the curse

In all of these scenarios, protecting yourself from harm is a great plan. If the curse does happen to backlash or something goes wrong, it will be diffused and your hide will be saved. I have been hit hard with a reflected curse more than a few times, and all of them happened when I was lazy and decided not to set up protective barriers.

So being protected is nice and all, but it may seem like something that is complex and hard to understand. I’ll break down a method that is pretty simple and easy to follow.

I like to start off my shielding spells with a list of what areas of my life could use some protection.

Things like the self, your home, your career, your relationships, etc. are all pieces of your own little world that definitely need to be guarded. Figure out what you want to place little bubbles around, and write it all down. Keeping the list for reference is something I personally recommend, since I tend to forget, and it could be useful later. Looking at my lists always makes me feel secure.

After you’ve done this, research what type of protection you want to use. Reflective, neutralizing, or offensive are three different types.

Reflective protection just means that whatever curse or energy is directed towards you will be reflected back at the sender. It is usually a bit varied on intensity; the more effort you put into the shielding, the more imminent the reflection will be. But if the sender has a good system set up, they may not be affected at all. 

I find that this type of protection is best used if the person you are going to curse will figure out that you are cursing them. I don’t recommend using it for pre-curse protection unless you specify that it must originate from an outside source. It takes a lot of energy, but is worth it for the witch-on-witch curses.

Neutralizing protection neutralizes the backlash/curse directed towards you. Whatever runs into the barrier is made into neutron-esque energy, not really positive nor negative. It works like a shield, and is nice for cursing backlash worriers. I like to use black tourmaline as small neutralizing charms, so that may be a way you can protect yourself.  It is my personal favorite pre-curse protection method.

Offensive protection works on the offense; any curses that are trying to reach you are automatically countered with a stronger, more brutal curse. I like to add a reflective protection within offensive protection, since it does twice the damage. But again, be careful and specify where the offense will be directed to. 

Now that you’ve got all that information sorted out, you can choose some spells to use! You might even like to blend and mesh a few of them together to create a super protective shielding system, closing all the holes and back doors. Don’t leave room for someone to get to you if you can help it. 

Once you find something you believe will work, or have written it out, get to work gathering supplies.

Clean up your house, cleanse anything you feel is holding stagnant energy, and get prepared. I like to take a day of rest in between this stage and the actually protection rituals, but I have done it one after the other in the past, and it does make me feel more focused. (You’ll use a lot of energy, but as long as you feel like everything is good, you should be alright) Burn some sage, scatter salt, and ground yourself. Take a deep breath, and continue.

Finally you can do the rituals!

Spend time and work hard on them. Do the things that make you feel safe, and put all of your protective energy out there to work for you, and get yourself ready to curse. Feel confident in your own abilities as you do this. You are a strong witch.

Here are two protection spell masterposts to give you inspiration:



Take a break. Let yourself cool down so you can curse using as much energy as you want. Do some self-care rituals and surround yourself with invigorating things.I enjoy drinking a lot of gem elixir/moon water during the week leading up to the day I curse (careful with the crystals you use! some are toxic, or dissolve in water). Adding energy to your food is another good idea. 

Check your system for breaks or possible weak spots. Reinforce these places with more spells until you feel comfortable. Now you can begin planning your curse and feel safe doing it :) 

Hopefully this was helpful and indepth! :D I am writing the other three parts now, and hope to have them out very soon ^_^

Poppet Magick 101

First of all, it should be noted that poppets can be used for more than just cursing. They are cute and fun to make and are soooo useful!

•you can either make a poppet from felt and stuffing yourself
•or, the route I usually take, you can be a $1.00 fashion doll from your local dollar store.

•it’s important to make the doll LOOK like your subject. Cut its hair, color it with sharpie, draw on thicker eyebrows, tattoos, scars, freckles, birthmarks, makeup, different eye color etc etc. this part is really fun :3

Fill ‘em Up!//
The most powerful part of a poppet are the contents.
•Head cavity: for headaches add rocks, for confusion add lint, for love add paper hearts, for self confidence add glitter.
•Chest cavity: for brokenness in self esteem and emotion add broken glass, for love add hearts, for beauty add pressed flowers, for protection add crystals. Also this is where you can place a small photograph or piece of paper with the subject’s name written on it (or the ashes of such, if it’s a curse)
•Hip cavity: for impotence add glass or rocks, for passion add garlic.

•dress the poppet the way your subject dresses, or if it’s a curse, you may want to leave it unclothed so that your subject will feel vulnerable and exposed.
•give the poppet things to hold. A purse, backpack, etc.

•Write the subject’s name down one of the legs, and a description of them down the other.
•on its back, write your intentions towards them. 'So and so I curse you to feel worthless and have your heart broken’ 'so and so I bless you to be happy and healthy and protected’ or if it’s a poppet of you 'I fill this poppet with energy so that self love it may bring to me’

•now, recite your spell that you wrote on it’s back out loud and charge the doll with appropriate energy so that it can carry out the task you’ve given it.

Disposal// (mostly for curse poppets)
•you can dispose of a poppet by way of the 4 elements
•by fire: burn it
•by air: leave it somewhere exposed to the elements
•by earth: bury it (good idea to wrap it in something or put it in a tin box first)
•by water: throw it into flowing water. I would not recommend this as you may anger the lady of the lake by polluting, so what I would do is put it in a jar of aspirin and water and the liquid will slowly eat away at it.
•or, if it’s a love, protection, or glamour doll, you can just store it in a box in your room somewhere out of sight.
•it’s easy to become attached to a poppet, but remember that a cursed poppet should always be disposed of.

Simple curse to make somebody stop talking shit about you

This is a very simple,very beginner friendly curse to make someone who is talking badly about you to shut up. It was passed down to me by my grandmother.
In Spanish this spell is called a “tapaboca”.


A ripe lemon
A small knife
A piece of paper
A pencil
Some black or brown yarn


You take a ripe yellow lemon and you cut it with the knife in half.

You take a small piece of paper and write in pencil, the name of the person you want to shut up.

You take the piece of paper and put it in between the two lemon slices.

Then, tie the two pieces of lemon together with some black or brown yarn.

You can either bury the lemon in your backyard or simply put it in the fridge for 4 to 6 days then throw it out.

Bitter Bad Luck Curse


  • Black paint or thick marker
  • A mirror
  • A box or bag (cloth would be preferred)
  • Hammer and nails or needle and thread
  • Salt
  • An implement to draw in dirt with (stick or rock)


You need a small mirror or reflective surface. If you cannot find something or afford it an old CD (blank is ideal) will also work.

On your reflective surface you need to paint or draw a cat. If you aren’t artistic is perfectly ok, a circle and two triangles will suffice as a cat.

At the bottom of the box or bag place the cat. Place a pile of salt on top of the cat (try to keep this as neat as possible). 

Before sealing we’re going to set this curse on our target. To do this slip something of theirs inside as well. It can be anything, a pencil you borrowed, trash they threw on the ground, spare change they dropped. If you can’t find anything of theirs a name or image of them always works as well. Add the object and then if you’d like chant:

Crossed the path of this cat of black,
I tip the salt and tip the scale
A mirror with a single crack,
May all of your endeavors fail.

Your luck will wither sealed inside,
My target __________________ you cannot hide.
And these thin strings of fate I pluck
So it seems that you’re out of luck.

Either hammer the box or sew shut the bag. As you do so shake the container harshly. Your target will spill the salt, break the mirror, pass the black cat.

Once you’re satisfied find a flat surface (preferably clear enough to draw shapes in the earth). Make sure no one will find it (so its best to stay near your own property). On the top of the container draw a:

This “ladder” symbolizes the target walking beneath one.

Now take your tool and draw many jagged lines in the dirt or sand. These cracks should be scattered over a good distance. Place the container in the middle of all the cracks.

Leave the container there for 13 days if you can, if this isn’t possible 13 minutes will most likely suffice. 

Once the days have passed you can dispose of the curse however you see fit (burning, tossing it in the rubbish, smashing to pieces) but I WOULD NOT open it again or try to reuse any parts of it.

Dickweed's curse

For when someone is being an overall asshole to you, you try to correct their actions and they don’t listen a.k.a dickweed.

You’ll need:

•Something that you will give them or something of that belongs to them. I personally recommend a piece of jewelry.

• black pepper

• pine needles

• jar

• war water/ storm water

Take a jar that has storm/war water in it, put the item that is for/from this person and chant:

“ the intensity of this water runs in the water of your body. It hurts and twists your good luck to bad.”

Sprinkle in the black pepper and then chant:
“ this fog of darkness will be clouding your sight. It will not move and your judgement will not know what’s right”

Throw in the pine needles and then chant:

“ you are stabbed and injured. This injury takes happiness. Until you’ve realize your wrongs, your sorrows are your friends.”

Take the item that is for/from this person out of the jar and give it to them. Make sure they wear it for at least one hour.

Inspired by the insult “dickweed” that I heard from thewhimsicalwolf