//For the new followers and old followers that hasnt seen my old artwork and new art work on my Keviriksis blog here is all my art work i have done of my Eliksni Kell Character Keviriksis that i posted on the blog. Yes these art pieces are my art work that i drew, yes i created her, and yes shes a smol kell not a captain xD. The only art piece that doesnt belong to me is the Icon that im using, that was made by a friend of mine. Hopefully this answered everyones questions or curriosity xD not that im annoyed by it i just get alot of questions about if i made this or that or whatever so im just doing this to clear things up aha xD but yeah all my art work i have done and still have on my blog c: hope you guys like them, enjoy, and have a lovely day and hopefully this answered your questions. <3