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Barry: So do Vic and I get our own rooms or are we gonna share one?

Bruce: Rooms? What are you talking about?

Barry: You said you were “putting a team together.” I just…I assumed that was code for like you meant you were adopting us.



Barry: Was…was I wrong?

Alfred: No, master Allen you were not. Not. At. All.

Bruce: Alfred…

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Okay I respect everyone's right to ship what they want but I genuinely do not understand the Aquaman and Superman ship. Do you have any idea? Like beyond the fact that Jason Mamoa is stupidly gorgeous.

tbh i think that’s the most common reason as of now: Jason and Henry look good together. Jason stood up to defend MoS. Jason hugged and made effort to include Henry in the JL cast. Jason and Henry chatted with each other on Instagram. And the legendary SS premier. Their real life chemistry can be transformed easily to their roles. End of story.

BUT. if you want more solid reasons/details in the comic- hmmm the fact that Clark would go to war for Arthur (twice) and Arthur holds Clark in very high regard???


Buckle up anon, I’m taking you on a drive

(special thanks to @cryptmirror for helping me out with this, let’s show the world the glory of comic AquaSupes (´∀`)♡)

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I guess range just runs in the Curry family