The Curse of Aaron Ramsey: Every time Aaron Ramsey has scored a goal, someone famous has died shortly after. Other famous people who have died after Ramsey has scored that are unlisted are Sir David Frost, Seamus Heaney, Paul Walker, Robin Williams and Richard Attenborough 


Guys. I just realized that Lilo is putting a curse on her friends. But like, an actual curse. Vinegar is commonly used in curses, and pickles have vinegar. And then she has little figures of her “friends”, drawn with expressions. Then putting them in the pickle jar, and shaking it. Another sign of a curse. I don’t know why I just noticed this now, but lilo is a witch.

I bet she’s a sea witch.

🔥 Burn Your Wishes Curse 🔥

a simple curse to keep someone’s wishes from coming true. 

🔥 gather: seeded dandelions, matches, burnable area, paper, taglock

🔥 you can choose to make a ring of dandelions like in the gif, or bundle, or simply use one. note, the more dandelions the more wishes you destroy. 

🔥 if you want to target specific wishes, write them down on slips of paper and wrap them around the stems of the dandelion

🔥 place taglock in the middle of the circle, or around the bundle. 

🔥 burn the dandelions.

🔥 dispose of safely. keep the taglock.

Witch Tip

Get a bunch of decent size twigs and put them in a jar. Every time you get mad or frustrated, feed all of your bad vibes and negativity into a twig and snap it in half, releasing all of the bad energy and destroying it.

Could also be used as a curse if negative energy was fed into a twig about a person and the intent was there.

Good Luck and Clear Skies to All!

Difference between a jinx, hex and curse

I felt like people searching my tags would need a little clarification on the difference between a jinx, hex and curse (according to me).

A jinx is a form of malevolent magic where the subject gets bad luck, minor misfortunes. It’s simple, nasty, but isn’t meant to seriously harm someone. Usually only lasts a little while.

A hex is a form of malevolent magic, more powerful than a jinx. Lasts longer, and is usually “broken” when the subject learns their lesson.

A curse is the most powerful, and if done well it can last a lifetime or even longer. Can be cast on a person or family, and can last forever or until something is done to atone for whatever caused then to be cursed.

Dear New Witches,

I’m saying this one last time and then I’m done:

If you honestly consider yourself a Witch, don’t cast curses.

The Wiccan Rede clearly states An It Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt. If you want a short version, here it is: Do No Harm

What’s curses? Spells cast with the intention of doing harm. Curses, hexes, jinxes and other spells cast with the intention of causing damage, great or small, fall into the category of black magic. 

You know what Witches do with black magic?

Nothing, because Witches are smart people who wish to Do No Harm.

So if you see some twit in your local area or on the internet going “OMG look at these curses they’re so easy you should try one,” then the person has no idea what they’re doing and you should stay away from them. 

Much Love,

       Fellow Witch. 

P.S.- Read Scott Cunningham’s books. All of them. 

A Curse on Donald Trump

You will need:

A black candle

How to:

Charge the candle with your intent. Think about what a xenophobic fascist sexist capitalist prick Donald Trump is. Channel that rage into your candle. Think about how desperately you want him to fail, how desperately you want to see him ruined. Envision his glorious fall, his humiliation, his destruction. Believe that he will fail. Know that he will fail. Oil the candle with an appropriate oil if thats your thing.

Light the candle.

Pick up the string. Say:

Donald John Trump Senior, son of Fred Trump,
I place a curse on your head

tie a knot in the string

Your racism, greed, and fascism
will be the key to your undoing
every time you open your mouth
you inspire your own failure

tie a knot in the string

May your boasting and compulsive lies
be found out and unravelled,
may your political campaign end in humiliating ruin
You will never be president

tie a knot in the string.

Release your intent into the universe. You can tuck the string away somewhere, or simply throw it away, though for best results I recommend mailing the string to Trump Tower, 725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022

The Serpent Sigil

While serpents ordinarily rule over life/death/rebirth, fertility and the dichotomy of “good/evil” and light/dark, wishes need not be confined to these parameters – apply instead the concept of the kundalini,the force of desire. || for more information on my use of the serpent, see Feeding the Black Serpent ||

A Few Uses

  • The Wishing Serpent: To use, simply write your desire, beginning where the neck of the serpent meets the head. If you choose to recreate the sigil in favor of printing (when this sigil is used at its exact size, the “uncoiled” measures around 3 feet), ensure there is room to complete your desire. Cut along the lines, which should leave you with a long, serpent ribbon. This is best performed outside, though it may be done inside away from flammables over a large-mouth bowl. Using a candle placed on the ground (of a fitting color – red works as a default), allow the tail of the serpent to catch, holding the snake by its head, allow it to burn from the bottom to the top. If used inside, scatter the ashes to the wind, otherwise they have already been aptly scattered. 
  • The Healing Serpent: Utilizing much of the same procedure as above, write the name of he/she you wish to heal 7 or 9 times upon the face of the sigil – again, starting from the neck of the serpent. Cut along the lines. Coil the serpent back and flip it over, on the reverse, write 3, 7, or 9 times the name of nature of their ailment(s). Using a black, white or red candle, perform the same process as above – reading the prayer:

Coiled serpent, now – 
Unwound – Behest: 
My bidding, go about 
The soil,
Viper tongue splayed –
Oh, Black Serpent,
Recant the poisoned-
Tooth venom,
And devour that sickness
That you hath cast,
Recant – by witch’s will – 
And feed it to the forge.

  • The Witches’ Watch: Should an event arise that calls for a timed ritual, this serpent might serve as time-keeper –such as for opening the realms, crossroads work, evocations, invocations and possessions. Simply cut along the lines and drive a piece of cotton cord or thread through the head of the serpent and hang it in a safe place. When you are ready to begun your working, ignite the tail with your working candle – burn times vary based on paper used, circulation, temperature, etc. I recommend trying a test burn using the same paper and location, to get a general idea of your time frame. Play with the size of the sigil to shorten or lenthen your working time.
  • The Poison Serpent: On the face of the sigil, write out your unsavory desires, perhaps something to the extent of: “May the poison serpent rot the flesh and mind.” On the reverse, write your victim’s name nine times, beginning not at the neck, but at the tail. This pairs the elevation of your desire (over your victim) with the symbol of their force of will (to fight) being eaten away as the serpent is devour by the flame and freed into the aether. Collect the ashes and blend with sulphur powder, a poisonous plant of your choosing (ideally one that’s symptoms match the nature of your desire), iron oxide (optional) and bone dust (optional). 

There are countless uses! Please, by all means get creative with it! I’d love to hear what some of you guys [would] do with it!

🌿 middycraft’s beginner witch masterpost 🌿

I’ve decided to gather information into my own little witch masterpost, partly as a bookmarking system for me and partly because a friend of mine asked for help with her witch journey. Feel free to use any information on this post for yourself as well! 

Witchcraft is a practice that can be used by ANYONE in order to aid them in their life. Witches use tools, spells, and way of intent & energy in their craft in order for this aid to work. 

A common asked question amongst those interested in witchcraft is “How do you become a witch?” The answer is simple, you simply do. You begin studying and researching and partaking in witchery. Witchcraft really is as simple or complex as you make it to be. This is a guide to help you get started.

Starting with: Grimoires

A Grimoire is a book composed of information about your personal craft, used for reference and learning. It can contain information such as plants/herbs/crystals and other correspondences, moon phases, term meanings, and any other information that help you learn about your craft.

Grimoire VS Book of Shadows (BoS)

While a Grimoire is a book with information for your reference uses, a Book of Shadows (aka BoS) is a book used for personal reflection. Things you could put into a BoS are things like pendulum answers, spell reflections/results, notes on how you want to improve in your craft and how you have improved, and other forms of self reflection. 

There are many ways to keep/make a Grimoire and/or a Book of Shadows, and you do not have to have both. It is however recommended that you keep track of your craft in some sort of way, but really this could mean anything. Some witches like to make their own books, some prefer buying nice journals, others even prefer keeping it in a binder or on an online document. Decoration and every other aspect on how you keep this information is totally up to you. 

Next: Looking within yourself

An important part of being a witch is knowing your own boundaries and who you are concerning your craft. This means knowing how your religion (if you have one) works in relation to your craft, knowing which tools you like to work with, and generally what works for you. Some information that may help:

Lastly: More helpful information

Information I personally have used and find super helpful. Shout out to these blogs for being awesome!

And to end, a few tips I can give from personal experience:

  • Always do your research. Write down notes, like/bookmark information etc. If you see something that interests you, or you might not trust the information, always look deeper into it. 
  • Your craft is YOURS. Don’t let anyone control what you do or don’t do in your craft, all witchcraft is valid.  
  • Don’t stress yourself over your craft, it will grow and evolve with you. Take your time on learning and don’t rush yourself. 
  • And lastly, witchcraft is only as strong as your belief. If you don’t have strong enough intent, it probably wont work. Believe in yourself and your craft, and always try to have positive energy/vibes. Stronger intent makes for better results.