My new favourite thing to do is listen to people’s conversations and in my head see how easy it would be to loop it back to Tim Curry if I were involved in the conversation. For example… [PEOPLE: Woah have you seen that film with Tom Cruise where…] [ME: Tim Curry was in a film with Tom Cruise.] [PEOPLE: Just up to Birmigham tomorrow to go and…] [ME: Tim Curry studied at Birmingham Uni.] It’s really fucking fun. WARNING: Once you start it’s pretty much impossible to stop because Tim Curry is connected to everything ever.


Upon watching The Hunt For Red October I was disappointed. Tim had so little screen time!! By the end of the film I was bored out my brains, Alec Baldwin was not my idea of a sexy lead character.

So then I watched The Shadow. Yet again, I was appalled at Tim’s screen time being directed to the supposed allure that is Alec Baldwin. Basically, Tim wants the girl - The girl wants Alec - Alec is too ‘enigmatic’ to give a damn but he kills Tim and gets her anyway. Like, what the shit man!?

I want Tim and Alec to star in another film together. I want Tim to get the girl. I want Alec Baldwin to not get the girl and have a really embarrassing part. I then want Tim’s portrayal to be praised universally and his other two brilliant roles to be recognised and rewarded with Alec being named “pooey and smelly and just no please”. Okay. Rant over.