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i was reading an article about how some professional clowns are afraid IT is going to cause business issues, and this one guy came forward to say he didn’t think it’d be a big deal and everything from his statement to description sounds like something made up for a tumblr shit post:

“‘A load of the folks who say ‘this is terrible for the industry’ have been clowning for about five minutes – they’ve not been through this before,’ says Ian Williams, honorary secretary of Clowns International, which claims to be the world’s oldest clown organisation. 'It’s not going to kill off clowning. [The TV miniseries adaptation of It, starring Tim Curry] came out 27 years ago. I was clowning then, I’m still clowning now.’”

budget/healthy vegan grocery list & meal planning

so I do shopping for a house of 4, and one of the people I live with has type 2 diabetes. So I thought I’d share the types of things I get that are both healthy and cost effective.


  • Instant oatmeal (we buy sugar free brown sugar flavor, but you can also just buy a big tin of instant oatmeal and add stevia or sugar free maple syrup and cinnamon+allspice)
  • Bananas (good to add in oatmeal)
  • Cereal and a milk alternative (most cereals besides kellogs are vegan, try to find a cereal and milk that’s fortified with b12)
  • French toast (mash a banana with either 3/4c milk alternative or the juice from a can of chickpeas, then add a tsp vanilla, 1-2tsp cinnamon, and ¼ tsp allspice. dip bread in mixture on both sides and then fry in a pan with 1 tbsp butter/coconut oil/nonstick spray on high heat and fry till desired on both sides. makes about 6 slices and is super good topped with syrup!)
  • Tofu scramble with toast (to make tofu scramble add onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, nutritional yeast and break up the tofu in a skillet with a fork and heat it up) goes great with a side of baked beans too


  • sweet potato and beans (microwave sweet potato 6-9 minutes depending on size, rinse beans and microwave for 1-2 minutes and then season both the beans and sweet potato however you like!)
  • chickpea salad sandwich (microwave 1/2c chickpeas for about 25 seconds, then mash them with a fork and add 1 tbsp hummus, garlic powder, onion powder, dill weed, parsley all to taste and 1-2tsp spicy brown mustard) tomato slices are a good addition
  • Veggie hummus wrap (buy cauliflower and broccoli by the head, it’s cheaper. Spread hummus on a tortilla. Chop up cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots(or veggies of choice) and assemble the wrap)


  • Burritos (microwave instant brown rice to instructions, then add hummus and salsa. microwave beans and season as desired. assemble burrito with rice, lettuce, beans, and guacamole(optional). It’s even better if you turn a skillet on high and grill the tortilla first and assemble the burrito in the skillet, then slide it onto a plate once it’s nice and browned on the outside and wrap it up! Takes maybe 2 minutes extra to do this but it’s so worth it)
  • Curried veggies with rice (I just microwave frozen veggies and then add them to whatever curry I’m making. Walmart carries a “golden curry” that comes in a shiny box and dissolves in water to make a thick curry sauce. But there are tons of other options for curry sauce out there!)
  • Soups like progresso (their tomato basil soup, garden vegetable, lentil soup are vegan just double check the labels!) Campbell’s condensed tomato soup is also vegan. It’s also really good to add some cooked rice to tomato soup!


  • Cauliflower/fresh veggies or rice cakes with hummus
  • Popcorn (tons of “buttery” microwave popcorns are vegan. But you can also buy a jar of popcorn kernels, paper bags, and add 1c of kernels with a tiny bit of olive oil to it and fold the top of the bag so it doesn’t open and microwave for 1-2 minutes or until kernels have mostly stopped popping, then add salt and/or nutritional yeast!)
  • Canned fruit or fresh fruit that’s in season/on sale
  • Apples or oranges (buy them by the bag)

I’m sure there’s things I’m missing and I know this list isn’t super extensive but this is what we’ve been keeping in the house recently for dietary reasons while also being concious of our low budget. I’ll add more if I think of anything but feel free to ask questions or add to this list!

Being poor while trying to eat healthy can be a challenge, but it isn’t necessarily impossible either.

types of fanfiction as things i have eaten

cotton candy/ candy floss : this is pure fluff. i write ‘fluff’ here but don’t be misled. these fics are the epitome of cavities. they will melt all your 206 bones and there will literally be no chance you’ll ever survive. they are delicacies saved for special occassions, so you might not read them all the time

spicy curry : there’s water coming out of your eyes and snot from your nose, but do you consider stopping? nope! these fics are addictively tasty, you know you should not be eating and would probably regret it later but nuh uh, they’re much too tasty for you to stop. and so you plunge yourself in this hell

finger foods : they are those oneshots that you want to read just for passing the time but suddenly you’re full just by feasting on them. perfectly crafted compact stories that are many a times better than the main course

spiced fruits : not many agree with these, the flangst fics where just a pinch of angst can do wonders to contrast the delicious flavors of fluff but the little sadness takes the joy of the plot to the greatest depths

soup/ramen :these are those comforting fics, those soulmate aus, those christmas aus, those college aus. they’re indulging and help soothe and calm you

chocolate : or any other food you’re not allowed to eat. these are er, the guilty pleasures aka smut fics. they have a pleasure quite unrivalled as they are so special

bread :it’s basic and shit but you’re hungry asf and these fics satisfy your appetite. they contain typos and are probably not that well written but to hell with it when there’s nothing else to eat

43 day old lettuce from the bottom of the fridge : you are broke and there are no groceries at home. these fics are love stories between the whomping willow and the ford anglia; in other words regrets

Tbh I wish we had more fan content focused on how Mika used to cover up how miserable he was with a happy facade and now he just…doesn’t have the strength or willpower to keep it up anymore, and /especially/ how Yuu knew he was hurting and tried to help in any way he could. Like, I know there’s a tendancy to focus on how Mika shifted from being a happy-go-lucky person to someone who’s cold and shut off, but I don’t think there’s really been as much focus on the fact that he was struggling /when/ he was positive? And there’s usually a lot of fan focus on Yuu being sad about Mika losing his smile but honestly…in canon I’m pretty sure that Yuu wouldn’t be as sad about Mika losing his positive attitude as much as he would be upset by the fact that Mika doesn’t have the energy to keep it up anymore. Mika’s personality shift isn’t really so much as a drastic change as much as it is him giving up. Before, he had to keep up appearences so his family wouldn’t get worried, but now that they’re gone, what’s the point? The only person in the world he cares about who remembers him like he used to already knew that it was all a lie anyways. He’s got no reason to keep it up. Plus, the vampirism isn’t exactly helping, either.

Idk, I just think that it’s an aspect of his character that isn’t really thought of enough


Aquaman (Arthur Curry) x  wife reader
Warning: First DC character I’ve written for. I felt a little bit like an Ariel vibe coming from this and it was cute.
Based on the cameo that is during Superman vs Batman:Dawn of Justice.
Author’s note: yes the reader calling him her starfish is a reference to “My sun and stars” from Game of Thrones.


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  • Nobunaga: What do you normally do when I'm gone?
  • Hideyoshi: Wait for you to get back..
  • Mitsunari: What do you normally do when I'm gone, Lord Ieyasu?
  • Ieyasu: Pray that you stay away

overlord’s avatar would be fraggin Harime Nui

this lil fucker bruh

is nigh impossible to kill. She’s all smile but bruh she got Overlord’s cheerful maniac down to a T. She knows how to torture and won’t hesitate to play psychological warfare with you if you piss her off. and she isn’t really human at all. And when damaged, she’s just put right back together, making attacks pretty much like trying to attack Overlord himself. 

And whereas Overlord’s main body goes for huge, scary, intimidating, I wouldn’t put it past him to make his holoform as nonthreatening as possible before he just annihilates you. 

lolita Overlord would be a thing fight me

“Did you know??? That’s Tim Curry’s real hair in IT!!!!!”

“Did you know??? Tim Curry has a phobia of clowns so they had to cover all the mirrors when he was filming IT!?”

“Did you know??? Tim Curry was SO SCARY that all the actors avoided him on the set of IT!?!?”

“Did you know??? Tim Curry dropped out of the live action Scooby Doo movie when he heard Scrappy Doo would be appearing in it because he HATES that character!!!”

“Did you know?? Tim Curry went to Cambridge University!!!”

“Did you know??? Tim Curry personally paid for his cousin, Keighley Twocker frontman Michael Loftus, to have cosmetic surgery.”

“Did you know???  Tim Curry is on the 1980 album “Sandinista!” by The Clash!!! In “The Sound of the Sinners” he speaks as the priest!!!!”

“Did you know???? Tim Curry NEVER EVER TALKS about Rocky Horror!!! He HATES IT!!!!!”

“diD you kNoW??? Tim Curry played Rum Tum Tugger in CATS!!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

“DiD yOu KnoW?????” Tim Curry was OriGinalLy CoNsidEred fOr tHe roLe of X y aNd Z in Z x AnD Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Did YOU KNOW?????????????? Tim Curry did his OWN MAKE UP in the Horror Rocky Show Picture!!!!!!”

“Did you knOOOOOW?????????? Tim Curry totally looks like this person who looks nothing like him and is also probably a massive racist or Jeremy Beadle!!?!?!?!?” 

“Did you knoooow?????? This picture of Tim Curry dressed as a clown under an umbrella is REALLY RARE!?!?!?!?!”

“dID YOU KNOW?????????????????????// Tim Curry is GAY/strAIghT/Bisexual/asexual/a llama - HE SAID SO IN AN INTERVIEW ONCE!!!!!!!!!” 


Clue references in Poe Party (56/?): Fascinated as we are by all the details of what happened here, this has been an extremely trying evening, so we really wouldn’t mind if you skipped a few.