curry cauliflower soup

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A curry round up please?

Here is a vegan Thai curry round up, a vegan tofu curry round up and a vegan curried round up. Below are other curry/curried recipes that I’ve posted in the past. Enjoy!

Rant Incoming

Dear prep crew

What the fuck guys. It’s Saturday and you guys barely did any French fries.. Thanks for letting us wank and blanch fries during lunch/dinner service. Also thanks for slicing everything we need but maybe you guys could portion it out? It’s hard for us to find the time when it’s insanely busy. Also who the hell made the soup, how are you going to call that a curry cauliflower soup when basically what you made was curry water. It has no substance and pretty much looked like broth. The fuck.. Seriously. What. The. Fuck. Oh and don’t worry I somehow found time to bread all the cod you guys neglected to do. I get leaving us stuff on the weekdays but not on fucking Saturday. Rant over.