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The concept behind this curry intrigued me. Using medicinal Chinese herbs as its foundation? In saying that, I was a bit thrown about whether I should be using it since not a well practised herbalist and all, and that it might cause averse effects to the body if not used in correct harmony since that is a major factor. Together, the four herbs are used to enrich blood, reducing sallow complexion, dizziness etc. It’s also good for menstruation. The taste is .. interesting. Given how this was purely from following the cues set in the anime and manga and without foolproof measurements, I can’t say what I made is how it was intended to be. Follow your tastebuds! I find that after a chance to settle overnight, the flavour improves marginally. If your area of expertise is Traditional Chinese Medicine, feel free to bombard with your wisdom.

Arato Hisako’s Mutton Shimotsuto Curry Recipe

Mutton (.. or lamb shank), 2 carrots, 1 potato, shaoxing wine, rice, onions, coriander, leek

4 substance decoction & spices: dihuang, peony root, dongdanggui, szechuan lovage, fennel seeds, star anise and tumeric

I lasted 10 seconds with the mortar and pestle before I had to switch.

Begin by coarsely grinding the herbs and spices. My initial batch had too much star anise so I abandoned that and added more tumeric to mimc its colour in the anime

Stew for 1 hour to extract their active ingredients.

Slice potatoes into 1 cm rounds (Hisako leaves them unpeeled, a girl after my heart! Habitually however, I ended up removing the peel .. then opting for a new one), slice carrots and leek diagonally for elongated slices, slice onion into wedges.

Add vegetables and mutton and simmer until tender. Lamb shank took a few hours.

Add shaoxing wine and boil for a few minutes to evaporate alcohol.

Serve with rice and chopped coriander, arrange vegetables.

Hmmmm, don’t know whether I should endorse making it or not.


Pairing: Dudley and Neville brotp
Setting: Post-war AU where Neville does landscaping
Word count: 1163 words
Written for: justcourbeau
Notes: lolololololololololol

It’s only a Tuesday afternoon in April and Dudley already is in the throes of a feeling somewhere between agony, despair, and desperate confusion.

Didi has ordered him out to the nursery to get something, anything that will fill the holes that the rosebushes that you killed have left behind in our yard and our lives, but all the flowers look equally similar and difficult to care for, and if the inevitable death of every green thing in his marital home over the past year is anything to go by, he’s a serial plant killer. 

It shouldn’t be this hard, right? His mother is named Petunia. His aunt was named Lily. His niece is named Lily. Flower names are in his blood.

So why can’t he come to a decision on whether to get the pansies or the primroses or the black-eyed susans? What happened to the other blue-eyed susans? Or the brown-eyed susans?

His mounting internal panic is interrupted by a very tactful cough at his elbow.

Dudley whirls around to see a lanky, kindly-looking man kitted out in an argyle sweater vest layered over a plaid button-down. His grey cargo pants are dusty with dirt and bag at the knees. 

His mother would probably have a heart attack, but Dudley zeroes in on the soil under his fingernails and the leaves in his hair and heaves a massive internal sigh of relief.

Although, that could an indication of him being a serial killer of actual people?


Before Dudley is forced to make a decision as to whether he should stick out his hand or run for the hills, the man points towards a cluster of potted daisies. “You look like a daisy sort of gentleman,” he suggests. “They’re very easy to look after, too.”

Dudley throws him the most grateful expression that he has on tap. “Thanks, mate. My wife has her heart set on a yard that looks like the pages of Home & Garden, but neither of us is particularly good at gardening. It’s been a struggle.” 

The man scratches at his nose before producing a business card out of thin air. Now there’s a party trick. “I could help you with it, if you’d like. I run a gardening and landscaping business – just started it, actually.”

A light bulb pings on in Dudley’s head as he takes the card.

Neville Longbottom

Greenhouse Three

Fantastic Flora, Terrific Trees, and Splendiferous Shrubs

(It’s like magic!)

“How much do you charge?”

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Ravi Restaurant, Dubai

I was told by several people that if I wanted one of the best meals in Dubai, all I had to do was get in any cab in the city and tell the driver, “Ravi”. They’d know where to go.

So that’s what me and a few friends did one night. And sure enough, 15 minutes later we ended up here…

Which is where we had one of the two best meals of the entire trip! And the best Pakistani food I’d ever tasted!!

As all the outside tables reserved for sidewalk seating were unfortunately full, we sat inside the small but comfortable establishment…

The menu was a bit of a mystery to us, with only two or three words we recognized on it, so we put ourselves in our server’s hands and told him to bring us a selection of the house specialties. He was happy to oblige, but had one question… “Spicy OK?” We told him “yes” but to keep levels in more of a medium range, which we were glad we did once we started eating. Here’s a look at the delectable dishes he brought us…

We started with chicken tikka…

Not boned and cut, but grilled whole then butchered!

Haleem, which is a lentil stew…

Chicken achar handi, which was tongue-numbingly but tasty…

My favorite dish of the evening, the mutton jalfraizi, another spicy Pakistani curry…

Served with all-you-can-eat nan again…

And a cold yogurt sauce to help with the burn…

All this for just 16 dollars!

So next time you’re in Dubai, remember that the magic word for the most memorable of meals is “Ravi”!


Al Dhiyafa Rd.

Dubai, UAE


Calicut Paragon, Dubai

Calicut Paragon was recommended to me right here on Tumblr in my comments section, although I can’t figure out by who anymore. Thanks and apologies to whoever it was who gave me the tip!

Specializing in South Indian seafood, the joint had long lines but they moved rather quickly. We only had to wait about 20 minutes even though we arrived at 9:30pm, prime time for dinner in Dubai. Here’s a look…

The house specialty, grilled garlic and chilli Tawa fish…

Sesame cauliflower, which was incredible…

Shrimp in coconut curry with tarragon, if I remember correctly…

Mutton curry…

Masala fried chicken, bone-in, with pickled onion…

And all the fresh baked nan you could eat…

This whole meal, with two large bottles of water, was only $27!


20 B St.

Dubai, UAE